Addicts Live Annoucement…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just dropping in with a quick announcement about the next Addicts Live…..

addicts-liveMark your calendars because the next episode of Addicts Live will be airing Next Saturday (August 12th) at noon ET (for timezone converter check here).

After the month of July off, we’re back!  And just in time to get a full episode in before our Meetup the following week!

The next episode will feature, as usual, our thoughts about what’s going on in TSTO, lots of laughs, our usual crazy antics and of course we’ll be fielding your questions.  All while pondering which character Pat will yell at EA to bring into the game next….

And those of you that can’t make the live stream, don’t worry a recording of the video will be up for your viewing pleasure after the stream is over.  So you’ll be able to catch the re-run. 🙂

Oh and if you missed any episodes of Addicts Live! you can catch up on them here.

Remember, this is meant to be interactive.  So you’ll be able to ask us questions and comment as we’re live right in the comment section here!

And if you can’t make the live stream, but still have a question you want to ask you may do so in the comments of this post or by emailing us at

And remember, you don’t have to ask us personal questions.  Your question can be about anything TSTO related or not.  Need help with something in your Springfield?  Have a design question?  Stuck on a questline?  Ask away!

As far as what you’ll need for the live stream?  Well nothing different!  No new program to sign up for.  Just check out TSTO Addicts on Saturday August 12th and watch for the Addicts Live post around noon.  From there you’ll be able to directly play the stream…as if you were watching a regular embedded YouTube video!  Nice and simple!

Can’t wait to see hang out with y’all soon!

17 responses to “Addicts Live Annoucement…

  1. Being on Holiday I won’t be able to make Addicts Live but I’ll make sure to catch up.
    However, I would appreciate it if you managed to fit in my question …
    Now that we have Bleeding Gums Murphy, a much requested character, what is the new #1 requested character for each addict? (Mainly aimed at Patric because BGM was his #1 choice but all 3 can answer it 😊)

  2. When’s the blogsiversary? I swear that’s around this time of year 😊

    • It’s the 14th! Exactly two weeks after I got my iPad and downloaded my first app, Tapped Out.

      So if you’re wondering, yes, yes you did forget to wish me a happy 4th anniversary playing tapped out on July 31st.

  3. ThatOneWeirdTap

    I have probably only been logging in 2 or 3 times a day it’s just hard work. Just got the shed last night, might check the event calendar and see if I’m on track. I just have under 10000 to go for the character that’s next. I’m probably getting more currency when I send Lawyers to towns than using the actual stage. Hope things get easier in the next act with the pop stage. Happy Sunday everyone 😊

  4. BeakerJB & RoverMB

    Isn’t an App Store update, such as the Homerpalooza event, supposed to be a “Want! Want! Want!” forced update sort of thing?

    The two of us still have Friends who visit and leave handshakes floating over our buildings.

  5. Put “live” on my calendar, so I won’t be late😁

  6. I’m tired of tapping every 4 hours so what I get I’m happy with. I decided to have a life this event. Will get my second price the free lott in a few days now.

  7. Is there something I’m missing in regards to the Homerpalooza Event? Some of my neighbors have 55000 wrist bands and we still have 10 days left in Act 1. I have about 21000 wrist bands. Are they tapping honestly or are they cheating in some way? Unless they’re using a ton of doughnuts to speed up time I can figure this one out. Even if you bought all the event items it doesn’t seem to make sense to me.

    • While not me, I have many neighbours who spend donuts right away to unlock all Act prizes. Some do it for their blogs, some for competitive juices, some for impatience, and some be just craz-eee!

      • What’s going on Safi. How’s your Softball League going? I was too late this year looking for a new team. Last softball league I was apart of didn’t go very well. Too much fighting and people getting crazy. Mind you drinking alcohol in the hot sun never helps. Still looking forward to your upcoming post about the new event. I’ve noticed the more icons associated with the performer the better pay out.

        • Softballs going well. Well sort of. It’s going well for me, as I’m batting nearly .600, with 12 runs and 17 RBIs. I hit a pair of triples and stole a base in July, something I’ve never done before (as I’m not really known for speed on the basepaths). Team however has 1 win, 11 losses, and 1 rain out. But season standings don’t mean anything as the end of year tournament is for all the marbles.

          As for the icons, my post will probably go up sometime this week. So I don’t want to say too much. I know you’re “Curious Mark”, but for now you’ll have to be “Patient Mark”.

    • I have a couple neighbors also in the 50,000 + range…they freely admit to speeding up the Acts with donuts. No ‘funny business’ going on, it’s just how they like to do the events. They are both great neighbors, and the upside for me…I get to see what the new stuff will look like long before I can win it. 😄👍

      • I see. I was thinking I was missing on something in this event to earn the bracelets. I’m on the last three prizes so I think I’m on track to finish early.

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