Simpsons Around The World Calendar – Act II


I think by now we have all figured out that the initial panic associated with the printing of the calendar is unfounded.  It really just takes logging on every 4 hours, for days on end, with no relief, to get everything you want (if that includes earning Bonuts).

I think you will find that Act II is achievable and believable, which is the benchmark of setting any reasonable goal (if you believe the motivational strategies of the  Power of Positive Thinking guru, W. Clement Stone).

And yes… I DID start with the dates on the day the event started…because I am not one to coddle people. I am a pragmatist and know the value of a little adrenaline burst to get you tapping.  So GET TAPPING! 

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And again, for those who prefer the “Non-Gregorian” approach to calendars…and just like all of the facts lined up in a row… a spreadsheet version.


Have Fun. Reach your goals. Be POSITIVE!!

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  1. For you OCD tappers, here’s my strategy:

    First thing in the morning, clear the board with the Unemployment office and the airport. Once that’s done, send your 3 non premium characters off on their flights. If a premium character has the answer – send him off on a 12 hour task. Send non premium characters on 5 and 10 minute tasks. I especially like Eddie and Lou – Lard Lad tasks. Barbarian also has a 5 minute task. Bart, Luigi, Hibbert, Cletus, Nelson, Mrs. Krabappel, all have 10 minute tasks. Send them on their short tasks. Grab ~30 non premium tasks and send them on a 1 hour tasks. Send the rest via the Unemployment office on 12 hour tasks. It’s important NOT to touch the airport at this point until your 10 minute tasks are up.

    Once you’ve cleared those tasks, now you can open up the airport and send not Lou or Eddie, ensuring you never send the last slot. This is why Lou and Eddie are useful because they can be sent on a 5 minute task and the airport will open up 5 new slots if they’re the last person assuming you have people roaming around doing nothing. The list of people who can fly will NOT repopulate until you tap the airport. This means you could have zero people roaming and as long as you don’t tap the airport until you have roamers, you won’t be in purgatory for 4 hours.

    Now as most of you have figured out, as long as you don’t send the last slot out, you can continue to send someone every 20 minutes. However, the timer isn’t exactly accurate and if you time it right, you’ll end up with two tickets every 20 minutes! This isn’t consistent so you have to play with it a bit but basically if you watch it tick from 0 seconds to 20 minutes, you’ll get your ticket. And then if you close the app, sometime in the next 20 minutes you’ll get another ticket. Currently I get one around the 15 minute mark if I close out of the game after I get my initial ticket.

    Finally, I force myself to bed by sending my last slot so I have no choice but to close the game out lol.

  2. I hate having idle characters, so that made the multiple travelers technique very difficult…. until Sophie became my MVP. As long as she is available, I can send everyone else on 4- or 8- hour tasks and she remains behind to “hold” a place at the airport. Prior to that, I start some short Springfield Heights tasks, so in 30s-20m, I have a dozen or so free characters. Once they’re done, I send Sophie to practice violin, my list is refreshed, and I can log in to cycle them every hour with most of my characters out of the way. Sometimes I forget to start SH tasks, but all I have to do is pick up and replace a few highly populated buildings to shake some people loose (Moe’s, City Hall, hair salon, etc.)

    (Actually, you can wait up to 79 minutes and have a quick 4-ticket cycle. Use at least one of your 3 tickets, and the timer will have less than a minute to go for the next available ticket.)

  3. Unlimited sending of characters in flights to earn pins. Just have to wait for plane tickets to regenerate. All or most characters in game need to be available for this to work. When you send 4 out of 5 people away at the airport, you should have 1 left, send them no matter who it is on a 1 hour local task. The game gives me 5 new characters to send on flights. Send all but 1 and repeat. Make sure the very first person you send is the correct task so it can be completed. You have pins coming in constantly. I just figured it out so when bonut time comes around, we’ll see what we can get. I sent my characters all on a 1 hour task and it won’t let me send anyone else until the next day

  4. The cover picture for this post really made me laugh. When we lived in India there was a billboard of a gorgeous Indian actress kissing a sumo wrestler. My son, who was about 5 at the time, said, “Who would love a giant man in a diaper?”

