Addicts Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

The Simpsons are back this week!  What will happen in the new episode? Will you be watching?

Addicts Live was all new yesterday, have you watched the new show yet?


New content hit our games this past week, Rommelwood Academy mini event,  what are your thoughts on it?  Have you finished the prize track?  What items have you purchased?  How are you designing your town?

St. Patrick’s Day was last Friday, do anything fun?  Did you pick up any of the St. Paddy’s Day items that made their way back to the stores?

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

310 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. I watch a video on Y.T. the other day.

    They sent an actor up to 4 different people that was eating pizza out on the street and he ask for slice and everyone turned him down.

    Two different actors came up to the homeless man with a whole pizza in a box and gave it to him.

    20 minutes had passed and the first actor came up to the homeless man and said it’s tough out there and I am very hungry can I have a slice of pizza.

    And without thinking twice about it the homeless man gave him a slice a pizza.

    The young actor stayed there for a little while and then said he had to go and told the homeless man thank you for your kindness. And he wanted to give him some money . The homeless man started to cry he didn’t expect anything out of it .

    Never look down on a person , unless you’re trying to help them up.

    See ya bye . Stop by and we will make a movie in black and white . 👽

  2. Non TSTO : My thoughts this morning are with those affected by the attack at Westminster yesterday. We carry on as normal.

  3. Hello all. I’d like to share with you what happened to me at the beginning of the around the world event. I came to the Addicts site in need of more friends and I like the fact that there’s the no-tag thread. Everyone agrees not to tag and one particular player caught my eye. He had a couple of requests from his wanna-be-neighbors that they be daily players and visit at least every other day and would liIe neighbors that don’t just dump their booty in their springfields. Even though I’m basicly a freemium player, I thought I might fit the bill. So I requested and he accepted. Well, the next day I’d been tagged😡and thought “here we go again”, some bully tagger got me again. So of coarse I deleted the culprit and posted a “really? tagging?” comment which was my first post to this site. The next day as I was visiting my neighbors gleefully collecting pins, I was shocked that my tapping of a pin produced a tag! OML, I thought that can’t be right! I don’t tag! I promised! My next thought was, ooh noooo! I needed to choke down a huge slice of humble pie. I was embarrassed and quite upset with myself for jumping to conclusions with my new neighbor knowing that the same thing had happened with him in my Springfield. Finally after a couple of weeks I swallowed my pride and held my breath and friend requested him. I kept telling myself that I knew the moment I deleted him I’d made a terrible mistake. So thank you friends for indulging me with my story. Oh, and by the way, Ebron accepted me as his neighbor again! What a wonderful neighbor! Thank you Ebron. You made my day that day and it reminded me to pause and think because a knee jerk reaction could cost me dearly.

  4. I picked up my 200th playable character last week: Leopold. I love all my characters, but they can be so needy! They all want tasks! I’m considering using the Unemployment Office for all their tasks (I use it for one-hour and four-hour tasks now), but then I would miss out on some character interactions that I like (like Bernice Hibbert’s “Argue with her Husband” task and Krusty’s “Walk Mr. Teeny” task). Plus, some characters make more if you send them to premium buildings (like Smithers and the Steel Mill and Sea Captain and the Pirate Airship). And there are a few characters that just have really cool tasks (Cookie Kwan’s 16-hour “Host an Evil Lair” task and Bart Simpson’s seven-hour “Ride the Mech” task). So fellow tappers, at what point do you give up and switch to the Unemployment Office for all tasks?

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      Quite frequently I’ll seek out my favorite character/task combo, then use the unemployment office for the rest 😀

      • That’s not a bad idea. I wish we could tap on buildings to send characters there. I could use that function to send Chalmers to the Blocko Store, for instance, or Cletus to the Gold Mansion. I use that function all the time for the Springfield Bowl.

