Addicts Housekeeping: Site Issues (Popups, Missing Links etc)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So a few (ok more than a few) of you have been reporting you’ve been having issues with the site in the last few weeks, in-particular those of you with iOS devices.  Either with popups or disabled links.  I’ve been in contact with WordPress since the first problem was brought to my attention.

Dennis (and others) from WordPress are on the case, trying to resolve the problems, but he needs more information from those of you impacted.   If you’ve been having issues if you could take a moment to respond to Dennis’ inquiry below in the comments and answer his questions we would appreciate it!



Hi everyone,

This is Dennis from support. I’m so sorry that some of your are having issues with the ads on this site. I’m going to do my best to get this fixed, but if you don’t mind, can you give me a bit more information first? We’ve been trying to replicate the issue from our end, but we’re not seeing it, so it would be helpful to have as much detail as possible:

1) From what I gather, the issue appears on Chrome for iOS. Safari is fine. Is this correct?

2) If so, can you give me the exact urls of the pages you’re seeing this problem on? You can just copy and paste from the address bar on your browser.

3) Can you also tell me the exact links that you’re not able to click? I want to make sure I look at the same thing as you.

@brittj87, I see you already attached a screenshot, so if you could clarify the above three questions as well, that would be great. 🙂

Thank you so much for being patient with us on this.


63 responses to “Addicts Housekeeping: Site Issues (Popups, Missing Links etc)

  1. I’m using safari on my iPad and i have been rec’ing pop up like nellypuk and sometimes telling me i have a virus and sends me to the App Store to get some games…

  2. Keith1Roon991

    All I can say is when the pop up happen I cant do anything but end my browser and start again, advertisements for iPhone was the last one and if I press to go back to previous page it loads another pop up selling something else, or a quiz to win something, very annoying and a mind of it own, no way out of it but to shut down browser

  3. I got the following link:

    Using safari for the iPhone.

    Thanks and hope this helps.

  4. I’ve been getting one for St Jude’s Children’s Hospital lately on my kindle that takes up the left half of the page and whites out everything to the right, without having an option to close it. Hysterically got it on the main page after clicking on this comment section.

  5. I’m using the Google browser on Android. Lately I’ve frequently been getting a popup that cannot be closed. It’s a slot machine type of thing that will supposedly make me a millionaire.

    The url is:

    I hope this helps

  6. RussianTigger

    Just for your info Alissa, it’s happening over at Family Guy Addicts as well, and it’s happening on Safari, not just Chrome, it’s driving me nuts more than Quest For Stuff, and that’s saying something

  7. I use safari on my iPhone and I will get random pop up ads and redirects on this site now. Sully saying I’ve won a million spins or something like that

  8. I had pop ups like a couple of years ago. But it has been ok for me so far. I am on an Android phone

  9. I had a virus pop up using the App downloaded for iphone about a week ago. Had to close it down and delete history in Safari for it to go away. Did it twice but that was it.

  10. I just had a pop up! Earlier I couldn’t leave a comment. I’ve been experiencing non responsive links also. I’m an IOS Safari user.

  11. As somebody who works in IT for a major corporation, from scrolling these comments of reported issues, I have to chip in that many of them are local issues on the users end.

  12. I use safari on my phone as well and have the same issues. I think the disabled links may be caused by the parallax scroll ads. As soon as I close whichever one is on the screen I don’t have a problem with the links anymore. I have also received the “your phone is infected with a virus” page redirect. Reloading the site and hoping for a different ad seems to be the only way to stop that one.

  13. 1 – I only use Sadari on my iPhone, and I can say that it also affects that

    2 – So many pages (including, ironically, this one), but the rest are no longer in my history.

  14. Hi Dennis,

    I responded to your request for information on another post, but please see this additional comment that provides screenshots of, and information about, one of the ad issues that I and others experienced:


  15. Okay, and now i click a link to go to the addicts home page, or any link on this page to go somewhere else, and they don’t work. I again had to keep reloading before i got a link to work, or write this new note.

  16. I posted this on the original thread where Dennis commented, but posting it again so all the responses are in the same place.

    Hi Dennis

    1) I only have this problem on safari. It happens on this site, as well as TSTO Topix which also runs on WordPress.