  5. As Calender’s go, am on Thursday already, cheers

  6. Unlimited sending of characters in flights to earn pins. Just have to wait for plane tickets. When you send 4 out of your 5 people away at the airport, you should have 1 left, send them no matter who it is on a 1 hour task. The game gives me 5 new characters to send on flights. Send all but 1 and repeat. Make sure the very first person you send is the correct task so it can be completed. You have pins coming in constantly. I just figured it out so when bonut time comes around, we’ll see what we can get

    • Interesting… I only get a maximum of 3 tickets.

      • There is a daily price which gives you 6 plane tickets, so the maximum number of tickets is 9.

        • I’ve sent more than 9 a day. I usually sent 5-6 at a time: the 3 you have tickets for, and then I hold on to 2-3 characters waiting for the tickets to recharge. 4 hours later you can send the next 3 characters away, and again hold on to 2-3 characters.

          I still send most of my characters on jobs because jobs lead to leveling up bonuts.

          • That is how I managed to send nine characters at the same time. The three usual ticket and six bonus tickets.

          • Ok my comment below is moot. This somewhat explains where you are coming from. @Philips technique will up that to over 15 simultaneous plane passengers if you log in constantly like I do…

            The harvest of the passengers will be scattered over time. Maybe moderators could do an advanced techniques post with events on how to maximize things like this for us obsessive players 🙂

        • Not sure I follow your math. You are constantly generating tickets up to a cap of 3. Once you dip below that cap you get your next ticket every prorated 20 minutes. So if you are in the middle of your timer you get one in 10 minutes and then another one in 20 minutes.

      • You start with 5 character that you could Send out. Send the correct character to the correct location and you should have 4 left. Send out 3 more until there is 1 character left to be sent out. When you have the last one, send them on a 1 hour local task. It doesn’t matter who. That should restock your airport characters up to 5. You’ll just have to wait on plane tickets to generate. All your characters must be available do get the best options. Hope this makes sense

    • @Philip – I confirmed this works. Keep your last plane passenger and send him on a local task. The system will open up new people for plane rides. Thanks for this. I will be abusing, er… using this technique to get bonuts. I was disappointed in phase 1 of this event as the cap for bonuts was so high I could only generate 1 round of bonuts. Usually I get 3 or 4 at the end of prize collection per phase.

      • Yes I’ve been doing it all day! I just lost the airport people by sending all my characters on a 1 hour local task. It didn’t come back so I’ll have to wait until the new day starts for it to reset. As long as you have your characters available, you can have unlimited plane rides. I’ve had more than 20 going on at once. About 4-5 every hour.

  7. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    Calimari for breakfast and lunch
    TSTO for Breakfast, Valentines cozy duo for Lunch by the bayside.
    Relaxing in a food coma.
    Tomorrow/ tonight – LAND voucher.

  8. Hmm. Just got the points for the Osaka Squishy, game says it’s available, but when I tap, it’s back to the town with no Squid (it still shows as available in the prize list). Ideas?

  9. Well I’m going to have to accept defeat now, I go away on Friday and there is no way I’m gonna be able to get all the prizes … Will be the first time since my first event (wacking day) that I won’t get all the prizes! … Makes me a little sad as I’ve really enjoyed this event!

    • Don’t give up. I finished the last act with five and a half days left. Just spend people on flights every hour except for sleeping. It won’t be fun but you coukd finish or get close

  10. Anybody have the answer to “a real ciudad from Southern Europe”?
    I’ve sent flyers to all the places available (except Hong Kong, and that doesn’t seem likely) and still no correct answer…thanks for the help…

  11. Cranky being Happy!? Whatever next?… Bunny staying still? 😁 Joking aside, thank you very much for doing this Pat!
    Do you know when the contest winners are announced as I am going away tomorrow for a few days and don’t want to miss it (especially if you are doing that 24hr to get back)

  12. Thanks for this Patric.

  13. I’m a bit ahead of the prize track. I currently have 9000 pins but in one of my neighbor’s towns last night they went from 2000 some odd pins and today the person has over 460000 pins? Even if you own buildings that generate event currency and Mr.Sparkle I don’t see how someone earns that much in one day. I removed the neighbor today because I’m convinced this person is cheating.

