To Hold Shovels Or Not…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Real quick, I’m getting this question asked A LOT in the comments…once you unlock Baby T-Rex should you hold shovels for the next Era or Keep using them?

Honestly, there’s no right or wrong answer to this.  If you unlocked Baby T-Rex this easily you likely won’t have an issue with the next Era (which is also 48 Gems) so it’s kind of a moot point for you.  But you’re also going to need shovels to earn more Fossils, Specimens and Tachyons…you know to finish the Prehistoric Prize Track.

So if you’re really paranoid and worried about saving shovels then do a mix of saving shovels and using them until you’ve unlocked the final prize in the Prehistoric Era.  If you’re not worried (and honestly, if you’ve unlocked Baby T-Rex at this point you shouldn’t be worried), keep using them.  Earn all those Fossils and get as many bonuts as you can!

If you do decide to save, I’d do a mix of saving and using.  Or even wait until the day before the Prehistoric Era ends to start saving…this way you’ll continue to earn Specimens (for Crafting) and Tachyons (for the Panini Press).

Everyone got it?  Good.  

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  1. I’m starting to save them. I’ve had baby Rex and Moes Cavern for a couple of days now. I’m not in a hurry to specimen up for Homer Lizard…why it’s 10,000 is beyond me…the rest of the specimen prizes really aren’t that interesting and will end up in storage anyway. To each their own. My digging strategy has been working well. I dug up the gem on first try at least 7 times during phase 1 and more often than that hit rock within first 6 shovel attempts. I had no problem reaching 48 gems.

  2. You read my mind. I came to site to answer this *exact* question. Of course we get the ol’ philosophy of “in the end, it’s your decision.” Love the advice though–might do a mixture of both.

  3. Tony Da Tiger

    Gonna stockpile shovels and blaze through the next act. I’ll use the last act to farm bonuts with the stockpiled shovels.

    • Bonut farming Act 3 is best bang, IMHO. I’ll dig only if I’m close to a round of bonuts at the VERY end of Act 1 or 2

  4. People seem to be going through this first act really fast. I’m 3,000 away from the dino lake but that’ll give me 4 days to get Moe’s Cavern (Should be a breeze). However, I’m still 14 gems from the Baby Dino. I try using the best method (listed in one of the other posts) but I always manage to find a gem on the last 2 shovels.

    • I got the T-Rex yesterday, and will likely finish getting Moe in another 12 hours or so. It’s been pretty easy so far, but most events in the past year are finishable 4-5 days early

  5. I just unlocked Baby T-Rex this morning and my panini press is at 8 hour recharge. Honestly hadn’t thought of hoarding shovels until this post (haven’t been keeping up with reading comments).

  6. I finished the prize track so early that I’m close to maxing out shovels at 199. Once I reach 199 shovels, I will start using them again, but I will make sure to hover around 199 as much as possible. Best of both worlds (pun intended). 😉

  7. AzulPantalones

    My plan is to hold the shovels til the last day. If I feel I need them, I’ll use them. If not, I’ll blow through act two.

  8. Remember to save you daily tasks too as these should swap out to the new currency. It’s always worked a dream for me, so I hope EA doesn’t change it!….💜X

    • Yup but you can only save 3… So it’s still a little early

      • I know just giving folks an advanced warning😊….💜X

        • Hello. Can you expand on this? I always complete my daily challenges and have never intentionally clicked on the
          X. Are you recommending otherwise? Thank you.

          • You can save(not complete) up to 3 daily challenges (this is not hitting the X, this is just ignoring them for 3 days). Then on the first day of the new Act, you can complete all of them at the same time, so you are not falling behind. Once they are complete, a new one will pop up.
            Since most challenges pay in “event currency” during an event, it is smart to save them during the last days of an Act. When the new Act starts, they will pay out in the new currency.
            ***This strategy is only valuable if you have already earned all the prizes, and don’t need anymore of Act 1 currency.***

          • Even when you can’t avoid completing the daily challenge, you can just NOT collect them. Now that we are in the final 3 days and I’m well into bonuts, I plan to leave any event-currency tasks completed-but-uncollected. I would only collect them if there’s enough to push me past the next bonut round. Otherwise, when the 2nd section starts the payout will switch to the new currency and so they can be collected for a head-start.

