Secret Agent Dossiers: G.H.O.S.T. Prize Track Tasks 1-9

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Saturday!  Dropping in with a rare game post on a Saturday because…a new series of Dossiers have unlocked this morning!  9 days of Dossiers lead to an all new mystery prize.

A quick reminder of what happens in the Situation Room can be found here, but let’s get into the new details for the G.H.O.S.T Dossiers.  Including each days task and what prize you’re working towards!

So when you log into your Springfield this morning AND you’ve cleared tasks at the HQ you’ll see this message popup:

I did this in two games….if you’re not seeing that message popup or the Situation Room change over…clear tasks at the HQ.  If you have no tasks to clear there send someone on a task there and when it’s finished clear it.  In two games it didn’t popup for me UNTIL I cleared the tasks at the HQ.

So what are the tasks for the next 9 Dossiers:

Dossier # Task Character Needed
1 Illegally Access Webcams Krusty
Use Hair Dyes as Invisible Ink Marge
2 Whistle While Sneaking Homer
Transmit Codes Over the PA Skinner
3 Smash Important Enemy Stuff Moe
Crack a 1-Digit Code Homer
Fake Way Into a Celebrity Function Krusty
4 Borrow Enemy Information Marge
Use Dirt as Camouflage Cletus
5 Coerce Drunken Confessions Moe
Eavesdrop on the School Yard Skinner
Change An Enemys Expiration Date Apu
6 Give Enemies Papercuts Skinner
Sit On Important Enemy Stuff Homer
7 Fall Down Get Back Up Krusty
Make Moonshine Detonators Cletus
8 Track Gossip Trends Marge
Act Gentrified to Infiltrate Apu
9 Swipe Important Documents Moe
Whittle Coded Secrets Cletus

Complete 9 Dossiers and you’ll unlock the Mystery Prize…

So what is it?

G.H.O.S.T…what appears to be…a Non Playable Character (NPC) for Springfield…

Once we’ve hit day 9 we’ll have a full post up explaining the prize and details (similar to what we did with the Screamapillar)

Oh and if you haven’t completed the first set of Dossiers (the EPA track) you can still complete those now.  BUT you’ll have to complete those before you can move onto the G.H.O.S.T prize track…

OH and a Pro Tip because the G.H.O.S.T prize track pays out Intel when you’ve completed that days task:

And because we know you can build up Dossiers to complete multiple ones at once…if you’ve already completed the Act 1 Prize track you may want to hold off on completing the G.H.O.S.T. daily Dossiers until Act 2 hits.  This way you get a nice head start on the Act 2 currency…

But only do this if you’ve already unlocked Bont….

So that’s it my friends, the details for the next 9 Dossiers in the G.H.O.S.T prize track!

What are your thoughts on the G.H.O.S.T. enemy?  A fan of this part of the event?  Have any fun Saturday plans?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

58 responses to “Secret Agent Dossiers: G.H.O.S.T. Prize Track Tasks 1-9

  1. I have not seen the new NPC either. I was awarded it and then since then, have not been able to find.

  2. Completed all 9 days but nothing happened.. neither seen this new character. Why?

  3. Completed day 9. Where is it it appeared once and didnt see it again

  4. What does G.H.O.S.T. stand for?

  5. How do you know if prize character will be a NPC?

    • Based on the images in the files. The images appear to be actions for tapping not images for a task. As I said, not 100% certain but that’s how it appears to me.

  6. Everyone’s complaining about him being NPC but I would much prefer him to be that way.
    I like necessary and wanted characters to be playable and I don’t even recognise the character so I would much rather not worry my tapping happiness with fretting why the hell this guy has tasks 😃

  7. I just got a weird notification from TSTO a few minutes ago that says:
    “Last chance to get the Death Table on the prize track before this death trap goes back in storage, along with the kill chair and murder armoire.”
    Did I miss something ? I don’t know what any of that is but they sound interesting.
    Side note: still can’t seem to let go of the precious donuts to get duffman and brewery. Freemium player who just started farming. Someone make me do it ! Or not. 😬

    • I got the same message. The kill chair and murder closet (armoire) are jokes which are making fun of the name “death table”.

      • Ahh. Makes sense. In this game, though, I thought there was a chance they might be actual items. I was imagining the possible animations.

  8. I was going to hold off on today’s dossier tasks to use them to earn act 2 currency, but I discovered a big downside to that. I assumed that, if I didn’t send, say, Homer, to do today’s dossier task, he would still be available to earn event currency at HQ, but he’s not. So I’d lose several rounds-worth of currency (each day!) from characters who had a dossier task available. Not worth it.

