Share Your Thoughts on a Monday…and a Contest Alert

Contest is Now Closed.  But feel free to still share your thoughts in the comments.  Winners have been selected and I’ll have a post up once I confirm with the winners to announce them.  (So check your emails)  Thanks! 

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So Homerpalooza is nearing the end, remember it ends tomorrow, and we’re all gearing up for the “next big thing” in our Pocket-sized Springfields. But before something new hits I want all of us to take a step back and think about TSTO in general.

The last few weeks I’ve been seeing LOADS of comments from you guys about why this event was both good and bad and many of you have been commenting that TSTO isn’t holding your interest lately.  And you’ve heard our thoughts on the subject in many posts and most recently on our latest episode of Addicts Live.

So now it’s your turn.  What I want to know is what you think could be different for events in TSTO.  What could EA change that would make you really excited to play?  What would hold your interest?  What would keep you engaged? What type of events would you like to see?


As an added bonus, we’ve got some cool Simpsons LEGO Mini Figs donated to us by BrickGuySD and I’m going to give 2 of them out at random.  So to enter for your chance to win a LEGO Mini Fig (location doesn’t matter, we’ll ship all over the world) simply comment your thoughts on what EA can do to change TSTO Events (or just what you’d like to see for an event idea) between now and tomorrow (Tuesday September 12th, at 9am ET) and we’ll pop the commenters into the randomizer and pick two at random to win!

Pretty simple right? Just comment with your thoughts on what EA can do to make the next event in TSTO better, hold your interest or just what you want to see as an event idea and you’ll automatically be entered to win a Simpson LEGO mini Fig!  Sweet!

And real quick, because we have to, here are the Official Rules…

-Entries are via the comment section of this post only.  Comments anywhere else (or emails) will not count as official entries.
-Enter as many times as you’d like (i.e. Comment as many times as you’d like)
-Comments MUST include (at least 1 of the following:  thoughts on what you’d like to see done differently in TSTO, what you would add to the game, what EA can do to hold your interest or what you’d do differently.
-Valid email address must be provided when submitting an entry, this will be how we will contact you to let you know you’ll be featured. ( they are not published on the blog and only viewable by the blog staff.)
-Prize is 1 LEGO mini Figurine per person (1 person cannot win twice) valued at $5 US.
-If you win you’ll be given a choice of a few mini figurines to choose from, you many only select from that list.
-You must be 18 or older to enter.
-Void where prohibited
-No purchase necessary
-Addicts and their family members are not eligible to participate.
-If you have won a prize from Addicts in the past 90 days, you are not eligible for this contest. (so anyone that won the Bracket Battle or T-Shirt contest)

Contest Closes September 12th, 2017 at 09:00 AM Eastern US time

If you would like a copy of the Official Rules, email

And that’s it my friends, so let’s see what you have to say!

280 responses to “Share Your Thoughts on a Monday…and a Contest Alert

  1. If it’s a letter to EA, I’m in. I’m definitely a premium player, I usually buy most of the premium items with an event, but I work for a living. I don’t have the luxury of scheduled breaks at work, it’s find a minute here and another there. The “grind” events are fine, I can log in every few hours and tap a few things. But the events that require 4 or 5 “battles” or “games” each time you log on rule me out for the event. I sat out Tap Ball and both Super Heroes events because every time I would get a game or fight going, a customer would pop in and I lost because I abandoned the game. Sitting out the event means not buying the premium stuff that goes with it. Please make the hoops bigger. They were too small for those events and I couldn’t jump through them for you. Homerpalooza was a good model, with tappable groupies, repeating jobs to earn prize currency, etc. The lawyers were lame, though. The only neighbor that ever cleared them was Other Springfield. (I was really disappointed Jay G wasn’t a hip-hop stage artist.) Crafting gets annoying with the prizes being required to open the next level. I had plenty of spotlights leftover from the Casino event, I didn’t need to craft any more this time. The downside to the craftables is it’s largely just decoration available, and I don’t always need more decorations.

