Predictability and Speculation, It All Comes Down To Timing…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

I couldn’t help but notice yesterday when Superheroes 3 hit many of you expressed disappointment that it wasn’t a major event.  You were expecting EA’s usual format..big event, mini event, big event…and it didn’t happen this time around.  Instead we got an “old school” update.  Some new dialogue and a bunch of items in the store.

For those of you confused as to why EA’s not following their traditional format (Big event, mini event, big event)…I talked about this in the comments earlier this week, let’s do a little forecasting and speculation (really any excuse to bust out my crystal ball..)…

I truly believe the timing of everything comes down the annual THOH Halloween Event.

We all know there will be a Halloween Event coming in the fall.  There’s always a Halloween Event, and no reason for them to stop now.  Halloween is a BIG deal in The Simpsons.  In fact Season 29 is slated to start with the THOH episode being it’s Season Premiere.  Sorry, guys I was going off old info, THOH won’t be the premiere, but it’ll air later in Oct.  So we know Halloween is coming.

We also know that major events run from 4-6 weeks & mini events for approx 2 weeks. If we had a major event hit now it would end somewhere between August 15th and 29th.  Let’s assume, for arguments sake it would be 6 weeks and ends August 29th.  That would be followed by a 2 week mini event, which would end right around September 12th-13th…that’s WAY to early to launch a Halloween Event.  They would need some kind of filler to buy them at least another 2 weeks before they can launch Halloween…or a precursor to Halloween. And Season 29 doesn’t start until October 1st, so that’s even to early to see and Episode Tie-in.

So here’s what I think…this is their filler to buy them that week and a half they needed.

So what does it mean?  Well my speculation…

We’ll likely see a BIG Event on August 1st, which will probably run until at least September 5th, maybe even the 12th.  Let’s assume the 12th.  We’d get a mini event on September 13th, that will last until the 26th.  Which will be followed by an Episode Tie-In for the Season Premiere (we always get one for the premiere) on the 27th, this tie-in will serve as a precursor to the THOH 2017 Event.  And Halloween will likely Launch on October 3rd…and probably run until November 7th, maybe the 14th.  (which will be followed by Thanksgiving for 2 weeks and then Christmas event).

And that will round out your 2017 in TSTO…

Hopefully this analysis helps calm the frustration of some/many of you with this little update hitting.  Enjoy the downtime.  Redesign your Springfield.  Reconnect with your family.  Catch up on some sleep, before the 4hr cycle catches up with all of us once again!

What do you think will be next?  What are your thoughts on my timing analysis? Plans for the downtime? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

158 responses to “Predictability and Speculation, It All Comes Down To Timing…

  1. Michelle Flores

    Could it be another whacking day? I saw that the snake log was added to the superheroes page in the store with a huge rebate…

  2. Anxious for next event!

  3. Next? Just KEM Farm until a real Event comes around (ie “Back To School” would be amusing) …. but yeah unless you’re a Noob who missed out on something prior? Save your Donuts / Bonuts for Halloween !! 👻😄💰

  4. I actually would prefer bigger gaps between stuff. That four hour cycle really burns out the game for me, especially in the instances like the last event that jeeping it to it still doesn’t allow completion of a stage/event. Having a longer down time would increase enthusiasm fir the game again.

  5. Sing off event better add Mary spuckler

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