  9. Going for bonuts with 2 more days to go before next event

  10. My E.P.A. (dossier prize) disappeared. I never received an NPC and I am now working towards my second dossier prize. Anyone else have ths same problem? Suggestions for what I should do?

    • There was no NPC for the E.P.A. Dossiers. You got a caterpillar that screams when you tap for completing the E.P.A Dossiers tasks.

    • You didn’t get the screamapillar? That was the prize for the first round of dossiers. Did you finish all 9 of them in time? If so, and you didn’t get the screamapilla, contact EA.

  11. Tony Da Tiger

    Pretty shocked he’s a npc. Guess EA’s not gonna load us up with too many free characters.

  12. Aren’t there a total of 4 sets of dossiers to complete? Three sets left, 9 days in each set, is 27 days. There are 30 days left on the event…if you put off doing the dossiers, will you have enough days to complete them all?🤔 Seems to be cutting it close…🤷‍♀️

  13. I haven’t checked yet to see if you can still send them to HQ to get the intel anyway.

  14. An NPC? No thanks EA! I will concentrate on earning Bonuts!
    How do you spell E.P.I.C.F.A.I.L. ?


  15. Thanks for the tip, Alissa! I’ll wait till act 2 😉

  16. i still dont get 6 prize :c
    i could use 20 donuts to get it (i have 32)

  17. So when the dossier didn’t appear for me on my A game (but did on my B game) I headed straight here and found my answer. Thank you Alissa for never failing me💐🍾. I also appreciate the tip about getting a head start for Act 2. I can only reiterate what Sandra said that I should know that by now. See y’all back here tomorrow. Happy sunny ☀️ Saturday……💜X

  18. Oh hey, another male character? Eh, i don’t like that there aren’t any female characters in this one. All the agents, men in tan, and prize characters are male. Feels super unbalanced. Simpsons are notoriously unequal when it comes to gender ratio – but this is really annoying.

  19. I should have thought of saving dossier tasks until the next act…well, not too late for tomorrow’s and Monday’s, I guess. Thanks for the reminder of what I should have thought of on my own by now!

  20. What a let down. This character should be playable not an NPC. Hopefully down the road EA will give him tasks. He’s a freebie so I guess we shouldn’t expect too much.

  21. But if you don’t do the dossier task, those characters can’t collect intel.

  22. Seriously? This is npc, yet them monkeys and squid from previous event was full characters!? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  23. Next to the drone game, it’s my favorite part of the event.

    I thought I was being clever saving my tasks till the next act. You stole my thunder.

    • It’s because you’re a pro

    • The flip side is that you’re giving up bonuts by not completing the tasks now, assuming you already got Bont. There’s a time-value to having the donuts in hand sooner vs. later. The tasks available before Act 1 ends is effectively worth 2 donuts (60% of up to 3 bonuts) now versus at the end of Act 2.

      • true and this event is murder on my sprinkle stash

      • Can you explain that last sentence further? Why is it better to earn the bonuts now than to just finish act 2 that much sooner and earn the bonuts earlier then?

        • As an extreme example, imagine I wanted to get Cargill character but I’m 3 donuts short. Getting 1x extra round of bonuts within the next 24 hours gives me another premium character generating event currency between now and the roughly 10 days it’d take to get to bonuts in Act II. If you are a fanatical tapper who manages 5x rounds per day, a single premium character can generate 4000 event current currency in those 10 days – almost enough for an extra bonut round. That’s what I meant by the time-value of donuts now vs. later.

      • Yep
        Unless you are not going to make it to Bont, there is not much of a reason to try to save the dossier tasks for the next act.
        If you don’t do the dossier task, those two characters will not be able to earn intel.
        I have at least 4 taps a day, so I would not be earning 320 intel.
        Doing the math: 3000 –(320 x3)= 2040
        Also, you would only have to roll 2 of the 3 dossier tasks since you can do one overnight into the start of the second act. 2000-(320 x2)= 1360.
        If you are in the bonut territory, makes 100% sense to keep doing the tasks

        • The key is like the airport, send all but 1x on the dossier tasks. For my 3rd dossier task 3x characters were needed. I sen2x and sent Kristy off to another task. Now I can keep earning at a loss of only 1x character and decide if I need that final 1000 event currency.

          As it is, I won’t. Final tap for the night puts me over the last bonus round so I am holding the dossier task for Act 2.

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