St. Patrick’s Day 2017 Offerings Available Now

Update 3/21/17: Many of you are reporting the items left the store early according to your in-game timers.  While, this post indicates the items leave the store on March 21st (today), it is EXTREMELY important for your games to provide players with accurate information.  Including on the game timers.  The best thing I can tell you to do is contact EA.  Let them know the timers were incorrect.  Hopefully that will cause them to fix the problem.
While we try to always let you know the end dates for items, you shouldn’t have to rely on a website (that’s not run by EA) to tell you when something leaves the stores.  That’s why there are timers in the games.  So it’s really important that EA fixes this issue. 

Top O’ The Morning to Ya Tappers!

A Happy St. Paddy’s Day to everyone!  St. Patrick’s Day, the one day where everyone’s Irish!

So EA decided to release the annual St. Patrick’s Day content on St. Patrick’s eve here in the US…an excuse to break open the green beer a few hours early!

Anywho, despite not turning the rivers green this year, EA has brought back loads of items from St. Paddy’s of the past and given us one new (free) addition for 2017.  Let’s take a look…

So when you start up your game you’ll see this dialogue popup:

Homer: Come on, Moe.  It’s nine a.m. on Saint Paddy’s Day and I’m still sober!  Do you really want that on your conscience?
Moe: Sorry Homer, but you guys know I can’t serve booze this early.  IF I get one more write-up from the city, I’ll have to buy a new binder. And I ain’t got no fancy binder money lying around.
Tom O’Flanagan: Pardon me, but O’Flanagan’s is an Irish Bar.  We operate on Greenwich Mean Time.
Homer: Which means…
Tom O’Flanagan: I can serve you beer now.
Homer: Woohoo!

At at this point you’ll find the Pot “O” Gold Float in your inventory…

For those who are going to ask, it does not earn a bonus % (at least not this year, maybe next year when they bring it back for 40 donuts 😉 )

And now for the stuff in the store….

Items leave the store March 21st….

First up, the St. Patrick’s Day Mystery Box

So for 80 donuts you can have a crack at one of they many St. Patrick’s Day items or Duff Party items (you know for the green beer)

Here’s what you can get from the box:

Sham Rock Cafe w/Yupprechuan, Wishing Well w/Leprechaun, Duff Stadium,  Duff Party Liner, Duff Center Arena, Blarney Castle & Notre Dame of Springfield.

Links will take you to the previous Should I Buy posts..

And here’s what you can outright buy in the store…


Green Beer Fountain– $5,000

Shamrock Topiary- $10,000

Leprechaun Statue- $25,000


St. Patrick’s Flag- 10 Donuts

Stack of Beer- 35 Donuts

Northern Irish Leprechaun 80 Donuts

Duff Brewery and Lady Duff 190 Donuts, 40 Donut Rebate (for those who don’t know, Lady Duff is a skin for Duffman)

If you already have Duffman you’ll be offered..

 Lady Duff and Duff Party Van- 50 Donuts

And that’s it my friends, the offerings for St. Patrick’s Day 2017!

What are your thoughts on the items? Anything you’ll be picking up?  Why or why not? Will you be partaking in green beer today? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

123 responses to “St. Patrick’s Day 2017 Offerings Available Now

  1. As a freemium player, I liked the Irish mystery box. Would loved to have the Cathedral. Only one thing I didn’t want to have : Duff stadium.

    Guess what I got…

  2. one random shoe

    the countdown timer for these items still had 22hrs to go this afternoon. once the hellfish deal triggered, these items were gone. so EA takes away early items worth getting which i had to wait until i could buy the donuts tomorrow and replaces them with a gil deal absolutely not worthwhile. hmmmm

    • It was supposed to end today. (like this post says) In my game it was counting down to today. But I’d contact EA let them know what happened, especially if you have screenshots. At the very least they may give you free donuts..

