Secret Agent Simpsons Update is Live! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well we teased it earlier..and now it’s live (on both iOS and Android from what I can tell)!

This is an APP STORE update, so check your app stores to update.  If you don’t see it as a pending update search your store for Tapped Out.

As always I’ll be back with more details as I go through them, but for now…

It starts off with a 6s task for Homer, followed by another 6s task for Homer, and another (along with a 6s task for 3 Springfielders).  You’ll then be tasked to build the Agency HQ (free) and then a 4hr task for Springfield “agents”.    Building the HQ will unlock the prize track for you as well as new items in the store…

The characters (villains) in the dialogue look strangely like the Villains from Superheroes 2….

More details below….

Act 1 Ends in 2 weeks, April 11th.
Event Ends in 41+ Days, May 9th.  

Keep those dates in your mind….remember that each Act should be 2 weeks long…

So we’ve got lots of intrigue with this event.  International men (and women) of mystery and villains of James Bond proportions.  It’s basically Superheroes without the capes! (and everyone’s wearing their underwear on the inside)

So let’s get to it, shall we?

I’ll breakdown each section below but let’s get to the items and contents in the store first.  As mentioned above, you’ll have to follow a series of 6s tasks for Homer (and a few other Springfielders) to get the event to trigger and new items to appear in your stores.

Here’s a look at the “goodies” for Act 1…

These items will be free in cost at various points of the Act 1 questline

Agency Headquarters- 12×11 in size

Surveillance Post- 6×8 in size

Hidden Research Facility- 5×8 in size

Now here’s what’s in the store…


Bistro Set- $1,400


Camera Hat Homer- 50 Donuts

 Mystery Drop Box- 70 Donuts (From what I see it can contain: All Seeing Eye, Number 51, Plastic Surgery Center, Satellite Station, Radstation Air Fortress, Mapple Store & the Beach House)

National Bank of Springfield- 80 Donuts

Hacker’s Upgrade Kit- 90 Donuts

Globex Compound- 115 Donuts

/ Mastermind Bundle- If you have Hank Scorpio….120 Donuts (Mastermind Hank Scorpio and Globex Balloon) If you DO NOT have Hank Scorpio…160 Donuts, 40 Donut rebate, net 120 Donuts. (comes with Volcano Lair, Hank Scorpio & Mastermind Hank Scorpio)

Filmset w/ McBain- 120 Donuts, 40 Donuts back, Net 80 Donuts

Beer N Brawl w/ Lurleen- 140 Donuts, 30 donut rebate, net 100 donuts

 Springfield Coliseum w/ Tatum- 190, 50 Donut Rebate, net 140 Donuts

There MAY be a bundle with McBain, Tatum and Lurleen…according to the images there is one.  But my low level game isn’t at a point of unlocking Lurleen and my other games all have one of the 3 characters.  So if you see it, let me know the details. 

Act 1 Prizes

Act 1 prize currency is cheap intel .

It’s earned via the questline (100 for each part you complete)
Tapping the Men in Tan (earn 12/tap)
Neighbor Actions (earn 4/tap)
Clearing Actions in your town (earn 1/tap)
Tasks at the Agency HQ (Earns 40  for Freemium and 60  for Premium.  You can send: Homer, Apu, Cletus, Krusty, Skinner, Marge, Moe, Rex Banner, Tatum, Lurleen, Duffman, McBain, Gabbo and Arthur & Lucious)


E.P.A. Truck- 6,450

Free Land Token- 15,700 

Cappuccino Royale- 26,800

Forest Headquarters- 41,600

200 Schematics- 50,850

Dentz- 63,800

Agent Bont- 78,600

New Land!

1 strip of land directly across from the ocean…runs vertical. (far right of screen)


So crafting is triggered via the questline & the Hidden Research Center is what triggers it.  Once that’s built you’ll unlock the crafting.

I’ll have a full post breaking down crafting, as usual, but for now know that it’s just like previous events.  You’ve got to craft to level up, and leveling up unlocks more prizes to craft.

The crafting currency is schematics  and they’re earned a few ways:

-via the prize track
-tapping Men in Tan Suits (not awarded always, when it is you’ll get 2 from them)
-Using the Surveillance Post
-Completing Dossiers

Again I’ll have a full crafting breakdown, including prize details in another post. 

Surveillance Post

Much like the Polyvac and Tourist Center before it, the Drone Scan (from the Surveillance Post) is a game you can play to clear hidden agents AND in the process clear all of the Men in Tan Suits..

