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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well it’s finally come time for me to sit down and write the long awaited Road the Riches post.  Many of you have been asking for more details for a while & have been patiently waiting for me to finish this post.   My apologies for not getting this done sooner.  It started as being too busy from the Time Travel Event to get down to the full details of it, but then turned into I was REALLY enjoying the downtime & really needed the battery recharge….and it was getting increasingly hard to have a desire to sit down and write a post like this.  But I’m here..and I’ve got it knocked out for you now…

(Truth be told…after nearly 4 years of doing this site (and writing over 2,700 of the over 4,500 posts on this site) I’m just tired.  Some days it’s a struggle to find the desire to write about or even play TSTO.  Of course I know that’ll change when the next event hits, but for now I’m enjoying the downtime..)

So, I’m sure most of you have already finished the Road to Riches waiting for me to get you the details…but for those that haven’t (or for those who are just getting there) here’s the 411 on Cecil’s expensive improvements….

Ok so let’s first start off with the basics…how do you trigger the Road to Riches?

Well, once you have $2,000,000 in your TSTO bank AND you’ve built at least one Aspirational item i.e. Escalator to Nowhere, Popsicle Stick Skyscraper, Cubic Zirconia, The Sunsphere, Sit-N-Rotate, Krusty Burger Oil Rig  or Fortress of Choclitude…you’ll unlock the Road to Riches tasks.

So bottom line?  If you’re looking for your cash and build one of those items (I recommend The Sunsphere…it’s one of my favorites and comes with fun tasks for Bart, Milhouse, Martin & it’s a reasonable price)

Now onto the finer details…what’s involved, how do you get it & what does it do…

It’s started with this dialogue:

Cecil: Fair Springfield, I’ve done you wrong in the past; but I hope you’ll forgive a young Terwilliger his foolishness.  Allow me another shot at adding to the beauty of your humble burg.
Bart: Get lost Sideshow, Jr. Last time you left the place in shambles.
Cecil: Thus driving down home prices! A positive boon for any young couple searching for their starter home.

As a reminder you can access the Road to Riches tasks (once you’ve unlocked them) at any time via the Daily Challenges tab (just click on the green icon (that looks like money))…

So what is Road to Riches? It’s similar to Money Mountain (in that you throw money at these items) and a prize track (in that you follow along and unlock different prizes for completing each task).

Cecil Terwillger is the key to all of the tasks.

So BE CAREFUL sending Cecil on tasks without checking first…otherwise you may find yourself out 10 million bucks.

And send Cecil on tasks that make sense for you.  Obviously 10 million over 8hrs is better than doing 1 million/hr…but otherwise do what makes sense for you.

Now onto the items!

The first item you’ll unlock is the Springfield Dam…because every town needs a Dam.  Mostly so you can have Dam tours…and make other fun Dam jokes.

Cecil: Citizens of Springfield, I have decided to right my previous wrong by completing the promised hydroelectric dam. I will make Springfield the greenest city in all of the lower forty-eight!
Mr. Burns: We tried this “green” madness once before. And were nearly destroyed by that visionary super-genius Elon Musk!  You sound just like him! Minus the near-indecipherable accent, of course.

Item: Springfield Dam
Unlocked At: 20 Million Invested
Size: 16×16
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100
What Does It Do?: It’s a Dam, it Dams. Animated when tapped, but also always animated.  (water runs) (when tapped the dam gets a crack)
Cool Thing About It?:
It lines up REALLY nicely with 1 row of the river…won’t work 2 rows thick.

From there it’s onto…

Cecil: A responsible society must from time to time embrace the redistribution of wealth.  Come on ninety-nine percent. Time to give, give, give to your betters!

Item: Mansion Gardens
Unlocked At: 40 Million Invested
Size: Multiple items, so multiple sizes…
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100 EACH component
What Does It Do?: This one is multiple parts.  It comes with a bunch of little accessories to make up the Mansion Gardens.  Included are: Mansion Gardens Statue, Mansion Gardens Gazebo (2), Mansion Gardens Square, Mansion Gardens Pillar (8), Mansion Gardens Planter (8), Mansion Gardens Pond, Mansion Gardens Tree Line (4) and Mansion Gardens Platform

This prize is all decorations, not as glamorous or “classic” as the other 2 items, but still LOADS of design possibilities with these.  Nice addition.  

