Time Travel Toaster Prize Guide: Egyptian Era, Prize 6 the Sphinx

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Hang onto your toasters my friends because we’re going flying through space and time!  The latest event in TSTO has us going wayyy back in time to when Dinosaurs roamed the earth, Pharaohs were building pyramids & Pirates hobbled around on their peg legs!

This Event is broken up into 3 Eras, with each Era containing part of the story.  To help you move along with the event you’ll get several prizes per Act.  Each prize will either be something fun for Springfield or something to help you move along in the event.  For the second Era, Egyptian, you’re tasked with collecting Papyri () to unlock each prize!

The sixth Egyptian Era Prize awarded at 66,200 is the Sphinx, because it wouldn’t be Egypt without one or two of these bad boys hanging around…

So let’s take a closer look at this fifth prize and just what happens when you unlock it in your Springfield…

Once you’ve collected 66,200 you’ll automatically be awarded the Sphinx and you’ll see this message popup:

And you’ll have the option to place this in your Springfield or store it in your inventory for later.  Remember if you store it you’ll have to go into your inventory to retrieve it (and you won’t get Tachyon credit until you’ve placed it)


It does not come with dialogue or a task, or anything really.  Simply place it and move on and that’s all there is to it….

Here are the quick details:

Size: 7×4
Tachyons When Built: 851  (Remember you have to PLACE it in your Springfield to get the Tachyon credit.  You won’t get credit if you store it in your Inventory and never place it…after the Tachyons are paid out you can store it without consequence)
Earns: Nada
Vanity +100
Other Info: Can be placed on the grass/pavement/beach/boardwalk/dirt/pier
Animation: None.

And there you have it, the details behind the Sphinx, the sixth Egyptian Prize!

What’s Next?

Egyptian Pyramid and Taskmaster Willie Awarded at 86,900.  This will be the next prize we break down in the prize guide post.

What are your thoughts on the Sphinx? Have you unlocked it yet?  Where have you placed it in your Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

12 responses to “Time Travel Toaster Prize Guide: Egyptian Era, Prize 6 the Sphinx

  1. the Sphinx –

    Wow! EA made this Decor (if it isn’t earning XP, $? It’s not a Building) a smaller scale compared to the Bart Simpson Sphinx (a Craftable)! Neither is Animated, nor do they offer any Bonus % (just an improved Vanity rating)!

    I’m starting to feel cheated by EA (I guess if you want Animated / Bonus %? You got to spend Donuts / Bonuts!) anyone else?

  2. Josephine Kick@$$

    Thanks Alissa 😊 With Bart sphinx already, & no % or $, this will end up in storage. Really disappointed with EA in their decision to not give a bonus or payout on so many items lately 😐

  3. Has the “Road to Riches” breakdown posted yet?

  4. I’ll be missing out on the final prize again for act 2 it seems


  5. It’s a bit small for THE Sphinx, isn’t it? I mean, the Bart Sphinx is larger.

  6. It’s a big stone sphinx.

    It sits there and does nothing.

    Because it’s made of stone.

  7. I’m not feeling any of the prizes this time. Most are just decorative duds IMHO.

  8. Anybody else having an issue with the game crashing when they try to go to Krusty Land?

    • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

      About 4 days ago, yes. And it crashed when I went to visit neighbors.
      I hard closedthe game and my device. It still kept occurring.
      Then, several, several hours later it ceased to occur.

      • During the Pin Pal event I had that problem. Every time I went to Krustyland or my Friends list the game crashed. It happened to me a few times during that event. Although it hasn’t happened to me since but when it happened after a few hours, which for events could be critical, it cleared up for me. I did report it at the time and apparently they never fixed it.

    • One weird crash yesterday but not since.

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