Homerpalooza 101: Neighbor Actions Act 2

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Hope you’ve got your dancing shoes on and your cell phones ready to light up the night because Homerpalooza has arrived in Springfield!  That’s right the rock fest has begun!

As with almost all events, neighbor actions play an important role (some events more important than others).  So let’s breakdown the neighbor actions available for Act 2 of Homerpalooza, so you can know all you need to know to earn that precious event currency and unlock all the Pop prizes…

First, a reminder…THIS IS NOT A PLACE TO ADD FRIEND REQUESTS.  If you’re looking for friends in TSTO add your Origin ID to our Friend Request page which you can find here.  Do not put your Add Me Requests on this post (The one you’re currently reading), they will be deleted. Thanks!

I broke down all of the big details on neighbor actions in this post during Act 1

Here’s the info about Neighbor Actions for Act 2….


What Are the Neighbor Actions For Act 2?

You’ll still have the TWO types of Actions available for this event…tapping Fans and Lawyers. I broke all of those down in great detail during Act 1, so I won’t go into it again.

You’re still allowed to tap and clear 3 fans/neighbor’s town that you visit in a 24hr period.



And it’s still only allowed 30 Actions/Day that will pay out event currency. 

As a reminder, that’s not 30 neighbors/day with 3 taps each.  No, that’s 30 Actions/day.  Meaning 10 neighbors with 3 days each (or 30 neighbors with 1 tap each). Not a whole heck of a lot, at least compared to other events.

Here’s what they pay out for Act 2…

Each fan you tap, until you’ve maxed out your currency taps, will earn 10  guaranteed.  100% of the time the Fans you tap in a neighbor’s town (For those first 30 actions) will drop 10 .  (so that’s potentially 300/day from fan tapping in neighbor’s towns).

This is up from 5 during Act 1. 

So what about tickets (for crafting) and lawyers?

For every fan you tap in a neighbor’s town (for those first 30 actions) there’s a 25% chance they’ll also drop 4  (for crafting)…incidentally this is the same percentage that they drop in your town from fan taps…

This is up from 2 during Act 1. 

And the lawyer drops remain the same.  For every fan you tap (for those first 30 actions) there’s a 20% chance it will drop  will drop 1  (Lawyer)….incidentally this is the same percentage that they drop in your town from fan taps…

As a reminder:
-No, you do not have to leave fans untapped in your town for your neighbors to find.  Clear all of your fans at any time in your own town, it won’t impact your neighbors.

-No, tapping fans in your friend’s town won’t impact the number they see in their own town. And no, it doesn’t add any benefit to their currency total.  Tapping fans is purely for your own benefit.

-And finally, yes.  Yes, it sucks finding them in a friend’s town to tap.  I 100% agree with you, totally sucks.

As far as Lawyer drops go…they are unchanged from Act 1.


Lawyers payout 12  and 2  100% of the time for each one.  If you find one in your town and tap it you’ll earn 12  and 2  for each one you tap (and the neighbor that placed them there will too). And if you place one in a friend’s town you’ll earn 12  and 2  for each one they tap (or don’t tap).

Basically look at every lawyer you have as 12  and 2 , and every lawyer you see in your town that you manage to tap as 12  and 2 .

There’s still a 4hr timer on the Lawyers once dropped in a neighbor’s town, or your own town.  Once dropped you (or your neighbor) have 4hrs to find them.  If you don’t clear them in 4hrs you’ll miss out on the 12  and 2  you could have earned from tapping (clearing them).  HOWEVER, your neighbor will still earn 12  and 2  regardless if you’ve tapped their lawyer or not. (and you will too if you dropped one in a neighbor’s town)

A Reminder: Other Springfield has a 24hr timer.  So if you drop them there you won’t get credit on them for 24hrs.


And I think that covers all of your burning Neighbor Action questions for Act 2.

What are your thoughts on the neighbor actions for Homerpalooza? Getting the hang of Lawyer dropping? What’s your neighbor strategy? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


60 responses to “Homerpalooza 101: Neighbor Actions Act 2

  1. I get notifications that lawyers in my town so I go in and they aren’t there! It’s very irritating. EA you need to leave them in for 24 hours not 4 because your notifications are ALWAYS too late!


  2. Did anyone figure out the issue with not getting any Lawyer noticfications? Since act 1 I have gotten NO credit for dropping Lawyers. and in act 1 I would get them maybe once a week and there would be a huge payout but nothing for the past 2 weeks. Just a bit frustrating, I know its just a game but still. I contacted EA and they were super unhelpful and gave me the link to this post (which I already looked at previously for answer). I know its silly but those were really helpful in reaching the goals in act 1 and I hate when I cant get the final prize because of this stuff.
    Their last response was ‘Unfortunately Im very sorry to say that we don’t have the ability to level up on your account. Also we don’t have in depth knowledge of the gameplay here. I strongly recommend that you look for answers on the game official forums. im PRETTY sure you will find some useful tips on the forums to fix this problem.”
    Like seriously? that was kind of a waste of time. I have contacted EA once before about a year ago about an issue and they were wonderful with fixing it. and even offered some Donuts. This time they just want me to basically solve the problem myself and NO donut offers for the issue that I am not th


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