And this leads to our final Road to Riches prize….

Cecil: The outcry was negative on my last project, now I build for ALL the people.  And I’ll leave it up to the populace to decide the direction of my next project.
Bart: Blow up Springfield Elementary!
Otto: An arena! Where Deep Purple is forced to perform day and night for the rest of their natural lives!
Barney: So long as it has a bar, with free liquor and a strict no-AA Sponsors allowed policy, we’re good!
Cletus: And make Shelbyville pay for it!

Item: Rock and A Hard Place
Unlocked At: 80 Million Invested
Size: 9×14
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100
What Does It Do?: Nothing on it’s own, BUT Homer will have a 8hr task here (Experience Irony) and yes, it’s animated. 
Fun Fact:
Mythbusters did an entire episode all about The Simpsons & Homer on the wrecking ball was one of the Myths they explored..

And that’s it my friends!  Once you’ve unlocked those 3 items (which will cost you 140 million in game cash…) there’s nothing else in the Road to Riches..for now.  Looks like they may add some more items in the future, but for now that’s it.  Just those 3 and call it a day…

What are your thoughts on the Road to Riches?  Have you finished it? Working on it? Just started it? What have you done with the items you’ve unlocked?  What do you plan to do? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

172 responses to “Road to Riches…

  1. That’s a lot of cash just to get three decorations. The Dam is kinda cool, but the mansion gardens seems pointless. Rock and a Hard Place is iconic from the movie and the task would be funny. But 140 million in game cash for that? Not likely, EA.

  2. I like these items, but will be working on them slowly. I can only buy expensive land now, so that’s a bigger priority for me. I reckon I’ll have the damn by December or so. I’m not in a hurry. Since I enjoy the game, I take a long view on some of these more expensive items & tasks. I do wish the super pricey items (mag glass, oir drill, popsicle stick tower, etc.) would come with a minor % bonus, even 0.05, to make them a little more worth the hard work.

  3. Anyone else having problems connecting to the TSTO server? I’ve managed to get connected for a couple of minutes before getting kicked out again twice, but mostly I just get the “Cannot Connect to Server” message. It’s been like this for the past couple hours.

  4. I see the tasks, but haven’t gotten the dialog, so Road to Riches doesn’t seem open to me. I have Sunsphere and the Oil rig.

  5. I haven’t started this – I see it as a way for EA to eat into cash that can be used for KEM farming (may be a conspiracy theory, I’ll admit).

    So until I’m at a point where I feel like I don’t need to farm for donuts, or these items get some sort of bonus, I’m passing on it for now.

    But thanks for the write-up!!! At least confirms what I assumed…they are just really expensive decorations.

  6. This is still going to take me a while. I’m about halfway through the second one.

  7. Hmm.. I probably wont do this for a very long time. My money goes on donut farming. If only these items gave a %bonus.

  8. How do you guys accumulate massive amounts of money? I hover at approximately $150,000. I’ve only gotten to 1 million once or twice. There’s always more land to buy, and now I spend it on KEM.

    • High bonus %, and playing for a REALLY long time. I hover around 50 million and make over a million a day if I was really grinding for it..

      • I’ve been playing since nearly the beginning, but I didn’t know a lot of the strategies back then. Your website has helped me play smarter… and I’m still learning. I have a lot of catching up to do. I love the TSTO Addicts site and all the hard work you guys have put into it. It makes playing so much more enjoyable. Thank you!

        • If you’ve been playing for that long then you probably have a lot of multiplier items in your inventory (even if they didn’t have a multiplier when your stored them); unless you’ve been managing them really carefully.

          Hunt them out and get them out (tap on the ‘i’ to see information about items, usually including the multiplier); they’ll give you an important boost to earning cash and XP.

    • 300ish orange houses. Approx 200 characters. 520% bonus. Some of the old timers benefit from the fact that houses used to cost the same amount no matter how many you bought. they didn’t use the sliding cost scale that you have now, so it was easy to accumulate a massive number of Blue, orange or white houses. The Blue houses have the best payout rate, given you can check them 2-3 times / day.

