Addicts Housekeeping: Site Issues (Popups, Missing Links etc)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So a few (ok more than a few) of you have been reporting you’ve been having issues with the site in the last few weeks, in-particular those of you with iOS devices.  Either with popups or disabled links.  I’ve been in contact with WordPress since the first problem was brought to my attention.

Dennis (and others) from WordPress are on the case, trying to resolve the problems, but he needs more information from those of you impacted.   If you’ve been having issues if you could take a moment to respond to Dennis’ inquiry below in the comments and answer his questions we would appreciate it!



Hi everyone,

This is Dennis from support. I’m so sorry that some of your are having issues with the ads on this site. I’m going to do my best to get this fixed, but if you don’t mind, can you give me a bit more information first? We’ve been trying to replicate the issue from our end, but we’re not seeing it, so it would be helpful to have as much detail as possible:

1) From what I gather, the issue appears on Chrome for iOS. Safari is fine. Is this correct?

2) If so, can you give me the exact urls of the pages you’re seeing this problem on? You can just copy and paste from the address bar on your browser.

3) Can you also tell me the exact links that you’re not able to click? I want to make sure I look at the same thing as you.

@brittj87, I see you already attached a screenshot, so if you could clarify the above three questions as well, that would be great. 🙂

Thank you so much for being patient with us on this.



63 responses to “Addicts Housekeeping: Site Issues (Popups, Missing Links etc)

  1. Just got a pop-up on my iPhone when I went to “Continue Reading” on the post for Alissa’s b-day:


  2. I am also getting the sylvanswin advert and it has blocked me from accessing Chrome entirely unless I click OK. on the “free phone” link.


  3. Josephine Kick@$$

    Wasn’t positive, just confirmed, it’s ALWAYS the Home Depot Behr paint ad that causes it. Still a problem.


  4. Easy solution buy an android tablet and ditch apple. U apple users always seem to have problem and think it is a better product. Android heaps cheaper, more realiable and easier to use.


  5. Similar to Katam I am getting pop ups saying I won $$& and the only way to get around the pop up is to close the app and restart. I am using the APP and my iPhone 6S — so not using safari OR chrome and still getting this issue. It’s linked to the premium.ios.offers that Katam mentioned.


  6. Just got another site pop up issue – this one claiming to be from Apple security.

    Is the link I was able to copy. This is on an iPhone (safari browser)


  7. Got the popup again this morning while trying to do the bracket poll. It was the Optimum survey again and the website was . I had to close the browser and restart Addicts. Im on Android.


  8. I am having an issue on Safari for iOS. Half the time when I load the site, none of the links are clickable. I have to reload to get clickable links. I have not had advertisement hijacking issues.


    • The issue I’m having seems to have something to do with an ad for Behr paint. It occurs when that ad is present. The ad seems to have some kind of timer on it, and if I wait for the timer to get to zero and click the X, I can then click the links on the page. But the timer doesn’t count down uniformly, and the ad is so small that it’s hard to notice on the page.


  9. simpsonsmomma

    I am on iPhone 7. I am having the issue while exclusively using safari. I have the issue on the home page. If I have the issue with an ad I’m unable to open any links unless I close the page completely and reopen. Sometimes I have to repeat the process multiple times.


  10. I keep getting other sites popping up that replace the TSTO Addicts site. This just happened to me a moment ago –

    (Spectrum is my cable service and Internet provider.)

    I am using an iPad with iOS 7.1.2. I haven’t added any other type of Internet Access on my device so I assume it’s Safari I’m using.


  11. iOS 10.0.2 using Safari on an iPhone. For me it’s a banner ad problem. Links cannot be clicked on the site (including the menu bar) until you scroll the page, find the offending ad, wait for the timer in the upper right corner to count down fully (usually a 10 second timer) then click an “x” that then appears. At that point all the links on the site are clickable again. Like others have said, it appears to be a Home Depot ad for Behr paint. This occurs on ANY page I view on TSTO addicts.

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    • I’m the same, though I’ve also seen ads for dog food that have the timer (not seeing them today, so I don’t remember the name).

      The timer ads that are sized proportionally (re: not in a smaller window) don’t stop me from clicking through the site.

      Next time I get a pop-up “virus” warning, I’ll snag the URL.


  12. I use Safari on iOS 9 with an older iPad 2. I have gotten highjacked by the popup claiming I have a virus and was redirectd to some other site. I have also noticed that when the Home Depot ad appears on the main page, it prevents me from tapping any other link other than the ad itself or the x to close it. Once closed, I can tap other links.


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