Bracket Battle Pick’em Contest: Week 1 Leaderboard

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As many of you know, the third edition of the Bracket Battle is back this summer. This time it’s to determine the most desired building in our Springfield’s. However, this time, we have an added pick’em contest to go along with the Bracket Battle and the Addicts have been kind enough to provide a prize of $10 USD gift card (or equivalent) to one winner from the United States and one International winner.

While it’s too late to enter the contest now, the original contest post with rules can be found here.

A quick recap of the contest:

  • Basically everyone who entered made their 63 picks for who will win the 63 head-to-head matchups.
  • Every correct Round 1 (weeks 1-4) matchup is worth 1 point.
  • Every correct Round 2 (weeks 5-6) matchup is worth 2 points.
  • Every correct Round 3 (week 7) matchup is worth 4 points.
  • Every correct Round 4 (week 8) matchup is worth 10 points.
  • Every correct Round 5 (week 9) matchup is worth 20 points.
  • And correctly predicting the winner in Round 6 (week 10) is worth 40 points.
  • The two people (1 from US, 1 international) with the most points at the end of the Bracket Battle each win a prize.

So who entered?

278 people entered the contest, plus we have four picks that are not eligible for prizes: Namely from our three Addicts and I also made my picks.

We received 179 contest entries from USA; 28 from Canada; 21 from UK (I included those who entered England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as UK); 9 from Australia; 5 from Germany and the Netherlands; 4 from Spain; 3 from Ireland; 2 from Austria, Belgium, Hungary, New Zealand, Slovakia, South Africa, and Sweden; and 1 entry apiece from Brazil, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Macedonia, Mexico, Pakistan, the Philippines, Poland, Singapore, and Thailand.

But we’re all Addicts and the picks we made must all be the same, right?


All 282 entries had a unique combination of 63 picks winning their matchups (i.e. not even including the tiebreaker). Granted there are 1,329,227,995,784,920,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 unique entries that could have been made, but I thought there might be some consensus amongst Addicts. 40 of the 64 buildings were picked as winner of the title of the most desired building.

So how am I doing so far?

Here is the Leaderboard after Week 1, sorted by points then alphabetically by name:

Congrats to the 6 Americans, 4 Canadians, 2 Germans, 2 Spaniards, and 1 Pakistani who still have a perfect bracket going.

So who picked who in Week 1?

#1 seed Bouvier House (68% – 1,054 votes) defeated #8 Birthplace of Matt Groening (32% – 496 votes) in the Bracket Battle, causing the 93 people (33.0%) who picked the upset to break their Brackets.

#1 Moe’s Apartment (85% – 1,292 votes) destroyed #8 Smooches on the Beach (15% – 235 votes) in the Bracket Battle, causing the 57 people (20.2%) who picked the upset to break their Brackets.

#1 Springfield University (86% – 1,298 votes) destroyed #8 Museum of Television and TV(14% – 220 votes) in the Bracket Battle, preventing just 42 people (14.9%) who picked the upset from getting a point.

#1 Praiseland (66% – 1,001 votes) defeated #8 Fort Springfield (34% – 519 votes) in the Bracket Battle, causing the 74 people (26.2%) who picked the upset to break their Brackets.

#8 P.F. Wangs (61% – 928 votes) upset #1 Joe’s Tavern (39% – 587 votes) in the Bracket Battle, resulting in a lot of damage, as only 132 people (46.8%) got a point for correctly picking the upset.

#1 The Slaughterhouse (67% – 1,008 votes) defeated #8 Jazzy Goodtimes (33% – 493 votes) in the Bracket Battle, causing the 61 people (21.6%) who picked the upset to break their Brackets.

#1 I Can’t Believe it’s a Law Firm (78% – 1,151 votes) defeated #8 Plunderer Pete’s (22% – 330 votes) in the Bracket Battle, causing the 62 people (22.0%) who picked the upset to break their Brackets.

#8 Quitters (50% – 751 votes) barely upset #1 Springfield Shopper (50% – 746 votes) in the Bracket Battle, resulting in the most damage, as only 105 people (37.2%) got a point while 177 people (62.8%) who picked the favourite had their Brackets broken.

Well that’s it for this weeks pick’em contest leaderboard recap. Don’t forget to vote on the Week 2 Bracket Battle matchups here. Voting is open until noon eastern this Thursday. And be sure to come back this Friday evening for the week 3 matchups to go live.

How is your Bracket going? What did you do right and what did you do wrong? Are you doing better than the Addicts? Sound off in the comments below. You know we love hearing from you!

22 responses to “Bracket Battle Pick’em Contest: Week 1 Leaderboard

  1. Nice analysis Safi. I wonder if everyone realises how much work goes into something like this… I take my hat off to you!

  2. ok so dont pick which building you want but pick the one you think majority want…….kind of defeats the object

    • You pick the one you want when you vote in the battle, but, for the contest, you need to guess what will actually win. Not sure what point you think that defeats…it’s like sports betting – you may not pick the team you normally root for, if you don’t think they’re actually gonna win. Actually, when what you want to win is different than what you think will win, having a contest like this means you can “win” whichever the outcome! 🙂

    • I don’t really understand how you declare a winner if the object was to pick which building you want? Wouldn’t it just be a tie amongst all 282 entries as all 282 entries would have picked the buildings they want the most?

  3. Sponsored by the letter “B”, eh? There are 129 “B”s, compared to 792 “E”s and 591 “T”s. #NobodySaysEhOutsideOfTheMaritimes

  4. I just wanted to say good luck, we’re all counting on you.

    Perfect bracket ftw!

  5. I do not understand your maths but am happy to be tied for second and above Safi and Wookie by virtue of the alphabet! Go 6

  6. 27 Canadians? More like 25 Torontonians and 2 elsewhere (most likely, Vancouver😅).🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  7. I just realized as I thought I was on the list. I forgot about the comp. Well I’m 13 not 18. Rip wish I was old enough

  8. I don’t get the point system. But I also would like to know what place I am

  9. Whooooo hoooooo 2nd, ok tied second with a gazillion other people but, woooooo 2nd 😀🎉😄🎉😀

  10. kaiserofmetal

    I’m very impressed because I am the only one from Mexico :O. I hope reach the best 20 at least

  11. This was fascinating…thanks! I liked the analysis with the pie charts, and the country info was interesting, too. As a percentage of the entrants, I must say that Spain and Germany really represented at the top of the leaderboard!

  12. I should have 7 points… I don’t think my picks saved. The only one I should have missed was my pick for the “Birthplace of Matt Groening…”

    • If you’re Jason S from USA, you lost 2 points because you chose Joe’s Tavern over P.F. Wangs and Springfield Shopper over Quitters.

      If you’re Jason F from USA, you lost 3 points because you chose Birthplace of Matt Groening over Bouvier House, Joe’s Tavern over P.F. Wangs, and Springfield Shopper over Quitters.

      • Jason Tekoppel

        I’m Jason T. from USA. I must have done something wrong. This was a good idea though. This whole site is great!

  13. I love seeing all the different countries that players live in. Of all the stats I think that is the most interesting.

  14. I only missed 1point in the 1st round

  15. Good game everyone! May the best tapper win. 😀

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