    • I always forget to do that! Thanks for mentioning this ELLA.

      • Oh i see. Thanks Ebron and Ella. FYI, I’m new to the site, was a loyal reader of TSTOTips and then Patric and Ryan’s Friends site for the past couple years (woah, that’s too much time on a silly game!). Alissa, I like your site, it’s very positive, though I still appreciate Patric’s cranky posts from time to time! Thanks for all you do!

        • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

          Cranky posts are like an occasional pebble in one’s shoe —–
          It helps remind one of how good one’s life is without that pebble.

  9. I suspect that the next act will use a different tool for digging because I do not think they had shovels way back in the Egyptian days. But who knows lol.

    • Well if they had them in the prehistoric days….

    • My understanding is that the shovel is being used to dig up the past, it isn’t being used IN the past. If that makes sense. At first I was thinking the same thing as you, but after a while it made sense that the shovels would continue and instead of fossils we’ll be digging up some kind of Egyptian artifacts next act.

    • Ancient Egypt was successful primarily because it was made of fertile farm land that they planted after the annual flood of the Nile. I’m sure they had shovels.

  10. I’m going to save them – I’ve got Moe and the T-Rex. I’ll use some to push me over the bonut threshold, if I’m close, so I don’t waste 800 when I only need 80. Otherwise, I don’t need the bonuts now, so I’ll use them to get bonuts in Act 2.

  11. Those that hoarding shovels to use on Act 2, better hope EA doesn’t make Act 2 Pick axes instead.

    • …thEAy wouldn’t dare… 😉

    • I was really hoping for little Bobcat frontloaders, but Alissa seems to think the shovels will carry thru the whole event. Still…would love to see Bart in a Bobcat razing things all over town😀.

  12. I’m getting 4 x 4hrly resets at the moment in the game. I share others sentiment that it seems slow going, I’d expect to be further on than I am. That said, in the past I have managed a mid-night log-in (so 5 times in 24hrs), following treatment (genuine) I’m managing to sleep thru’ the night much better now. I’m not going to force myself to wake up as this is real progress for me health wise and after all, as good as this game is, it’s a game. Fingers crossed, I complete Act 1 (I am a “completer/finisher”) 😊

    As always, so appreciative of this community 🇬🇧😊

  13. karenskuality

    But don’t forget…if you save up your shovels, there’s only enough room for 199! I’d hope after 199 you just “don’t get credit” for the additional ones “earned”…wouldn’t it be awful if the counter reverted back to ZERO? 😳

    • If/when I hit 180, I’ll start excavating with any new gains…thanks for the good advice😉.

    • Is it odd that EA have set a limit? I don’t recall one before like this (could easily be wrong on that point). Perhaps EA are trying to limit people getting a jump start of the next Act? 🤔

    • It works like the heighs currency / monorail supplies in as much as you can start earning when below and go above this amount. I.e. Start on 198 and earn 17 with all characters earning, taking you to 216.

      • You’re right that it works similar to SH currency, except that since each shovel-earning character has the shovel task in their standard list of tasks, you can actually keep earning shovels even after you’ve reached 199.

  14. I got Caveman Moe and Homer Lizard today so I’m already collecting Bonuts and craft the egypt stuff. I collect ~ 75 shovels a day when nothing wents wrong, so I think I’ll build up a good stock over the next four days and spend some for Bonuts. I’m looking forward to Act 2, the egypt stuff looks like it’s better made for decorating .. Just can’t come up with a good look for my Dino Area because of the mixed decorations (prehistoric and past)

  15. My theory was to save shovels only after collecting Moe CaveMan.
    I wasn’t worried about the gem collecting in the next act since they was easy to find in this act & the Panini Press level upgrade will easily be caught back up when you start using shovels again in the next act.

  16. Got Baby T-Rex, but still using shovels until I get Moe’s Cavern. Digging has really sped up my fossil collecting, so I’ll keep doing it until I dont have anything left. Unless I have trouble getting enough Specimen for Homer lizard. Or I get bored waiting once I’m done with prehistoric. 😂

  17. I haven’t finished the event yet so I haven’t yet asked myself the question!

  18. Got moe’s cavern this morning and collecting towards my first set of bonuts now. As this part has been quite easy I’ll keep maximising g bonuts towards premium items in section two! Really happy with this event so far and thanks, as always, to Alissa and the team for all the advice here. xx

  19. I’m still 16 gems away from baby t-rex 🙈 despite playing 4/5 times a day and using the methods recommend on here, I’ve just not been lucky with landing on the gem in fewer than 8 tries … Looks like no t-rex for me 😞

    • There are still four days left in this act. Keep playing 4-5 times a day and you should get there.

