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Addicts Question Corner: TTT Prehistoric Era

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s been a little while since we’ve done one of these, but I feel like this might be a good place.  Lots of new information coming at you quick and fast, always best to slow down and break it all down so everyone’s on the same page.  So let’s get to it with a Time Travel Toaster Edition of Addicts Question Corner…Prehistoric Era focused….

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Prehistoric Era Calendar…Get Yer Caveman On!

I have to admit, that when I saw the details of this update, I wanted to quote my great grandfather to the 2,000th power, ThunderThighs Miller, with a single word…”Ugh!”

Of course, in his day, “Ugh” meant everything from, “Nice dress, it makes your hips look perfect for child bearing” to, “Hey! You Overcooked the Mammoth Again!!”

But, in this case…It was just the feeling of a whole-lotta-tappin’ going on, for some mildly odd prizes.  I DO like the archaeology twist.  But, just like archaeology, you have to be patient (not my strong suit).

In any case…the Prehistoric Prizes are all attainable, with some solid 4-hour planning (how did prehistoric man count hours?).  Let’s take a look…
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Turbo Tappin’ Time Travel Toaster: Prehistoric (Act 1)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well it’s been teased in game..and now we finally remember what Homer forgot! Time to go back in time using a sophisticated toaster!  That’s right for this first “Act” Homer will travel back to the Prehistoric days…when dinosaurs roamed the earth, cavemen played with fire & Artie Ziff’s ancestor got all the caveladies attention!

As was mentioned on the rundown post the Prehistoric Act runs until June 11th, and you’ll need Homer to get things started.

Remember, the questline is there to guide you.  So when you get stuck on something, or haven’t unlocked something, just follow along with the questline and it’ll take you through everything you need to do to complete the first part and unlock everything you need in order to play properly.

Let me add I’m very pleased so far with the questlines.  Looks like EA extended it beyond just the initial run through, and the dialogue is really funny.  Nice to see the classic dialogue is back!

Let’s take a look at the quick walkthrough for the first round of the Time Travel Event, as we go back to roam with Cavemen and Dinosaurs….

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