        • Josephine Kick@$$

          That is a fantastic idea! I love the animations a lot of the buildings make when in use, but sometimes can’t remember which character it is. Also, if we had that ability, I know a certain building that would have a permanent plumbing problem 😊😊😊

    • I pretty much gave up long ago, and use the unemployment office a lot. There are a few charters I have to “take care of” before I use the UO…like making sure that I have characters doing tasks at the outdoor stage and the outdoor theater. But, even if you use the unemployment office most of the time, you’ll get the “opportunity” to send characters on tasks individually, whether you like it or not, when the game forces a “Send Springfielders to…” task on you, essentially making the unemployment office unusable for all of the characters except a very few (like Jub Jub and Stampy and any characters too new for the coding to have caught up with them).

      • This seems to be the way to go. It’s a nice compromise instead of sending everyone at once or sending them individually. There will be a few stragglers, like the ones you mentioned (in fact, I bought the Springfield Pet Shop just to give Mr. Teeny an eight-hour task).

        I was spending a lot of time making sure characters with stationary tasks were well positioned, but I have to let go of that OCD behavior. Booberella will still burn at the stake and Jasper will still take incorrect medication even if they are hidden behind a building.

    • I recently picked up my 200th character, too. Groundskeeper Seamus. As for the Unemployment Office, I’ve used it almost exclusively since it first came out. It’s just too much work to go through them all individually.

      • Awesome! His two-hour Fight Willie task is one of my favorites. I bought Gravedigger Billy just to round out the family.

    • I’ve been using the unemployment office since it came out. It makes me nauseous switching between all of the characters to do jobs. I actually stopped playing until the office came out for that reason. I do wish I had the option to put everyone on animated tasks regardless of time though

      • I don’t get nauseous, but I do get sleepy sending the characters on tasks. It can be so boring! On a side note, I saw a post on another site that mentioned an animated task manager, but it was never implemented. So there’s hope!

    • I always use that office in the past when I am building up my cash reserves. But I am not using it now as I have passed that stage. I just selectively choose characters for some visual tasks now. Right now I put all my benches in use by the characters.

  5. Platinum Scratchers

    A few days ago, I was in China on a vacation. When the wifi was good, I’d play TSTO. Then the dreaded update. It took a while to update, but when it finished and I opened TSTO, the message came up saying this was the last update for TSTO in China. Initially sadness but I figured I’m in Canada anyway so what would it matter. Then came the big thank you and believe it or not, 3 PLATINUM SCRATCHERS for playing. Just wanted to throw this out there in case someone could figure a way to get into the Chinese App Store and update with them. Only bad thing was 100, 115 & 125 for the tickets. Spent them all on the mystery boxes just in case.

  6. Updated my Nexus 6 to Android Nougat. Game will no longer start up beyond splash page. Deleted & reinstalled. Game partly loads 1 update & freezes. Any ideas???


  7. Don’t mind me I’m just passing through.

    Today seems a little safer to come and visit .
    Just remember that it’s just a fun little game .
    That you can put the stress of the day behind you .
    This is a great and wonderful Web site with great people .
    Good people come each day in the billions millions to see what is happening here .
    Live long and prosper.

    See ya bye . 🌞 💎 . 👽

    • It is just a game and with that said enjoy the community to talk about our love of the game and other things at the start of the week. Hope yours is great.

  8. I seem to be stuck on Left, right, left, right part 5. I keep getting a meassage that states the job location for job Loot Skinners Stash is currently unavailable. I’m I missing something? Or is this a issue?


    • Do you have Principal Skinner? I believe he is needed for this part.

    • I’m getting the same message and Skinner is available. Not sure why it won’t allow me to put any of the children on the task. Very frustrating!

    • I figured it out. The Rommelwood Barracks, prize #3, has to be built and part of your town. The job is there, not at the Academy.

      • The barracks only show up as a premium item. 30 sprinkles.
        I am past the task to unlock it. I’m not sure what happened

  9. I was wondering about the ‘make Lisa conquer the Eliminator’ task. I did it three times so far. I received a training dummy, a piece of barbed wire fence, and a bomb shelter. My husband has also done it thrice and received a training dummy and two pieces of barbed wire fence. (I’m sorry…I had to write ‘thrice’. How often do you get to say that word?) Anyhoo, I was wondering, has anybody received anything else?

