Homerpalooza 101: Neighbor Actions Act 2

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Hope you’ve got your dancing shoes on and your cell phones ready to light up the night because Homerpalooza has arrived in Springfield!  That’s right the rock fest has begun!

As with almost all events, neighbor actions play an important role (some events more important than others).  So let’s breakdown the neighbor actions available for Act 2 of Homerpalooza, so you can know all you need to know to earn that precious event currency and unlock all the Pop prizes…

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I broke down all of the big details on neighbor actions in this post during Act 1

Here’s the info about Neighbor Actions for Act 2….


What Are the Neighbor Actions For Act 2?

You’ll still have the TWO types of Actions available for this event…tapping Fans and Lawyers. I broke all of those down in great detail during Act 1, so I won’t go into it again.

You’re still allowed to tap and clear 3 fans/neighbor’s town that you visit in a 24hr period.



And it’s still only allowed 30 Actions/Day that will pay out event currency. 

As a reminder, that’s not 30 neighbors/day with 3 taps each.  No, that’s 30 Actions/day.  Meaning 10 neighbors with 3 days each (or 30 neighbors with 1 tap each). Not a whole heck of a lot, at least compared to other events.

Here’s what they pay out for Act 2…

Each fan you tap, until you’ve maxed out your currency taps, will earn 10  guaranteed.  100% of the time the Fans you tap in a neighbor’s town (For those first 30 actions) will drop 10 .  (so that’s potentially 300/day from fan tapping in neighbor’s towns).

This is up from 5 during Act 1. 

So what about tickets (for crafting) and lawyers?

For every fan you tap in a neighbor’s town (for those first 30 actions) there’s a 25% chance they’ll also drop 4  (for crafting)…incidentally this is the same percentage that they drop in your town from fan taps…

This is up from 2 during Act 1. 

And the lawyer drops remain the same.  For every fan you tap (for those first 30 actions) there’s a 20% chance it will drop  will drop 1  (Lawyer)….incidentally this is the same percentage that they drop in your town from fan taps…

As a reminder:
-No, you do not have to leave fans untapped in your town for your neighbors to find.  Clear all of your fans at any time in your own town, it won’t impact your neighbors.

-No, tapping fans in your friend’s town won’t impact the number they see in their own town. And no, it doesn’t add any benefit to their currency total.  Tapping fans is purely for your own benefit.

-And finally, yes.  Yes, it sucks finding them in a friend’s town to tap.  I 100% agree with you, totally sucks.

As far as Lawyer drops go…they are unchanged from Act 1.


Lawyers payout 12  and 2  100% of the time for each one.  If you find one in your town and tap it you’ll earn 12  and 2  for each one you tap (and the neighbor that placed them there will too). And if you place one in a friend’s town you’ll earn 12  and 2  for each one they tap (or don’t tap).

Basically look at every lawyer you have as 12  and 2 , and every lawyer you see in your town that you manage to tap as 12  and 2 .

There’s still a 4hr timer on the Lawyers once dropped in a neighbor’s town, or your own town.  Once dropped you (or your neighbor) have 4hrs to find them.  If you don’t clear them in 4hrs you’ll miss out on the 12  and 2  you could have earned from tapping (clearing them).  HOWEVER, your neighbor will still earn 12  and 2  regardless if you’ve tapped their lawyer or not. (and you will too if you dropped one in a neighbor’s town)

A Reminder: Other Springfield has a 24hr timer.  So if you drop them there you won’t get credit on them for 24hrs.


And I think that covers all of your burning Neighbor Action questions for Act 2.

What are your thoughts on the neighbor actions for Homerpalooza? Getting the hang of Lawyer dropping? What’s your neighbor strategy? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

60 responses to “Homerpalooza 101: Neighbor Actions Act 2

  1. I get notifications that lawyers in my town so I go in and they aren’t there! It’s very irritating. EA you need to leave them in for 24 hours not 4 because your notifications are ALWAYS too late!