  3. Really, really wanted the Shamrock Cafe but got Seamus instead 😔
    Still, if I’d got one of the Duff items I would have been even more bummed out as they really don’t do anything for me. Not loving the whole “lucky dip” method. Does anybody else enjoy this method of obtaining returning items?

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      Being a long time player, I like it because I usually didn’t have the donuts to get a lot of these items when they were originally released. Everyone’s situation is probably different though, so I understand the frustration a lot of tappers have.

  4. I sure miss when our Springfield’s had Green Water, but I’m glad the Mystery Box is offering up some St. Patrick’s goodies (sorry noobs missed out on prior years Freemiums, but you’re still getting some Premiums at discount right now) 👍🍺

    A shame St. Patrick’s goodies leave the Store so soon (EA should leave them in for the rest of March) – Happy Spring Equinox to all and to all stick around for Easter! 🐇👯

  5. I spent on two mystery boxes and got the wishing well and Duff Center Arena. I actually wanted the Notre Dame and Blarney Castle more, but I realize I got REALLY lucky. The arena is insanely overpriced and not something I’d normally buy, but it so happened I freed up spot in the center of my town that I was looking for a suitable building to place, and the arena fit perfectly. I was hoping for the castle or cathedral, but they would be kind of out of place among the future buildings.

    Also, the wishing well is the only item in the box to offer bonus %. Between the bonuses from the recent updates to the older decorations, I got an increase of over 10% in total. I still feel like shelling out for another box, but I doubt my luck is going to hold out since I’m not interested in the boat, or Sham Rock Cafe, and am ambivalent towards the Duff Stadium.

  6. ‘Topes lose. After a run of 4 times getting exactly what I want from Winter and Valentine’s mystery boxes (all the way to the left!), this time I got the prize I wanted least…the Party Liner. Luck of the Irish, I guess. If anyone needs me, I’ll be trying to shoot down Norbert with the fireworks.

  7. Yay! I finally got the wishing well 🍀🇨🇮🍀☘️🇨🇮☘️

  8. I purchased three of the mystery boxes, I got the wishing well, duff party liner, and notre dame. Pretty happy overall. Would like to get the shamrock cafe, but can’t afford to press my luck. Other remaining items are of no interest to me.

  9. Haha, “Kissing’ yer mates when ye’re drunk!”

  10. Josephine Kick@$$

    Was the dialog changed for Seamus’ questline from the original offering/questline?

  11. Reluctantly bought a St. Patrick’s day mystery box (I was 5 donuts short on the Rich Texan) and got the Notre Dame of Springfield. I am happy with my prize!😊

  12. The luck of the Irish must be with me today. Only wanted two things from the Irish mystery box and got the both on the first two tries. Wishing well and leprechaun and Notre Dame.
    Happy St Pat’s Day to all.

  13. Thank You for pointing out Lady Duff was a skin & not a stand alone.

    I almost jumped on the duff brewery thinking Lady Duff was a new Stand alone (1 building 2 character combo)

  14. I notice Duffman no longer helps in Springfield Heights. Is this just temporary during the sale? Does anyone else have this issue?

  15. Happy St Patrick’s day everybody! I bought Duffman. I’ve wanted him for a long time but didn’t want to spend the donuts. I couldn’t resist the sale so, I have no donuts left, but I have Duffman! Having a lot of Irish in me, I love this holiday. I’ve got a big pot of corned beef and cabbage cooking (it smells amazing) and will feed my family and co-workers. Mmmm can’t wait until it’s done!

  16. Thanks for the SIB, confirmed I don’t want any of these. I’m only on 50 donuts at the moment anyway. Hoping I can earn enough to get Leopold before he leaves.

  17. Hey there. I see KEM farming has been mentioned again, and I get the concept, but wouldn’t this just deplete all my in game cash. I have read Safi’s post and it all sounds wonderfull. I still struggle to pay $357500 for 25 KEM’s after everytime I collect XP (25x $14300?) Neverming all the other buildings i have to constantly buy. Or is this only applicable for Premium players?