      • My main game is at 2616.81%. I am at $565M after buying everything, including roads to riches. I de-farmed my houses, except a few Lard Lads surrounding my remaining small KEM farm, currently stash 5830. I usually level up a couple of time just collecting rent/character income. Earning over $5M a day.

    • Tony Da Tiger

      Well, if you invest time in playing this game everyday for a few years, you’ll eventually build a massive multiplier that will allow you to generate ridonk amounts of in game cash. I’ve been playing this game as a freemium player for the past 5-6yrs so my multiplier is up to ~725% and I have 222 playable characters. You can probably get to that percentage really fast by spending real-life money on a ton of donuts just like what EA wants you to do. It might be too early for you to make farming worth your time.

      • It is never to early to farm KEM. Investing in 12 KEMs (net <$7K) will earn you a couple of extra donuts per day. Use those to buy mystery boxes to increase your %, which increase your cash, ….

        • How does 12 houses give you an extra couple donuts a day ?
          Surely you would need the multiplier on & that costs donuts. In the early stages it would not be profitable.

        • @Charles
          Well, the staple thing to do to farm KEMs is to front 25 donuts for 10 days’ use of the XP Generator, which equates to 2.5 donuts per day. If your %multiplier is too low and/or don’t have enough characters or buildings to generate income, it might be difficult to break even on the 2.5 donuts spent.

          • If you are only concerned about donut return, then when the collider expire, stop for a few hours/days and build up cash. But my test is proving to me that is advantageous to KEM farm anytime, if you can farm 4-5 times a day (5-10 minutes). You move the levels faster so you don’t have wait for quests. Not waiting for quests means you get buildings and characters faster. If you visit more often you collect more rent/income. Which means farming houses become more profitable. Before level 45 it is easy to level up (and you get 2 donuts sometimes). It resets at level 61 (40,000 vs 500,000 for level 60) before returning to 500K at level 101. In my test I KEM with 4 to 12, depending on the cash available. I have received 318 in 52/53 days, including bonuts, daily challenges, maggie, etc. That is an average of 6 donuts per day. Even if i was getting 3 donuts per day for non-level up, that leaves 3 per day, beating the 2.5 need to run the collider.

    • You just need a high bonus xp %. I have been playing this game for less than 2 years but I have over 1500% XP, now I don’t even send characters on tasks anymore, I just earn all my money from building income. There’s so much money and nothing to spend it on.

  9. Listen sweetheart you do a great job here but you take care of #1 and you do you. No apologies I and the others that read your material on this site appreciate it very much, I know speaking for myself I would be lost.. (probably still stuck on some level saying this sucks) without your help. So again no apologies needed, don’t burn out on our behalf you work hard so play hard as Roscoe and the steel mill workers of America would say.

      • I can understand how you feel. I’ve only been playing for slightly over 3 years, and I’m kinda tired of the game already, so do take care, and never feel like you need to put TSTO over your life priorities. We already love what you’re doing.

  10. Money waster for the .5%

  11. *****

  12. I’m $50 Million into the rock and hard place. I debated even getting these as I’d rather use the money to buy rat trap trucks but not having them would also annoy me so I just bit the bullet.

  13. Though this prize quest seems interesting enough, I had intentions of using that cash else where. Not to mention that I have yet to finish Springfield Heights quest line, and only having a small amount of mediocre items to help increase the “value” spent for that distinct area, that quest line is taking just as long as Road to Riches.

    Besides I would like a return to the Stone Cutters as there are characters in my town that are supposed to be members, yet I have not unlocked their membership.

  14. Different players at different places, I guess. Personally, I’m still trying to collect up all of the various premium items/characters, so my in-game cash goes almost exclusively towards Rat Trap trucks, for the level-up donuts. (Hmmmm…. spend 140 million on a few random decorations, or spend it on a bunch of donuts to get premiums? Gee, tough decision…) So yeah, completion of the Road to Riches is going to have to wait for a little while, for me.

  15. Thanks for the clip. Like the Dam. Meh on the others.

  16. You don’t need both the cash and the aspirationa item. I had only 2 million dollars and none of those expensive items. I unlocked Cecil and started the quest.

    • Agreed. I never purchased any of the aspirational items because they don’t fit with my town’s aesthetic, but I have (and have between slowly playing) Rags to Riches. I think you just need to meet the cash requirement.