Neighbor Actions

Via the questline you’ll unlock the ability to earn more prize currency from your neighbors.  This is done via hacking.  When you go into your neighbor’s town, simply tap the buildings with the wifi signal over them…

You’ll then “hack” their buildings

Each building you “hack” will earn you 4 .  Also, if you clear hacked buildings in your own Springfield (by tapping on them) you’ll earn 1 .

The Hacker’s Upgrade Kit (in stores for 90 Donuts) is the item for this event that allows you to get double event currency from tapping Neighbor’s towns. (NOT WORTH IT)

The Situation Room (Dossiers)

After you’ve completed the 4hr task with The Man Who Knew Too Little Pt. 4, you’ll trigger the Situation Room….

This is a whole other part of the event, another prize track to unlock different prizes. (we’ve seen things like this before)

Basically, complete more tasks to unlock prizes/rewards.  Here’s what it’ll look like:

I’ll be back with a full post breaking this down, as you all know by now, I’ve got to go through it myself…

And that’s it my friends!  The quick rundown details of the first act of the Secret Agents event!

And before you ask…we’ll be back with posts for the following:

-Calendar, Act 1
-Turbo Tapping (questline) Act 1
-Should I Buy Posts, New and old content
-Crafting Post
-Further Breakdowns on each element of the event
-And much, much more!

What are your thoughts on the secret agent event?  Liking it so far?  Excited for new content?  Which Act 1 prize are you most looking forward to?  Any premium items have your eye?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

337 responses to “Secret Agent Simpsons Update is Live! (Updated and Complete)

  1. Is it worth purchasing James Bont? It will cost 145 donuts.

  2. Why doesn’t my kill bill girl appear? I have completed all tasks, shut down my iPod for several hours, went to krustyland and back, tapped the scanner first before tapping on the men in tan. I’ve done all the “tricks” and she still hasn’t appeared. The game says I have her but is nowhere to be seen even when I go to the town hall she is nowhere to be found

    • You wouldn’t find her via the Town Hall because she’s not a character, she’s an NPC. Just keep looking around your town and you’ll find her eventually….took me a couple of days before I spotted her.

  3. I have the same issue as Vxvlack – once I put my people out at the agency – the binoculars remain. I have traced this down to Mona – once I put her into a regular task – the binoculars go away. Should she be earning INTEL?

  4. g2-822d98e4e660b00af945b38e3908bd42

    Am I missing something? The schematic collecting is slower than any other crafting currency than I can recall. It’s taken me since the event launch til today to get 2 whole flower pots. At this rate, I will not be able to progress very far. Any ideas?

  5. Has anyone had characters disappear after the secret agent update? I’ve lost Homer, Maggie, and the Blue Haired Lawyer.

  6. Anyone know if it makes a difference in rearranging the area around the Surveillance Post / Agency HQ etc. to make it more advantageous to complete the drone scan game? Right now I have the buildings in an open area somewhat surrounded by buildings (Zenith City lofts and apartments). There are agents in the ‘open’ but also among the buildings. I have approx. 30 buildings up against one another. I usually find about a total of 35 agents in each game. I wonder if there’s a strategy in the placement of the Surveillance Post to possibly find more agents?

    Also, is there any advantage to clearing the Men in Tan Suits BEFORE playing the drone scan game, or do you end up earning the same amount of intel schematics and schematics?

  7. Sorry if this was addressed and answered already, I couldn’t go back through every message to scan..
    What is the Mystery Drop Box in the store and why does it do nothing when I click it?
    Something that’s coming up?


  8. Anyone know if buildings have to be “untapped” in order for neighbors to “hack” them?

  9. Ever since the update my phone completely crashes whenever I deactivate the screen while playing. The only thing I can do afterwards is to restart my phone.
    Is anyone else having this problem?
    It’s really killing the fun of tapping every four hours.

  10. Need more donuts

  11. Ae there any jobs that people can do in the headquarters? After I have given all the spying jobs the icon is still active. I feel I might be missing something.

    • Susan Johnson-Dehn

      Likely a premium character they want you to get, or one of the characters that can get intel are doing something else.

  12. Not overly impressed that you don’t get a reasonable amount of Schematics from the Tan Agents.. only getting one or two every 40 or so agents. This will make crafting very very slow. Granted we have 39 days to collect craftable items, but it will take a long time to level up at this rate.

