The Addicts Want To Know: All About You the 4 Year Blogiversary Poll

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Holy smokes Batman!  Can you believe it’s almost our FOUR Year Anniversary?!  Yea, that’s right I said FOUR YEARS!  We’ve been blogging here at TSTO Addicts for nearly 4 years!  How crazy is that?!  On on Monday August 14th we will be celebrating 4 Years since we starting bringing you Tapped Out Coverage! Holy Jebus we’ve been doing this a long time!  Way longer than I think any of us originally thought!   We’ve been blogging here at TSTO Addicts for nearly 3 years!  How crazy is that?!

So…on that note, just as we’ve done for every Blogiversary in the past…we figured let’s get to know more about YOU! (this is a feature we know a lot of you love)

Yes that’s right…we want to know more about our AMAZING Community of Tappers we have here at TSTO Addicts so we’ve put together another little poll ….the results of which we’ll share in the coming days!   So we hope that you’ll take a minute to answer the poll questions so we can learn more about you, and you can learn more about each other!

If you’re having trouble using the form above, here’s the direct link:

Addicts 4 Year Blogiversary Poll

Note: Some of you who have been doing these Blogiversary Polls for awhile now will notice I pulled a few things off.  In particular the favorite premium items.  The reason I did it is because there are no more permanent premium items in the game since the last time we did the poll (last year), everything is temporary these days (with events and what not).  So it’s hard to really get a good pulse on what the favorite item is, since there are so many that rotate in and now & so many players that rotate in and out.  But I think we’ll do something Bracket Battle style for favorite premium item.  We’ll figure it out 🙂

Thanks for being a part of the AWESOME Community here at TSTO Addicts & for taking the time to participate in our poll!  You guys seriously rock!! 🙂

Have you participate in any of our last polls? (6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years)  What do you think the results will show this time?  How long have you been a part of Addicts?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you! 🙂

64 responses to “The Addicts Want To Know: All About You the 4 Year Blogiversary Poll

  1. I think the theme in this thread echoes this sentiment loudly and clearly, but I’ll toss my few words into the mix too, anyway… you guys rock.

    That’s pretty much all that needs to be said.

  2. This thing jumps all over the place every time I try to fill in a box on this poll. It’s really annoying.

    • Me too. Gave up in the end. Sorry.

    • I experimented a little bit… I’m going to guess that you’re using a mobile browser; is that correct? Because I noticed a problem like what you’re describing on my iPhone whenever I clicked on one of the select boxes, but the select boxes seem to work fine in desktop browsers. If you have a regular computer, that might be a good option for working around the issue.

  3. Done.

  4. I can’t believe the event Calendar wasn’t listed as a favourite type of post! It’s the one thing I’m always going back to check.

  5. I think this is my third response though I have been playing 4 years.

  6. Another year, time runs fast, I remember back in 2014 when I started visiting the blog; I believe 2013 and 2014 were the years when TSTO got the more users playing, but now I feel there are fewer and fewer of us every day, I used to hear people tapping at work on their cellphone, now it’s just me… people just said to me “it became boring”, I hope things change and EA surprise us with new stuff (in a good way), some event 100% in Krustyland, more cinematics, new stuff we can unblock on neighbors, water animation characters like swimming, a boat moving or something new; for me Stonecutters event was the best as of now, I loved the riddles were you needed to send an specific character, those kind of challenges were cool; well those are my personal thoughts.

    Oh, something cool that could be added to the blog is that thing that lists you how many people from an specif country has visited the website, it shows the country flag and the number of visitors per country, it’ll be cool to see which country has the more TSTO Addicts; just and idea =).


    • Yes! I really miss the little animations that used to unlock after certain levels…gave the game a little mini story that only us players got to see!

  7. I’ve played The Simpson’s Tapped Out since Halloween 2013 (the game app has lasted longer than the Android devices I keep replacing) 😱😉

  8. I started TSTO halfway through Halloween 2013. The gremlins and ghosts were fun as heck, and I still managed to finish the prize tracks!

    Haven’t looked back and probably spend the way more money on this game than I like to admit…lol

  9. I love these polls! Just a suggestion.. How about an open thread one day dedicated to allowing us to share whatever personal info we feel comfortable with? I’d love to know what country my neighbors live in, are they students? Working? What do they do for a living! Retired? Hobbies, Married? Kids? Real first name? TSTO screen name etc.

    • I think that’s what the Sunday Open Thread is for…..join us! 🙂

      • Not really what I had in mind.. The Sunday thread is a hodgepodge. I meant one whole thread devoted on everyone getting to know each other better.

        • Well…after 4 years…it’s more of a community of friends. So get used to it?

          • I don’t understand your comment, Patric. You seem to have taken offense when none was meant. Did you misunderstand my suggestion? I’m not proposing the Sunday Open thread go away. I enjoy it! It’s an interesting mix of game comments and off topic musings. I just meant that it might be nice for a thread one day to be dedicated exclusively to everyone introducing themselves and telling us more about themselves IRL.

