Should I Spend Donuts on Blackbeard & the Ghost Pirate Airship?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Time to grab toast as we travel back…wayyyy back…in time with Homer in the all new TTT (Time Travel Toaster) event!  We’ve flashed forward from the land of Egypt to the era of rum, jolly rogers, pirate ships and scurvy…and of course we’ve got loads of Pirate Era items in our Springfield just temping us with those sprinkles!

Of course with that limited-time label it can be tempting to buy everything that looks awesome because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add Blackbeard and the Ghost Pirate Airship (or just Blackbeard if you already have the ship) to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this ghostly pirate to your town…

Character: Blackbeard
Building/Decoration:Ghost Pirate Airship (if you don’t already have it, otherwise you’re offered just Blackbeard alone)
Donut Cost: If you DO NOT have the Airship 250 Donuts, 75 Donut Rebate, NET 175 Donuts. If you DO have the Airship 100 donuts, character alone.
Earns: Pirate Airship Earns $135, 15xp/4hrs AND 5% bonus on all cash and XP, also 965  
Vanity +2,500
Other Info:
This is a FULL character.  Airship floats in the air but the anchor has to be on land (not sea) and takes up 3×3 of land space.  Can be placed on the 
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Leaves stores July 5th

-4hr task to earn shovels, earns 4 shovels…the most you can earn (only Cavegirl Booberella and Pharaoh Skinner earn as much)
-Earns Tacyons when placed (for leveling up Panini Press)
-Funny visual tasks
-Ghost Pirate Airship earns a great bonus % AND regular income
-Airship has a task for Sea Captain and Herman

-Pricey for a stand alone character (100 donuts is on the high side)

Final Thought
Odds are most premium players already have the Airship and if that’s the case 100 donuts is a little pricey for a Stand Alone Character..BUT he’s one of the few full characters offered with this event (many others have been a skins).  So it’s something you may want to consider.  I did purchase him for the 100 donuts.
If you do not have the Airship and you’re looking at 175 donuts for the combo, buy it.  It breaks down to 75 donuts for the Airship that comes with a 5% bonus AND earns income.  It’s a good deal in that regard.

If you’re offered Blackbeard alone, I’d pass. 100 donuts is pricey for a stand alone character.  But if you’re offered the combo, I’d seriously consider it.  It offers a lot of bang for your donut buck.

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would or wouldn’t do…and as I premium player I can tell I picked him up (as a stand alone, I’ve had the Airship forever).   But whatever you decide, just make sure you make your final decision before he leaves our games for good (or for now).

Here’s a look at his tasks…

Blackbeard’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Roll His Arrrrs 1hrs $105, 26xp Brown House
Tame the Mane 4hrs $260, 70xp Outside/Visual
Nurse Phantom Pain 8hrs $420, 105xp Outside/Visual
Loot and Plunder 12hrs $600, 150xp Brown House
Board Enemy Vessel 24hrs $1,000, 225xp Squidport

And, because we have a lot to cover in a short period of time, here’s the Turbo Tappin’ Version of his Questline:

No Leg to Stand On Pt. 1
Blackbeard starts

Make Blackbeard Seek His Treasure- 4hrs, Earns 4 208
Make Milhouse Run in Fear- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

No Leg to Stand On Pt. 2
Blackbeard starts

Make Bart Apply to Be a Pirate- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Blackbeard Accept Applications- 4hrs, Earns 4, 208

No Leg to Stand On Pt. 3
Blackbeard starts

Make Blackbeard Check Out Wares- 4hrs, Earns 4, 208
Make Herman Display Arms- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

No Leg to Stand On Pt. 4
Blackbeard starts

Make Sea Captain Join the Crew- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Blackbeard Pour Mugs O’Rum- 4hrs, Earns 4, 208 

What are your thoughts on Blackbeard and the Airship?  Will you be spending the donuts to bring them to your Springfield?  Why or why not?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

88 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on Blackbeard & the Ghost Pirate Airship?

  1. You have to buy him, don’t you?
    Don’t understand why you wouldn’t 😉

  2. 175 donuts ! It’s still a bit expensive ! I passed

    • Really??? A character, a cash generator, annnddd 5% bonus? You are a hard sell🙀.

      • Yes I’m a hard sell 😂😂
        But it’s complicated to earn 175 donuts !
        And I’m waiting for July 4th…

  3. I think Tappers finally got something worth spending Donuts / Bonuts on (175 for the combo is worth it)! 👍😀

  4. Blackbeard’s Ghost was one of my favorite movies growing up.

  5. talon8770 // rick m

    Always wanted the ghost ship but thought it was outrageously priced but now its a deal with Black Beard as the bonus. Its a no brainer buy. As for Alissa’s advice on saving shovels from last act , it was an absolute solid piece of advice I had 197 shovels when this act started and I’ve already got all the excavation prizes and I’m 10 tachs. from the pirate bridge. I’ve also maxed out the “toaster”, and I’m almost at the fire pit prize. Thanks Alissa for saving me all this time as I’m sure it will be the same way for any future events. I can sit back and cruise for the rest.

  6. I liked the other eras better, I was waiting for the Pirates but many of the prizes are pretty lame. I did get Blackbeard though, he is a lot of fun so far

  7. Thanks for the advice A! I was on the fence about this one, but your glowing review pushed me over the edge (and 5% bonus didn’t hurt!!).

  8. Bought it right away! Always wanted the airship, and this was the nudge to final hit the spend button.

  9. BallisticPanda

    i read these every time there is a new premium item even though i am never even close to having enough donuts 😄😢

    • Farming doughnuts is the only way… I was close to 0 during the Spy event, but last week I was over 670. I certainly don’t buy everything (I skipped the lame Skinner outfit), but I was able to buy Booberella + cave and just bought Blackbeard + ship.