  2. Did anyone figure out the issue with not getting any Lawyer noticfications? Since act 1 I have gotten NO credit for dropping Lawyers. and in act 1 I would get them maybe once a week and there would be a huge payout but nothing for the past 2 weeks. Just a bit frustrating, I know its just a game but still. I contacted EA and they were super unhelpful and gave me the link to this post (which I already looked at previously for answer). I know its silly but those were really helpful in reaching the goals in act 1 and I hate when I cant get the final prize because of this stuff.
    Their last response was ‘Unfortunately Im very sorry to say that we don’t have the ability to level up on your account. Also we don’t have in depth knowledge of the gameplay here. I strongly recommend that you look for answers on the game official forums. im PRETTY sure you will find some useful tips on the forums to fix this problem.”
    Like seriously? that was kind of a waste of time. I have contacted EA once before about a year ago about an issue and they were wonderful with fixing it. and even offered some Donuts. This time they just want me to basically solve the problem myself and NO donut offers for the issue that I am not th

  3. So I am still not receiving any resources for sending lawyers into my friends’ towns. I have a case with EA, but they went a week without responding and then finally came back with questions like “What part of the event is the resources? How many are you suppose to receive when visiting other towns?” The first part has been explained many times and I had to look up where what I should have been receiving, but isn’t that something they should know?

    The last two times I had problems with EA they were resolved, but I seem to be the only one here having this problem. I finished the first actin time, but it made it more stressful. I am currently sitting on a pot of 150 lawyers because I am only sending them to my three real life friends when I know they are awake, since they are of no use to me currently.

    • You’re not the only one having this issue. I’m pretty sure my friends have found most of my lawyers still I only got resources two times. I play this game around 6 or 7 times a day, including those very late hours like 2 and 4 am (I’m from Brazil but my frequency surely gets lots of time zones…). Honestly I just gave up ;( I keep dropping lawyers and if rewards come, good, if they don’t well wathever ;/

    • You’re not the only one having this problem .I stoped receiving any resources in the begining of Act2-ending of Act1 i contacted EA and they offered me 20 donuts and iasked if from now on the problem will be fixed they replyed that they can roll back my accounty if i tell them the exact time it began hapening or else give me 50 donuts.I accepted(as i didn’t want to loose my progress)

  4. Neighbor actions help – but the pay out (15 total for each Neighbor, only 10 Neighbor visits per day) is lame – c’mon EA!👎

  5. I think the timer for tapping lawyers should be 12 hours. I have no idea where most of my neighbors live. I live in the midwest but I’m a night owl & sleep from 3am till 11am. when I tap a lawyer, I try to reciprocate immediately.

    • Completely agree – I usually visit at 7am Australian Eastern Standard Time – I have no idea where most of my Neighbours live but I’m tipping a lot of them live somewhere that’s the middle of the night at that time …

  6. How unfortunate that neighbor visits could be such a fun and entertaining aspect of events with a little creativity on EA`s part , but we get this instead. Nuff said…

  7. Just got a message about the game being over 5 years old. And that’s it. Weird.

  8. I always think ive found a lawyer and tap on them but find out nope, its Eisenhower

  9. I’ve found going into move mode and hiding buildings helps to find lawyers. They like to hide.
    Had a sweet glitch earlier where I was able to repeatedly tap a lawyer in my town. Got 10 or 11 taps and got the rewards for each.

  10. For some reason, I can’t seem to find any lawyers in my Springfield, despite getting notifications that so-and-so has dropped lawyers in my town. I’ve resorted to going to my town the very first instance I get notified, but nadah. Force-shutting, restarting app, none. Anyone experiencing this “glitch” too? 🙁

    • I’ve had the same experience, but it’s not consistent – sometimes there are lawyers, sometimes not. My guess is that it shows the notification whenever someone visits my Springfield, whether they leave a lawyer or not. It would be nice if there were some sort of indicator showing that you have lawyers in your town.

    • I can never find any Lawyers. I get the notifications a lot but as yet I’ve only seen lawyers in my town twice. I don’t know how much time I’ve spent slowly roaming my town looking for them.

  11. this is such a chore! i should just reduce my friends list even more. once i get past the J’s on my friends list i’m done with rewards so…all those past J i never see anymore.

  12. girlchild4tapping

    Incase my neighbors look here…..
    Sorry have been in to much pain to be here for the last few day..
    Will be playing catch up and feel back up to playing!!!!
    Game On…

  13. I never get response from lawyers. We’re supposed to have that feedback of who tapped them. From Act 1 I got ALL of them together when the Act 2 came. Is this happening to anyone else? This way is impossible to benefit from it an to know who actually finds them to keep sending more ;/

  14. I am not having a lot of trouble finding fans. When you drop a lawyer look around, often there is a fan nearby, not always but often. Also stopping for several seconds can help, they often walk into view for me.

  15. Ugh. I’m so tired of hunting down lawyers and concert goers. I also just discovered that I can’t use Safi’s trick anymore to find concert goers in my town, because I’m up to the final crafting item (the bling cup). So the “do it now” button is gone.

