From the Mouths of Addicts: Task Master Quiz, Locations 2

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Welcome to another edition of From the Mouths of Addicts, where YOU get to sound off on anything and everything in the world of Tapped Out!

For the last couple of months we’ve been posting fun quizes from Addicts reader cityscaper.  Quizzes that test your TSTO Knowledge.  And now that we once again have a little downtime cityscaper has come up with another fun quiz to test our TSTO knowldge.

So have a little fun and enjoy another Task Master quiz from cityscaper!

And don’t forget to share your results in the comments below!

(If you’re having trouble with the form here you can view the direct link to it here)

And here’s a little insight from the last quiz of how y’all did…

Thanks again cityscaper for putting together another Task Master quiz, and something fun to do in the TSTO lull!  As always we love hearing from you guys… if you have an opinion or take on something going on in the game (or something that should be going on in the game), please send it along to us…


33 responses to “From the Mouths of Addicts: Task Master Quiz, Locations 2

  1. 6/8 I think I did pretty good for a level 12

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  2. 5/8 … d’oh!


  3. 7/8. I’m not sure I ever sent Fat Tony to meet with old acquaintances, so that was a blind guess.


  4. missdblue2185

    4/8. The ones I knew, I really knew and use all the time. The others – not so much. I still claim Addict status.

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  5. 8/8. Thanks for the quiz 😊


  6. 6/8. I love the quizzes! I’ll have to study harder to raise my Addicts GPA.

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  7. 3/8. I am not an addict after all!


  8. For the first time I got 8/8! Where’s my prize?? 😉

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