Should I Spend Donuts on the Returning Sacred Parchment, Guillotine, Flaming Torch or Medieval Banners?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Time to grab toast as we travel back…wayyyy back…in time with Homer in the all new TTT (Time Travel Toaster) event!  Homer’s taken us back to the Egyptian Era and we’ve got Pharaohs, Pyramids & of course other Egyptian items in our Springfield just tempting us with those sprinkles!

Of course with that limited-time label it can be tempting to buy everything that looks awesome because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add the Sacred Parchment, Guillotine, Flaming Torch or Medieval Banners to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding these throwbacks to your town…

Item: Sacred Parchment
15 Donuts
Earns: 0
.5% bonus on all cash and XP
What Does It Do?: 
From Stonecutters, basically sits there and looks pretty. 
My Opinion On It Now:
Meh, it’s 15 donuts.  If you like it and want it, grab it.  Otherwise pass.

Leaves Stores June 17th

Item: Guillotine 
25 Donuts
0.60% bonus on all cash and XP
What Does It Do?:
Decoration, just sits there…animated when tapped 
My Opinion On It Now: 
I’d pass on it, but it’s 25 donuts. So if you like it and want it, grab it.  Otherwise pass.

Leaves Stores June 22nd

Item: Flaming Torch
10 Donuts
0.20% bonus on all cash and XP
What Does It Do?:
Decoration, just sits there…animated
My Opinion On It Now: 
It’s 10 donuts, so if you like it and want it, grab it.  Otherwise pass.

Leaves Stores June 22nd

Item: Medieval Banners
10-15 Donuts (Red- 10 Donuts, Blue/Green- 15 Donuts, Blue-12 donuts)
0.25% bonus on all cash and XP
What Does It Do?:
Decoration, just sits there…animated
My Opinion On It Now: 
I’m not a fan, but they’re inexpensive…so if you like them buy them.  Otherwise pass.

Leaves Stores June 22nd

And that wraps up the latest returning item Should I Buy Post…

What are your thoughts on this batch of returning premium items?  Will you be spending donuts to bring any of them to your Springfield?  Have you already?  Do you already own any of them?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

49 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on the Returning Sacred Parchment, Guillotine, Flaming Torch or Medieval Banners?

  1. Josephine Kick@$$

    I didn’t like the bonus to donuts ration on most of these, I might end up getting the guillotine, but I doubt it.

  2. I got the bicorn and I love that Furious D has a task with it.

  3. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    My word on
    Old Craftable No Bonus,
    New Purchase With Bonus

    “Twink” the design slightly so that if the item is stored, one can discern the difference.
    i.e I will NOT store that which gives a bonus
    I WILL retrieve that which gives a bonus

  4. Currently in medieval time capsule​ I have all 6 of the items ( I just started recently). I’m not a fan of the catapult and the Homer barbarian statue thing considering they were both free craftables at one point and 60 donuts seems to be a steep price to pay for them. I really want the remaining 4 prizes however? Is it worth buying 4 capsules or should I just wait until act 3 and get Blackbeard and the fourth of July stuff?

  5. Is there a SIB coming up for the Egyptian Playground? I tried a site search and came up empty.

  6. EA should offer more Stonecutters stuff, they did build the Pyramids (with help from the aliens).

    • Talking about aliens 👽 I really would like Serak The Preparor. He is hilarious in the episode where the Simpsons are abducted by Kang & Kodos and getting fed by Serak. A very funny dialog about a cookbook springs to my mind.

  7. So they paired Cowboy/WildWest with Prehistoric and Now Medieval with Egyption, what do you think they will pair with Pirates?

  8. Isn’t the flaming torch always available? I guess it’ll go back to the regular store after June 22nd. 🔥

  9. Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but couldn’t find info elsewhere. Anyone have any thoughts on whether crafting the camel (10,000 specimens) is worth it? I want the Bart Sphinx (5,000 specimens), and can upgrade Museum (and Panini Press) with ferns and simply bypass the camel. Seems like the camel is a waste of specimens (kinda like the Homer Lizard). Thanks.

    • That’s what I’m doing. Will get the camel but getting Bart sphinx first.

    • Well the camel isn’t an NPC it will just stand on the spot wherever you place it. Much like the Christmas reindeer. Personally I found it quite underwhelming considering the crafting cost so if you don’t particularly care about the camel I’d go ahead and skip to the Bart sphinx.