            • Likely he misread it. It’s hard because on this end we don’t get to see the full thread, we’re only responding to the immediate comment. So we don’t always get to see context 🙂

        • Oh, okay…got it. I guess I’m just used to the Open Thread being mostly “personal” stuff, but you’re right that it’s not 100% dedicated to that.

  10. I first started playing on my iPod when the game was first released, but wasn’t able to get into it because of work, then forgot all about it. Started paying again right before Easter 2014 event.

  11. Hi!! I´m from Brazil, playing for about 3 years. Someone knows how to find out the date that we entered the game for the first time?
    BTW, Congrats for all these years helping us addicts!

    • If you created an origin (EA) account specifically for Tapped Out, if you go to the EA website and log in, it will show you the day the account was created.

      I can log in and see my account was created on July 31st 2014. I just so happen to remember that day too as it was the day I got my iPad and Tapped out was my very first app; both facts are immortalized in my contest winning Valentine’s Day poem:

      First verse:
      July 31st I downloaded an app,
      Simpsons Tapped Out, what is this crap?
      I clicked on the icon on my new iPad,
      Saw Homer playing Little Elves on his MyPad.
      And so it began with my first tap,
      The addiction of this young charming chap.

    • Hi, I’m from Brazil too! I’ve been playing for almost 5 years now… I’ve also been wondering how I could find out the exact date, it took me some time to create an Origin account so this wouldn’t be the date I’m after (as Safi suggested), maybe that’s not your case.

      If you’ve always played on Android I don’t know where to look, but if, like me, you started playing the game on an Apple device, you can look on your purchase history on iTunes. There you can see all the apps you’ve bought (including the ones that were free) by date. I found out that I got the game on September 19th, only a few weeks before the first event I believe, which is funny since it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day and I remeber downloading lots of pirate related apps that day (yes, 5 years ago, but I remember!)).

      I’m planning on throwing a double-themed party this year to celebrate…

      • Olá, Gi! Acredito que há muitos brasileiros jogando. No Android eu não achei uma data referente à primeira instalação do jogo, mas como eu criei a conta EA ao mesmo tempo, a minha data é aquela mesmo. Abraços

  12. I’ve said it before and will continue to far into the future:
    GODESS (and mini godess Reilly)…and WOOKIEE, PATRIC and now SAFI…..YOU ALL ROCK!!!!! Thank you for everything you do day in and day out. Your dedication and patience is greatly appreciated. (guess a thank you to all the better halves is in order too for letting all of you dedicate so much time to us 👏)
    And to all my neighbours…..You all rock too. Big thanks for all the help throughout the years.

  13. This is the third time I’ve filled out a Blogiversary Poll. I think that means I’ve been around a while. 🤗

  14. Congratulations on your anniversary! Being an intermitent player I don’t participate much, but I appreciate the good work and the good humor (as shown is this very poll). BTW, didn’t see TSTO Wiki, which I consult every now and then, as another source of information, selected “Another TSTO Blog” as approximation.

  15. So grateful for my friends that I’ve met here. And grateful for the spirit of neighborliness that lives on this site. One thing I noticed is that this place is a refuge for more than a few people who are recuperating from illness or surgery or grief in their lives, which is how I originally found this place. I’m really grateful for the diversion from my troubles into a world of creativity and colorful trees and humor and surprise visits from neighbors (that don’t involve having to clean my house, lol!). Be well, y’all! And Thank You!!

    • 👍👍👍👍

    • Such a nice sentiment…I wholeheartedly agree 😊.

    • Ha, ha, my house would be so much cleaner if it wasn’t for Tapped Out. Sssssshhhh, don’t tell my husband.

    • Completely agree. This is perhaps the best emotions evoked from just playing TSTO. When you feel hope has passed you by, or burdened by life’s problems, illness in particular, you know at least you can still seek comfort and refuge in the TSTO community.

    • Totally agree, besides behind the wheel of my 87 Monte Carlo, TSTO is my “happy place”

  16. Congrats on the anniversary. I started during the hated Easter event, not sure what year that was. Since then I’ve become a donut farmer and no longer need to buy donuts. I think I’ve spent $10 total on this game, so not true freemium. Would be lost without you guys. Thanks Alissa for sticking with it even with a little one to tend to. Glad you and Patrick were able to bury the hatchet. Thanks to Patrick and Wookie, too. I get told I spend too much time on tapping, but I enjoy it, so too bad. 😜 Looking forward to reading the results.

  17. Hey, Alissa – In the survey, could you please change the “Christmas 2016” options to “Winter 2016”? It was never intended as a Christmas event, it was specifically called “Winter 2016” and it should be judged as a winter event, not as a Christmas event.

    Thanks! 🙂

    • Excellent point! I believe one reason I hated it so much it was on the heels of a certain election that has caused major frustration.

    • i could understand you wanting them to fix the Most Danger Game mini event to show it was from thanksgiving 2016…. this seems like nitpicking though. i’d consider it a christmas event, and personally refer to it as the xmas 2016 event.

