Where Did THAT Come From – Pride stuff from basically one episode (plus Julio & Grady)

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where Did THAT Come From?

It was only a matter of time before the game became more like The Flintstones. That’s right friends… we had a gay ol’ time recently in TSTO and frankly, it was fabulous. Lots of new characters and buildings and an event closest to the good old days of level updates in a long time. Even better, Springfield properly celebrated Pride although I’ll agree with Patric that the dialogue was certainly written by heteronormatives. This isn’t the place for a debate about choices or lifestyles though. This is Addicts… a loving community where all are welcome and we got new stuff so the fuzzball is gonna tell you the origin for it. For this round we will be taking a look at a bunch of the Pride stuff and an abbreviated WDTCF for Julio & Grady. Here’s what’s on the docket:

Armistead Moped’s – 2nd Pride Prize
Sconewall Bakery & Rollerskate Smithers – 125 donuts
Village Apartments, Julio, and Grady – The bookends came as the 3rd Pride Prize and Julio was offered for 155 donuts.
One Night Stan’s – 5th Pride Prize

So Julio and Grady have been in a combined nineteen or so episodes but rather than just showing every bit part… I thought I’d concentrate on their true origin since so many things came from one episode. These two fabulous gentleman came our way first  in “Three Gays of the Condo” (S14:E17). Courtesy of finding a note in Marge’s memory chest that lets him know how she felt back in their younger days while he played with his Neanderthal friends, he realizes Marge hates him and may have only stayed with him because of Bart. I give Marge credit for admitting she loves her husband but may have been resenting him a little bit their whole marriage. Homer feels unappreciated and can’t deal with the revelation and moves out.

But where to go when you need a new place to live? Well… first with Kirk but later to the Village Apartments after seeing an ad in the Apartment Finder (we put you in your place). The gag of the newspaper box suddenly being outside the Simpson home and then stolen by Cletus is just too good.

Homer’s potential new apartment is in a swanky section of town too (“so many gay book stores for a straight neighborhood”) and we see Armistead’s Mopeds right from go.

Sconewall Bakery is next with none other than Smithers on rollerblades. Sort of bugs me they called this skin Rollerskate Smithers when it’s pretty clear he’s on blades. Oh well. It’s a funny scene and I always love when Smithers lifestyle is played around with.

At Village Apartments, Homer meets his new roommates.

The rest of the episode is good stuff and I don’t want to ruin it for ya. Check out the episode. I mean c’mon… Weird Al and more.

Oh yeah… One Night Stan’s shows up too.

I guess I should mention One Night Stan’s is also in “The Blue and the Gray” (S22:E13) when Homer becomes Moe’s wingman to help him meet ladies. There’s lots of places he goes to engage the less attractive friend and talk block but the one we’re looking for is One Night Stan’s which looks a little different in this episode. This one also is not a gay night club so maybe there’s two versions in Springfield?

That’s really it for this origin post but I suppose I can at least mention some other Julio and Grady (but mostly Julio) appearances. There’s twenty-three episodes total where one or both appear but I narrowed it down to twelve I remembered off the top of my head. Basically once they were created the writer’s couldn’t help but include them when it made funny sense.

“There’s Something About Marrying” (S16:E10) – Julio gets married by Homer but not to Grady. Who the heck is Thad?

“I Don’t Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” (S19:E4) – Julio is among the Springfieldianites robbed by Dwight.

“Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words” (S20:E6) – Homer starts a breakup service called Sweet Conclusions. We learn that Grady is dating Duffman. Homer breaks the news to Julio later in the episode.

“Four Great Women and a Manicure” (S20:E20) – flamboyant Spanish King Julio wants the hand of Queen Elizabeth I but is snubbed for being more interested in Harlequin Krusty resulting in war.

“The Devil Wears Nada” (S21:E5) – Julio gets Marge drunk to take sensual photos in a risqué calendar shoot.

“Flaming Moe” (S22:E11) – no surprise… Julio shows up when Moe turn his tavern into a gay bar. My favorite moment is him flirting with Comic Book Gay. I also like seeing past flamboyant character like John and Llewellyn Sinclair.

“The Blue and the Gray” (S22:E13) – Julio is Marge’s hairstylist at Harry Shearers. He’s Gaybraham Lincoln in the battle between blue and gray.

“Homer Scissorhands” (S22:E20) – Homer becomes a sought after hairstylist but the only way to get away from the grueling gig is for Julio to take his place.

“Moe Goes from Rags to Riches” (S23:E12) – Julio appears as Michelangelo in this episode.

“Walking Big & Tall” (S26:E13) – Julio works at Forever 21 Waist. This parody of another store makes me laugh.

“Much Apu About Something” (S27:E12) – seen leading the Gays in Wonder coalition following Springfield’s new SWAT tank.

“The Burns Cage” (S27:E17) – Julio & Grady are seen at a party Homer throws to set up Smithers with a new flame. They aren’t seen together. Guess this is an on and off relationship. Smithers briefly dates Julio here too.

Basically if you need a sassy gay friend who makes you want to watch Hank Azaria in The Birdcage, Julio is your guy. Grady sometimes is his guy. They definitely make me laugh. Lots of stuff from one episode and then brief flashes in other episodes. What do you think of it all? Did you ever watch “Three Gays of the Condo”? Have a favorite Julio or Grady appearance I didn’t mention? I’m happy the game finally did a proper Pride event. Sound off with your thoughts on the items and happy classy tapping friends.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

13 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Pride stuff from basically one episode (plus Julio & Grady)

  1. Good riddance gay pride theme…. on to the next event!

  2. Clearly there is more opportunity for another event (wish it wasn’t a mini, but I know otherwise people will get all huffy and puffy 🙄)

  3. It was an enjoyable mini-event. We didn’t get Karl (before there was Grady or Julio, there was Karl (voiced by Harvey Fierstein)), but there’s always future Pride events where we might. I like Karl. He was classy and not overly stereotypical. Though I would miss his voice in the game (since EA doesn’t do voices for characters supplied by guest stars).

  4. Wow, this post made me realize that Grady got the shaft… and I don’t mean Julio’s. Poor him for getting fewer appearances in the show, but oh well.

  5. I’m surprised they didn’t have the character John with “Cockamamie’s Collectibles” building. I lost opportunity for a memorable episode. Zap, Zap, Zap.

  6. Bonjour

  7. Question for Wookie….
    My Springfield needs some of those missile launcher trucks (aiming at North Korea) but I can’t remember seeing that type of vehicle in any episode, can you?


    • Maybe we could get the OvenFresh sponsor from “All’s Fair in Oven War”… American Pride Radar-Guided Missiles. Just a sponsor but could satisfy your need. My brain also tells me there might be something from the Party Posse episode.

  8. To MAB The Great……
    That was a nice, neat, symmetrical visit, beware of ocd 😃

    and a general comment….. Sherri & Terri need an eight hour job that doesn’t require Bart and Shauna needs an eight hour job that isn’t cruel to ducks


  9. The Pride update is my favourite mini event in TSTO. It was a shame to hear that Armistead’s Mopeds and Sconewall Bakery don’t have any tasks there other than Wise Guy on his 10 hour task (maybe EA could add a task for Grady at Armisteads and an indoor task for Smithers at the Bakery in the future), I passed on Julio + Hairy Shearers and the Bakery with Rollerblade Smithers so that I might get them at a discount like with Roscoe and Ajax. I really liked that EA had a character and building combo as a mini event prize instead of costumes. There could be another update with the buildings on this post (Forever 21 Waist + Alternate Knifestyles) characters like John with his car + Cockamamie’s and possibly Grizzly Shaun.

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