      • Thanks, appreciate the comment. Maybe I can come back around for it after getting the pirate stuff.

    • I just crafted it. It’s not an NPC. You place it and it just stands there. You can tap it for an animation but that’s it. I’m a completionist so of course I HAD to have it. At least it makes my ancient Egypt area look neat.

    • I like it. Sure, it’s an NPC, but it’s still nice. Buy what you want.

    • I was deeply underwhelmed with it. As others have said it just stands there, no bonus from it, not unique… I expected “more” for the cost of it. I think it will probably look a bit rubbish without crafting more and I’m not sure I want to do that. 😟

  10. Got Medieval time capsule today, offering me 4 prizes – castle with skin for Lisa, Twonicorn, Black knight skin for Bart and Angus with cathedral. Wished for Angus, lets try for 60 donuts. First was Black knight, second twonicorn, had to farm some donuts spending all ingame cash, but finally with last few donuts I got third try and received Angus. Suppose all the prizes were worth 60 donuts, but not going to spend next 60 donuts on Lisas princess skin (even though castle looks nice and huge).

  11. You Guys have an advice for me for the 60 Donut medival gamble ? I have 4 Options:
    Twonicorn (?), Lisa Skin Equalia, Notre dame of springfield, Black Knight skin.
    Is it worth buying ? Whats worth most ? I already have Bartman Skin for Bart which earns Premium and several skins for Lisa … NPC’s doesn’t interest me, but I have to admit the rainbow-spitting horse is hilarious.

    • You can’t pick what you want from that.

    • What’s worth most? That’s totally up to you. These were all originally (in my opinion) overpriced items. I’d pay 60 doughnuts for any of them though. Would you?

      Two-nicorn: original price 75 doughnuts, NPC, opens up a 16-hour task for Furious D. 60 doughnuts for an NPC – normally I’d laugh at it, but I like him so I’d pay it but consider it an expensive purchase.

      Castle of Equalia: original price 175 doughnuts, paying building, premium skin for Lisa. 60 doughnuts for a paying building and skin (no incresed payout ’cause I’ve already got a Lisa premium option) – a good price but not an automatic purchase. I’m OK with the cost if I want this item.

      Notre Dame of Springfield: original price 150 doughnuts, paying building, premium character. 60 doughnuts for a paying building and premium character – amazing deal, I’d buy it without hesitating.

      Shadow Knight Throne: original price 200 doughnuts, 2.5% multiplier, premium skin for Bart. 60 doughnuts for a multiplier and skin – I consider 20 doughnuts to 1% standard so, by that logic, it’s a 50 doughnut value for the multiplier and 10 for the skin. No $ boost from the skin as I have a premium Bart option but still a good value. I’d buy it.

    • Had the same options and hesitated a moment too. Here are my thoughts on it.

      Shadow Knight is worth 200 donuts originally but getting him for 60 donuts with his throne that has an 2.5% XP boost which isn’t a bad deal especially if you care about % boosts.

      Castle of Equalia is worth 175 originally so again getting that for 60 isn’t a bad deal since it’s a building and a skin for 60.

      Notre Dame with Seamus is normally 150 but considering it actually comes with an actual character and not a skin it’s an extremely good deal if you get him for 60.

      Twonicorn is worth 70 so your only saving 10 donuts for getting him through the Medieval Mystery Box. Although if you have Furious D he does actually have a 16 hour task with the Twonicorn.

      My hesitation was that it was 2 skins for characters I already had premium skins for and an NPC so much the same position as you. I went for it anyway since they are cheaper through the mystery box. I also like castle’s and knights too which may have been a factor. At any rate it is up to you but you save 90+ donuts on 3 of the 4 items and this is on stuff that in my opinion is too costly to pay full price on. As I said before I decided to go for it and wish you the best of luck if you try your hand at it. My first box was the Two-Nicorn which is the cheapest thing in there of course… 😛

      • I gambled 3 times, and got the following:
        1. Shadow Knight. Not bad, but since I already have Daredevil Bart, I only really benefited from the throne’s 2.75% bonus.
        2. Freak show tent. Pretty craptcaular waste of space. No payout or bonus offered. Even if it were 10 donuts I wouldn’t’ buy it, but my luck with mystery boxes had to run out sooner or later after a pretty lucky run from since the Valentine’s Day ones, so I’m not complaining.
        3. Notre Dame of Springfield. This was the only thing I really wanted, and 120 donuts in total for this and the freak show tent is still a pretty decent price. Though I kinda kicked myself for not gambling for it during the St Patrick Day’s mystery box, as I liked just about everything that was offered.