      • Are you forgetting that the people who were most upset about the Wiccan/Pagan theme were the ones who thought it was supposed a Christmas event? It wasn’t, and it wasn’t labeled that way for a reason. If you call it Christmas 2016 in the survey, folks may unfairly assess the event as to how good it was *as a Christmas event*.

        • you’re arguing semantics. from what i recall, people were upset about the type of christmas event that it was, because it wasn’t a traditional one. are you forgetting christmas has roots in paganism? was the majority of the returning content not christmas related? did it not take place around christmas time? how about the description in the app store during the time of the event?

          “Time to celebrate the Holidays like the good ol’ days. And we mean very, very ol’. Think goat heads and bonfires. Join the Simpsons family and friends (and bitter enemies) as they celebrate non-traditional holiday festivities and have one big Pagan party in your town!
          With new decorations, buildings, characters and more… Will your town unite behind these new holiday activities or will Christmas conservatism reign? Play today and find out!”

          also… lest we forget, it’s based on the Pagan Winter Carnival from The Nightmare After Krustmas…. a christmas episode.

          • No, the majority of the items were not Christmas items, which is one of the things that had people upset, because they kept thinking it was supposed to be a Christmas event when it was never pitched that way. I really loved that event and just don’t want it to be “punished” for not being being something out never claimed to be in the first place, that’s all.

    • But it was intended to be a Christmas event, just with a different spin. If you read the dialogue from that event it talks about Christmastime etc.
      The opening dialogue starts:
      Bart: Bad news, Lis. I just checked the Bible, and apparently Buddhists like you don’t get Christmas presents. Technically I’m supposed to stone you to death. But since your my sister, I’m gonna let that slide.
      Lisa: It doesn’t say that in the Bible! ……. But regardless, most Christmas traditions have Pagan origins.

      Then it goes on to say…
      Lisa: Here’s a twist on Christmas: instead of exchanging presents, we’ll offer Pagaon-style gifts to the dogs!

      And it ends with…
      Bart: Springfielders! It’s me, Jesus…..
      I command you to celebrate Christmas.
      Milhouse: I’m glad they fell for it though. Now we’ll get some decent Christmas presents instead of this Pagan crap.

      Also, I labeled every event the way that it’s labeled in this poll, to match how it’s labeled on our Events page. So if you go to search to see what event something was, that’s what you’ll find.

      • The files also call it xmas 2016…which tells me EA intended it to be a Christmas Event. It’s not called Winter. It’s called Xmas 2016.

        • Then I guess EA made a mistake when they labeled the event hub dialog box Winter 2016. I can’t see the files, so I just go with what they provide for visible labels. Personally, at the time, I was glad they made that “mistake.”

      • Okay, I surrender. But it *was* labeled “Winter 2016” in the game…I didn’t realize/remember that you labeled it “Christmas 2016” on the site. So, I guess for searching purposes, as you said, it makes sense to keep it consistent here.

  18. Happy anniversary and many more .

    We have seen The Good The Bad and The Ugly.
    We have seen the love and the heart breaks that people have in their life.
    We have seen the friends that we can make and the loss of good friends.
    We have seen the debate over politics.
    We have seen the wisdom and sometimes not that people have.
    We have seen what it takes to raise a village .
    And to quote ” Imagine what we could have achieved if we’d all put the time into something useful . ”


  19. Filling in the poll I realized that I have gone full premium now, from freemium to hybrid, to premium. It took a few years, but they got me in the end 😉

  20. Hi, this is the 2nd time I have done such a Poll. Truly amazing journey for this Addicts site. Without such a fascinating blog to keep me uhhh fascinated to play TSTO, I would not have been motivated enough to keep on playing (Ditto for FGTQFS Addicts site!).

    I love this Addicts site, which forms such a closely knit community with all of us. I got to know all my neighbors through this site, and thanks for your generosity to allow me into your little town, as I truly appreciate being able to see all your designs and incorporate into my own sometimes. Thank You! You know who you are!

    My favorite type of post? Should I Buy! I base my decision to buy premium items based on your SIB posts 99% of the time.

    Keep up all these awesome work! Most of all, don’t forget to enjoy tapping!

  21. I like these polls. I found this site when the old site which shall not be named turned into a scam/hack site. If I wasn’t with you in the first 24 hours, it was definitely within 48, and I have read almost every day since (as long as I have connectivity).

    I don’t contribute much except when I find a tip (or have a maths observation to make!), but I really appreciate the site, the writers, and everything you guys do for us readers.

    Anyway, thanks very much, and I hope you all keep enjoying what you do, as I enjoy reading.

    All the best for many more years,


  22. I’ve got the power: the power to make all my Springfield residents go crazy by doing the same things over and over again! 😛

  23. This was fun. Looking forward to see where everyone is from!

  24. Well done on four years!

    Imagine what we could have achieved if we’d all put the time into something useful


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