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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

Don’t forget voting is open in the latest Bracket Battle!  Pick your favorite buildings to advance!

Another reminder….Springfield Showoff (Reader’s Choice) is due tonight by 8pm ET.  Send your submissions in to or post them on our Showoff annoucement post.

Russian Tigger (who does an AMAZING job on FGA, despite Bunny’s mysterious disappearances) is sharing some thoughts on the new Futurama Game over on Family Guy Addicts.  Check it out if you’re playing (or interested in playing) FWOT.

Superheroes round 3 ended today..and Homer’s Cannon ends tomorrow.  So looks like we’re setup for another (hopefully big) update to hit on Tuesday!  What are your thoughts for what will hit?  Anything you’re hoping for?  Anything you’re hoping doesn’t hit?

How was the rest of your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting? Almost August…Summer is winding down fast!

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of! (Just no politics, it never ends well)  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

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  1. Ok—I give up! Please don’t judge me and I won’t judge you, but how to I get rid of an event I don’t want to participate in? I don’t intend to place rainbow crosswalks, or any of that. I’ve done the update, but it’s still there. I thought events had time limits and it wave over when the new one started.

  2. LOL

  3. I want to thank my neighbors that remembered the Stop Drop Light.

    Debating whether if it is worth rewriting, or if any admin want to do a link with a friendly reminder of the purpose behind it.

    But again thank you for those who do it and anyone who needs a reminder you can check out the link attached to my name (“Totbox” in blue)

    • But do we know whether lawyers “time out” after 4 hours for this event? We only need the light if that’s the case. (I had to go look at your post to remember what that was about…and I’m guessing I was the person you alluded to in it as having a bad memory, but I don’t remember for sure, lol!)

      • I think they stay fresh for four hours, after that the neighbour receiving them gains nothing.


    • Thanks Tot for reminder I had forgotten about this!

  4. Ok, I will wait few more minutes until 11 PM here and if nothing happens, I’ll go to bed or I won’t be able to wake up at 5 AM tomorrow to prepare to work! 😅

  5. Not jonesing at all.
    Not one little bit.
    Must be getting close to east coast lunchtime surely

  6. Hi Suerees ☺ .
    For some reason it would not let me put a reply under your name so I had to come up with this post .
    Creepy D has been on vacation this week.
    It was in the paper but the government covered it up and said it was just a weather balloon .
    See you soon.

    🎬🎥🔫🐒 . See ya bye . 👽

    • You must be having a party at work with Creepy D out of the picture. Then again, maybe he’s up to something. 👺😈
      Better keep an eye on the papers. 👁

  7. Just a reminder…you may want to save a couple days of daily tasks…hopefully they will switch to event currency when the event starts. If it doesn’t start in the next 3 days, just do the oldest task each day and you will stay ahead.

  8. Where is the calendar for the upcoming event that should come to our game sometime tomorrow?

    Hey, it’s downtime – that’s my excuse for being bored.
    My excuse for being obnoxious………

    But, I can claim that I was first!

  9. Hey has there always been 20 friendship levels and prizes since the game launched? Has EA ever added new levels in the past? Just wondering I’ve been at level 20 for long time keep hoping they will add new levels/prizes.

    • I seem to remember that they added prizes at some point, but it’s been so long, I can’t remember when that happened.

    • No, they released level in several installments, but hasn’t been a new one in two years.

      • I think they should get on that and add a few levels. Now when i tap neighbors towns i get an occasional donut. Much rather work towards a prize IMO…

    • No, there weren’t always 20 friendship levels. I know there was a least once or twice since I started playing 3 years ago that they’ve added them. But it’s been a pretty long time since the last addition.

  10. For the last few days I haven’t been able to use the character button at the top left of my screen to locate my characters and complete all the jobs they’ve done. Means I have to keep hunting around or using the town hall to find characters and complete the task

    Also my Springfield Heights is showing that the maximum storage for all is 0 and so all in red for me to collect anymore.

