Should I Spend Donuts On Chinese Acrobatic Theatre, Crazy Plane, Mr. Sparkle Billboard, Spruce Moose or 3-Eyed Sushi?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Pack your bags and prepare for an invasive screening at the airport because it’s travel time in Springfield! And while our towns are embracing their ever expanding airports, our donut bank is shrinking because there are LOADS of items from travels past to spend those sprinkles on!

Of course with that limited-time label it can be tempting to buy everything that looks awesome because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should the Chinese Acrobatic Theatre, Crazy Plane, Mr. Sparkle Billboard, Spruce Moose or 3-Eyed Sushi to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding these throwbacks to your Springfield…

Tapped_Out_Chinese_Acrobatic_Theatre crazyplane_menu Mr Sparkle Billboard ico_priz_casino_lifesizedsprucemoose_lg three_eyed_sushi


Leaves February 24th…

Building: Chinese Acrobatic Theatre
Cost: 80 donuts
Previous Post: Chinese Acrobatic Theatre
My Opinion On It Now: This was originally free with the Casino Event. Wolfcastle does have a task there (16hrs), but 8o donuts is a steep price for a stand alone building (especially one that’s not a classic cannon Springfield building).  I’d pass on this one.


Leaves Stores February 25th…

Decoration: Crazy Plane
Donut Cost: 65 Donuts.
Previous Post: Crazy Plane
My Opinion On them Now: This was previously free during the SciFi event. It’s an animated decoration.  Not worth the 65 donuts, especially when you have so many other free planes offered with this event.  Pass.

Mr Sparkle Billboard

Leaves Stores February 26th..

Bundle: Mr. Sparkle Billboard
Donut Cost: 30 Donuts
Should I Buy Posts: Mr. Sparkle Billboard
Bonus %: Earns a 0.75% bonus on all cash and XP
My Opinion On them Now:  Not a great buy for the bonus %, but if you like billboards it’s reasonably priced and a fun Billboard to have if you haven’t picked it up in the past.


Leaves Stores February 27th

Decoration: Life Size Spruce Moose
Donut Cost: 65 Donuts
Previous Post: Spruce Moose
My Opinion On It Now:  This was free during the Casino Event (craftable).  It’s basically another plane for Springfield.  With the 65 donut price tag it’s a hefty price to pay for a decoration, especially when there are so many other planes with this event.  When it was free I said to craft it, but now that it’s 65 donuts I say pass.


Leaves Stores February 27th

Decoration: Three-Eyed Sushi Stand
Donut Cost: 20 Donuts
Should I Buy Post: Three-Eyed Sushi (classic wookiee ramble)
My Opinion On It Now:  So because we don’t really have a details post on this (it hit back when Addicts first started) this is basically a decoration for Springfield.  Offers no bonus %.  BUT it’s something that originally appeared (for free) in 2013 and has not come back since.  It’s one of my favorite items on my Squidport and for 20 donuts it’s a decent price for just a decoration.  If you can swing it (and out of all of the decorations listed above), I’d grab the Three-Eyed Sushi Stand.  It’s the best of the bunch, even without offering a bonus %.

And there you have it my friends, the breakdown on the returning premium items to hit our stores.What are your thoughts on the returning items?  Do you own any of them already?  Will you be purchasing them this year?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

31 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On Chinese Acrobatic Theatre, Crazy Plane, Mr. Sparkle Billboard, Spruce Moose or 3-Eyed Sushi?

  1. Jodie K Kraatz

    Thank you for the info and you’re welcome EA I finally spent hard earned cash on doughnuts to finish a quest which I never do because the plane is too cute to pass up.I think considering I was recovering from heart attack I was due……

  2. Jodie K Kraatz

    What is the little red plane from and where can I get it and how did I miss it I’m never not on…Well sept I had heart attack few weeks back and didn’t play while I was in hospital…..Was it then? Looks like red Baron….