        That leaves two-nicorn and Castle Equalia, which I can skip, since I already have Sacagewea Lisa, and I’m mostly sending her to the Eliminator outside of this event..

    • I’d go for it. A lot of that stuff was really expensive before.

  12. Even as a farmium, I won’t buy any of them. I have them for free from the Stonecutters event.

  13. Is there a reason why my Guillotine that i acquired prior doesn’t add to my %?

    • Because it’s a different one. Same, but different.

      • It bums me out that they started doing this. I have a bunch of those red banners and it would be great if they now earned a bonus %. I think if you spent the time and effort to craft something that later became premium, you should be able to benefit from that.

        But, don’t worry…I won’t shoot the messenger! 😉

    • Yeah it’s the same with the flags .. I have several items from clash of clans Event and were quite disappointed that they didn’t get the EXP Bonus :/

  14. I’m sad by the new trend of previously craftable free items not getting the bonus % now that they are premium. I have like 30 banners already from the COC event.

    • It makes sense to me that items players pay donuts for would do something extra that items we won for free don’t. Otherwise, there is no incentive to buy them.

      • I have no problem with them having a bonus, especially since they now cost donuts. I just think they should retroactively give the bonus to the item like they used to do. If I was to buy a banner, I’m not sure how I’d tell the difference between the one that gives me a bonus and the ones that don’t.

        • I don’t have a problem with it – I craft items I want to use to decorate, not for any nebulous possibility of added value later. The multiplier items definitely need to have a notation in inventory though, and not all of them do.

  15. The Stonecutter event was my all time fave! I missed out on the Stonecutter table. I hope they bring that back.

  16. Thoughts?
    Obviously EA is pandering to the Noobs who weren’t tapping during the Stonecutters / Medieval Events … ’cause there’s no reason any long time Tapper is going to waste Donuts on what was a Freemium (whatever, EA) 🤔

    • The Stonecutters event was three years ago. I’d say there’s probably a very, very high number of “Noobs” that play now who didn’t play 3 years ago that might want some of these items in their Springfields. I am one of said N00bs (I didn’t start until December 2014 so I missed nearly three years worth of content). Personally, I’m glad these items are at least offered as an option for donuts. This way long-time players got them free, had them to show off for years , and now we “Noobs” at least can have them with donuts. Think outside yourself to the community at large. EA has provided a lot of premium, new content as well for players like you.

      I also jumped at the new medieval bonus stuff @ 60 donuts. I really wanted that Bart skin and throne (especially @60 donuts and not 200 as it was when it debuted which, of course, I wasn’t playing at the time anyway). I landed it on third/six items. Found it really cool that the homer statue and medieval fun house (which were items 1 and 2 that I got) and the throne can be placed on the boardwalk. Set that up immediately.

      • I’ve been playing since late 2012 and enjoyed the Stonecutter’s event immensely. That said, it is nice that EA is bringing back items from previous events in order for all players to enjoy the items. Please don’t think all long term players share cjbrown’s myopic bifurcation of TSTO players. We are one community!

      • I started playing Tapped Out just when the Stonecutters event started, and I was simply unable to complete the prize track as I was still busy unlocking characters. It was otherwise my favourite event, and benefited tremendously from the skins which eventually became premium. I’m glad over the years I had the chance to pickup a few more items from the event, like the All Seeing Eye from the secret agents event mystery box. I’d certainly wouldn’t mind paying a reasonable amount for skins for Lenny, Carl and Dr. Hibbert to turn them into premium characters.

        I wasn’t fond of the Clash of Clones event though, as the event itself was dull and the payout mostly uninspired in the wake of the Stonecutters event..

    • I was playing back then and have all the items, but I do not understand your disdain for people who joined the game later. It does not hurt us at all that EA is offering these items again for those who don’t have them.

    • I wish they’d bring back the premium Stonecutters stuff. That was during the time when donuts were near impossible to come by without buying them.

  17. Bring back STONE CUTTERS purr lease EA! 🙂

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