  13. Did anyone notice the changes in krustyland? You can now win donuts at the pop balloons shop. Also now when you tap in krustyland it clears like in Springfield where your click does a circle and clears all. If this is already mentioned just delete this post. I won 5 donuts in krustyland.

    • Actually from time to time you would win Donuts instead of tickets. It doesn’t happen too often but once you get a place Sideshow You balloon popping stand you will get donuts once in a blue moon.
      As for the radius collecting, that gets activated when you purchase the expanding radius from the IRS building and applies to Krustyland as well.
      You may know this already but if you go to a friends springfield and you are not able to collect anything go to their Krustyland and you might be able to tap on the tickets and collect that way if they haven’t been cleared out already by other friends. If you can’t find their Shuttle stand just click on Milhouse and Bart and it will take you to the Fiends screen there you can tap on their Krustyland and it will take you directly there.

    • This has been there forever. The donut thing. Literally always. And the circle collecting is from the times of IRS in our towns. Feels ages ago.

      • No need to make the newbie feel bad! You can share that same info, but do it in a kinder way…the world can use all the kindness we can muster right now.

    • Congrats on your free sprinklies! 🙂

      That should happen every 300 balloons. It works as it should for me – I do Sideshow You twice a day most days and I get the five donuts from it about every 7-8 weeks.

    • Took the game over from my hubby 2 1/2 years ago, he’d been playing 18-24 months. I have never, ever got a doughnut from popping balloons, not once.

      • How often do you tap them? You should get donuts every 300 balloons popped… I’ve been tracking the dates I get them and that seems to be accurate.

  14. any idea where duffman went to? glitch that hes gone?

    • Try going to Krustyland and back. That will re sync your game. Then check via the Town Hall and see if he is listed in there. He could be hiding out in Springfield Heights.. trying to sell more cheap beer.

  15. Has anyone bought the globex corporation and know what is inside it and what it means by expansions available

    • Yup.. you buy the bundle and you get the Globex Compound, and 2 Expansion buildings. You then tap on the Globex Compound building and you can pay $2000 to build for each expansion building. You have a choice of two.. the same style that you got in the package.
      However, you can only build one at a time, and it will take 20hrs for the building to be built.
      While the building is being built your Globex Compound will open up and you will see a rocket in the middle of the building.

      • Thanks

      • I’m assuming the buildings are just for pretty?
        Don’t earn money or bonus or anything?

        • LenroyChangkins

          Ah I’ve got the same question as Tony and there doesn’t seem to be a “should i buy post” yet regarding the Globex Compound. Ever since house farming got nerfed and the last few events haven’t provided any craftable buildings to farm (I don’t think I’ve developed my house farm since either Halloween or the Future Simpsons updates), I’ve been looking for ways to generate cash. A fixed $2000 cost to generate “endless” income generating buildings would be worth the 100+ donuts in my mind. So the question remains, do these buildings generate any cash/xp? hmm…

          Thanks in advance!

  16. I can afford to buy either Hank Scorpio or Lurleen. I am tempted to get Lurleen because she can earn event currency, but Hank is such a bargain at his very discounted price. Any recommendations?

    • Mastermind Hank (which you get with that bundle) earns more event currency every 4hrs than Lurleen does. You just have to remember to pull the costume out of your inventory after you’ve purchased it.

      • Thank you for your reply and everything else that you do!

      • LenroyChangkins

        Thanks Alissa! I was having the same internal debate as davewarbirds and literally pulled the trigger on the Volcano Lair, Hank, Mastermind Hank skin bundle just 10 minutes before seeing this post. I’m quite happy that the net cost is 120 donuts down from the original 200 way back when.

        It might also be worth noting that after I purchased this bundle, the Globex balloon became available as a stand alone 20 donut item. The listing does not list any % bonus though, so as far as my own personal should-I-buy, the answer is a resounding “no”. I’ve got to save for Lurleen and the mystery box items if possible, as well as the University Nerds if they’re not too overpriced!

  17. I’ve just bought Hank and saw a list of villians to collect. Is there a way to see which characters complete a certain set? I searched around the options but cannot find it.

  18. I don’t seem to have any agents in my town to tap. Anyone else experiencing this?

    • Yes! I’ve noticed this too. Try visiting a neighbor then go back to your town, this has worked for me.

  19. I also want to know, any news about the possible McBain, Tatum and Lurleen bundle?

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