    I’ve reported it to EA but is anyone else experiencing this? Can’t see any other comments online. I’ve tried uninstalling a couple of times. Also happens on my phone (Google Pixel) and tablet (Samsung)

    • Have you stored or incapacitaed the Employment Bureau somehow?

      • Is this the office of employment building where you can sent all characters on jobs? If so no that is still in my Springfield

        • Try storing it and then pulling it out again and placing it…I had trouble once with getting everybody out of their jobs and this did the trick. Hope it works for you 😊.

    • About a month ago, I had a lot of weirdness happen; My character button stopped working like you have (that is the most annoying part). Also I’m collecting mini event currency from all the mini events from the last year, things I upgraded like Money Mountain and the Redwood Tree are down to their lowest level, I’m collecting Friendship Points for no reason, and my rail yard isn’t collectible each week. I’ve probably missed out on 80 donuts so far between the rail yard and friend visits.
      I never reported it, because I tried contacting EA about a different issue once and just got told that they can’t do anything in my game and to look for my issue on the message board, but I keep hoping that my town will fix itself with each new update. I’m glad that someone else has finally mentioned having an issue too. Maybe now it will be fixed soon. Maybe not. I still have an extra Squeaky-Voiced Teen in my inventory from the Krustyland update how many years later.

      • Is your character button still not working or did it fix itself? Sounds like you have a lot of bugs in your Springfield!

        • Also just realised that it looks like my railyard is going to play up too as I can currently hand in items when there are no prizes and new prices unlock in 0 seconds! Hopefully an update will fix these things cause it’s ruined it for me really.

          • All resolved now. Had to have a rollback but hardly lost anything as I reported it so soon. So much better now. I recommend it but I guess you will loose a lot of progress now

    • This might be a really silly suggestion but have you closed your task book by mistake? I’ve done this myself from time to time.

    • You need to get EA to fix that for you. No update will do it, because it is not a widespread problem. If you are in the US, do the call back option or chat early enough in the day so that the US support in Texas will be available. Make sure they understand the game is unplayable. Here is the link to EA help, choose missing content.
      Here is a discussion on the forum about this problem. One person got it fixed by having their town rolled back.
      Good luck.

    • I think there may be salvation on the horizon.
      Another blog says that Burns’ Money Mountain and World’s Largest Redwood have been disabled during this event and that there is a date of September 9th for “Classic Mini Events”. That really makes me think that they were working on the mini event thing a month back and it caused an issue with some random people’s towns. I’m hopeful that this will get everything back to proper working order.
      I was very diligent about visiting friends until I lost the ability to get donuts. They probably all think I died. 🙂

  11. Hey hey everybody! I just got Sideshow Bob as a useable character (woo!) and see I have some new purchaseable items available associated with him. In particular I’m curious about the rake/s. Treated not much info in game about them and I tried searching older posts on this site but couldn’t find anything about them. Do they have a multiplier? Are they used for a task for Bob? If someone could give me the lowdown or point me to a post on this that’d be awesome! Keep tappin TSTO addicts! Cheers, Sean.

    • They’re used for an animated task with bob

    • If you line them up in a row, Bob will go to one, step on it and get whacked in the face, then go to the next and get whacked and so on until he finishes the row. Then he will start over..the sound effects are pretty good, and it’s funny at first, but it gets old quickly. I’d say it’s worth buying the rakes, tho…at least 5 (I run mine down the beach, end to end) just to watch for a few days. I keep Bob in his Admiral skin now…he waves the flag pretty much all day, and sings “Pirates of Penzance” all night.