    • I’ve moved all my jam buildings together in a new area with a street. While I’m tapping other things in town or setting up the next round of JAM sessions the fans will pretty much all migrate to one of those 6 buildings. Since they’re together it’s really quick then to tap them all.

      Finding Lawyers, on the other hand, is still unreasonably painful.

      • Yeah, I moved Rock Stage, Pop Stage, Moe’s, KEM, Simpson House, Springfield Elementary, (and already moved the Act 3 version of Simpsons House and Springfield Elementary) all in a row in Springfield Heights. And I’ve also left some space for the Hip Hop Stage. All my fans just come to that street in Springfield Heights. It’s never an issue finding all fans.

        Lawyers is another story. And not the Disney type with a happy ever after. Think more like George R. R. Martin.
        I’ve named my 10 lawyers Ned Stark, Robb Stark, Catelyn Stark, Joffrey Baratheon, Stannis Baratheon, Shireen Baratheon, Oberyn Martell, Tywin Lannister, Khal Drago, and the one who I can’t find initially but eventually find is named Jon Snow.

        • I don’t want to redesign my town for this event. It’s the principle of the thing. I’ve found a good way to find fans. I tap on the stage icon and cycle through each venue. I usually catch some fans at each venue in turn. I also do the trick of going into design/edit mode and filter out everything but characters. Tedious, but effective.

        • No way I am going to move my stuff around just for an event, not even removing my roads. But Simpsons’ House, Moe’s, Kwik-E-Mart and School are in my “old town”, pretty much next to each other anyway, and the stages are in my new festival area. The stage screens are an instant transporter, so it’s not really a problem to look for fans in two places.

    • I finished so far ahead on the last act, and I’m a day ahead already…soooo…I’ve stopped worrying about finding or getting credit for lawyers. If I find them all, great…if I don’t, I’m ok with that too. Stopped doing sweeps just to find them…if they show up while I’m tapping buildings and characters they get collected, otherwise…meh. The lawyers represent such a small percent of the event currency coming in, I decided I wasn’t going to let them ruin the event for me. Enjoying playing much more now. The fans are much easier to find, I always look within a couple blocks of the ocean in my neighbor’s towns, and 3 are easy to find…or there’s always one in SH. 😊

    • It’s hurtful isn’t?

      It will come back with Bonut rounds

    • I always re-arrange an area of town for events as the game is basically back-to -back events now… and i am not particularly interested in a permanent design anyway. i always try to place my buildings so they don’t obstruct the roads as i like to see the characters on the street.. also really helps for events like ths one.. finding lawyers/fans has been pretty easy for me. friend towns.. now that is another story…

  16. I’ve only gotten 29 actions actually, in all the events that say 30 actions. Action 30 for me has always just been $ & XP.

    • Ye, normal bug, every event got it. “your next 90 actions…” but you got bonus for 89. 90 got only $ and XP and same here. 29 is ok but for 30 cash and xp. I remember it during Christmas event 2015 or next event and they hadn’t fixed this bug so far… EA pls… 😀

  17. I actually kind of like the way visiting neighbors works for this. Visiting neighbors to find things was always my least favorite part of the game. Since it’s only advantageous to visit 10 neighbors, it puts a limit on how much time to spend.

    Also, since doing the daily actions doesn’t really gain you that much, I don’t feel that bad not doing it at all. I like visiting neighbors and dropping off all my lawyers which is helpful to both players and only takes 5 seconds to do.

  18. Those pesky lawyers don’t flock together 😡

  19. Yes, finding fans in neighbours’ towns is the worst thing about the event so it’s a good job we only get paid for …however many you said

    See that? what a memory, I just read it and I forgot already …ten neighbours, I think….

    Who wants some lawyers?


  20. “And if you place one in a friend’s town you’ll earn 12 and 2 for each one they tap (or don’t tap).”

    Except for me, i’m sure i have put around 300 of them to neighbor and got nothing in return. It’s sad.

    • Same issue here. I’ve gotten a return on them 2-3 times randomly, but most days I don’t get any sunglasses at all. For example, two days ago, I dropped about 120 lawyers (I saved for a few days) and got about 2,900 sunglasses. Yesterday I dropped over 40 and got nothing.

      • 1 return since the launch of this event (0 since almost 10 days now), i’m missing lot of craft currencies and some bonuts 🙁

        • Me too! I drop lawyers all the time but the one and only time I got return was when Act 2 started, then it seemed like all of those I dropped during Act 1 returned together. It’s not helpful like this! I’m very upset ;(

  21. I noticed that dropped lawyer in neighbor town leaves 12 sunglasses and **3** tickets.

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