Time Travel Toaster 2017 and the Conform-O-Meter

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The Time Travel Event is set to leave our games today, so now is still a great time to look back at how all of the items added for this event impact our Conform-O-Meters.  Especially since this event brought LOADS of items to Springfield…

The Conform-O-Meter is an important part of Tapped-Out because it provides you with a bonus boost in your cash and  XP from everything you collect in the game.  When you achieve a 5-Star Town (it’s max rating) you will receive a 5% bonus on all money and XP collected in your town.  If you missed the previous Conform-O-Meter posts check here for the basics and here for how many points you’ll need to reach 5 stars.

While the Time Travel event brought no changes to the Conform-O-Meter requirements, it did bring a bunch of buildings and decorations.  So let’s take a look at how all of the new “goodies” impact our rating:

Free items

Item Cost Category  Points
Excavation Site Free Tree-Hugging 100
Mom & Mom Hardware Free Consumerism 10
Springsonian Museum Free Vanity 200
Panini Press Free Vanity 100

Homer’s Workbench, which was awarded before this event started, is Vanity +100

Item Cost Category  Points
Mammoth Statue Prize Act 1 Vanity 100
Pterodactyl Nest Prize Act 1 Tree-Hugging 100
Dinosaur Lake Prize Act 1 Tree-Hugging 100
Moe’s Cavern Prize Act 1 Consumerism 10
Banana Leaf Windmill Prize Act 2 Vanity 100
Tuts ‘n’ Tots Elementary Prize Act 2 Obedience 10
Orb of Isis Prize Act 2 Vanity 100
Sphinx Prize Act 2 Vanity 100
Egyptian Pyramid Prize Act 2 Vanity 200
Pirate Animatronic Prize Act 3 Vanity 100
Pirate Fire Pit Prize Act 3 Vanity 100
Gallows Prize Act 3 Obedience 5
Pirate Ship Prize Act 3 Vanity 100


Item Cost Category  Points
Prehistoric Fern Craftable Tree-Hugging 5
Dinosaur Skeleton Craftable Vanity 100
Triceratops Statue Craftable Vanity 100
Tar Field Craftable Tree-Hugging 100
Egyptian Column Craftable Vanity 5
Egyptian Outhouse Craftable Vanity 100
Egyptian Tent Craftable Indolence 10
Camel Craftable Vanity 100
Bart Sphinx Craftable Vanity 100
Skelton Pile Craftable Vanity 100
Pirate Cannon Craftable Obedience 5
Rowboat Craftable Vanity 100
Siren Masthead Craftable Vanity 100
Mermaid Petting Zoo Craftable Consumerism 5

Excavation Site Prizes

Item Cost Category  Points
Prehistoric Foliage Dino Excavation Prize Tree-Hugging 100
Prehistoric Plant Dino Excavation Prize Tree-Hugging 100
Drangonfly Rock Dino Excavation Prize Tree-Hugging 100
Cave Drawing Dino Excavation Prize Vanity 100
Egyptian Pillar Egypt Excavation Prize Vanity 100
Burning Tree Egypt Excavation Prize Tree-Hugging 100
Egyptian Sundial Egypt Excavation Prize Vanity 100
Skinner Scarcophagus Egypt Excavation Prize Vanity 100
Abu Simbel Temple Egypt Excavation Prize Vanity 200
Pirate Treasure Pirate Excavation Prize Vanity 100
Shallow Grave Pirate Excavation Prize Vanity 5
Pirate Booty Pirate Excavation Prize Vanity 100
Grog Barrel Pirate Excavation Prize Gluttony 5
Pirate Bridge Pirate Excavation Prize Vanity 100


Item Cost New/Returning Category  Points
Velvet Rope $500 New Vanity 10
Cave Wall $500 New Vanity 100
Cactus Rock $200 Returning Tree-Hugging 5
Exotic Tree $200 Returning Tree-Hugging 300
Wooden Barrel $250 Returning Vanity 50
Dead Tree $270 Returning Tree-Hugging 80
Luminescent Flowers $400 Returning Tree-Hugging 100
Heiroglyph Wall $500 Returning Vanity 5
Frontier Gate $500 Returning Vanity 10
Forest Cave $800 Returning Tree-Hugging 100
Pyre $1,250 Returning Vanity 100
Medieval Tent $1,250 Returning Vanity 100
Manual Power Generator $2,000 Returning Obedience 10
Small Iceberg $85,000 Returning Vanity 100


New stuff..

