Should I Spend Donuts On Hangar 18?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The military event, long teased in the app store descriptions, as finally hit our towns and the kids of Springfield are about to get schooled at the finest Military Academy virtual money can buy…in Springfield.  Yes, Rommelwood Academy is here with all the drills, in your face spitting yelling and military inspired premium items our pocket-sized Springfields (and wallets) can handle.

Of course with that limited-time label it can be tempting to buy everything that looks awesome because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add Hanger 18 to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this Alien hangar to your Springfield…

Decoration/Building: Hangar 18
Donut Price: 50 Dounts
Earns: $300, 30xp/12hrs
Size: 9×7
Conform-O-Meter: Obedience +20

Leaves Stores March 28th

-Permanent task for Bart, to “Search the Hangar” 1hr earns $105, 26xp
-Fun animation when in use, Alien runs around the Hangar with a probe

-Short 1 part questline
-Task is for Bart, one of the busier characters…

Final Thought
I like this one.  It’s a decent price for a building that has a permanent task associated with it.  Not to mention the Alien animation is hilarious.  So if you’re a fan of how it looks, and have a use for it pick it up.

So I’ll give a stamp of approval on this one.  If you like it and have the donuts it’s not a bad pickup.  Although, it is just a hangar and we just had an event that gave us 3 of them….
But I like that there’s a task with it and the animation cracks me up.  So again, if you have a use for it grab this one.

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would or wouldn’t do.  And I can tell you as a premium player, I’ve already picked this one up.  Just remember this is limited time, and will be leaving our stores next week.  So be sure to make your final decision before it’s gone from our games for good. (or for now..)

Here’s a look at the questline that pops up:

I Want to Believe
Bart starts

Bart: I heard they are hiding aliens in there. We’re SO sneaking in.
Milhouse: Bart, I’ve already got weird eyes and a body not fit for this earth. Can’t we just skip this and you poke me with a stick?
Bart: We did that last week! Just keep watch and I’ll make this a close encounter of the Bart kind. Patent pending.
Make Bart Search Hangar 18- 1hr, Earns $105, 26xp
Make Milhouse Keep a Lookout- 1hr, Earns $105, 26xp
Bart: Nothing. Just loose fireworks, oily rags, and unregistered nuclear warheads.
Milhouse: …

What are your thoughts on Hangar 18?  Will you be picking it up or have you already?  Where have you placed it in your Springfield? What were some of your reasons for picking it up or passing? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

28 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On Hangar 18?

  1. Milhouse’s task needs to be permanent; Bart’s got way too many other things as it is.

  2. Josephine Kick@$$

    I guess you can’t please everyone… I wish Bart’s task was at least an hour longer here, and Lisa’s task on the Eliminator was at least 4 hours shorter 😂😂

  3. Hey, Alissa – First, just want to thank you again for the SIB posts that you do…next to the walkthroughs, they’re probably the most helpful posts on the site!

    May I offer one potential suggestion that could make them even more helpful? I would love it if you can add a screen capture of the item next to some familiar reference item (like a Kwik-E-Mart, or Krustyburger, or even a brown house), so we can get a sense of scale for the new item? I know you already include the footprint dimensions (very helpful!) in your SIB posts, but that doesn’t always give me enough of a sense of the total scale of the item and I don’t always have the time to go searching my friendvilles for someone who’s already purchased it (which had been my strategy up until now).

    I don’t know if that’s a big ask, but, if it’s not, I think it would be a really nice addition! 🙂

  4. Aliens??? Yes please!!

  5. Hangar 18 will surely go straight to my Area 51.

    No. It’s Area 51A.

  6. At first I was like oh no, another building that will only work in my airport. Then I saw the animation. Totally worth it just for that alone.

    • Aren’t you a completist ? 🙂

      • Very much so. I got it right away and shoved it in my storage corner until they open more land next to my very constrained airport. The task came up though and when I did it, the animation made me completely turn around on my opinion of it.

  7. Unrelated, but did anyone get signed out of their account, and when they signed in again their donuts were down to zero? I freaked out and did a hard close, and when I returned it was back to its original count – weird.

  8. Ha ha that dialogue between Bart & Millhouse is brilliant…… nothing … just a few loose fireworks ….

  9. Is anyone else experiencing server issues over the last couple of days? I’ve been repeatedly signed out on both devices. Ugh.

  10. We changed web browsers at work, and I can’t get in to my old stuff. ARGH.

  11. Had no idea WordPress automatically posted comments here. Doh!
    Sorry double sorry for all the gloop!! Ugh 🙂
    Aka: 1strangebear

  12. A gif I made of the Alien animation that happens when Bart does his 1hr task …

  13. Alissa, first thanks to you, and your crew for all your get work! My wife and I watched the Live Stream a couple of days ago, and really enjoyed it. Thanks!

    I have an unrelated question for you, was not sure where to send/put it, and had to update my WordPress to get a comment to post on TSTO. Anyway, I can not find information, after the information on the Terwilliger Event, about the Outdoor Opera House. My wife has it from doing the 2015 event, but being a late joiner I don’t, and can locate nothing on Premium Index, or elsewhere, on Should I Buy it or if it can or will be offered again.
    Sorry for long and rambling post, my specialty, and I hope this reaches you.
    Aka: Strange

  14. On the fence for this one. I’ve seen a YouTube video of the alien with the probe running around the building, which is hilarious, but 1 hr tasks I rarely use and with as many characters as I have I tend to unemployment office for 4/8 hours mostly…plus, I picked up the winery in the past expansion where I enjoy seeing Bart stamp on grapes for 4 hours (which was a great pickup). Hmm….

  15. Alissa, thanks so much for telling us about Hanger 18. Bought it for animation, as did my wife, after reading your post. Would never have bought it not knowing it came with alien animation.
    We love it. Thanks!

  16. Look out! He’s got his probe!

  17. The animation is worth the donuts. Quickly becoming a favourite task 🙂

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