Where Did THAT Come From – Chinese Junk (and more lol)

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where Did THAT Come From?

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So to find the origin of Chinese junk we first head to the very first Chinese hoarders. In a pile of assorted miscellany… you’re bound to find all sorts of things. Old fortunes from crispy cookies, Cat’s with paws that wave, Free Tibet posters. Sorry… that last one was for Lisa but seriously… let me get started with this post.


Most of us know that before the current Vacation Event that’s going on that we had a tiny little Chinese New Year dealie that hit our games. With it all came new items: the Chinese Lantern (freemium $5,000), the Chinese Junk (75 donuts), the Giant Takeout Box (50 donuts), the Great Wall (60 donuts), and the Chinese Dragons (100 donuts). I don’t know about you… but that’s a lot of junk in the trunk. Seriously though… new mini-events means it’s time to once again blab on about where it all comes from. Let’s check out the Best. Show. Ever., shall we?

“Goo Goo Gai Pan” (S16:E12)

So… you may remember a while back that I covered this episode when Ling Bouvier joined our games during Christmas 2015. China flavor (I imagine it’s basically like Orange chicken) popped up again during the Vegas-inspired event when the Chinese Acrobatic Theater became available. It seems EA had this funny “the Simpsons go to China” episode full of Shenanigans on their brains and decided that an entire mini-event with more items from it (that preceded an entire event around the various places outside CONUS visited by our favorite yellow family) would be fun. I agree EA. It is and was and good job. Bravo.

So… the long and short of this episode is that Selma Bouvier’s biological clock starts a-ticking something fierce courtesy of menopause (always blaming us for stuff lol) and she wants a bambino. After the U.S. doesn’t work out, she’s off to China with Homer and the family to adopt a wee one. Sure she doesn’t tell Homer she claimed that he was her husband but it’s a small sacrifice to see the Best. Show. Ever. make jokes in another country. We see the White Dragon early while Homer is flying to China under the influence of drambuie and sleeping pills. For the low low price of your airline peanuts, it’ll let you fly on its back. Homer is cheap and only offers one peanut so no flying for intoxicated him. Well, no dragon flying… just regular airplane flying. The dragon tell his friends about the American who borke his heart and we soon see the trio crying rainbows while the red one plays an Erhu aka Chinese violin.


Their airplane also flies over China’s monumental Great Wall which is funny since what the pilot really wants to point out is the Giant Takeout Box. The latter is a “monument to warrior and spicy chicken pioneer, General Gao.” (Homer: “It makes the Lincoln Memorial look like crap.”


There’s all sorts of hilarity while the Simpsons visit China but in an effort for brevity and also because I think this episode is worth watching… let’s see how I can sum up the rest. The Great Wall of China is shown again when Bart and Lisa visit it. It’s gonna take a lot of pieces for my town to have one as monumental as this. Alas, I’m not sure Carl will ever pogo up to it but a fuzzball can dream.


Chinese lanterns show up outside the theater playing Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman.” There are lanterns inside too.


Lastly, it’s the end of the episode which brings us the last of the Chinese junk, I mean THE Chinese Junk. Why the family opted for a bote rather than the airport late in the episode is anyone’s guess. It is fun to say Chinese junk though so I’ll let it slide.


The dragons show up again too.


So there you go friends. A bunch of new stuff from a Simpsons vacation episode. I wish we’d gotten more free items like this Chinese Consulate, Krusty Fired Chicken and/or Madam Wu with her tank but I don’t make the rules and it’s not enough to make me cry rainbows.


At least we got the chance to decorate our towns with a bunch of lanterns for game cash. I get anyone frustrated by a bunch of this being premium but I think it was a fun lil mini-event and I’m digging the whole vacation-inspired event that followed it. There’s plenty of freemium stuff there. This school-enrolled Wookiee wonders how he’ll find time to cover all of it. Did you remember the episode? Like the new stuff?  Sound off in the comments and happy tapping.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. aww. i wanted that chinese wall builder, instead i got the castle. ….. oh werl.

  2. I bought quite a few Chinese Junks. They are hanging out now at the far end of the ocean

  3. Bote??

  4. Not the best of travel episodes but it was enjoyable 😁. I’m glad we got some of the items but it’s a shame we didn’t get Madam Wu.
    Maybe they’re saving it for the sequel that they might be doing 😉

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