Homerpalooza Update Is Live! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well…better late than never right?  We’ve got our major event update…and it’s about time!

This time we’re (as suspected) going Musical!

Note: At the moment this is only live on Android…. on iOS and Android now

I just got home from work and have a Tiny Addict to feed and get to bed.  So i’ll be back with more info later tonight..but for now, remember this is an APP STORE update, which means you have to go into the app store to download it.  If you don’t see it, search Tapped Out and see if the update is available.

Also, things get started with some auto dialogue, followed by a 6s task for Lisa.  This will be followed by another 6s task for Lisa, which is followed by a task to build the Rock Stage (Free) and a 10s task for Homer. This will trigger SOME of the event stuff…

Back with more later on tonight… Ok the Tiny Addict is in bed, I’ve reviewed the files, converted over 5,000 images (yikes!) and have everything ready to go.  More details below the fold…

Act 1 Ends/Act 2 Starts August 15th
Event Ends September 12th

First up…New LAND!

TWO new strips of land (thanks to a couple of tappers for helping out with this), located far right and very bottom.
Note: There is an issue with the strip of land on the bottom.  You can place buildings but not roads, water, dirt etc for some reason.  Hopefully, that’s fixed soon.

Now onto everything else…

As mentioned above things will get going with some auto start dialogue between Lisa and Homer.  This is followed by a couple of 6s tasks for Lisa and a 10s task for Homer.  You’ll also be required to build the Rock Stage…

Rock Stage- Free. 6s Build. 8×8 in size

Neighbor Actions:

After you’ve built the Rock Stage (and sent Homer to perform for 10s), you’ll then be tasked with sending Lawyers to neighbors towns.

Some of you are getting tripped up with this.  To perform this, and clear the task, visit a neighbor (Other Springfield always works) and tap the legal file in the top right corner. 

You’ll earn Cuffs from Tapping Fans in your Neighbor’s town. 3 Fans/town..

I’ve still got to play around with the breakdowns and details.  So we’ll have a post up breaking down the details of neighbor actions later. 

Act 1 Event Currency:

Cuffs are the Act 1 Event Currency

And tickets are the crafting currency…


For this event you’ll have to clear Fans in your Springfield.  Each Fan you tap will yield 10  and a chance for 2 

Spawn Rate….

1/ 10 Minutes.  Max of 30 in your town at once, bank of 30.

Act 1 Prizes:

Act 1 Ends August 15th (Act 2 starts the 15th)

Pig Balloon- 4,800

Free Land Token (and New Venue)- 11,100

Rock Camp Thread Shed- 18,800

Nick Delacourt- 27,500

200 Festival Tickets- 36,200

Sungazer Studio (& Peter Dabbruzio)- 48,300

New Items In the Store:

As with all events…a bunch of new items are in the store (As a are a bunch of returning ones)

New Stuff

Festival Fence- $270

Do you hear that sound?  It’s the sound of Bracket Battle Brackets busting everywhere….

The Jazz Hole and BLEEDING GUMS MURPHY(!)- 165 Donuts.  BGM can play Jam Sessions

Sungazer Tour Bus and Shredder Stevens & Freddy Freeman- 150 Donuts. 1% bonus on cash and XP. Both characters can play Jam Sessions.

Flaming Moe’s- 60 Donuts. This is a FACADE for Moe’s NOT a whole new building. Generates Tickets (for crafting)/4hrs.

Legal Credentials- 90 Donuts. (Unlocks after you’ve cleared that sending Lawyers action as noted above) DO NOT BUY THIS!  Total waste of donuts.

Returning Stuff…

7,200 Ounce Squishee- 25 Donuts .60% Bonus on all cash and XP

Welcome Bob Sign- 30 Donuts.