  10. Due to the MAB Hi ‘debate’ (hardly anything but it got me wondering…) maybe we should have a neighbour page where you can say hi to people, give people comments about their towns etc 😁. Just an idea! I doubt it ever being a thing.
    But I would like a place to show other people’s towns off because I have seen some amazing designs

  11. Here’s a thought for EA to consider, how about a ” are you sure” confirm before graffiting a neighbors building. It would eliminate the possibility of making mistakes, of which I have been guilty of.

  12. spinning donuts the past 16 hours or so.. can’t get into game 🙁

    • Had that happen a couple times yesterday and got dumped twice also when visiting neighbors (which never happens on my new device)…only since the last update. Finally hard closed and reopened…seems to be ok now…will see when I do visits today.

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Mine seemed to be more frequent while visiting. Yesterday was worse than the previous few days, I’m hoping to catch up today 😊

  13. I’m having the doughnut sweats from all of the doughnuts I’m spending on all of the new and returning content. Gotta rebuild my supply now. I wonder when the next event will be arriving, and what it will be. I’d love to see a Stone Cutters sequel.

    • “Donut sweats” is the funniest thing I’ve read in a while.

      • Donut Sweats…a condition that occurs as the result of over indulging your Binge Buying Impulses to the detriment of your Donut Accrual Surplus…resulting in a Negative Digital Perception and an inevitable Sprinkly “My Precious” Deficit.

  14. You can buy some training walls, (they are a red wall with a door on them) available from level 33 onward.
    If you do not like the look of them- you can hide them around your town (hide them behind buildings etc)
    Also, if you spray paint neighbours, that also makes your righteousness rating go lower. (that’s another reason why it is good to be a good neighbour and not spray paint) 🙂

    • oops, sorry, my above message was meant to be in response to a post on here asking “how to improve their righteousness rating”

  15. I didn’t get the Rommelwood update. Is it because I’m in Canada?
    Or do we get non-holiday updates later?

  16. What an awesome Sunday folks. Started off with a round of golf at 8:00. Shot an 85 on a tough course, what a great way to start the day! Got home and the house was empty….slapped on some Zelda BoTW (absolutely loving this game) for a couple hours. Washed the 🏎 and just dropped some chicken on the grill with a pint of Guinness. Why can’t Sundays be every day.

    • Groundhog Day🙀…just sayin…chicken and Guinness might get old after the first hundred days😁. Glad you had such a nice Sunday👍.

  17. Hey, neighbors. I’m not going to be able to tap much this week. I have a concussion and I’m not supposed to do anything involving brain function for a little. No tv, no music, no reading, no problem solving or driving or tapping! Not even posting this comment! Just sit in the dark in silence, resting. boring. I’m sneaking in a tap every few hours to complete the mini event but that’s it, so I won’t be visiting this week. You guys have an awesome week, see you soon.

  18. How do you increase your righteousness?

  19. Non TSTO- been working wonky hours and not sleeping much. My little guy is learning lots of new words and is getting great at climbing so lots of spring time fun awaits 🙂 weird weather here. Had a tornado touchdown 20 mins out, snow storm and then seventy degree weather over the course of a week or so. Keeps us on our toes.

    TSTO- finally getting back to the monorail. Getting the single piece of SH land I was putting off for no good reason. Turned my collider back on bc I am painfully low on donuts. I have had zero time to design due to work and sleeping an average of four hours a night if I’m lucky. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to move stuff around at some point to make it looks less messy.

