Secret Agent Simpsons – Act I Calendar

So…Once again, it feels like TSTO has plucked an update right out of the headlines.  It starts to make you wonder when they knew, what they know, and who told them…

Or  not…

This one seems like a blast!  Soooooooooooooooooo fun!

I think that this one is once again “Do-Able” as long as you can hit the regular 4-Hour Loop for a month and a half. And let’s be honest…what else is there to do when the weather is still being “not great yet” for many of us.  So…every four hours? CAKE!

The Calendar of Goals you need to hit to “Get It ALL!” follows below!


And…for those who prefer a more linear format (you can consider this as simple spy code that is easy to figure out) Here Ya GO!

It’s gonna be fun…spies, drones, secret weirdos, and even EAsier to figure out than current political spy stuff!  Hackers? We got ’em… Spies? We got ’em. And just like real life, it’s hard to figure out who is the GOOD guy!

Have Fun…stay busy every 4 hours…and You’ll Get Your Rewards!

102 responses to “Secret Agent Simpsons – Act I Calendar

  1. I failed bad. Is Bond worth 65 donuts? Thank you.

  2. It’s way too hard to achieve even 90% of the stuff not to speak of 100%… I hit the 4 hour cycle 3-4 times a day and still can’t achieve everything, like c’mon EA…. Why not make it achievable AND maybe add major donut prizes for over-achievers.

  3. i still dont get 6 prize :c
    i could use 20 donuts to get it (i have 32)

  4. Seriously feeling like I messed up with this event. I guess I didn’t pay enough early on, but I haven’t hit a single milestone on the calendar despite having several premium characters going, including the nerds trio. I haven’t hit 60k as of Friday night, there’s no way I’ll make it by Tuesday. Is there still a chance at this point?

  5. Im a day behind… is there any hope for me?

  6. score just got Agent Bont. His dialog is hilarious especially as I’m a huge 007 fan. No time to grind on to get bonuts and may 7 mill to up grad the IRS and in im lucky i can finish off the last of the FP levels too.

    • Just got him too. Didn’t realize I was that high in Intel. Mind you I do have 18 people I send to collect intel every 4 hours… would help. LOL
      Just wished the laser and table were animated with tapped.
      Not sure if Agent Bont has a task for it or not. IT will be a while before we see any info on the prize.

  7. Don’t know what I’m doing differently but as of today (12.30pm BST), I am 200 off earning Dentz.

  8. Littleirish16

    I’m not going to get this one completed, only on 30k today as well

  9. Jeff Jeffdy Jeff

    36k here, should be at 39k today to keep up. sheesh.

  10. how to clear the secret agent fast without the radar thingy? There is usually a task that lead you to all of them but not this time?

  11. Littleirish16

    I didn’t get the update until 2 days in, trying hard to catch up but 7000 behind the daily targets

  12. To me not tor me, the keyboard corrects in wrong way what I was typing

  13. That event seems a mix of superheroes and future sci-fi so think that I will pass and wait for the next one because tor me is really not interesting.

    • No, not superheroes or sci-fi – it’s a James Bond/spies thing. (That still might not interest you, but want to make sure you knew that, in case it made a difference to you.)

      • I was speaking about the format of the event that for me is a little bit too dazzling, complete the daily task complete the daily challenges or files, every four hours recharge the jobs, clean the man in beige with the strange cleaning system (like to destroy the robots at polyvac) at the second day I was tired of all of that headache thing , during the travel event there wasn’t complicated things and there was a nice event plot, this one at my opinion has a event plot that make it inconsistent super villains, spy agencies and everything that you can find in shoot explode movie with nonsense in addition to a complicated too heavy earning currency sistem I mean too much different ways to earn currencies make the process uneasy. My boy like that flat plot things so I will give him the tablet and say ” that’s yours go and earn the prize” 😁

        • That’s interesting, because I thought the world event was more dreadful and more work, because I kept trying to maximize how many flyers I had up in the air, so I had to do a lot more strategizing and not always able to use the unemployment office….this one is just pretty simple tappa, tappa, tappa every four hours.

  14. I got the coffee store as prize 3 last night, good to see I’m ahead of the calendar by a day (more than a day if you count time differences between US and my country)

  15. I’m behind by about 2000.Hope I can catch up by Monday :/

  16. I still seem to be 2,000 behind… this is a first for me. Here’s hoping i’ll catch up tomorrow!

  17. I thought I was a day behind but then realised that Australia is around a day ahead of US, meaning I’m actually ahead of where I need to be. I’m averaging about 7k every 24 hours since I’m a freemium player. Glad to know I’m all good for now. Reckon I’ll be able to get that last prize for Act I.

  18. Bonuts?

  19. Thanks for the Act One Calendar , Patric 👍

  20. I thought by adding more neighbours that I could collect more Intel but by about half way though visiting all my friends towns it stopped giving me Intel. I just got the regular XP, friendship points and $ from hacking their WiFi. There must have a max amount of Intel that you are allowed to gather from neighbours.

    • Yes, the daily max for neighbour visits is 360 (90 x 4) Intel. I started a few hours late but by playing once every 4 hours when awake, I’ve caught up to the daily goal.

  21. I’m on pace with the calendar but have only collected 60 schematics since the event started. Is that normal?

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