Guitar Central- 50 Donuts

And yes of course…a new Mystery Box full of old items…

Concert Mystery Box- 65 Donuts.  Inside the Box…
Springfield Hyperstadium
Springfield Clamphitheater
Duff Center Arena
Captain Bob
Open Air Stage
Duff Barney Blimp
Saxophone Lisa


This will unlock at Rock and Roll Never Forgets, Unfortuantely Pt. 7. First you’ll need to build the Kwik-E-Merch…

Kwik-E-Merch- Free, 3×5. 6s Build

Same crafting as before.  Level up to unlock more items to craft… (16 total levels, and you’ll need 4,600 to reach level 16)

As always I’ll have a detailed Crafting Post up at some point in the event…

Duff Fences- 20

Duff Tent- 50

White Spotlight- 15

Floor Speaker- 20

Cheering Crowd- 80

Skylight- 30

Rock ‘N’ Roll Cart- 150

Rock Camp Entrance- 250

Buzz Cola Fences- 40

Buzz Cola Tent- 100

Rude Crowd- 200

Laser Light- 40

Smoke Machine- 40

Concert Lights- 240

Multi-Colored Spotlight- 100

Speaker Stack- 240

Cycling Spotlight- 120

Bling Cup- 400

Jam Sessions:

So in this event, similar to a few events in the past (TapBall, Superheroes, Halloween come to mind), you’ll be task with sending characters on a secondary task.  In this case it’s Jam Sessions.

Jam Sessions are done at the Rock Stage initally & has you progress through the event and Prize tracks you’ll unlock more Jam Sessions.  Various characters can Jam (perform on stage) to earn more event currency.  Which you’ll need to unlock all of the event prizes…

And the more characters you send to Jam the more currency you’ll earn…and also the better the character will get.  i.e. Practice Makes Perfect.

The goal is to get your characters to 5 star performers to earn the most event currency possible from each Jam Session.

As with other items in this event there’s A LOT more to Jam Sessions than I can detail in this rundown post.  So we’ll have a full breakdown post of Jam Sessions and star ratings up soon. 

Weird Al Prizes:

You may have noticed Weird Al is roaming around your Springfield in this event.  So how do you get him to be a full character?

Well unlock the Weird Al Prizes of course.  Once you’ve triggered Weird Al-truism questline you’ll unlock the ability to start the Weird Al prizes.  And to do this you send other characters on 3hr tasks to earn funding to Keep Al in Springfield…

Earning the funding will unlock various prizes…

More event currency, crafting currency and Weird AL!

As with others, more on this in another post upcoming. 


What’s Still to Come?

So long time readers of this site know, we don’t do Spoilers.  EA’s often changed their mind on things and made changes as events progress, so as a rule of thumb we don’t post about stuff until it’s actually in the game.

HOWEVER…if you look at your Character Groups (in the game) you’ll see a sneak peak at which characters will be coming…here’s a preview:

And there you have it my friends…the details on Homerpalooza 2017!

What are your thoughts on the event?  Excited to see the charcters/buildings?  Which prizes are you looking forward to unlocking? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


344 responses to “Homerpalooza Update Is Live! (Updated and Complete)

  1. Should I save lawyers or dump them on towns before the new act starts tmrw?


  2. I’m experiencing a glitch where a bunch of stuff has gone wacky. My star management has disappeared, and I can no longer use the event’s premium characters (like Bleeding Gums Murphy) in jam sessions. Also, can’t buy any event items (like the plain fence) but can still craft event items.

    Other weird stuff going on too… NARA is generating stars and my mars town has reset to having nothing, the synagogue is generating pennies, and my tap radius is suddenly decreased.

    Anyone experienced similar issues or have any suggestions?


  3. Unlocked the ‘free land token and new venue’ but had previously gained a free land token which I hadn’t used yet and now I don’t have the option to use the one I got through the homerpalooza act one, and haven’t been given the new venue. Help?¿?

    Liked by 1 person

    • If you don’t now see two land tokens in your game, then try going to Krustyland and back to sync up your game. The new venue is the Simpsons house, we’re now people can jam.