  12. Enough downtime now.
    Can we have an event please.
    Anytime after 6 BST would be grand

  13. I nearly missed Christmas in July.
    Thankyou to that thoughtful neighboreeno of mine who switched my Springfield lights on 😄👍 who was that????
    I’ll be heading off to visit some friends who are living in Vietnam in a few days so a major event coming this week would be a tad inconvenient. I suppose I could squeeze in a bit of tapping while I’m away.
    I’m so excited!! I’ll be heading to the States in October for 3 weeks. New York, Washington DC, Orlando and New Orleans. It would be great to meet up with anyone who is nearby. Alissa, would it be ok to give you my email address to pass on to anyone interested? HH, I think you moved to California recently. Unfortunately I won’t have time to go there but would be good if we could talk on the phone.
    Have a great week, everyone 🇺🇸😁
    May your donuts be plentiful and your glitches be few and far between.🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩

    • I’m near DC lots of great places for dessert coffee or lunch! pM me suesheobnj@aol

      • Thanks so much, Liddyhage. That would be fantastic. Do you have any suggestions on where to stay that is handy to the Smithsonian? I’ll get in touch. Thanks, again👍😄💕

  14. title: Dough Watcher
    by: tapebelt

    [8 bars of silence]

    Every day i wake up with the goal of stacking dough in mind/
    Break my back to earn the greenbacks and the virtual circle kind/
    Yeah i’m talking about the sprinklies that are pink and round and fried/
    And when visiting your neighbors they be hard as heck to find/
    So i gotta get to plotting and get back up on the grind/
    Notice that it’s been four hours since i had to work the line/
    Gotta build and sell my farm until eight bonut rounds are mined/
    Then i lay another plot until it’s perfectly aligned/
    Started on my town three years ago and during that whole time/
    I put down a couple benjamins, gave it a bit of shine/
    Now i gotta fam of four to feed so i won’t spend a dime/
    Plus the way that they be raising costs it ought to be a crime/
    Never thought my lot in life would be to farm, bake and design/
    Then again i never thought you lot would be good friends of mine/
    Make me wanna wake and bake while I communicate in rhyme/
    You could say I make the most of it while making friends online/

    [Chorus x2]
    Yeah it’s time to make the donuts sucka, gotta get to bakin’/
    Gonna stack the primo currency to see how much we rake in/
    Then we put in work so that we’re always bringing home the bacon/
    This is how we do it daily to design the town we’re makin’/

    Reminiscing on the days it took forever stacking dough/
    Building lego with my kid to placing buildings in a row/
    Started tapping out together, back when level ups were slow/
    Hella property and land to buy, so cash was always low/
    Saved up several months for donuts, but had very few to show/
    A commodity so precious, like a ring with words that glow/
    Wanted all the primo content, never thought i’d get it though/
    Tried to aim for one or two of them, but little did i know/
    That the dawning of the age of farming on us would bestow/
    Better ways to rack up bonuts when you’ve got the cash to blow/
    Now we focus on our bonuses by trying to make it go/
    High like four and twenty blackbirds that are baked from what they rolled/
    Never thought i’d still be playing what i started years ago/
    And it’s crazy in that time how much my kid has come to grow/
    From designing with his dad to building towns all on his own/
    Now he follows in my footsteps, making donuts to the bone/

    [Chorus x1]
    Yeah it’s time to make the donuts sucka, gotta get to bakin’/
    Gonna stack the primo currency to see how much we rake in/
    Then we put in work so that we’re always bringing home the bacon/
    This is how we do it daily to design the town we’re makin’/

    [8 bars of silence]

    I toOk a lengthy ride on cloud nine, from london down through blissford/
    ‘Til the driver thought to trade her marbles for a torch and pitchfork/
    Drove for many miles together, then that trick straight made us disboard/
    So we found our own way home instead and settled amid discord/
    Man, it blew my mind that in that cloud, awaiting was a sh*tstorm/
    A torrential reign that caused relationships to be a bit torn/
    But a silver lining does exist in every cloud when it’s formed/
    Now there’s brighter days ahead and skies are cloudless as it gets warm/
    Yeah that is the perfect recipe to season up the summer/
    Throw in beaches, brews, and barbeques to make it even funner/
    We don’t need that humid weather, making going out a bummer/
    Or midsummer night dream jealousy to leave us stricken dumber/
    Though you best believe on field of bonus dreams we will not slumber/
    We’ll be swinging for the fences as we’re laying down the lumber/
    Gotta get the batter’s average up and multiply the number/
    Now it’s time to get the donuts and a coffee in a tumbler/