    Hope you’re all having an awesome weekend 🙂

  20. Happy Sunday, everyone! I love Sunday! It is my favorite day of the week! I do nothing on Sunday! I said in my post of addicts live that I would have more to say today when it’s not after midnight. Alissa, apparently New Jersey and Indiana catholic are two different things. Although I was raised catholic I never heard of being able to do whatever you gave up for lent on Sunday. If I had, I might still claim Catholicism. And even though I love fish, I don’t think people who give up meat on Friday should eat it, it’s meat, fish meat! I was born Murphy, so even with the law, it’s good to be Irish! And even though I’m not really fond of her, my brother has made his choice and getting married at an outdoor wedding on April fools day in the Midwest. Pray for unseasonably good weather!

  21. Happy Sunday to all.
    One thing with the current event wish more than Lisa had a permanent task at the eliminator. Cute when she climbs the ladder.
    Have been doing some redesigning in my main town and fitting all the new things in, if it does not fit it goes into storage. My storage is getting large. And I have more in game cash that I would never a year ago thought I would have. Been playing the game seriously for about 18 months.
    Have a good week everyone. Looking forward to more spring weather here.

  22. Sorry to ask this when I’m sure its on the site somewhere, but does the XP Collider give you 5x the amount of cash, or solely XP?

  23. So while the events this year have been pretty satisfying so far, I wish there was more time in between them so that I could save up enough donuts to buy premium items in the store. Herb, Malloy, and Belle are all characters I would snatch up immediately if they were only offered for a limited time, but because they aren’t and something else might be coming up next week, I try not to let my donut reserve dip below 150 sprinkles. (heck, I still don’t even have Jasper or Moleman!)

    Hashtag “trivial Tapped Out problems.”

    • My theory is that with the many tasks to get bonuts (the rail yard, Find Maggie game, KEM farming), EA is trying to get us to use up our donuts faster so we’ll relent and use real dollars to get them.

      It makes sense…they want to make money to support the game (or just to profit from it), and if a good deal of players use farming techniques or are just being more selective with our purchases, might as well toss more “limited time” items at us.

      I fell for it and got Anger Watkins…only to get hit with regret because I would have picked up Leopold during this event.

      I did a three-day XP Collider KEM-farming run, but now I’m waiting to see if they release anything else gets dropped during this mini-event (thought I saw something about the Flying Hellfish mentioned here).

  24. Josephine Kick@$$

    Good morning/day/afternoon/night everyone 😄 If you missed yesterday’s Addicts Live, be sure to check it out 😊 Alissa admits she’s an alien, Patric really has a Mrs. Patric (or hired a walk-on), & Wookie tells the the story about when he… well you get the picture 😂😂😂 JK it’s all good 😊A lot off great info from our leaders, & the episodes are worth waking up for, (ahemmm Pimpy😜). Definitely one worth seeing 😀😀

    • Lol Hey!…I still watched! It was a funny one, I thought Wookiee’s “response” was right on point, and forget Patric – Mrs. Miller should get all his face time!! 😆

  25. David Billington


    Not trying to be a killjoy but does anyone else find the massive HI POST that appears every week a little OTT. I mean what will happen in a few years time when the post triples in size. Am I going to have to reload the page just because of 1 person.

    • While I understand this is a first world problem, I second this thought.

    • Unnecessary David 🙁

    • Totally agree! Redundantly unnecessary,just say Hi to everyone,no need for all individuals.Although it is kinda nice

      • I believe you have ‘post’ envy!

        • Really, an asinine pun? Never again will I post my opinions or thoughts.Thank you Alissa for such a wonderful site.Scotty out!

          • I’m sorry scotty. This is an inclusive community. And i value hearing yours and others opinions. So i hope you reconsider and continue to participate.