  20. Got the baby dinosaur today but am barely on schedule for the main prize track (fossils and Caveman Moe’s Cavern and all.)
    I’m not playing any differently, but usually I’m a day or two ahead at this point. Maybe because I don’t have any of the premium characters that apply for this event. So I’ma keep using those shovels.

    Lastly: I watched the “Be Sharps” episode last night; THAT’S the “Moe’s Cavern” that I want!

  21. I’m not even close to finishing the prize track yet. Just got the fish. Need more shovels or time or higher payouts. Not sure if I will get Moe’s Cavern.

  22. For now, I’m still aiming at a 4h refuel of the panini maker so I’ll keep using them.

    • Yep, love the wandering dinosaurs but I don’t have time to chase them. Coming up on 4hrs soon.

  23. No where close to need to start saving………

  24. I’m planning on going until I upgrade the panini maker all the way, since that will help with the whole event. If I get there (or close) while in act 1 then I’ll start saving some shovels. If not I’ll probably just save them the last day or so.

  25. Chris Ronald Wheeland

    Thanks…I had the same question.

  26. Currently saving for max 199 🙂

  27. Since I am done with the prize tracks and am already into Egyptian crafting (also up to level 16 with the Panini Press), I am just going to stockpile shovels towards the next batch of currency. Still tapping critters and clearing them every 4 hours (since I’m doing shovels every four hours anyway), and doing visits…so some currency still coming in, but thinking that I don’t need much more Panini Press advancement till the next Act. If I got this far ahead with little or no Panini enhancements in Act 1 (usually the hardest Act), the next Act should certainly be at least as easy. As a farmium player, 3 bonuts for a days excavation is not much of an inducement…so it’s stockpiling for me.

    • I will hold only in the Last day,
      for a medium star in Part II

      The crafting is my focus, to upgrade the Panini to 2hrs – at 6h now – because EA just nerf the winnings in tapping those ugly Lizards hhh… why should I wait for EA nerf other thing..

      Hello from Brazil

    • EBRON – I’m with you on this one. I also have come to the conclusion that’s it’s more cost effective (with my SF) for me to get my Bonuts by just making sure I keep clearing all my buildings, task my SFs & visit my neighbours daily. The event Bonuts frustratingly offer me just 1 donut most of the time and I find it difficult to accept it & be grateful (it’s a freebie after all). So a couple of times I’ve spent 150K or even 300K to get a shot at 3. Even if I take a gamble with the regular level up it’s only 100K to guarantee 3! If I level up Events Bonuts it’s just incidental. My bonus % is massive now so I usually get 6 or 9 every time I clear anyway. With certain events I even just send my characters to earn cash because the returns are better for me. I look on it as an advantage for being a ling term player…..💜X

      • …or even a ‘long term player’😂

      • Yup…for $300,000 I can get 2 Rat Trap Trucks, which will net me an average (when I do a whole fleet) of 5 donuts…or I can set a slew (technical term🙃) of KEMs and net even more. The bonuts don’t have a good enough ROT (return on tapping) for me.

  28. Bonuts for me!

    • 🤑 Bonuts, Panini Press for me … just got Homer Lizard & Moe’s Cavern today … wasn’t a bad idea buying Booberella and Billy (funnily voiced, reminds me of my trips to scotland, Mr. Bont being the lowlands scotsman, Billy the real highlander ;)) in the beginning.

  29. Thanks Alissa! I just asked this over in the open thread and I feel I may have prompted this article, haha. Glad to know that the next track should be about the same. That means that I don’t need to hoard shovels too much, especially since I may hit the 199 maximum before the end of the act!

  30. I’m not saving until the last 2 days. I figured if I get 17 shovels every 4 hrs, 4x a day, then I can earn at least 68 shovels/day or 136 in total. That should be enough yo start.

    I can’t do the save and use method because once I’m spending I don’t stop.

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