Servers Down

Updates: Just a couple little updates…

Some of you are reporting you’re back in.  Some are still out.  I’m one of those who still can’t get into the game…but hopefully we’ll all be in shortly.

4:30pm ET From AWS:

Update at 1:12 PM PST: S3 object retrieval, listing and deletion are fully recovered now. We are still working to recover normal operations for adding new objects to S3.

Update at 12:52 PM PST: We are seeing recovery for S3 object retrievals, listing and deletions. We continue to work on recovery for adding new objects to S3 and expect to start seeing improved error rates within the hour.

3:45pm ET:
I wasn’t clear in my post below, cause I honestly didn’t think it was too important, this is Amazon Web Services that’s down (East Coast Server).  EA (and many, many, MANY other companies) utilize AWS.  So this outage has little to do with EA.
You can check out this article:

You can also check AWS Dashboard for updates here:

Or their Twitter Feed @AWSCloud .  I’ll try to update this post with updated tweets from them as I see them.  The latest from about 3pm Eastern Time:

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Bringing back an Addicts classic…with fond memories of Cguy:

They’re up
They’re down,
They’re down and up and down
down, down, down
up, up, up,
The EA Distraction Show!

Admitedly the server outages are A LOT better than they were 3 years ago, BUT it’s still fun to bring back a classic Addicts song 😉

You may be seeing this in TSTO right now…

2014-01-29 21.25.47

Servers are down for many…

It appears it’s an issue with the East Coast servers (which impact more than just the East Coast), from what I’m gathering.  Hopefully they’re up soon…

In the meantime here are a few fun riddles to keep you entertained:

1) Why is this right?


2) Homer has with him Baby Maggie, his dog, and a jar of poisons that look like delicious candy. (Homer: Oh, why did I take my baby and my dog with me when I went to buy poison! And why do the poison has to look so delicious!?) He needs to get all three across the river. He can only take one of them at a time in his rowboat. He can’t leave Maggie with the poison. He can’t leave the dog with Maggie. He CAN leave the dog with the Poison. How does he do this?

3) Wednesday, Lenny and Carl went to a restaurant and ate dinner. When they were done they paid for the food and left. But Lenny and Carl didn’t pay for the food. Who did?

Have fun and hopefully we’re back up soon!

202 responses to “Servers Down

  1. Hey Addicts! Anyone ever run into this problem? I already put in a ticket with EA. Just trying to see anyone else has ever tried, or needed to do this.
    (I play on Android 7.1, mobile device)

    My “Simpsons Tapped Out” game login ID is tied to, let’s say, Email1.
    When I try to purchase in-game Donuts with real money at the KEM, using the Google Play Store account, a different email address shows up, Email2. I believe this Email2 is what I used several years ago to originally sign up for the Simpsons game.
    However, I want to make Donut purchases using a different Google Play account that’s tied to Email3. Is this possible?
    (At the purchase screen, it doesn’t seem possible to change the Play payment account.)

  2. Wow. I think the death bell has tolled for me for this game. Back in Dec 2016 when this happened, I lost out on the event then. EA was of no help either when I contacted them. I got fantastic help here at this STO site. Then this last crash Feb 28, 2017, i read it wasnt their fault. So i just waited. Managed to log in the next morning. Got the compensation today, March 2, 2017 and was happy. Well, in the middle of playing, it crashed AGAIN just now, and I cant log in again with my password. Same problem. At this point it doesnt matter whose fault it is, its just plain frustrating. This was one of my favorite events too. Being not able to complete it and being interrupted continuously doesnt make it fun for me anymore.

  3. It’s the 3rd of March and I got a ‘server issue’ message, then I got logged out, couldn’t ‘process’ my login details so I thought I’d reset my password and still not working… I can’t log in 🙁

  4. Well for the worst server issue from EA, they sure came through with some gifts for everyone.
    Can’t complain that they don’t give you anything when there are issues

    500 Sky Credits and 2,000 Pins is quite the bonus. Kudo’s to EA for thinking of all the players.

  5. MydadlookslikeFlanders

    As I logged in an hour ago to play I was awarded 2000 pins and 500 Skymiles and white text saying basically “Thanks for sticking with us as we had a server SNAFU and we really appreciate it” and they awarded me the miles and pins immediately. I was locked out of the game for about four hours a few days ago with the server issues and never did inquire or complain to EA, so I am thinking this message, the miles and pins happened for everybody that plays. Thanks EA TSTO team! Truly an awesome and stand up move guys!!!! It was exciting and gave me a good felling to see too. Great customer service. You rock!

  6. Josephine Kick@$$

    I was on the phone with a friend, couldn’t figure #1, he got it right away (while driving!) I’m going to have to ask him tomorrow if he’d seen it before.

  7. I. Jared Joplin

    EA should give us additional time for ACT III since a lot of players lost a day due to no fault of their own.  Other games I play not only acknowledged the problem, they apologized and offered free in game currency.  I would never think to ask EA to do that.  Still, after continued Gil deal problems for some us that have never been fixed, I assumed they would want to add time to ACT III… as a means of apologizing to loyal players who never get their apologies from EA… or their Duff Gardens.

    I digress

    Great site
    Great work
    Worst Server Problem Ever

    – hank scorpios

  8. Thanks for the riddles to pass the time! It was a fun distraction to wile away the time while waiting for the @&!* servers to come back up.
    And thanks for the info about the Amazon servers. I learned something today. 👍🏻

  9. Since the servers came back I can’t send anyone on the correct flight as its not listed – it’s the “find silicon valley” one which should be to San Fransisco but that is not even listed. (on my B game it was and all is fine). I waited all night and the other two flights that were in progress ended but no SF appeared. Is there a way to force a refresh of the destinations? I’ve lost all day on the quest and will probably miss it now sadly.

  10. Hello–is anyone else still getting Cannot Connect to Server? I had to do a factory reset of my Android phone yesterday right around the time that AWS went down, but I’ve uninstalled today, and can fully update TSTO, but when I log in, I get a Cannot Connect to Server message still.

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