    • Are you seeing your characters on jobs? If you earn back the money you spend while the KEMs are being constructed, you should not have a problem maintaining your cash.

    • The “trick” is to determine how much cash your characters will earn in 4 hours.
      # of KEM to purchase / build is X dollars
      X dollars = 1/3 of the amount spent on those KEM + $ earned from Characters — all in a 4 hour period.
      If you can harvest 25 donuts in a ten day period, spend 25 donuts and turn on the XP Multlier for 25 days.

      Hope this is clear.

    • Forget KEM farming. When you sell KEM, each successive sale decreases in value. A lot!
      Instead, buy the book mobile. When you buy 4 you gain XP and then sell the four you end up depleting your cash for the cost of 3!

      • Even at full price, KEMs still give you more XP for your money than book (burning) mobiles. Besides, you’re still getting the same percentage selling them back; the amount decreases because you’re working backwards from the *increased* prices when you bought them.

    • another very important thing is to sell all but 1 of your KEM’s before you start. That way the first KEM only costs $220. (don’t sell your original KEM)

    • 357,500 isnt your cost for 25 KEM, unless you have a lot of them in your town already. If so, sell all but one. The first dozen+ then will be dramatically lower. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th are all less than 500 each then. Base the number of KEM you build with the amount of income you generate in 4 hours and this way you don’t deplete you in-game cash. The goal is the be cash neutral at worst.

      • This. Start smaller to keep it feasible, then as you *spend* those donuts, your earning potential will increase. As that happens, expand your farming operations to take up the slack. Be sure to use the XP collider (10 days at a time is more efficient)!

  18. I had to choose either Lady-Duff/Party van combo for 50 donuts or a mystery prize for 80 donuts. I chose to see what fate had in store in the mystery box and got Shamas/Norte Dame and was happy that he would complete the collection until I realized they added Leopald (and I don’t think I’m going to buy him functions maybe next time he’s available)

  19. I already have Duffman, the brewery, and the party van. Is there a way to get the Lady Duff skin by itself?

  20. I’m disappointed. This year was going to be the one that I buy the Sham Rock Cafe with the Yupprechaun. Unfortunately the only way to get it now is via the Mystery Box for 80 donuts. I don’t want any of the other items in the box, so it is just not worth wasting 80 donuts on something I would most likely get instead of what I want by purchasing the Mystery Box. Oh well, maybe next year.

    • If you wish hard enough you’ll get what you want.
      I was in the same boat. All I really wanted was the wishing well with the original leprechaun. I was ready to drop 150 donuts this year. I had none of the items being offered, so I had a 1 in 7 chance of getting it on my first try. I ponied up the 80 donuts, confirmed my purchased and closed my eyes and made my wish for the wishing well. Once I opened my eyes, I realized my wish had come true and the wishing well was mine. It was a St. Patrick’s Day miracle! Talk about luck o’ the Irish 🍀

    • Same. I was going to get Shamrock too. There’s a 50% chance of me getting something I want in the box with shamrock being my first choice. Not sure it’s worth the risk and don’t want to spend donuts on 2 boxes :s

  21. Other than Lady Duff, I bought everything. I already have Duffman and the party van/bus (and don’t need another), so I’ll pass on the skin. 🍀

  22. First try wishing well. Very happy I didn’t get the Duff stuff. Not that I have anything against it but it has nothing to do with St Patricks day.

  23. Doh! I was doing some donut farming to build up a bank to buy some of these great things (Yay Duffman!), and the connection to the server dropped right after I had placed many Rat Trap Trucks but before I collected the donuts. When I got back in, the trucks were still, the money gone but it didn’t give me all the bonut rounds I deserved (I figure I missed out on 10-15).

    Has anybody ever contacted EA support for something like this? I wonder if they will not be very sympathetic when I tell them I had a problem donut farming haha.

    • Happened once to me also, lost 6 tries for donuts…since they’re all free, tho, it’s hard to complain…

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