  2. Contest over but what about some loyalty donuts, the more you tap the more you get

  3. Reinstate friendship point prizes. These should be a regular part of gameplay to encourage neighbour interaction.
    2) Perhaps increase the cash reward for neighbour visits
    3) Increase the reward for finding Side Show Bob in Other Springfield
    4) A new ‘find’ game when neighbour visiting. I suggest ‘Find The Spuckler’. The older the Spuckler, the greater the payout…..💜X

  4. We want to put cars on the roads! And flip them all directions.

  5. So much I love about the game, hence why I am still here after 5 years☺️ but to enhance my gameplay:
    1) A way to tidy inventory. Maybe group items by event period… Easter, Christmas, Stonecutters, Halloween etc.
    2) Ability to sell items in inventory.
    3) When tasks are available for early collection, TH highlights them in a different colour.
    4) Ability to group tasks by time in town hall & maybe group collect them.
    5) Ability to task from building.
    6) Dual tasks to appear on both SPs task list cf. Doggy Smithers & Robo Burns 4hr job and Jockey Bart & Furious D 4hr task.
    7) Premium items to always pay out premium rates.
    8) A-Z tab @ townhall to quickly locate people & avoid scrolling through 200+ when I need to locate Zutroy or X-Brazilian Lady.
    9) More items for my beloved Krustyland.
    10) Shorter events. 4 weeks, way too long.
    11) Only fresh items in the crafting, no lame return items.
    12) Ability to store Cookie Kwan when I accidentally send her on the wrong task.
    13) Mini games are great but the prizes are lame. Better items would keep the interest. I love tapping my turkey still.
    14) Tapping & finding gnome to pay out SH currency.
    15) Ability to place benches & chairs in all directions.
    16) Inventory to indicate items with bonus % attached. Maybe option warning too if you go to store it.
    17) Some new decorating items perm in store. Flowers, fences, types of pavements instead of the grey (not roads).
    18) More females. Preferably ones who are not just drunks & shaking their bits.
    19) When we update at the end of the event a pop up saying ‘Next event provisionally scheduled for x date’ to allow for forward planning.
    20) At the end of the event the ability to send 1-5 stars rating of enjoyment that would go straight to EA so they can gauge the popularity of the event.
    Phew, I need to relax with a Donut now😂…….💜X

  6. I don’t know what to do with my daily tasks now that the event is over but we still seam able to collect bling. Can I hold my 3 daily tasks for full removal of the event?

  7. I want temporary fun crops with the events (at least sometimes), and something like the presents that dropped at Christmas 2013. It was kinf of like random drops, but if you have enough friends, you always get enough of what you need – and so fun to log in anytime and see what rains down for you.

  8. 1.) Personally, I’d love to see a “CLASH OF SIMPSONS TAPPED OUT” event (that is similar in nature to Clash of Clans). In other words, you could “invade” a random Springfield (and not necessarily a friend’s town) and use event characters to “conquer” in some way, shape or form that town.

    I’d love for it to be like the new section of Clash of Clans (the one you “travel” by boat to get to) in which you attack others’ towns in real time up to so many times per day and earn loot from it. That would make me eager to play it repeatedly each day until I maxed out my daily limits (which would be in addition to my normal daily TSTO grind).

    2.) I’d love a way to visit random TSTO towns (in addition to my own friends’ list) and — if desired — submit a request to add that person to my friends’ list.

    3.) No more tapping of air items (e.g., planes, helicopters, etc.) that bring us back to a fixed location.

    4.) Event crafting needs an ability to build income-earning buildings PLUS at least one NPC per event (which would make me care more about crafting).


  9. I thought this event was okay could have been better crafting for the next event I would love to see another Treehouse of Horrors one day takes a little bit of something from all of the years

  10. I really liked this event. Unpopular opinion: I have no issues with the length of the events. I don’t like craftables, they’re rarely interesting enough to stay in my town. I did make a lot of the toaster event craftables though. I like hiding my characters on jobs, makes it easier to find tappables. I play because I want to, not because I’m stressed I won’t get the last prize.

  11. I’d give this event a B, maybe. I spent a lot of time sending all my non-musical characters off to do non-visible jobs, so that my friends could more easily find fans, and so I could hide tram/trees/buildings and decorations off, so I could find the lawyers! And it was painful going through neighbors’s towns – I might need to unfriend the worst of the ploppers, if there are more events like this.

    I’ve been playing since the Christmas Elves special event, (2014 maybe?) and I think the Stonecutters would make a great reboot! I wasn’t playing yet, or wasn’t far along enough to play it originally, so all I have is a couple of buildings and about 3 skins. Surely there’s more!

