Time Travel Removal Update Is Live…and Pride Mini Event is Live

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Sorry this is up a little late…a little chaotic around here.  Anywho the Time Travel Removal Update has hit the app stores…so download now if you’re ready for what’s next.

So what exactly is next?  Well a little bit of new content hit our games to go along with the removal….

So what’s new?

First you can buy the tappable NPCs from the Time Travel Event in one bundle…

 they’re 60 donuts and all NPCs.

Excavation site prizes/changes.  It remains as it’s own mini game and pays out cash and XP as well as a bonus prize.  Here are the prizes:

Pirate Booty, Barbarian Statue, Castle Gates, Castle Tower, Castle Wall, Rock Pile 1, Wooden Barrel, Hieroglyph Wall & Broken Down Dryer/Broken Down Washer.

And for those wondering…you earn shovels AUTOMATICALLY.  You’ll earn 2 shovels every hour until they max out.

Next we’ve got a little Pride update (albeit a month late for Pride month…).  Starts off with a 6s task for Homer, followed by a couple more 6s tasks for Helen Lovejoy and Wiggum, and that’s followed by a 6s task for Moe and finally you’ll trigger the mini event…and all of the items in the store.

Just got home and trying to pull all of the files so I’ll update this post with more details in a bit…

So here are the details…

First let’s cover what’s in the store, because it’s the easiest…

New Stuff

The League of Extra Horny Gentlemen- 60 Donuts

Sconewall Bakery & Rollerskate Smithers- 125 Donuts

Hairy Shearers & Julio- 155 Donuts


Rainbow Tree- $100

Rainbow Flag- $250

Pride Billboard- 5 Donuts

Rainbow Hydrant Pack- 20 Donuts

Valentine’s Cooling Towers (skin)- 25 Donuts, 20 Donut Rebate..NET 5 Donuts

Havana Private Home- 60 Donuts, 20 Donut Rebate, NET 40 Donuts

She-She Lounge- 20 Donut Rebate

Twonicorn- 20 Donut Rebate

Ajax Steel Mill and Roscoe- 150 Donuts (i believe there’s a 50 donut rebate on this as well)

And now onto the prizes…

First thing you can see is this ends July 18th…so 2 weeks to play.  Which likely means the next major event will hit on July 19th.  So guys..THIS is your downtime.  We all know these mini events are usually easy to finish.  So go slow and enjoy the downtime before the next event.  Don’t expect EA to give you a break any time soon….

Now onto the prize track…

Pride Crosswalk x5 

Armistead’s Mopeds 

Village Apartments and Grady

 Ride a Moped Animation for Grady

One Night Stan’s

I’ll have the Turbo Tappin’ Post up soon that’ll have how you unlock each prize..but that’s the order they unlock in.

Also, there are Balloons you have to tap to Earn Pride Badges (in addition to character tasks)…

First of all, if your sound is on the sound they make when you tap them is awful.  Just be forewarned…

Second, they Spawn at a rate of 1/6 minutes.  You can have a max of 30 in your town at once…no bank.

And that’s it my friends, the quick details on the 2017 Pride Event.

What are your thoughts on the mini event?  Any items you’ll be picking up?  Items you’re excited to unlock? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

183 responses to “Time Travel Removal Update Is Live…and Pride Mini Event is Live

  1. Is there a way to store this event in inventory? The jobs are still highlighted for my characters and it’s annoying when I’m trying to send them on mass jobs.

  2. Sort of disappointed that One Night Stan is used to buy crosswalks at $20K, no rent.

  3. I’d love some regular zebra crossings now. Not that there’s anything wrong with the pride ones, I’ll use them for sure, but I’d love some regular ones for some realistic designing

    • Looks like the colors are sort of like a skin. So if you tap on the crosswalk once you get through adding all the colors you can change it back to white.

  4. A great event, albeit a mini one. It was enough to draw my attention away from the Futurama game to focus back on Springfield. Since June came and went, I thought EA forgot about Pride this year. I’m glad I was wrong. I only wish they would fix the Pride Flags. They are the only flaccid flags in the game. All the others are blowing in the wind, and the Pride will only unfurl briefly if you tap it. Not very proud, for a pride flag. So I really wish EA would fix that (or at least give us the option if we want it blowing in the wind like all the other flags in the game or not (similar to what they are doing with the pride balloons now)). Speaking of balloons, I think it would had been cooler if the balloons we had to tap all over town would make a popping sound when tapped. I think it would “feel” more satisfying (like popping bubble wrap). Anyway, cheers to EA for this event.

