Around the World is Nearing the End… (& Info About Norbert’s Plane & What to Craft)

A Quick Note: There’s a glitch right now for many of you with Norbert’s Plane.  You’re unable to get it.  There’s a thread about it here on EA’s forum and a few of you have mentioned that you’ve contacted EA about it.  EA has advised some of you that they will be releasing a patch to resolve this issue.  I have not spoken with EA about this, so I’m just going off of what some of y’all are telling me. My best advice is to contact EA, let them know you’re impacted as well.


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a reminder that the Around the World Event Ends TOMORROW March 7th.  (I just realized I made an error on my time from yesterday, it appears it ends at 9am ET, 2pm GMT)

This means that you will want to make that final push to gather up all the things you want from the Event before it goes with the Event.


As far as what is going to happen AFTER the Event… well, we can’t know… until it is over. Lol. Until then all we can do is speculate. So, patience. We all have to verify what happens after together.

Now as far as to what is going with the Event, here is a brief rundown…

  • Questlines linked directly to the progression of the Event will go. Like the Main Questlines that pulled you through all 3 Acts.
  • However, the questlines linked directly the the prizes you’ve won will remain. (so Tiago, Sakatumi etc)
  • The event removal will require an app store update to fully remove it from your game.  So don’t panic when the timer runs down and the event isn’t out of your game…  It will require an app store update to remove everything.

I know some of you still try to push that last few minutes of collection as far as you can. If you turn OFF the auto update feature in your App Market, you may give yourself an extra day or so just know that ANY time after the 7th is borrowed time and you are doing so at YOUR OWN RISK. EA can force the update at anytime after the 7th and make you update. So use any extra time wisely and get what you need before you have to remove the Event completely.

So tap those last few tourists and relax and wait to see what EA has next in store for us.

Additional note:

Some of you are asking what you should craft with all of your extra crafting currency.  There’s no magic item to craft.  There’s no way of knowing what EA might make premium in the future, with a bonus %.  Best advice I can give you is craft at least one of everything.  If there’s something you think you could use in a particular design (like Taxi Cabs, Life Guard Tower, Trees or Flowers) craft a bunch of them and stick them in storage.

If you feel like you’ve crafted everything you want, then it’s ok to not use all of your crafting currency.  Just because you have it doesn’t mean you need to spend it.

A few others asked me about which gives the most XP when placed in Springfield…it appears as if each item (you can craft multiples of) gives you 100xp when placed in Springfield.  So there’s no item that gives you more of an advantage.

Are you sad to see the event go?  Or ready for it to finally be over?  How did you do with the prizes?  Get everything you wanted?  What are you hoping to see next?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


125 responses to “Around the World is Nearing the End… (& Info About Norbert’s Plane & What to Craft)

  1. Contacted EA about the Norbert plane glitch and left message on forum – got a call back – said unfortunately there was nothing they can do about it, trying to work as fast as they can – it’s a known bug. Ok, well, we have 13 hours left and if I played this whole event not to get at least Norbert, that would suck.

  2. So sad – 13 hours to go and no Norbert plane. Even if it shows up there is now not enough time to do the trips to get it without spending donuts. Thanks again EA. No communication other than “we are aware of your issue and are working on it” at which point they unceremoniously closed my case.

  3. Definitely one of the best events! Over the last month I have spent most of my hard earned donuts. The Chateau Maison, Kumiko and Americatown, and three Valentine’s Day boxes….Howard’s Flowers, Up Up and Buffet, and Der Krazy Kraut. A lot great items! I wish I had enough for Ronaldo and the Orphanage but oh well!

  4. I completed Norberts tasks but never recived the plane. I’ve contacted EA, but they haven’t responded since they asked for more details.. I also have a promblem with the tasks not matching, not receiving the prizes and the tasks resetting…. I don’t know what to do!

  5. Is anyone else having trouble getting the Osaka virus severity to accrue? I’ve long finished all the other parts of this quest but cannot get the virus to accrue even though I’m harvesting. Seems to be stuck at 477/1000. I keep harvesting my afflicted tourists, but it’s not accruing. Heck the viruses even attack other tourists before I clear the tourists so I can sometimes get up to 8-10 afflicted tourist harvests before I start to clear the unaffected tourists. I am on this game hourly, sometimes more often, so I’m not missing out on virus harvests. There is no reason why I shouldn’t have been able to make it to having had 5 viruses floating around. But I don’t think they’ve always been giving me credit. How much is each infected tourist harvest worth? There is no way I’ll reach 1000 to unlock the 5th virus in the 15 1/2 hours that’s left at this point. This virus harvesting has been the most aggravating aspect of this quest by far. And it was poorly done. It would have made more sense to click on neighbor’s tourists to infect them with the Osaka Virus similar to how previous quests were done. The Osaka virus portion of this quest just really felt more like an after thought. I sent an email to EA to ask if there was an issue but really would like to know if anyone else had noticed an issue with this too.