      • I don’t have Krustyland yet, and ah thank you the simpsons house is unlocked


        • Sorry – should have said “Krustyland or your neighbors screen” – either will work to sync your game. 🙂


          • Oh right, just tried this and unfortunately no luck. Thanks for the suggestion anyway tho :)))

            Liked by 1 person

          • Glad to hear the Simpsons’ house venue opened up for you! If you’re still missing the land token, though, and you feel it’s worth the effort, you should try calling EA about that (although I’d wait until after the weekend, if I were thou, because you’re more likely to get a good rep during regular business hours in the U.S.).


  4. I got some of the extra land but can’t add roads or concrete to it… Anyone else having that issue? 😕


  5. Pros:
    New (& Fun) Event
    New Characters (Yes – Weird Al Jankovic)
    New Land Expansion (Yes!)
    New Premiums (Yay!)

    Can only visit 10 Neighboreenos a Day (Boo!)
    Not enough Fans generated per Hour (Boo!)
    Not Enough Characters available to Perform (Boo!)
    About half the Craftables are worth Crafting (Boo!)

    EA isn’t making it easy to earn Everything – some may have to spend Donuts/Bonuts and use Premiums – and I don’t see this changing (I predict it will get harder!)

    Keep it simple / Have fun 👍


  6. I just unlocked the “Free land token and new venue”. I used the free land token, but I don’t see where I get a new venue.


    • The new venue is the Simpsons house. When you go to do Jam Sessions, you’ll now see 4 venues: Rock Stage, Moe’s Tavern, Kwik-e-Mart, and The Simpsons House. Like Moe’s and KEM, the Simpsons House can accommodate 2 characters per Jam Session.


  7. Hi Alissa the fans aren’t dropping a lot of Festival Tickets is that a glitch?


  8. How many musicans are there in Act 1 im trying to see if i need to get any premium characters to add ive got 9 only available any help would be appreciated 🙂


    • You will need 10 musicians to fill all the current venues (including the Simpson house)…
      So far the eligible musicians are:
      Homer, Lisa, Rockstar Maggie
      Doc, Rev, Apu
      Bleeding Gums Murphy, Shredder, Freddy…all premium
      Still coming in act 1…Weird Al (when his game is completed) and Nick Delacourt (a prize in the prize track)

      Hope this helps😀

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Did anyone else get a notification about 60 free donuts? If anyone know about these?


  10. Wait, is that a 60% bonus or 0.60% on the giant squishee??


  11. A couple things… my money mountain disappeared from tasks but still available under Mr. Burns task lists.

    Second. I don’t understand the purpose of the file folders. I can get them, which allows me or give them to other people? And they do the same thing? What’s the reward?


  12. Some info on the best payout for jam sessions: if you purchased premium characters, chances are that you will have more musicians than spots available on the stage for jam sessions. Make sure to assign musicians that have the highest star count first. Using the auto assign button may be quicker but may result in reduced payout. The more stars, the higher the (bonus) payout. It’s better to be left with a character that has only one star at the moment than one that has two or three, because you would not be maximizing your jam session payout…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Or you can use the extra character to do the quest.


      • Any quest related character would pay out more than any regular character in a jam session, so yes, you could do that but you’d not get the maximum payout. I’ll do the quests once I got the dinal prize… But it will not make a big difference, maybe 50 cuffs or so…


        • Well, you need Lisa to start the Weird Al Quest, better done now. And I doubt you lose much by sending the two old dudes/Homer/Moe on the other quests. Haven’t done the BGM quest so I don’t know if there is any value to it.


    • Update: Since Homer has a regular job during this event “argue about pointless rankings” that yields 80 cuffs and using him as the fourth jammer for extra bonus points yields only 75 cuffs I choose the job over the jam session. I didn’t notice in time that that is a job together with Apu who can jam also, meaning that I ended up one less musician and one of my stages had only one character available to jam. So in the end I didn’t get the maximum payout after all. Boy, sometimes this game really tricks me up…


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