Early Valentine: Mystery Date Box

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

This morning a little early Valentine hit our games…the Mystery Date Box


Ok so it’s the Date Night Mystery Box, but doesn’t Mystery Date Box sound so much better? 😉

Anywho, this is a premium box full of your change to get those limited-time premium ladies & buildings generally associated with Valentine’s Day & dating. (oh and you’ve got a shot at 2 items that are always in the game…but still at a discounted price)

By now we should all be familiar with how Mystery Boxes work, so let’s jump to the breakdown of what’s inside..


First, let me point out that this is the EARLY Valentine’s Day release.  There’s more coming (and something for those who already have all of this) in a few days, so don’t panic thinking this is it.  Again, it’s just the early release…

And…if you already have everything in the box you’ll get the popup but you won’t see the box in your store. 


So for 60 donuts you can have your shot at a variety of Valentine’s Day premium characters and buildings from the past AND a character/building combo and building from the present.

Date Night Mystery Box Leaves Games February 17th…

Here’s what you can win…

ShaunaShauna- Should I Buy Post

unlock_brandineBrandine- Should I Buy Post

upupandbuffet_menuUp, Up & Buffet!- Should I Buy Post

aztecAztec Theatre- Should I Buy Post 

powershouse_menu unlock_laurapowersPowers House & Laura Powers- Should I Buy Post

derkrazykraut_menu charactersets_beckyDer Krazy Kraut & Becky- Should I Buy Post

Howard's FlowersHoward’s Flowers- Should I Buy Post

Phineas Q. Butterfat'sPhineas Q. Butterfats- Should I Buy Post

Now, while I know you can’t pick and choose which items you want from the box, I included the Should I Buy posts from the past so y’all can see how much they originally cost & what specifically each building/character does.

60 Donuts is a bargain for any of these items…as they originally all were more than 60 donuts.  So it’s certainly worth giving it a try if you have the donuts!

Also, a few new Around the World items hit our games over the weekend and today…

ico_stor_single_atw_sugarloafmountainSugarloaf Mountain- 100 Donuts

arcdetriomphe_menuArc de Triomphe- 80 Donuts

Yes, I will have Should I Buys on these AND ALL THE NEW ITEMS IN OUR GAMES…

Just give me some time.  Like I said EA’s keeping me busy with this update and I can only do so much at a time.  So I ask for a little patience.  I’m cranking them out in the order they expire.  (and the ones that provide the biggest benefit for the event, I’ve covered)

And that’s it my friends!  The details on the Valentine’s Day Mystery Box….who will you end up with?

What are your thoughts on the Date Night Mystery Box? Have you tried it yet? What have you won so far? What do you hope to get? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

195 responses to “Early Valentine: Mystery Date Box

  1. Am I the only one who went totally B A N A N A S with the “Mystery Date Box”? 😅🎁 Like, come on, only 60 donuts for buildings AND characters? That’s totally insane. Thank You EA! 😍

  2. Last week there were 6 boxes (Laura + House, Becky + KKRestaurant, Up&Up plane, Flower store, Butterfats and Aztek). I tried to get Becky and put her left… got Laura+house *yeah* didnt check where it was in the row, but she was second choice. Today I tried again and put Becky second from left to right (first was the plane, which would have been okay as well). Got the blond girl *yeah times yeah* 120 paid, 300 worth! First time in the game with such a luck. Bad memories of Easter event (Father S.) are now already forgotten 🙂
    The very left trick didn’t work for me! Good luck for you guys. I hope you get what you want 😉