  17. I have all of those things you need but I’m not getting a quest. Is there anything else I need to do?

  18. 10M away from finishing it. Almost broke lol

  19. Thanks for the post. Interesting… I’ve completed the mansion task but I don’t have several of the items above e.g the lime trees. I’ve looked in my inventory and can’t find them.

  20. 😱 Alissa: I find it disheartening that you sometimes have trouble to even find the desire to even play TSTO… My life without TSTO would be missing…something. I hope that things are okay…. 😎
    On to the subject of the post. Of all the prizes I like Rock and a hard place the best. I used the dam, didn’t yet use any of the second prize items. I like Homer’s animated task, but I was disappointed that he doesn’t stop swinging mid-air occasionally and start up again. I seem to remember that that was one of the funniest moments in the Simpsons movie. And I was hoping for a premium or even super premium payout. And no tasks for the other two prizes was a bit disappointing as well. I have similar feelings about Lisa’s tree hugger tasks. Why aren’t they premium, or even super premium like Mr. Burns’ money mountain tasks? But, all things considered, they are “free” (as in “no donuts required”) and it’s nice to be able to add some iconic locations to our little game in exchange for, in essence, nothing but time that you spend in the game. Looking forward to new prizes, although it will be difficult to come up with a new item that is as iconic as Rock and a hard place…

    • Oh things are fine. I’ve just been doing this for a LONG time. I’ve been playing for nearly 5 years and blogging for nearly 4 without breaks…(even when I go on vacation I pump out plenty of content before I go so there isn’t a ton to do)’s not often you guys ask “Where’s Alissa?” cause I’m always here lol But that much, plus working full time and having a family…burn out is natural. I’m still here though, don’t worry 🙂

      • Yes ta Alissa for all your hard work, it can’t be easy at times to find the motivation.
        I know what you mean about the downtime but for me personally, this ” lull ” has just been too long. Nearly a month now since a full blown event.
        I fear we may have lost some new players who have turned to new similar games & who can blame them.

  21. ArchStanton67

    A definite meh. Items that expensive need a bonus percentage instead. The dam is nice. I really want to have Homer’s crane animation, but the cost is too much with little in-game value.

  22. Thank you for pointing out how the river lines up with the dam! Off to play with my design.

  23. I really did a spit take when I sent Homer on his “Experience Irony” task 🤣🤣🤣

  24. I’m glad they did this, I had $150 million just lying around so this was a great way to spend my money

  25. I really liked this update, I play this game since the beginning, with my characters always on 4h (or 8h during the night) quests and naturally, I had a lot of money to spare. It wasn’t enough to ruin me though, I still had 200 millions left after that so nice try, game, but you’ll need to try more to vanquish me! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Seriously, I hope they’ll keep doing this, unlike the Friend Points rewards.

    • I noticed the last sentence could be misunderstood, I meant that they stopped putting new FP rewards and that’s a shame, I really liked those.

  26. Need more money pits! I’ve got 3 billion burning a hole in my pocket!

  27. Taking a break from TSTO right now. Just dropping by to say, I have stored Cecil after one night spending 10 Mil. cash by accident, which was supposed to be used for donut farming. Since my cash only increases slowly during donut farming and I had never piled up lots of cash (30 mil. was my all time high), this is not something I want to repeat.

  28. Am I missing something cause what’s the point of mansion decorations without the mansion???

    • I used it as part of my Botanical Gardens, the one that has the stinky flower. But I can’t help but think the mansion gardens would be a perfect fit for Jay G’s mansion.

    • It goes well with both Jay G’s mansion and the new Vienna Opera House. Haven’t gotten it yet, but think I will eventually turn it into a formal gardens with a hedge maze (thinking of re-doing my central Springfield park).

  29. If I had the money, I’d do it immediately, the dam and Rock and A Hard Place look very much worth it. But I recently blew all my money from 250 million down to 40 million to earn a considerable amount of donuts. I’m back up to 101 million right now, but I’ll probably wait a bit longer before burning it up on this prize track.

  30. I hate Road to Riches. Despite playing a while I don’t have any where near that kind of cash (my highest was about 17 Million). Accidently blew 10 mil. When a coworker banged into my arm in the breakroom. Wish we could cancel the tasks if we weren’t interested.

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