            I want everyone to take notice of something. When you come to the defense of someone else (over a really mild comment that didn’t even offend just stated someone’s opinion. Whether you agree with it or not everyone’s entitled to their opinion. Especially when it’s not done with malicious intent) you can, in turn, over react and prevent others from sharing their views for fear they’ll be shot down. There’s nothing wrong with respectful dialogue. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean they’re being malicious.
            In fact in many cases you may think you’re defending someone from a bully, but you yourself are acting like a bigger bully.
            The OP had an honest opinion and i didn’t find any of it malicious. Nor did i find any of the subsequent comments. But i did sit back with my jaw open a bit as i watched many of you condemn someone’s opinion with attacks… (some that weren’t posted and are sitting in my trash bin)
            Remember this is a respectful community. EVERYONE is entitled to an opinion whether you agree with it or not. I’m never going to discourage someone from giving their opinion in a respectful way. So please, don’t stifle other people’s opinions because you don’t agree with them. Were a better community when everyone participates.

            Please note, just because I’m replying here this isn’t directed at any one particular person. This is just an observation that I’m directing at everyone. Just good solid advice. 😀

            • Josephine Kick@$$

              It seems current events have everyone on edge 😕 I know there have been several occasions lately that I’ve typed a response to something, only to erase it & move on. Maybe that comes with old age 😉😊

      • I meant that David’s comment was unnecessary!!!!

    • Out of fear of having my name dropped down the list (currently sandwiched between Brooders and Sandra – how hot is that?), or worse yet completely off the list; I will not agree with you in writing.

    • Thank god someone finally said it

    • Actually find your post a little over the top. One of the great things about this site is the friendships that have developed across the world. I enjoy my friendly Sunday morning chats as do a lot of other people on this site. I don’t think anyone is forcing anyone else to reload pages its voluntary.😊
      This site helps a lot of people that might otherwise have no one to talk to especially about a “game” about lil yellow pep, some are injured, housebound, lonely or happy and just want a friendly place to share something fun.
      Sorry Alissa if too ruff, you don’t have to post. Hope you are nice and warm in all that snow!

    • Honestly, I kind of like the exuberance.

    • As sweet as it is, I do find it a bit annoying. That being said,I’m just an outsider looking in,so who am I to judge!🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

    • I believe a “hi all” would suffice but I don’t find it to be a large hindrance at this point. I can see what you mean if it grows over the next few years. Maybe the spacing could be changed so the same amount of greetings could still be given while reducing the scrolling for others. That way everyone still gets said hi individually as some enjoy it quite a bit

    • Looks like you are on the list.

    • I look at it as a pleasant Sunday routine. Seems like a lot of things are changing recently (a lot of them not for the better) and a nice “hello” from fellow players every week is something most of us look forward to. The greeting and responses are friendly and well mannered…I don’t see anything wrong with using whatever format you prefer as your “signature”. It’s supposed to be fun…

    • I was going to watch the new Simpson’s episode, but I think I’m just going to get my popcorn and watch this discussion…just kidding. 🙂

    • That is one post I look forward to EVERY Sunday!!! I love the pictures, a little insight to half a world away from me and all the comments that follow. 😁👍😁

    • I actually like the hello message from MAB, I think it is a nice, fun and cute way for him to greet his friends, neighbours and people on here.

      Hi MAB 🙂

    • I agree with what ebron said, but I’m posting my comment separately because I also want to mention that, almost every week, someone new posts how excited they are to have made it to the list. Anything that brings the joy of feeling fellowship and belonging to someone, at the expense of everyone having to do a little extra scrolling, seems a worthwhile trade-off to me.

    • I look forward to seeing MAB every Sunday and personally love the HI list. ♡

      If you don’t then just don’t read it!

    • Personally, I think it’a good for a few reasons:

      – The general community feel for a section of people who are ‘close’

      – Conversations between these friends are in one place rather than scattered through the open thread, meaning you scroll past once and it’s, without meaning to sound harsh, done with

      – There is far too much negativity/ self involvement in the world as it is, and a little bit of personal interaction is never a bad thing

    • I look forward to seeing the message from MAB every Sunday. 🙂
      Doesn’t take long to skip past it if you prefer.

    • Be careful.. Envy is one of the seven deadly sins.

      I, personally, look forward to said post every single week. It would be unfortunate if it were to discontinue. Oh, that reminds me.. Hi MAB!