  3. I like everyone’s comments on the mystery date box but I must be the biggest chump out there. When I started this event I had nearly 700 donuts (never paid cash to buy any donuts – just grinding it out). The 1st purchase was Kumiko because I was way behind in generating in pins so I ponied up to buy her (some buyer’s remorse because I later caught and didn’t really need her). When the mystery date box came up, I initially spent 60 donuts and got the up up buffet. I was trying to get Brandine or Shauna (I actually didn’t know there were 8 potential prizes originally because I didn’t scroll over to see the other 3 prizes and I was not aware of Becky and Laura were included in some of the buildings). I waited a week decided to check again and saw Brandine missing which caused me to scroll to the right and find out there were more prizes. Then I decided to check TSOadditcts and discovered that Laura and Becky were included. So my decision came down to whether I want to blow 60 donuts for 4 out of 7 chance to get a character (I value characters over buildings at this stage in my game because more characters increase your odds of winning events to win more characters – how’s that for logic? – I must be EA’s dream customer (addicted) except I don’t spent real $ to play). I spent 60 donuts and I got Der Krazy Kraut & Becky (Score!), I spent another 60 donuts and I get Shauna (Yay!), I figured why not, so I spent another 60 donuts and got Brandine (3 characters in a row!). I stopped right there thinking that my luck would change. I went offline for about 2 hours and thought about how much I wanted Laura Powers and the Aztec Theatre (since it’s on the normal opening screen). Hey at that point I was on a lucky streak so why the heck not. I guess I wanted it badly enough, so I spent another 60 donuts got Howards Flowers (face plant); alright another 60 donuts and I got Aztec (Ok I wanted this sort of). Do I spend 60 donuts for a 50/50 chance of getting Laura? Yes and I get Phineas (Dohhh!!!). So I am down to my last 115 donuts, do I spend 60 donuts to get Laura Powers? Yes and I am biggest chump out there because everything out I have spent is a sunk cost and to spend 60 donuts to get a Laura is really no choice so I buy her. I have spent 480 donuts for 2 characters I really wanted (Brandine and Shauna), got 2 surprise characters (Becky and Laura), Aztec (I wanted sort of but not needed) and 3 other buildings that are sort of nice but I really didn’t want (up up buffet, Howards, Phineas). For all those want to rationalize spending 480 donuts on the mystery box characters, look it this way. Normal retail value of characters in donuts is Shauna 90, Brandine 100, Becky 150 and Laura 150 = 490 donuts and I spent 480 donuts + got the Aztec worth 80 donuts. Sure I maybe could have gotten the characters cheaper on sale but like I said; I am chump and this how I rationalized it. I can’t believe I blew that many donuts…

    • Lol, glad to see I am not the only one who went totally crazy and bought EVERYTHING!! 🙈

      I originally just wanted the “Powers House” but I got “Der Krazy Kraut”, I wasn’t aware of Becky was included so, it was a win-win but then, kept trying to get the ones I wanted (Shauna & the Up, Up and Buffet!) and I end up spending at least 300 donuts… just in the “Mystery Date Box”!! 😂

      And I am not even thinking of all the others donuts I’ve spent during this event!! 💸💸💸

  4. Honestly I was saving up my donuts hoping to get either brandine or Maude Flanders for a Valentine’s Day event. Then the Around the World event went live and reading the game previews I did not think they would be available and after being disappointed I decided I would get sailor Kumiko and Americatown. However later I discovered that these date boxes were available. As I already had the Aztec theatre as well as Shauna from the Halloween event I decided to give it a go, as Brandine was one of the prizes. First I got Howard’s flowers, which isn’t really so bad as it gives your Springfield some variety. Next I got Brandine, yay. So then I had enough donuts for one more box, and I could have got Der Crazy Kraut, Powers house, Phineas Butterfats or Up, Up, and Buffet. Well it was worth it if I got another character, and the other prizes weren’t too bad. So I opened the box and got Becky and Der Crazy Kraut. I got lucky, pretty awesome deal to get all of that for just 180 donuts. Overall a great event and great prizes! A nice change from many of last years mediocre events. I love Cesar and Ugolin as characters in this game.

  5. So does the power house come with Laura and the Krazy kraut come with Becky? Because the icon only shows the buildings for each, not the characters!

  6. So does the power house come with Laura and the Krazy kraut come with Becky? Because the icon only shows the buildings for each, not the characters!

  7. I bought seven boxes to get Brandine. She was the last thing left. Now I only have a few donuts left. Ugh!

  8. Spent all my donuts today. Bought Uter since they were providing the bonus. Used what i had left and got the Powers House. Excited that i got two characters and houses.

  9. How could you not spend on these items , got them all , Branden was in the last box on mine and my sons account ,

  10. Anyone get SUGARLOAF MOUNTAIN? There’s only TWO DAYS left to buy it and I’m not sure I want to for 100 donuts. But…there’s been no “should I buy it” post yet. Eek!!