    • You don’t accrue by tapping afflicted tourists. You accrue by clearing away neighbors that visited you.

      • What happens when you ge to Level 5 of th e Osaka Flu? Sadly, I am 7 away from Level 5 with 84 minutes left in the event and have already cleared my neighbors who have visited.

  6. Keith1Roon991

    Super hero 3

  7. In my opinion this was one of the best events in a long time. Just going through my neighbors I may have lost 1 or 2 after losing at least 10 to 15 through the other events. Great job EA!

  8. Keith1Roon991

    Crafted bikes, scooters and bought the great wall, bad move on the wall, pity there isn’t a cooling down period, would sell it back

  9. I’m having trouble figuring out how to design a favela with my painted houses. Haven’t really seen any good ideas in friends towns. Curious to see what others do if we get a share posting.

    • I simply droppen them were there was space. Some of them have rotated. They now form a densely stacked on each other shanty town.

    • Same problem here. All the Brazil stuff is not really coming together for me, I am looking forward to the show-off.

    • Here are some of my neighbors barrios (I’m lucky to have such creative neighbors – maybe they will see their town and claim it)…they are great inspiration for my own town…

  10. Whats the story with the Osaka virus…I’ve spent hours tapping affected tourists and friends towns but I’m still 250 off getting the full percentage and only 17 hours to go. I’ll never make it, what happens when you do. It’s the slowest process in the whole game even though I’ve got everything else…..I don’t get it…..

    • Friends have to tap in your town in order to level up for the Osaka virus. Tapping affected tourists does NOT help you level up

    • I hate to shatter your hope, but…………

    • Don’t worry about it !
      There are no prizes connected to the flu it’s just a bit of fun. I raced through to 100% within days only to find there was nothing at the end if it. It did encourage friends visits though which can only be a good thing.

  11. The most interesting aspect at the end of any event to me: Which neighbors are going to stick around and still visit and tap in your town once its done, and which just ignore your existence until the next one?

    • Yes! This event has made me much more aware of neighbors who faithfully visit and those who seldom visit or not at all. And as I came to realize the importance of their visits, I became a better neighbor- quid pro quo. I even visited active neighbors after I ran out of 90 actions. When the reward goes back to money and XP, I will let life get in the way of neighbors visits at times because it is such a slow process.

      What I find interesting is of the neighbors added this event that said they were very active and would visit eveyday, 1/3 were faithful to their promise, 1/3 visited some, and 1/3 seldom or never visited leaving me at 993/1000 at Level 4 of the Osaka Flu. Mom always said, be careful when you pick your friends!

    • Your stuck with me, kid…

  12. St Patty’s Day……Easter is out in April this year…so I don’t think they’ll do St Easter again….but probably a return of oldnor a mini new stuff event with old stuff, or SOMETHING for St Patty’s day is likely next.

  13. Got the last prize this morning in my main town. Secondary town is not getting it for free, there’s just no way, and I’m not spending money to get it. Oh well.
    The event was fine, I guess. I like all the trees, and Mr Sparkle. I might have enjoyed it more if real life had been a little more relaxed for me. I’m usually way ahead on events, and this turned into a pretty close shave because I had to deal with other things. So I guess I’ll blame that for the fact that I didn’t really have much fun with this.

    • Getting the free crafted trees finally got me enough to have all 5 stars filled for my town


      Looking forward to the game going back to not feeling like a 2nd job again though

  14. What tells me that it was a really good event is that I’m not burned out at the end of act 3.
    Storyline and quests interesting and fun.
    Craftables not a clutter and simple system.
    Something different as a prize, land tokens.
    New characters and items, freemium and premium.
    Airport! (i hope they keep adding stuff).
    Lots of neighbour visits, from and to them.
    As someone already mentioned i hope pins are added to collection.
    Now… what is next in the line…

  15. I have the Norbert problem too. The painted homes look like the most likely to be “premiumfied” in the future so am stocking up on those.

    • There is really no other benefit for them… either at some point in the future EA makes them cash-earning, or earn a bonus percent. Because right now, they just sit there.

    • I think the Boulangerie will end up with an XP bonus or a payout eventually, but just guessing…most people aren’t crafting multiples, so of course that’s the one that will end up making money.

  16. This is the first time in a long while that I have been able to complete an event without spending any donuts. I do wish we were able to get more runway tracks.

    • More runway tiles would be awesome. I already had an airport built, and was overlaying it with the runway, but only got about 1/2 to 2/3 covered.