  3. Has anyone had there _onda’s vandalized?? I found 3 of them with the wheels taken off.. 😄

  4. I have been waiting years, years for the return of the Three-Eyed Sushi Stand. You see I am a completionist and this was 1 of 2 total items I was missing. This was an amazing moment lmao.

    I am now down to just the glowing toxic rotating barrels. Then I will have a 100% complete Springfield. Every character, house, decoration, everything.

  5. FYI, they added a 2.5% bonus for the Spruce Moose as well as for the Crazy Plane.

  6. Having played the game since its inception I already had the Sushi bar in my A town, Still on the fence about paying donuts for it in my B town. It can only go on boardwalk or sand, has no bonus percentage, but the building is cute! I recall being so happy when I got it ages back!

  7. I’ve wanted the sushi stand for a long time. I have an arguably unhealthy affection for Blinky. Too bad it doesn’t have a bonus %, but at least it’s not crazy overpriced like the planes. Yikes!

    • There is a Blinky (three eyed fish) balloon, also…Maybe Ea will make it available? hint, hint, hint….

        • Yes, I already have the Blinky balloon. It’s on my beach, looming over (behind) my new sushi stand. This has been a good donut month for this long time fan: Blinky stand, Mr. Sparkle, Brandine (finally!), and Bart speaking French when I send him to stomp grapes.

      • I have had my Blinky Balloon as a place marker on my squid port for 3 Eyed Sushi for almost as long as I’ve playing. Now I have it. Special note- on our trip to Universal Studios a couple years ago, my one purchase at the Simpsons gift shop that was strictly for me, was a Blinky plush. No hesitation here. 🤗💛

  8. May be rare..

    But the sushi bar….
    Only on boardwalk
    Does nothing but sits there
    No bonus

    Already regret buying the seizure robot…
    Having yet another regret spend in the same event would be way too much


  9. So many interesting Freemiums ….. 🤔
    I truly feel bad new tappers missed out on these ….😓
    I don’t think EA should be charging Donuts for any of ’em ….😣
    Save your Donuts / Bonuts for something else 😛

  10. Disappointed that the Spruce Moose still can’t be placed on the ocean.

  11. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    Nothing exciting for me, I’m saving for what probably will appear in Act 3.
    Cautious with my sprinkles, am I.
    Not saying I’m frugal, but I’ve been known to squeeze my penny until the wheat bundles give up their essential oils.

  12. My sister had the Three-Eyed Sushi in her Springfield since then and I’ve been waiting for grab it too; So glad it’s finally back, even if it’s only a decoration it’s really cute and worth it.

  13. Wow. Three-eyed sushi stand was in 2013… As time goes by… I really am an addict 😉

  14. Alissa, so is there another way to locate buildings in your land. For example I don’t find my Chinese Acrobatic Theatre anywhere. How can I find it? Will there be a list of items where I can be able to tell what decorations and building belong on china/Chinese area vs the Japanese item.

    • Only if you nuke your town (which I don’t recommend doing)

    • I’ve been thinking on this lately since I can never find anything in my inventory or in town so, I think a ‘search button’ would be really helpful!

    • Send Wolfcastle there on his 16hr task and then locate him with the town census at town hall might work

    • If you have wolfcastle you can send him on his 16hour task (prepare for an action role, something like that) that he does in the Chinese acrobat theatre. You can then either follow where he goes or locate him using the town hall. Hopefully that will help you find your theatre 😀

  15. Just a observation. You have Three-Eyed Sushi Stand leaving the store February 9th. What it suppose to be February 26th by chance?

  16. I only lack the sushi bar and got that. I bought a few more Mr. Sparkle billboards

  17. Wow! I had no idea all those planes had returned for SO many donuts!

    I brought another sparkle sign not realising I already had one…doh! 🙂

    Plus I had no idea that sushi bar was so 2013 precious snapped it up after reading this. Thanks Alissa ♡

  18. The Spruce Moose is pretty iconic, though…

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