    [Chorus x2]
    Yeah it’s time to make the donuts sucka, gotta get to bakin’/
    Gonna stack the primo currency to see how much we rake in/
    Then we put in work so that we’re always bringing home the bacon/
    This is how we do it daily to design the town we’re makin’/

  15. Hi everyone, does somebody know how many characters are in the game (the number), max to reach? I have actually 210 (playable). I can’t find the number…. thanks a lot.

    • By my count it looks like there are 242 playable characters in total. Not counting NPC’s or costumes of course. So you are not too far off from having all the characters currently.

      • There’s got to be more than that as I have over 250 and I know I haven’t got everyone. 🙂

      • Thank you, it is a difficult number to compute. Between limited time characters and those not in the Store plus determining if it is a skin or a stand alone minus those that are NPC
        (Police dog is NPC but Fatov is playable), it gets a little difficult right now to zero in on that number.
        BTW, in about 20 hours that 242 number
        could change – bwa-ha-ha

      • I have 247 actionable characters, per Job Manager. By my last count, I THINK I have 4 more premium characters to buy (but only 2 left available to purchase since the vault was introduced – the other two I guess will be in the vault).

      • Perfect, thanks a lot, that’s slightly less than I expected. I love costumes as well unfortunately just a few still the same main characters are using costumes.

    • Found a list of all playable characters.
      Including Julio and Grady it is now 261!

      I expect this will go up again tomorrow when a new event is (hopefully) launched 🙂

    • I’m up to 254 characters atm. I know I’m still missing a few. I just have to wait and hopefully EA will re release them.

  16. I think Barbarian Statue could be a new thread here

    probably happening to everyone

  17. Hey there, fellow tappers. This has been a rough week for me. I lost my mom on the 21st and have been on an emotional rollercoaster all week. I thought I was going to swing right back into working but that didn’t happen…my sister and I had to do everything which turned out to be a full time job and I’m thankful for the time off. My new job generously told me to take as much time as I needed which is turning out to be a lot of time. I’m taking the rest of this week also and leave for vaca on Friday. MUCH needed. Sorry to be a downer, I just had to talk about it.

    • My condolences. Sorry for your loss.

    • So sorry for your loss. Mums are so important in our lives.

    • Sorry to hear about your mom… If you want to talk about it, or just need to get your mind off of it for a few minutes, your tappy friends are here for you lekittynoir.

    • So very sorry for your loss. It has been that kind of year. Lost my mom July 5 just five days shy of her 90th bd. Take some time for your self to grieve .

    • I’m so sorry…please take care of yourself. Such a stressful time, I’m glad you have some family support. We are all here if you just need to “think out loud”.

    • Sorry for your lost. I lost my mom 2 years ago this August. As executor, it took a lot of my time for the first year. Still haven’t finalized everything. Just keep records of everything, make copies (even with just a picture on your phone).

    • Just lost my pops a few months ago. It’s not easy, I know. This emotional roller coaster is one I’d like to get off of. We spread his ashes on the coast where we lived last Saturday. It was tough but helpful to reminisce and have a bit of closure. Take one day at a time and remind yourself every day we wake up is a great day. My thoughts are with you and your family.

    • Thank you, everyone, for the kind words. ❤️

    • Very sorry for your loss.

    • Very sorry to hear that. Deepest condolences. If we could gift sprinklies, I’d start a collection for you.

    • Sorry for your loss . 🌷🌸🌹🌼🌷 .

