Update Imminent

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Time travel update in the files… it’s hitting soon.

Im currently in my way to get the Tiny Addict… But be on the lookout for it in your app stores.  I’ll be back with more once it hits and i get home…


38 responses to “Update Imminent

  1. How big is the Tiny Addict getting to be?
    I haven’t seen a picture recently. Have I missed one?

  2. wonderfull large pieces
    , im running out of room

  3. It’s here! Firsties??

  4. its here on ios

  5. It is live on android in Germany……

  6. It’s live on android now.

  7. had every one on 8 hours and not 24 thank god

  8. Update available in Android store now! Just updated mine.

  9. Just downloaded update iOS

  10. Update is available for iOS

  11. Android update now available in the Play Store…

  12. Update up on android.

  13. It’s live 😬😬😬

  14. I am already time traveling in The Quest For Stuff:-)

  15. It’s there now 😉

  16. Heck yes

  17. Tony Da Tiger

    I thought about sending all my minions on 12hr tasks this morning, but decided to go for 4hr tasks instead anticipating an update. Best decision for today. I almost finished my recycling for monorail tracks for this week too. Lol.

    Looking forward to getting a new event. 🙂

  18. kaiserofmetal

    Just hits in Android 😀

  19. I knew it was coming today. I keep checking the Google Play store for the update and only sending people on 1 hour tasks (except my railyard workers).

  20. Update is available on Android

  21. i just put everyone on 4 hour jobs. i can hardly wait!

  22. Oooooo….. it’s in the Google play store!

    Here’s hoping I can get a good start before I fly tomorrow.

  23. I was wondering if it’d be later than normal and someone would be reminding homer this evening what he’s forgotten.

  24. Just downloaded the update on Android.

  25. Downloading now…

  26. About time, I thought it was due earlier today.

  27. spiny_norm886

    I’ll load it later tonight once I’ve finished with the weekly recycling task.

  28. Can not wait for it. Saw the starting pic. Something with pirates, dinos, stoneage and pharaos… I am excited 🙂 what the toaster will dooooo

  29. Sweet, been anxiously waiting all day!

  30. Sods law that I just put everyone on a 24hr task!

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