Episode 10- April Showers, Bring May Awesomeness?!

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In this episode we’ll discuss the winding down of Secret Agents, ponder if EA is running out of ideas, find out if “May Flowers” are on the horizon and of course we’ll be fielding your questions!  So join us live for all the fun!

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Remember, this is meant to be interactive.  So ask your questions, give us your opinions and share your thoughts in the comments below..and we’ll read what we can live! 🙂

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69 responses to “Episode 10- April Showers, Bring May Awesomeness?!

  1. Ive been playing since halloween so im relatively new. I like this event but there is s lot of junk. Mayne if it was more mini event length then id raise from a B to an A

  2. Guilherme brazilian guy

    Another event That make the app crash in my Device. Makes me angry everytime i lose the spycamera minigame. Kisses from brazil

  3. Gave a C because this has mostly been a skin base event! Have they ran out of ideas already that they now give out skins AND one more thing is why do I need to craft an HQ that I already have? Been playing since World’s largest Toilet aka since beginning and this event has been almost as low as spinning wheel in my opinion! Almost seems like this event was slapped together in haste!

  4. Samuraigeezer

    Very underwhelming, even though I love the spy theme (huge James bond movie fan here) I think it’s Quite a boring event, the craftables are meh, some are good but the level system is bogus. Why would i need to craft this many of item whatever to be able to craft the next level thing only to be made to craft more of the same level crap ect. I loved the previous event so much, this event just doesn’t do it for me. Would have loved that Scorpio skin, but at 120 donuts it’s just way too expensive. (Already had Scorpio years ago, Yes years). I like the new characters, but something is missing here.

  5. The voting results are interesting… Everyone is complaining about the event (too long, too boring…), yet the Bs have it. Can’t be all that bad. 😉

    I went with B as well, since I do like the concept, and the content as well. There have been better events, though. I don’t deduct points for using the same game play mechanics like all the other major events, and the repetetiveness, somehow I got used to that. It just is what it is. And I’m sure if EA ever decides to use a new formula, everyone will start complaining that it takes too long to figure out what to do, and why isn’t it working like it used to any more… 🙂

  6. I was very disappointed to get to the end of the prize track just to realize that the “castle” was yet another base skin. If I could buy more bases it might be ok. Boo!

  7. I loved the stone cutters event. Fun interesting and engaging. I loved solving the riddles it made you think. And have fun. Very good event. Bring that style back EA!!

    • I agree, the Stonecutters event was really fun. Unfortunately, I had just started the game during the event, so I couldn’t complete it. Still managed to unlock a good number of Stonecuter skins anyway.

  8. I gave the current event a D.
    Super easy, but the main problem is it is very repeatitive. Same thing everyday, no challenge. I liked the last super heroes event a lot better.

  9. Thanks for the broadcast and Joe (Wookie) for your positive comments. Seemed like a Cranky Saturday otherwise except for the water tank really great that got done. My rant is that I lost your app off my iPad and cannot seem to get it back even through the App Store. Not sure how to address that. It was the one I purchased. Now going through the internet to acces the site though I still have the app on my phone.

    • If you are using the iCloud with your phone, and your iPad is linked to it, you need to go to “purchased apps” in the App Store (using the pad)…it should show up there and be downloadable. If it doesn’t show up there, check to see that your pad had not somehow been disconnected from the iCloud. Hope this helps…

      • Thanks I have been purchased apps and not there, it must be the I-cloud issue. Will check that out.

  10. Okay, after watching I have to comment and say I agree 100% with Alissa’s “cranky rant” lol it was perfectly spot on and hit the bullseye right on target like the parachute drop guy. 🎯

    First off, playing the same event for over 40 days is too long. We need something a little new and different with each act. (Like the Casino event we got a new gambling mini game) The event should get just a little bit better with each act, so it’s like – okay now they added this, and it’s slightly more fun now. We need something new and interesting to keep the momentum going, instead of the exact same stuff going on and the whole thing just drags along. By the time Act 3 is about to hit, I’m not looking forward to it because of the content in it and how much fun it is going to be – I’m looking to just push through it and get this event over with already.

    I really think they need to come up with an element to shake things up, and like you said hopefully it comes during summer time in the next update or two.

  11. Here’s a idea we need trumpthat would be super funny as they made 3 or so episodes on him

  12. Ah no I forgot the live stream no why. Must be the time zone differents that’s why I forgot

  13. Just finished placing the Castle skin for Headquarters…really love this one…thought the forest skin would be permanent, but I think this one tops it…


    • Get the auxiliary HQ and you can have both! ; )

      • Yes & nice to have both. My second one with the castle is by the mountains.

      • I like the idea, but not sure I have room for both large buildings…will probably get the auxiliary Headquarters just to store for now, and see where everything fits later. One thing I’ve learned with these events…when in doubt, get it (you never know what will start paying out after the event). I’m still wishing I had gotten more scooters and motorcycles with the last event…I keep finding spots where they would be the perfect accent piece…sigh😕…

  14. B vote for me!

  15. Josephine Kick@$$

    Be there, or be a Lego 😜

  16. Josephine Kick@$$

    No one ever became poor by giving.

  17. Josephine Kick@$$

    TSTO would not have made it this long without Addicts!!!

  18. The way I look at it, these events are people’s jobs. People get paid to do these events, to put their time and effort into this so it seems harsh to tell them that what they’re putting into it is not good enough.
    You never know, nasty comments could cause someone to loose a job

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