      See ya bye . 👽

    • (((hug)))

      That’s terrible news and I’m so sorry it’s happened to you. I’m glad your company is so understanding and glad you’re taking the time you need to deal with logistics and your grief. I hope you return from vacation feeling at least a little bit refreshed.

    • Oh, kitty, I’m so sorry for your loss. Don’t apologize. We’re a community here and glad you could share with us. I’m glad your employer has been so understanding. It makes a huge difference. Hugs to you. xx

  18. CyanideTipped

    Just reminding everyone to save enough donuts (about 120 or so) for a potential premium character in the next event that earns currency. Buy it early!

    I know many people struggled on the past events due to less currency gathered (new model by EA?) in each act.

    P.S. HI MAB.

    • Good advice…this event will probably be like the others, in other words, EA will have made it more difficult to complete the Acts in the time given. Act 1 will again be the hardest Act to complete on time, since no event characters have been won yet. This would indicate that most valuable asset you could invest in would be an extra event character…ASAP. One extra character paying event currency can make the difference, and take some of the pressure off “the grind”. My advice…if you have the sprinklies, spend them the first day on the first character (that pays event currency) that they offer…it will pay off for the whole event and make your tapping much less stressful.

  19. The Simpsons are in Boston. What are all the round white stickers on all the buildings?

  20. Happy Sunday all! A quiet week here while I was on vacation. Would have wished for better weather, but at least I didn’t feel too badly sitting in multiple government offices for various things. But I did buy a brand new car! (Mazda CX-9). Yesterday we went with a friend of mine and her son and played tourist all day. Safi – you should have come to Ottawa. The highlight, by far, was seeing a street performance by La Machine. They control these massive robot creatures – in this case, a creature named Long-Ma that is half dragon, half horse, and a massive spider named Kumo. Kumo has a live orchestra that follows it wherever it goes. You are not mean to stand and watch them go by – you move along with them, following the performance. These things are as big as 4 storey buildings, and pictures or video just do not do them justice, compared to seeing them in person. Nonetheless, you can find some really cool pics from yesterday morning here:

    There was more, but won’t go on. The TSTO break was nice (I tapped once or twice a day only, on average), but I am ready for a new event, and I hope it’s a good as promised. Have a great week everyone!

    • I’ll definitely hit you up JJ if I’m going to Ottawa. I actually thought of you on Friday and was going to contact you if I had time to make it out to the capital. But alas, weekends are too short.

    • That’s fascinating!

  21. So you guys who have been glad of the lull in the game, won’t be dissapionted if the next update does not start for another 2 weeks ?
    No ? I thought not. Bring on the next event EA & make it a good one.

    • I wouldn’t mind, but events don’t take away from my design time either. I’m just waiting for the mood to strike me. And some more land wouldn’t hurt.

    • I’m fine either way. I’ve enjoyed being able to play the game on my schedule for awhile instead of every 4 hours like an event would require. But the break has recharged me some so I am ready for whatever’s next.

      • Yes I can see what you mean. I suppose tappers have different views as to what playing the game actually means to them.
        For me it has to be events to keep me interested, without them I find the game pretty boring to be honest.
        Difficult for EA to get the mix just right I would have thought.
        While the Worlds of Tomorrow on the other hand has something different going on all the time, so far at least. I thought I would have given up on this a while ago but at the present time play WoT before TSTO because the latter seems to be struggling to come up with new material. I mean what was so called Superheros 3 all about ?

  22. Happy Monday! I am writing a short essay about media law reform (snore). I was gardening over the weekend but hit a lot of roots which hampered my efforts. Happy that the Minion Rush event is over, this act was really hard! Looking forward to the expected new event this week. Much love and gratitude to Alissa, who works tirelessly on this site. Also hi to Tiny Addict, Patric and Wookie for being awesome contributors (well, not so much Tiny Addict, but I’m sure she’ll start a TSTO for the under 5s as soon as she can type!)

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