  10. I didn’t have either ship nor character. So this was an instant buy for me. EA is finding all sorts of ways to deplete my doughnut stash these days. Thank you (again) KEM farm!

  11. CyanideTipped

    Definite buy for me…5% multiplier too good to resist too.

  12. I wish I could buy the character without the Airship. 250 is pricey. Most of Act 3 is all decorations and fluff, not much to spend doughnuts on. I’ve had a better time with the Vault and the mystery box. I think July 4th items are going to be up next. EA has a new character in the 4th of July Character category.

  13. I bought the combo. Pretty good deal for everything you get.

    Curious question: has any character that’s been offered since EA went event only (or maybe even longer) had more than two visual tasks?

  14. Bought him immediately. I already have the airship. He’s great.

  15. Just had to have it. Worth it!!

  16. Couldn’t resist the combo, the 5% bonus really sweetened the deal for me. Used up almost all my available donuts, now there are 100 left and I am KEM farming full throttle to build up enough for 4th of july.

    • Random rant: I have now stored Cecil Terwiller.

      Last night before bed i had to set the overnight tasks manually (unemployment center unavailable thanks to “send Springfielders on 4 hour task” questline blocking it) and clicked Cecil’s “spend $10mil.” 8 hrs. task instead of his 8hrs. cash earning task. Blew away 1/3 of my cash reserve, that I wanted to convert into donuts… D’Oh!

  17. I really wanted Bluebeard pirate but don’t want that ugly ridulous floating ghost ship, & I don’t care about the percentage bonus. I want my town more realistic, Springweird is not for me.

    • The two aren’t connected…you can use Bluebeard and keep the ship in storage, if Bluebeard is worth 185 donuts to you.

      I had never wanted the ship before, either, because it’s so big, but now that we have more sea available, I was able to put it out on a pier in the sea, near the shipwrecks, and it doesn’t look half bad!

    • I meant “Blackbeard,” not “Bluebeard” …you got me mixed up, lol!

    • I normally have mine floating over a large lake in my Halloween/Medieval area, the anchor hidden behind the Mausoleum.

  18. Is Blackbeard voiced?

  19. I was hoping the ghost pirate ship would be offered with act 3. Blackbeard is a great bonus 😀

  20. MasterMarvel180

    i have 231 donuts, but i want spend in the vault

    • Spend in the Vault. I can’t tell you what is best but 60 doughnuts is going to get you more chances at prizes then 1 item like Blackbeard.

  21. Oh heck yea I bought this. For 175 donuts you get a full playable character plus a ship that generates income AND offers 5% bonus. Think of it as buying one character and TWO buildings. While the deal is not a super-awesome bargain, it’s actually fair averaging around 60 donuts per item(count the ship as TWO items) since a standard price for character-building combos are around 130 donuts these days.

    The floating pirate ship is super cool. #noregrets =]

  22. What?! No task for him to sit in the high chair?

  23. Are the attached ie if you store the ship do you store blackbeard too.

  24. This is a must-have for me!

    Also, the Big T Tree is currently just 5 donuts (15 donuts with a 10 donut rebate) — and it is a great way to boost your XP! For every 10 donuts you spend on the Big T trees, you’ll bump your XP up by 1%.

  25. Having trouble getting the quest for the sea captain to start – stored the houseboat; do i need someone else available?

  26. unforgiven019

    I’ve been saving my donuts for the 4th July boxes and now I’m torn between the two and can’t decide!

  27. Building a fort to keep Springfield safe from them awwwrrfullll pirates!

  28. The answer to “Should I spend money on/with/around/for Blackbeard?” is always “yes!” 😀

  29. Really wish the ship could be placed over water, but I’ll probably pick this up, regardless. This is one of those things I probably would have passed on if I didn’t have a good surplus of donuts, since pirate stuff isn’t my thing so much.

    But I’ve been pretty much buying up all of the characters that have been offered lately…downside is that, the more characters one had, the more work one had to do when one can’t use the unemployment office. I liked it better when the game mostly just focused on character groups when they had a “send all [insert character group name]” task, rather than “send all Springfielders.” It’s not too bad when I get one of those in the middle of the day (since they’re usually 4-hour tasks), but if I get one of those before bed, oy vey! Sending 200+ characters manually in their 12-hour overnight tasks is a lot of tapping!

    • Try placing the anchor for the ship on a boardwalk tile
      and then hide the tile behind something (I have mine behind the shipwreck craft item from Holloween 2016).

      • Thanks for the suggestion! Actually before I saw this, I figured out how I wanted to design it and I did put the anchor on a tile, but didn’t hide it, because I was able to build a pier into the design. I’ll share a picture of it at the next show-off, maybe. 🙂

    *ka-ching* 😀

    …I already had everything pirates that EA have offered in the past. I love pirates. I would have purchased this pirate for a boatload. (Shhhh don’t tell EA that)…100 absolute bargain 🙂

    Where I live we have the world record for the most pirates in one place at any one time! Do I dress up? Yes every year in July it’s pirate day here and everyone is a pirate! People even dress up thier dogs. .. actually alot of the locals don’t even need fancy dress… 😉

    • That KEM farming must be really bringing in the donuts for you guys. Seems to be the same players buying up every single character or combo that comes up. At least in the latest posts that I have seen. Large amounts of donut spent with no problem at all.
      I can assure you if I had a higher bonus percentage I would be doing exactly the same.
      I appreciate some spend real money as well of course & this keeps EA happy.

      • I have spent real money too on the things I really wanted at the time. It has got alot easier with a higher bonus that’s for sure…I will still spend money but now I’m not forced to! 🙂

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