  5. daveswarbirds

    I’ve been a hardcore tapper since 2013, however this is one event that I will pass on. I welcome the two week break from TSTO, though, as it will give me a chance to catch up on some of the other games on my iPad…

  6. Gabe "glue man" degrossi

    I’m not sure if this has been said but it appears if you store the excavation site and then replace it, it will reset your shovels. So good way to farm the site for castle pieces or whatever else, good way to do it.

  7. I just got back from vacation and tried to skim the comments, so sorry if this has been addressed. Is there a cap on the bank of shovels at the mini game?

  8. From the excavation site among other items it said I found a Barbarian Statue, but rather than let me place it right away it said it was in my inventory. After a lot of searching I can’t find it anywhere. Anybody else have anything like this? I already have one in my town so I’m wondering if it’s a bug with being unique but still “winnable” (just that you don’t get it). Since it awards a bonus % I’d like to put it out if I have it…

    • I was once awarded a second space shuttle which has a bonus. When I rearranged my area I put them both in storage and it would only let me put one back out. I called EA and they accused me of hacking my game since I should only have one and threatened to lock me out. I finally convinced them it was their fault and got a few doughnuts as an apology yet that shuttle still sits in my inventory bugging me.

      • I’ve run into a couple of glitches like that over the years, but I’ve never contacted EA about it. That’s a bummer that they took that attitude with you over their own mistake. 🙁

    • Just ran into the same issue. I stored my existing Barbarian Statue and confirmed I only had one in my inventory despite winning a new one.

      • Thanks for the confirmation. I guess that means that once you have that prize you can only win non-premium prizes from the excavation site, and since I have 1000s of castle pieces in my inventory from the original event I don’t really have a reason to keep trying for prizes.

    • I just had the same thing happen. Might try contacting EA later, as I don’t have time to sit and wait for a chat or call.

      But I’m guessing it’s the same thing…the statue is unique and we can place more than one even if we win it at the site. Sad.

    • Same here and was thinking the same thing that it must be unique. Typical as it’s the only one with a bonus %!

    • bewtifulfreak

      I had this happen as well, and as I’d already gone through this several times over with the Claw Machine and about four non-existant Sir Love-a-Lot bears (which yes, like the Barbarian Statue, is also unique), I contacted them yet again… after having said they’d look into it, a rep then came back and said, as a gamer for over 25 years, they’ve experienced duplicate items many times, it’s just a random number generator (RNG) thing, all gamers have had that experience, he understands it’s frustrating, but you just hope for better luck next time. To which I replied that I’m well aware of RNG, and I’ve experienced duplicate items in many games, but when it happens in other games, I either *get* the item, or I get a “Sorry, you may only have one of these items”. What I don’t get is a “You won!” message, and asked whether I’d like to place or store my non-existant item!

      So I strongly but politely suggested that, if they have no intention of offering donuts in lieu (as they’ve done with the Mystery Boxes and Squeaky Voice Teen, for example) or any other premium prize(s) (which I’d suggested when the issue first came up with the Claw Machine), then at the very least, they should change the wording so it doesn’t seem like you’ve won something when you haven’t, which, although a small thing in the scheme of life, does tend to be rather annoying when it happens. To which I was told, “I will absolutely get this feedback submitted up to TSTO Studio for you – I definitely agree, this could be worded in a much better way for the sake of clarity.”

      So yeah, that’s what’s up with that… I don’t know if it qualifies as a bug exactly – I’m not sure if the whole RNG thing was an excuse after the fact, or what – but it’s definitely poorly thought out coding and wording.

  9. Fell asleep before I could start the event. Woke up and Bluestacks completely crashed so as usual I uninstalled/reinstalled Bluestacks which normally takes a while but it works much better. Today however it was Bluestacks 3. TSTO apparently won’t play in the new update. Took a while but I finally found the files for Bluestacks 2. Only 200 MB away from finally getting this thing started.

  10. I guess word is getting out about this update, just saw someone post about it on the Moovz app 🙃

  11. I love fire hydrants. I don’t know why, but last time we could get them I bought several. Now I can color code some of them to go with certain buildings! This is great for me. And we get crosswalks! That is such a treat. I’ve wanted crosswalks for years. And more new characters! Yes. I’m just all-around pleased with this.

  12. I would sure love to get free donuts and free building s and I know it’s possible cos a friend has done this from me 😀

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