      And let’s not forget that we are in the Open Thread, the one-and-only-one-time-a-week place where we are allowed to post such things and have off topic discussions. It’s not like you’re being confronted with such things on Event Walkthroughs and SIBs.

    • I find I don’t agree with you on that. It’s pretty neat, and haven’t minded seeing it as I find it funny. Enjoy seeing the hi post myself. If you don’t like it ignore it.

    • Goodness knows, I’ve written my share of lengthy posts on the open thread. It’s just that – the one time a week where anything goes, so quite simply “live and let live”, I say. One of the reasons that Addicts is one of my daily must visits, is because it has always fostered a totally inclusive and friendly site.

    • Hi David 😄
      I’m sure it annoys more than just a couple of people but it also makes more than just a couple of people smile. It’s just a little bit of fun and, while I apologize to those it annoys, please feel free to just scroll past it and ignore it. Unless you are curious to see who might have made the list next time…? 😉

      • Maybe David who posted this comment doesn’t like lists because he is on Santas naughty list 😛

      • Hi Michael (MAB) 😃 I think more people like your “Hi post” compared to the amount who do not. I remember when I first made the list, it made me smile 😃 i like seeing the list grow each week, I hope it is ten times as long this Sunday 😉. 🐱🌸🌟

  26. Lately every time I go to visit friends in the game, I noticed I am logged out of Facebook and have to re-log back into it in order to see my friends that are connected via Facebook. I never had this issue before (sure, once in a while I had it, but now it’s everyday).

  27. I got the tourists. I always chuckle when I see Little Jeb! 😛

    • I got them too, and I really like them but I wish they would venture out of my SH area. They are always hiding behind the buildings and I never see them! I would like to see them walking around my main Springfield and the tourist area I created would be really great! Oh well!

      • Put just one kwik-e-mart in your normal area and send them on the task there? Could work I guess?

      • Do you have the same kind of roads in both areas (and obviously a connecting road thru the tunnel)? Some of the characters seem to gravitate to the dirt roads with wooden sidewalks.

    • I don’t understand why they don’t have an outdoor task to just mope around in their *regular* tourist garb.

  28. Anyone else end up storing President Lisa because her dialogue is too long? I weighed the money she gives vs her two VERY long catchphrases and decided the peace of Springfield was worth it.

    • I’ll have to turn on my volume to check this out.

    • I’d love it if we could have an option to mute certain voiced characters. President Lisa, Old Jewish Guy, and Ralph Wiggum are a few that come to mind. The worst is Ralph Wiggum’s fire engine phrase. So annoying.

    • Yes! I thought it was just me; that reading, writing, refilling the oceans one goes on forever and it seems louder than any other character’s talky bit.

    • Eh, I usually play with the sound off, anyway.

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Same here Bugman, once in a while I’ll turn it on, especially with new characters just to see what they had to say. 98% of the time it’s off though 😊

    • I play with the sound off. She is one of favorite characters 🙂 my husband plays with sound on but I don’t like the cacophony of voices.

    • There’s no harm in trying to have a balanced budget 🤑 Keep up the good work President Lisa

    • Why is it that 3Rs is Reading Writing and Refilling the oceans? Unless is wRiting? I kinda like these long vocals though

      • I’m not positive as to the exact origin, but the traditional “3 Rs,” “reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic” (the latter a shortened version of “arithmetic”) is most popularly recited in a popular American song originally written in 1907 (just looked up the date) called “School Days.” (That may, in fact, be the origin of the 3 Rs itself, but I’m not sure about that.)

        The well-known part of the song’s chorus goes:

        “School Days, school days
        Dear old Golden Rule days
        ‘Reading and ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic
        Taught to the tune of the
        hick’ry stick…”

        The last line, about the hickory stick, refers to canes made out of hickory wood that teachers used to carry around to hit misbehaving students with (and also to beat out the rhythm when the class was reciting things, like the multiplication tables, in unison), in the days before corporal punishment in schools was pretty much abolished. Ah, the good old days! (Not.)

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