    • Is it 46,000 or 460,000? The person may have fast-forwarded the prize track with donuts. It costs a lot of donuts, but some people legitimately buy a lot of donuts and spend large amounts of money on the game – or they use a cheat or hacked game to get donuts.

      And to be honest – depending on how you value your lifetime and how you earn your money, for some people it can make more sense to just pay the donuts than to spend the amount of time we need to earn the pins the “hard” way. Every. Four. Hours. 😉

      • It’s possible this person spent a large amount of doughnuts to speed things up. To jump to 46000 would cost quite a bit of doughnuts I’d guess. I always get suspicious when I see a huge increase in event currency in one day.

  14. Feb 15 & 16 on the calendar are backwards.

  15. If you are able to login more often then once every 4 hours, you should be able to send people flying every 20 minutes (at least one character every 20 minutes). That will speed up the prize receiving process a lot.
    I got Mount Fuji first thing in yesterday (Sunday, 12th) and I think Osaka Seafood will pop out tomorrow (Tuesday, 14th)

    • Sorry, don’t have the time or want to play a game I have login every 20 mins. I know this site is called addicts but that’s boarding on obsessive.

      • I wait an hour or two for the tickets to max out at 3. I want most of my characters earning cash, so I don’t have a lot waiting around for flights. I got Mount Fuji yesterday.

        • If you keep everyone on hour long jobs you can send three people flying every hour. That has helped me tremendously. Plus you earn more money if you do hour long jobs. I can usually log in to tap about every two hours so following that schedule I was 4 almost 5 days ahead of the last calendar.

  16. I guess bonuts will be available too

  17. Woohoo. Got mt Fuji and immediately got a message saying I had completed Act II and come back on the 24th. Going on holiday now……

  18. A+ here, likewise positive. Any chance we can add an abbreviation for days of the week to the non-Gregorian version? Mo, Tu, W, Th, F, Sa, Su would be an amazing enhancement.

  19. I don’t have a squid?

    Just goes from Mt Fuji to land token?

  20. Damn that Fujiyama thing is huge and with no apparent benefit. Guess it’ll go into storage for the time being. Land is a premium comodity at Level 55.

  21. Mount Fuji is certainly huge. Lol a wonderful addition nonetheless:)

  22. Thanks for the calendar as always.

    Side calendar question? Is it possible to *legally* have the leather jet yet, even accelerated with donuts? One of my neighbors did, and I want to be sure he’s got a hacked game before I drop him. Seems like you have to wait at least 7 days, right?

      • I left a comment about something similar in a previous thread – that one of my neighbors has had the golden train for a least a week. Is it best practice to remove a suspected hacker from your friends list? Or is it just the principle of the fact that they’re cheating that influences your decision?

    • Yes this person is indeed a hacker. I had a neighbour like that up until yesterday. Neighbour had everything in the prize line and even items I’m sure are from act 3, as I have never seen them before. No sense playing with someone like that, not to mention they never visit lol.

    • Thx for the replies and confirming my thoughts!

  23. Thx Patric.

  24. I think most everyone loves Mr. Sparkle, I’m unclear on what the item/character does in the game, so eagerly awaiting a SIB on it…don’t have enough donuts for it, but it might be something that could make me buy donuts.

    • I’d buy Mr.Sparkle. He’s a full character with a decent quest line. He is voiced (which is hilarious), each of his actions earns crafting currency. He floats around with magical sparkles. I’m usually a building/character person but Mr.Sparkle really helps with the event.

  25. Yes, just slave into your game every 4hrs and you are good! LOL

    Too bad EA has reduced the payouts from daily tasks to roughly 500 fans (if you get an event currency task). Used to be ~1,000 or even ~2,000 in the first act, until the changed it a few days before the end of act one.

    I got Kumiko, Mr. Sparkle and Himeji castle for premium help – but without them, it may be more of a grind than usual.

  26. Thanks for this – I think Mount Fuji, the Squid and KTV are one day too far to the right on the picture version?

  27. I picked up Mount Fuji yesterday, and oh my god, its freaking HUGE!

    It’s too bad that we can’t stick it with some other mountains, maybe a range of them.
    (Hint hint EA)

  28. Who screwed up the first week of the calendar?

  29. hehe the numbers for the 15th and 16th are backwards on the calendar.

  30. I have to be positive, my blood group is B+ 🙂

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