Item Cost Category  Points
Pile of Gold 10 Donuts Vanity 200
Candy Apple Island 45 Donuts Vanity 200
Hangman Cage 45 Donuts Obedience 5
Egyptian Playground 50 Donuts Vanity 200
Pharaoh Tent 55 Donuts Indolence 10
Pirate Prison 60 Donuts Obedience 10
Chariot 65 Donuts Vanity 200
Acid Pools 70 Donuts Vanity 200
Oasis 75 Donuts Vanity 200
Prehistoric Jungle 85 Donuts Vanity 200
Curvaceous Cave 100 Donuts Tree-Hugging 200
Waterslide Tree 100 Donuts Tree-Hugging 200
Springfield Historical Society 150 Donuts Vanity 200
Pharaoh Throne 150 Donuts Vanity 100
Concert Hall 185 Donuts Vanity 200


Item Cost Category  Points
Giant Mushroom 2 Donuts Vanity 10
Giant Snake In a Tree 10 Donuts Vanity 100
Medieval Banners 10-15 Donuts Vanity 150-200
Guillotine 25 Donuts Vanity 200
Sacred Parchment 15 Donuts Obedience 10
Medium Iceberg 15 Donuts Vanity 100
Large Icebert 25 Donuts Vanity 100
Wooly Mammoth Pen 30 Donuts Vanity 50
Giant Grasshopper 35 Donuts Vanity 300
Old Faithless 40 Donuts Vanity 200
Hot Springs 45 Donuts Tree-Hugging 40
Chest of Sacred Artifacts 55 Donuts Obedience 10
Improvised Snare 60 Donuts Tree-Hugging 200
Mayan Calendar 70 Donuts Vanity 100
Treasure Chest 85 Donuts Vanity 850
Cemetery Plot 100 Donuts Vanity 150
Pagan Bonfire 170 Donuts Obedience 10
Murdernhorn 250 Donuts Tree-Hugging 2,500
Ghost Pirate Airship 250 Donuts Vanity 2,500

Bundles/Mystery Boxes..

Item Cost Category  Points
Shipwreck Pirate Bundle Vanity 200
Stock Pirate Bundle Vanity 150
Stack of Beer Pirate Bundle Vanity 300
Explosives Pirate Bundle Vanity 100
Catacombs Ruin Bundle Vanity 200
Ruins Ruin Bundle Obedience 10
Brazier Ruin Bundle Vanity 5
Shadow Knight Throne Medieval Mystery Box Vanity 750
Castle of Equalia Medieval Mystery Box N/A N/A
Notre Dame of Springfield Medieval Mystery Box N/A N/A
Barbarian Statue Medieval Mystery Box Vanity 400
Catapult Medieval Mystery Box Vanity 600
Freakshow Tent Medieval Mystery Box Vanity 800
Frink’s Mechano Spider Time Capsule Mystery Box Obedience 10
Hootenanny Barn Time Capsule Mystery Box Vanity 100
Wild West Film Set Time Capsule Mystery Box Vanity 500
Sneed’s Feed & Seed Time Capsule Mystery Box Consumerism 10
Old Mine Time Capsule Mystery Box Tree-Hugging 300
West Doobner’s Rib Hut Time Capsule Mystery Box Consumerism 10

Whew!  As you can see this was a very full event, loads of items added and brought back!

What were your thoughts on the Time Travel Event?  Which buildings/items did you win/earn? How’s your conform-o-meter doing?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

21 responses to “Time Travel Toaster 2017 and the Conform-O-Meter

  1. Nick (a_simpsonsempire)

    Excavation site gives prizes now. Anyone know if there’s premium item chances? Or will it be like that wasteful claw game…

  2. Update is available in Android

  3. Just installed the removal update. Right off the bat we have a mini quest for “Springfield Pride”. Looks like a character skin for Smithers with 2 new characters. Each event group has a new character with the Time Travelers Bundle. Looks like 3 NPCs.

  4. Update in App Store now

  5. Looks like there’s an update in the (android) store.

  6. The Problem Child

    Next mini-event coming soon 4.27.5 It’s on the servers but not yet in the stores…PRIDE 2017. Lots of good stuff!!

  7. i was pretty bummed that none of the craftables awarded any XP upon purchase/placement. This was always a given in previous events and at least gave me a reason to spend on these things.

  8. 🎼I have it all, I have it all and I have it NOW!🎵

  9. I wonder if they’ll sell the walkarounds. I want to get a permanent Anubis from the Egyptian portion.

  10. I stopped looking after the conform-o-metre, because with so many premium items adding Bonus percent, it’s too much clutter required for a relatively measly 5%. Add three Jet bikes and Hide them behind large buildings. There you are: instant 6%.

  11. Still nothing that contributes to righteousness in this event…

    • Nor the previous event….I wonder when the last time was that they added something that contributed to Righteousness?

    • I think the training walls are the only item raising righteousness, or at least the only one you can pile in. That’s why so many people use them in designs. Place enough of those and you’ll max it easily.

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