Addicts Bracket Challenge: Most Desired Building, Week 10 (The Championship)

How much longer EA can keep Tapped Out going is up for debate. But what isn’t debatable is that there are plenty of buildings in the rich history of The Simpsons universe still not in our little game. We present to you TSTO Addicts’ Most Desired Building Bracket Battle.

Like last year, with your help, we created a Bracket of 64 beloved buildings we believe would bring a smile to your face, have great tasks, could make for an awesome event, or simply be a nice idea for a new Friends Point prize. Unlike last year though, you had a huge say in what buildings made the cut.

We pre-selected 96 buildings organized into eight thematic conferences. We had chosen four to get automatic entries into the Bracket. However, your votes in the pre-Bracket polls selected which four buildings would join them in each conference. Those 64 buildings would then battle each other in six rounds of head-to-head matchups, that we hope produces the most debate in the comments below.

With the Bracket determined, every Friday over summer, we’ll post that week’s matchups and your votes will determine which buildings advance to the next round, until we’ve crowned “The Most Desired Building” on Friday September 1st.

For general housekeeping rules and guidelines, please click on the link to the first pre-Bracket poll.

Here’s a recap of the results from our four Round 5 Semi-Final matchups that determined the Finalists:

Houses/Mansions #3 seed Troy McClure’s House (54% – 674 votes) defeated Academic/Museums #1 Springfield University (46% – 570 votes)


Springfield Mall’s #1 I Can’t Believe It’s A Law Firm (71% – 876 votes) defeated Restaurants #2 The Pretzel Wagon (29% – 354 votes)

Here’s a look at the updated Bracket:

Now without further ado, we present the final Round 6 Championship matchup, aka the Phil Hartman Bowl:

Your vote will help determine which is crowned the title of Most Desired Building.

Reminder, voting is open until noon EDT Thursday August 31.

What are your thoughts on last weeks results? Any surprises? How’s your Bracket pick’em looking? What are your thoughts on this weeks Championship matchups? Which building do you pick as the most desired building? Correct answer is worth 40 points in the Bracket pick’em contest. Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you.

30 responses to “Addicts Bracket Challenge: Most Desired Building, Week 10 (The Championship)

  1. Kinda dissapointed that this bracket challenge has ended up being ‘buildings associated to a character id like to see in the game (Troy/Lionel)’ rather than about the building themselves. 🙁

  2. Let’s see, a basic square building like many other buildings we already have, or a crazy luxury home on a tall poll. Tough call.

  3. Darn it. I picked this as my final, but forget which I picked to win. Is there any way I can check?

  4. Marge’s car with the Pretzel-Wagon skin


  5. Good luck with the hurricane anyone in Texas, stay safe


  6. A special Selma’s lovers mini-event with Troy McClure and his house as a final prize?

  7. Very disappointed to lose the university…so many event possibilities. Went with the law firm because I decided that Troy’s house without Troy would just end up depressing me.

    On a separate note, leaving tomorrow morning for my annual trip to NJ. I’ll be on the road, and then unpacking a car full of stuff and spending time with my parents, so I may be scarce tomorrow. I have a bunch of lawyers saved up (unintentionally), so, on Sunday, I’ll make it rain for neighbors who haven’t crossed the Act 2 finish line yet.

    • Forgot to mention that I did finish this act a few days ago, so only give me lawyers if you need someone to tap them for *your* benefit (but not tomorrow, since I may not get to them in time tomorrow).

    • Sandra, where are you in New Jersey?

      • I was down in the Basking Ridge area. Just got back home last night. I need a vacation from my vacation. 😔

  8. RIP pretzel wagon, but I knew it wouldn’t happen XD

    Go go Lionel Hutz!!! 😁

    By the way, I always wondered if these polls ever had a problem of multiple votes from a same user since refreshing the page also resets the polldaddy poll.

    • Who’s your daddy? I mean, who’s your polldaddy? Your polldaddy is a stalker who tracks you, and will only count 1 vote per IP address every 6 hours.

  9. TallSpiderCandy

    This was a tough decision!!

  10. Hey Saf man I should’ve ask this earlier but before I vote for the final time.. unfortunately I’d like to ask you would the building look identical to the picture you used? Thx.

    • Most buildings look pretty similar to how they are in the show. Yeah, I think it would look similar. As for the mall buildings, I imagine they would be stand alone buildings with the same facade.

      • Alrighty, ya I know that seemed like a silly question I just wanted to know if the surrounding areas would be the same as the picture.. Stupid question but thank-you for responding. But I got an idea for the next bracket challenge if there’s another one I’d be interested in the buildings already available. I like my Tantra Corps building there are some well drawn buildings and I enjoyed your posting, and participating in it as well. Thx.

  11. I went with law firm .but wish we could have both. In memory of the great! !!! Phil Hartman

  12. I know we aren’t supposed to vote based on what characters might come with that building, but: Here’s one for Troy.
    After all didn’t we all want the jazz hole because of the possibility of it included BGM? (And it did)

  13. This week I agreed with Patric and Alissa.
    The final total is:
    Safi 37
    Wookie 40
    Alissa 41
    Patric 50
    As the winner of my competition Patric wins a donation to the charity of his choice of $25. I am assuming (hopefully correctly) that his choice would be for his Buyijja campaign so I will make it be.

  14. In the absence of anything better went with Troy’s house.
    Which means Law firm will win.

    • Same. My own most desired building matchup would have been Springfield U vs. the zoo. I wonder what the bracket challenge would have looked like without any Hartman-related buildings. For these – the law firm it is. Not that I’d buy it in game as it would inevitably be characterless. Too bad.

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