  11. I also decided it was time to trade in some bonuts… Got Shauna, Up up and Buffet and The Aztec Theater.

  12. Bought two boxes (only have 3 donuts left, now 🙁 ). Got Becky and the Aztec theatre. Super happy with both! 🙂

  13. I caved in and bought a box, and managed to get Shauna. Pretty good, though I wanted the Powers House, Der Krazy Kraut and Aztec Theater more.

    I still have a good amount of donuts to spend (for a freemium player), but I’m waiting to see what the act 2 Japanese stuff are first before spending on more mystery boxes. I’m already past level 850, so I won’t be able to farm donuts in large amounts anymore with money.

  14. My A game only had the Powers house; So I was reluctant to buy until I bought the box & won it in my B game (which had more donuts) & found it came with a playable character! No brainer there – quickly went over to my A game to buy the box for the same deal!

    My B game also had UpBuffet & Butterfats available. I took a chance & got the Buffet plane I wanted (10 hour task for BBee man & Duffman there)

    After reading the SIB? I only have Butterfats on my B game left – so for me it’s a pass on that one! I like the look of the building, but not for 60 donuts. I believe it was free in my A game – but I’ve had that game since the start of the game.

  15. First time trying my luck with this, and got Power House! Initially thought it was just a building, little did I know there was Laura as well. Whoop whoop!

  16. Decided to splash 180 of my finest on it and I must say collecting Brandine, Becky/Krazy Kraut and the UP, Up Buffet were good wins. Only 2 left for myself Shauna and the Powers house. Tempting to get a get them as the 60 price tag is a massive win but it’s too early in this event to go silly!

  17. I only had the Kraxy Kraut and Up Up & Buffet as options, since I had everything else. Only wanted the Krazy K because it fits with all the different food places from around the world – Le Krusty Burger & Americatown. But I got that awkward plane instead….and then caved and got Becky & Krazy K too.

    These mystery boxes have a lot less risk when you’ve been playing this game since the stone age. 😉

  18. I had 6 choices in the box. I really wanted Brandine the most. I bought all six items. Brandine was the last one I got. Thank you KEM farm.

    • Correction. I only got 5 items: Howard’s Flowers, Brandine, Phineas Q. Butterfats, Der Krazy Kraut & Becky, and Up, Up & Buffet! I think this was one of the greatest offers ever! 60 doughnuts for each? What a steal! Very happy. 🙂

  19. Oh I REALLY should’ve stopped after three boxes… it was super sweet – lucked out and got Brandine, Becky & Krazy Kraut house, and Shauna too on the three boxes… so happy!
    But I then fell into the trap.. I had 80 donuts left to spend and I wanted Powers house and Laura too – so I tried just the once more, and I got.. *argh* Howards Flowers *sigh*
    So I sat debating with myself, only 20 donuts left. Reading this article, and wanting still Laura. Fingering the purchase donuts button and… *poof* before I knew it I bought the 900 donuts deal (after all there’s Impound Lot attached to the deal and I got all the others except the statue) so I’m a bit sad I splurged now (trying to be a freemium player 50% of the time) and still wanting Laura, kind of obsessively in hindsight, I got one more box.. nope.. one more.. nope.. one more.. nope … ofcourse only one thing left now, and I finally got Laura but spent 60 x 8 donuts to get all the girls so now I will go sit in the shame corner 😉 LOL

  20. Only 4 items offered for me – Howards Flowers, Phineas Q. Butterfats, Der Krazy Kraut and Powers House. OK, I will give it a try – first try – Powers House. Fine, chances to get another character just decreased. 2nd try – Krazy Kraut!!!! So lucky, 2 premium characters for only 120 donuts.

  21. The “to the left” didn’t work for me. Was trying to get Up & Up Buffet and got Powers house. 🙁 Might try again. On the fence right now.

  22. I already have Brandine and Shauna, so I was reluctant to spend doughnuts on the Mystery Box. I decided to give it a go, and I won Der Krazy Kraut and Becky. I thought about trying again to get the Powers House and Laura Powers, but Howard’s Flowers is sitting there in the Mystery Box, taunting me. I think I’ll save my doughnuts for the next two acts. I guess that means Ruth Powers will continue to roam Springfield, lifting weights and improving her shooting accuracy with target practice.

  23. Took a shot at this wanting to get Brandine. First time got Howard’s Flowers, second Ms. Powers and third time was Brandine. 60 doughnuts for a building and premium character seemed like a good deal, so pretty happy with the outcome.

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