Destination Springfield Removal is Live in App Stores…

UPDATE: It appears that EA has released another update removing the tourists from the store. Not sure if it’s an attempt to fix the bug detailed below or if they weren’t intended to be in the store at all,  only time will tell. For now,  please don’t panic about not seeing them.  They’ve disappeared for everyone,  me included.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Destination Springfield/Around the World removal is live now in App Stores.  So if you’re looking to remove the event officially from your games download it now…otherwise you can keep collecting pins/sky credits until EA forces you to update (remember it’s borrowed time…).  Here’s what’s referenced in the app store:

What’s interesting about this (and we’ll have more breakdown on this) is the reference, once again, to Military.  This was also referenced when the Christmas Event was removed….

Beyond that, there are few changes.  One funny one is some incorrect wording in dialogue:

So yes, you can purchase Tourists (60 Donuts) BUT there’s something screwed up with the coding.  So hopefully EA will jump in a fix this shortly.

Another change is, if you’ve purchased Sailor Kumiko she’ll now have a Sailor Kumiko specific questline.

And that’s it my friends!

Final thoughts on Destination Springfield? Will you be grabbing the tourists? What do you think is coming next? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

113 responses to “Destination Springfield Removal is Live in App Stores…

  1. My tourist area is in danger of closure. I rely on tourists to provide the much needed revenue to keep the restaurants & attractions open. So please EA, don’t put my minimum wage & zero contract hours workers at risk. Bring back the tourists to my Springfield. I might even release Bart from grape stomping duties for the day. Thank you…..💜X

  2. I never got the tourist bundle at all. So there was nothing for EA to remove from my tapped out when they released that “another update”. Oo.

  3. I hope the tourist return I wanted to keep them in my town.

  4. Argh, flights are a permanent task now? I was hoping I could go back to using the unemployment office instead of having to send all but a handful of characters on tasks one by one, so I’d have some available every hour or so when tickets maxed out at three.

    I know I could just ignore the airport for four hours instead, but I hate wasting ticket time :-p

    • But flights don’t earn any more $$/xp than the usual 4hr tasks, right? So it doesn’t -really- matter anymore to try to fill up the airport as much as possible (except personal satisfaction, I suppose. 😊)?

      Personally, I bought the She-She Lounge recently and took the advice of other Addicts & didn’t finish the questline for it, which leaves me with a 4hr Premium task for all adults AND I can send them all on it via the UO! Woohoo!

      I had the same reaction when I saw the airport still allowed you to send people out, but then decided it didn’t matter. Plus, I’m pleased to be able to send people on amusing visutamusing again – Acorn Kirk & The Parson, I’m looking at your 24hr Tasks! 😁

      • Yeah, it’s simply a little OCD seeing tickets at max and wanting to use them. I’ll get over it eventually, like the bounce house. Now if I could just stop tapping on the fountain …

  5. Aw, was all set to update on my own terms after I’d collected just 200 more pins to hit the magic 7500 a second time, but the game forced the issue. Boooo.

  6. I got the removal update and went to the store to see… I don’t see the tourists for 60 donuts… what category are they in? also does anyone know if we can we buy more runway?

  7. I didn’t finish in time, so no red plane or samba school for me. 🙁

  8. TGIOver

    Sending characters on 8 hour tasks
    Avoid tapping ALL my buildings so as to appease friends and neighbors
    Four +/- hour KEM XP multiplier – when I get around to clearing
    Sleep through the night.
    I have a life outside and away from the game

  9. 4kidsandacatdog

    If the tourists are still playable when they return, then yes, I am getting them.

  10. Whenever I try to place any decorations, buildings etc I’m getting the message, ‘congratulations, you have reached the maximum amount of items the game can handle’ I now have to remove items just to place others. Anyone else having this issue?

    • Yeah, I did, so no more lamp posts, parking lots, parking meters, flowers, newspaper dispensers, etc.

      And then I added monorail segments and Destination Springfield trees anf painted houses, so the game is again complaining about having too many items in my town.

      I don’t know if the EA developers can or will do anything about this.

      • I moved a monorail station and added more rail segments. It was after this the message appeared. Couldn’t add parking lots, trees or lamposts. Seems to have sorted itself now. Seems odd tho. I have loads of free land and there is a new mini event now, also want to spend some donuts on Lovejoy Residence. It will be a bit naff if I can’t place them.

  11. Well I was going to release Bart from grape stomping duty but as I haven’t yet got any tourists to tickle me pink there’ll be no respite for the wee lad😂

  12. I was trying to figure out why Pinky would live at #5 Palm Drive if the Simpsons have only 4 fingers then I realized since I’m Sky Finger and I have 5 fingers then it was right. But since I’m reaching into The Simpson’s world I would only have 4 fingers represented so maybe my original question was right. Then I got confused and gave up.

    • Characters that aren’t really part of the Simpsons world, like God, have five fingers.

      Also, just in case you didn’t get it, pinky refers to your smallest finger 🙂 So tsto are counting the thumb as finger #1.

      • Of course I count my thumb as a finger and I get pinky is #5. Being humorous but thank you for assuming I need help counting.

  13. Am I the only one without a red plane??

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