  17. This event was loads of fun , I would like to see a continued plan for this in the future.

  18. I have 15,000 SkyCredits and really no interest in buying anything with them. The event was OK for me; the prizes were pretty lackluster.

  19. Definitely liked this event compared to some in the past, but finished crafting like a week ago, and got Norberts plane like two days ago, so I’m like, what now? lol Still getting daily tasks so sending people on the trips, but seemingly for no reason as I don’t need or want anymore crafting items. Just wish they gave the ability to craft more runway tracks (or in typical EA fashion, sell for donuts), but that seems to be it, we got what we got and that’s it.

  20. I definitely enjoyed this event more than the last ones, I did get the castle… But that was the only premium that interested me. I’ll probably just craft a few more of the Japanese items to fit the theme.

    I’m hoping we get a mini spring break event.. I loved homer in that episode and think there’s a few items from that episode that could be brought to the game. Homer with a traffic cone on his head giving quizzes, The crocodile and hovercraft, spring break stage (i know we already have a few stages now), there’s a couple of skins from that episode spring break / hillbilly .. The trailer they stayed in.

  21. What to do with all those sky credits…spending it on a big favela? Hmmm, just can’t find anything useful.

    • I have the opposite problem – I can’t decide what to craft because almost all of it is useful. Three different vehicles, three types of trees, little lanterns, the japanese gate, lavender fields. The paintes houses are kind of nice, too, but I am not sure what to do with them. I even crafted four pagodas, although I don’t see myself using them anytime soon. They just look cool. Held back on the fountains, soccer courts and bakeries, they don’t appeal to me at all, and I don’t think I will use more than one Shinto Shrine.

  22. Well this event has upgraded my little town into a mini world. At least I got plenty of land that will hopefully last awhile the best part of the event for me was the fact that it added 17 new characters to my population. I’m up to 212 characters now and my bonus has increased to 405 percent. Good event. Now waiting on what’s coming next. Good luck to everyone else whose still tapping away.

  23. If I’m going to make an educated guess about the crafting items being eventual bonus % generating items in the future, I’d say the bakery, shrine and pagoda have the best chances, since they have an animation when tapped on, so are unable to generate income. The vehicles (scooter, motorcycle with sidecar and taxi) are likely to end up as premium items eventually, but it’s also entirely possible you can buy them for cash at another event, or as premium items for no bonuses.

    The favela homes however, could generate income at a later point, and if you’re going for XP, they give the highest payout as you craft them in batch of threes, and each house gives the same 100 XP as every other crafting item. I like the favela designs, but I used up a ton of new land for this event even after spending close to $20 million on land expansions, so I can’t risk building more and them not doing anything.

    It’s extremely unlikely the trees and decorative items would ever give bonus, though it’s certainly possible that some of them would cost donuts later. I love the plants, but at 3×3 they’re too big to be really practical.

  24. Osaka flu…and Tourists as NPCs purrrrr lEAse 🙂

    Great event! Ready for St Paddys now ♡

  25. When the event ends I’m curious about a few things. 1) Will the Airport have a use? 2) Will Mr.Sparkle earn regular💲and XP? 3) When will we have Shelbyville? EA have been teasing about this for the last few months now. I guess we’ll have a mini event for Easter and St.Patrick’s Day before anything happens.

  26. I hope these pins get added to the collection, and that the stand doesn’t wind up being a total one-off.

  27. This has been the most enjoyable big event for me in recent memory. Two things made it better… 1) only having to do three 4-hour tasks a day (as opposed to encouraging as many as you could manage, which tended to make me alter my sleep patterns to get the maximum amount of cycles into a day), and 2) the destination selection puzzles – which actually required a few seconds of thinking, as opposed to the normal mindless tapping that gets repetitive and boring.

    I hope EA continues these trends for future events…

  28. I must be having some kind of bug in my game, because I’m not getting any pins from Norbert’s adventure tasks. I send 3 (sometimes 4) springfielders to travel, and 4 hours later I don’t advance in Norbert’s tasks. Because of this I’m now behind on my pins count 🙁 and probably not getting the last prize! :((

    • Are you sending one of the travellers on the *correct* flight? Norbert sets up a quest, and you have to figure out which flight he means. If you don’t, you won’t get the 500/750/250 pins.

      • I have. But weird thing is, sometimes the answer to Norbert’s quest isn’t even available. Sometimes they say it’s in Europe and none of the countries available is in Europe. So weird :/

    • Same, then the plane disappeared from the prizes… I’ve contacted EA but they stopped replying, now I don’t know what to do!

  29. Contacted EA about the glitch. They said they are working on a patch so hopefully it’s out soon.

  30. What do y’all think the next update or event will be?

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