Prehistoric Era Is Nearing the End…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a reminder that the Prehistoric Era of the Time Travel Event Ends TOMORROW June 11th at 0800 GMT (4am ET).

Once the Prehistoric Era is over you will no longer be able to earn Prehistoric Prizes for free. So get everything you can before it’s all gone! (but remember keep earning fossils you haven’t unlocked all of the prizes because the closer you get to unlocking the next prize the lower the donut cost would be should you need to purchase it when the next Era starts…)

Crafting will STILL be available in the next Era.  As will the Specimen you’ve accumulated.

For a rundown on everything that was included with the Prehistoric Era check out our rundown post here.

Be ready for the Egyptian Era to start bright and early at 0800 GMT (4am ET) tomorrow morning  (June 11th)….but make sure to grab those dinos before the Prehistoric Era becomes extinct

P.S Good tips before next Era starts…save Daily Challenges that earn you event, save shovels & save your neighbor visits if you’ve earned all of the prehistoric prizes, so you can get a jump start when the next Era starts.

83 responses to “Prehistoric Era Is Nearing the End…

  1. Hope this doesn’t make everyone angry but I find I complete all events and get all prizes if I tap at least four times per day. I do more than that after work (4 hour shifts work out perfect for my job) and then I can build more money/resources hourly once I get home. Friends do help greatly and I KEM farm to get special characters during events (this might be another reason I finish as I have gotten most of these ‘helping’ premiums). Most importantly it is just a game. Granted I am fully addicted and make friends wait on setting up my Springfielders but hey, they are my friends!

  2. Wow. I fell completely short on this Era. Moe’s Cavern for 165 donuts, yeah right! Usually I get a couple of rounds of bonuts but not this time… I don’t really know what went wrong. Cumulative, I suppose. Nothing I really want from the Egyptian Era. Might be an opportunity to reclaim my life…

  3. Just scraped over the line with half hour to go….caveman Moe unlocked! Hardest event by far in terms of managing to get the main currency.

    • I still have to give that dubious honor to the first Easter event. So very many eggs needed to guarantee unlock everything, it was literally impossible to get enough. (Sure, some people lucked out, I know that. I’m talking about the guaranteed numbers. No prize track telling you how much that was, either. Just mystery boxes of doom.)

  4. MydadlookslikeFlanders

    I got everything this time! To anyone that hasn’t yet, hire someones little brother to tap for you if you don’t have your own. Pay them in legos

  5. short on Moes Cavern but i got the baby dino. should i spend 145 donuts on cavern or will i be able to still get it once egypt starts tomorrow?

  6. Will all of the dinosaurs roaming around town directly change to the new tappables? Or do they all just disappear and require 4 hours to build back up? I’m thinking about banking up my dinosaurs and waiting up until just after the change to blast the new tappables with the panini press, but that will only work if the 50 dinosaurs are directly replaced.

  7. I am a freemium player and barely made the final prize. I did have to use my previously earned bo-nuts Cavegirl Booberella in order to make it. I would not have made it otherwise (and I log in 4 times a day with few exceptions.). There have been other events where I haven’t gotten the final prize (especially in the first act), but it was when I couldn’t play as often. So I was kind of surprised how close I was to missing it this time having played so much more AND using bo-nuts. That being said, I am happy that there are so many opportunities to get free donuts on a regular basis. And I think my using them in this instance was well worth it. I’m looking forward to Act 2.

  8. I was able to earned all the prizes. I logged in to reset my shovels five times a day. I had no premium characters helping with shovels, I have no neighbors, and I did random taps when digging. I set my alarm two nights to get in an extra shovel reset but it turned out that I didn’t need to as I even got one round of bonuts and a nice stockpile of shovels. This event seems to be geared toward frequent tappers for sure.

    • You might want to reconsider the “no neighbors” thing….it’s really easy to add neighbors and there’s zero risk involved in doing so -they can’t do anything except visit your town and know nothing about yippy other than your handle). Having neighbors is a BIG help in this game and it’s great to be able to see how different folks build and design their towns. Plus, if you have at least one neighbor who’s a completionists, it gives you a chance to check out what premium items really look like (and a better idea of their size), before you decide whether to get them yourself.

      • I think at this point I’m like, “I’ve gone this long with out neighbors. . .” Maybe I will someday. It took me losing my game during the casino event to finally get an origin ID. ha ha Sometimes I just need a kick in the behind!

        • Consider this is your friendly kick from behind! 🙂

          (Really – you’ll be glad you did it.)

      • When I first started playing there was an early quest to find neighbors. I was thinking, “How on Earth will I ever find the kids (and adults) who play this game”. This was long before I had discovered TSTO but I used my normal mantra “To the Internet” and found a handful. Sandrashill is right neighbors can help with events. I find I visit less during non-events but EA has been pretty event solid of late!

  9. Yep I messed up, I hit confirm on my daily task today and as soon as I did a homer “DUH” releasing I should of saved it.

  10. Somewhat off-topic…something is up with the ads again. This time, looks like they are keeping me from reading posts. Can’t click anything: “Continue reading,” links in the parts of posts in the preview, reply link. I still have the app, so I was able to get in that way.

    When I scroll on the site through iOS browser, it looks like the ads are in the background and not scrolling…it’s like the window that shows them is an actual window, if that makes sense. I think they are taking over the entire site and disabling the links. Anyone else getting this?

  11. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    In the vault, for 2 more days, is Molloy and Springfield Museum.
    Cost is the standard 150 donuts PLUS a 40 donut rebate.
    PLUS, according to our Hosts, the quest line yields another 1 donut.
    The SIB is a probable at 150, so seems to suggest a probable YES @ 110.
    Think I’ll wait another day + and then make the purchase.

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