What’s Old is New and Other Around the World Info

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So a few things happened in TSTO between yesterday afternoon and this morning (and more over the weekend).

So let’s breakdown the details, should I buys and returning items in the stores….


First, ICYMI yesterday EA gave everyone 2,000 ico_cur_aroundtheworld_brazilpin_lg and 500 ico_cur_aroundtheworld_skycredit_lg


This is in direct response to the outage almost all of us experienced on Wednesday, from Amazon Web Services going down.  Many of you expressed concern about the outage causing you to miss out on the prizes because you  were losing valuable time to collect pins and sky credits.

So instead of extending the event a day, which I think would have made a lot of people groan, they made up for it by giving currency, more than what many of you would have missed out of during the outage.  So, I want to take a minute to applaud EA for this move.  Good on them for being attentive to customer service.  It goes a long way in keeping the faith in EA, at least over correcting issues (at least with the Addicts staff, I know some readers will forget this move in 2 days).

I know several of you expressed a desire for it to be donuts instead, but donuts wouldn’t have made up for missing several hours of tapping time with this event.  And there are so many ways to earn free donuts in the game as it is.  So this was a good move, despite some of your objections to it being event currency.

Second, what’s old is new again!


Every item from Around the World AND Lunar New Year, that had a timer on it, has returned to the stores.  So if you missed out on something you can pick it up once again in the stores!

All of these items will leave March 7th (when the event ends).  So don’t miss out again!

If you want to check out the should I buy posts for these items you can check out our Around the World Event Page and the Lunar New Year Event Page (you’ll have to scroll down the Lunar New Year page, as it shows every post we wrote about Lunar New Year)

Third, and finally, there are several items from Events past returning to our stores this weekend (at least according to the files).

The Farmer’s Market has already returned.  In addition to that, the Plane Bot, Spotlights (from Casino Event) the Banana Dictatorship are all scheduled to come back tomorrow (March 4th).

Here are the quick links to each of them, for more details:

springfieldfarmersmarketflippedFarmer’s Market (70 donuts)

banana dictatorshipBanana Dictatorship (30 donuts)

ico_priz_casino_spotlightmulticolored_lgico_priz_casino_spotlightcycling_lgSpotlights (Price range from cash to 5-10 donuts)

Personally, these were all originally free items.  Not a huge fan of paying donuts for them.  Out of the list the only one i’d consider buying is the Banana Dictatorship. It’s inexpensive, character tasks are there and it gives you REV points for Springfield Heights.  Beyond that save your donuts.

Also arriving tomorrow will be a new premium item.  I’ll have a Should I Buy post for that up on Monday. (it’ll be a 1 day decision on it, but it’s not anything that will help with the event or anything else)

Again, aside from the Farmer’s Market these are all just items the files indicate are coming tomorrow.  Won’t know for sure until they hit.

Oh and one more quick note….

Norbert’s plane and the Golden Train should both be achievable today (March 3rd) via his Daily Tasks (if you’ve been doing them every day).  The plane is earned via the Daily Tasks and the Train is earned when you complete the questline after you’ve unlocked the plane.  And yes, Uncle Norbert comes with his plane as a playable character. (I’ll have more details on this up later today (with the questline)

There has been indications of a glitch occurring for some people that allowed them to already get Norbert’s plane and the train.  Glitches are not uncommon in TSTO, as we all know.

lostgoldtrain_menu norbertsplane_menu

And that’s it my friends….

What are your thoughts on EA making good on the lock out?  How about bringing back ALL of the Around the World items? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


64 responses to “What’s Old is New and Other Around the World Info

  1. should i spend all my skycredits now?or maybe later it will have another use?


  2. I dont see the golden train in the prizes…


  3. I was collecting Norgertsb plane and was about to get it and the game glitched and now the plane had disappeared and I’m back to collecting pins and luggage!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. picked up the golden train immediately, a whole paying building for only 30 donuts. That’s good enough for this premium player!


  5. Tonysalmai175

    Thanks for all your tips!


  6. I’m glad EA provided acknowledgement of the server inconvenience and while I’ve crafted everything I wanted and no longer need SkyCredits, pins are always appreciated – especially in the hunt for bonuts.

    I was initially delighted to see the returning items but later on, I’m a bit mixed up. I’m hoping there will be some great St Patrick’s day items coming down the line and sadly sprinkles don’t grow on trees!


  7. Pretty chuffed they bougth back items from the past few weeks to pick up again. I was on the fence (pun not intended as it’s wall not a fence) with the Chinese wall and after seeing it in neighbouring towns I was disappointed on not picking it up! But alas now I have, so it’s off to building the wall to keep the rabbits out (Aussie folk will get that joke)!

    Keen on the Le Krusty Burger but it will leave me way shy on the precious sprinkles for my liking, dilema as I’m only a freemium player.

    Also great shout out to EA on Giving us event currency. People are too quick to throw all the toys out of the pram and demand the donuts and as you mentioned Alyssa and we have plenty of opportunities to get free donuts but the even currency is more precious during events I feel, to help to get back on track for lost time where as donuts wont really do that
    So to EA this is for you 👏👏👏

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I will respectfully thank EA for doing the right thing …. it’s better then Donuts and the Extra Day combined (bringing Items back to the Store is also appreciated) 👍😊

    Liked by 2 people

  9. EA knocked it out of the park with this one AND answered one of my wishes! (I still get two more, right? 😉) I had been lamenting the fact that I passed on the Chateau Maison since shortly after the France act ended as I saw how lovely it looked in my friends’ towns, but now I can (hopefully) get it too! I’m also really grateful for the post-lockout bonus as I’m waaaaaaaay behind with this act lol


    • 4kidsandacatdog

      Me too! So happy about it, Bart’s been stomping grapes there now for a good 18 hours straight! Thank goodness child labor laws don’t apply to virtual characters!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. I think it was a good move by EA. Outage not their fault, but didn’t they decide to use Amazon to host? So it is related to a decision they made. I think it was a great idea for solution. No money but also made up for anything people lost by not being able to access the game.


  11. Yippee, I awoke from a nap to 2000 free credits. Yippee.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. ThatOneWeirdTapper

    Is the Plane Bot the one day decision for tomorrow? If its reasonably priced then I might have to grab it! Too bad I only got 100 donuts on the Platinum Scratcher this morning.. 😔 I might get the dragons to go with my Japan area, but 100 donuts is leading me to pass again, or just send in my airport as my design after I’ve tidied it up! ☺


  13. TheRealSweetT

    Help with the Osaka Flu! I’ve been stuck at 889/1000. How do I keep progressing?


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