    2) The pop ups don’t appear all the time on every page. It is completely random. I could visit one page in the morning at it would be fine, but visit the same page 4 hrs later and I would get the pop up.

    I get the below URL, with a message pop up saying: “CONGRATULATIONS APPLE USER!
    Your iPhone has been selected because we need more beta-testers for the new iPhone 8!
    Press OK to participate and receive a free iPhone 7 for helping us.”

    3) I am not able to click on any links as such, I just can’t leave the page it automatically took me to. I try to press the back button but it doesn’t work so I have to close the tab and reopen the page I tried to access in the first place

  17. I’ve experienced the iPhone virus pop up on safari two times in the past two week when I click into the tstoaddicts email link. I’ll try to find the links and pages and send them to you

  18. Once again i had to reload the page to get a curser. These are the url’s that i was on when it happened.

    The rest are already gone from my history, sorry.

  19. I’m seeing this on Chrome for MacOS. It happens on many URLs, probably all, just not all the time. I’ve also seen this on one other website recently, so something bad is floating around the Ad networks.

  20. My problem is content on some ads. Some seem to be quite suggestive and not appropriate for the younger players.

  21. Hi!

    I had issues too, with several links, as I mostly check on the SISD posts probably those.

    I have iPhone/iPad and I only use Safari on both devices.

    There was a pop-up saying that my iPhone had been infected with a virus and I should follow a link to solve the problem. There was no way to go back to the original page nor the post I had opened. The only way was to close the window

    I had that problem only when staying in the US. Never occurred in Germany or anywhere else within Europe.

    Hope that helps

  22. Hi, i use an ipad and use safari for a browser. I was getting a bunch of pop ups, or rather hi-jacks i think, of my browser for a scam comcast survey, but only when i came to the addicts page. I will also add, when i went to comment it would not give me a curser to start writing. I had to reload the page a few times to get one, and then when i paused in my writing to go look at my search history to confirm what the comcast ad was, it again wouldn’t give me a curser and i had to reload a few times and re-write what i was saying. That has never happened. It always gives you a curser and lets you start writing right away, or at least it used to.

  23. 1) I’ve had issues with popups opening on safari as well, I tend to open the pages from the newsletter emails which opens in safari by default.

    2) Most posts I open from my iOS device redirect me to the popups ( I even got one when I opened this page; )

    3) I haven’t noticed any pages I’ve been completely unable to open, normally if I close the popup and reopen the link I am able to see the post.

  24. It’s been happening to me less the past few days (was REALLY bad a week or two ago…sorry… I have a poor sense of time these days), but I only use Safari on my iPad, not Chrome, so I can confirm that this problem is definitely NOT restricted to Chrome.

    If it happens again, I’ll provide the rest of their info you’re looking for. Thanks for looking into this for us…it’s been super annoying!

  25. On iOS/Safari, I tapped from the front page into the Medieval Mystery Box post, and was directed to a site saying my iPhone had been infected with viruses. I’ve seen these before with certain ad networks when the curators of those networks don’t fully vet their ads. Just happened the one time though, I can’t replicate it again this morning.

  26. Josephine Kick@$$

    iOS Safari

    The last ad on the upper section before where it says “Share this”.

    I have to wait until it allows me to skip the ad to be able to do anything. If I do not “skip” the ad, I am unable to even “like” the post, nor post anything, “like” another posters’ response, respond, (basically anything). If I wait the few seconds then skip, everything works normal.
    Thank you 😊

  27. Probably the right place to let you know i’ve experienced ‘malvertising’ once or twice on here too.. namely a fake firefox ‘urgent’ update… FF users be careful!

  28. Question 1, no, safari is NOT okay. Literally on this page, trying to view this I’ve had 3 “pop-ups” telling me I’ve won a trial of an iPhone 8 or something. The only way to get round this is to close the browser window and re-try. It had seemed to have improved/gone away but the last couple of days it’s been horrendous again. PLEASE FIX THIS, THIS SITE IS REPUTABLE IT SHOULDN’T BE SUFFERING FROM THIS TYPE OF UNPLEASANT UNWANTED INTERRUPTION.

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