    I do remember how lost I used to feel with every new event, and it would take days to understand and start strategizing! Now it’s just a matter of remembering who NOT to send off on some 24 hour task!

    Also, how about bringing Brandine back again – I’ve been watching for her for forever!

    I do really like how easy it is now to earn donuts! Thanks EA!
    (Sorry that I missed the contest!)

    • Just a heads up: sending your characters on non-visible tasks doesn’t mean your friends will not see them during their visits. The game automatically assigns a random outdoor task to all the indoor characters during friend visits.

      • Aw, crum. Really? I guess that explains why, way back when I had a B game, characters were doing odd tasks. Oh well, thanks for the heads up. It did help _me_ find the occasional lawyer!

  12. HEy EA! Santa’s Little Helper deserves at least two visible tasks. Especially since he is a premium character. I would rather he was an NPC at this point. at least I would see him sometimes.

  13. I wish there was a good way to find Neighboreenos.
    When you want to give back to someone who just dropped lawyers in your town, it seems like you just had two people at opposite ends of your list stop by. it is kind of a pain to swipe through the long list.
    I always end up looking for them in the Springfield Heights leader board.

  14. I would like to see the conform-o-meter become relevant again. Once you max out your 5 stars, that’s it. Nothing. No point in placing any more stuff. (Unless you like the aesthetics of it, of course!) We don’t need to see more stars in the rating, but having those items that are now useless (because of being maxed out) count toward some sort of progressive % bonus would be nice. For example, whatever it took to get the last star in each category, double it for each additional 1% bonus.

    I would also like to see more buildings that earn cash, rather than decorations, that can be purchased with event currency. ***I WOULD BE FAR MORE LIKELY TO SPEND DONUTS ON PREMIUM CHARACTERS FROM EVENTS*** if I knew the extra currency could buy buildings that generate income, rather than decorations I will not use.

  15. The events are way too long and repetitive lately! It would be nice to have additional characters interact during the events, instead of the same old core characters.

    1. I would love to see something happen with Krusty Land. There is so much extra land for buildings and attractions, and not nearly enough content to fill it.

    2. Bringing back prizes for visiting neighbors was great incentive to keep tapping, especially during events where additional prize currency is earned. It’s always nice to strive to hit a goal, and earning FP for these prizes was great for long-term tappers.

    3. Another Springfield Heights expansion (I know) would also be great filler, because again, it would give long-term tappers a goal to reach.

    4. The inventory system is an absolute mess. It takes way too long to find items to place, and then if you want to place a second item, you have to go in and search all over again. This needs to be streamlined, and it would be nice to be able to sell more than one item at once.

    5. It would be nice to have a way to interact with neighbors. I have some that I have been friends with for over 2 years now and no way to thank them for loyally tapping my town. Some sort of messaging system would be great.

    That being said, I do love how EA has made it easier to get free donuts for freemium players, and the ‘Vaults’ are a great way for me to get items that I missed.

  16. On the off chance I won I just realized that my account got slammed with spam and over filled. So the message may have gotten bounced.

  17. the 3 main things i’d love to see are:

    1: every character has a voice. it doesn’t need to be several lines of dialog, but the parson being voiced and milhouse not is so amazing in a negative way

    2: between the down time of events, it would be nice to have random mini stories that happen in the town, and several characters interact. almost like a weekly episode within the game. it doesn’t need to have a prize track, donuts can be a simple prize.

    3: krustyland is moved to above springfield heights and is given more importance and incentive to use it

    • Re: #2, I think this is an awesome idea! Not necessarily even tasked, just dialog between characters every couple days would be interesting!

      And if we can’t move KL, we DEFINITELY need to be able to add more stuff over there! Clearly some earlier items were coded “dual use” & I don’t know why this can’t continue to be done, particularly now that we get so much more content so much faster since The End of Levels As We Know It & the addition of regular Events.

  18. If you complete the whole event before the time expires and was unable to acquire a item in one of the previous acts, it would be nice to be able to go back and have another chance to get it.

  19. They need to do something about the events have you just doing the same thing over and over again. 6 weeks of the same thing is way to long. So EA be more creative. If you are unable to do that shorten the events. (The old events did a much better job)
    I love the daily task. They kinda did that with the travel event but I liked the Stonecutters the best.
    I would love to see some sort of Friend task list. Like send a Valentine or haunt a list of shops, schools, etc., Tap all the Simpsons. This can make it valuable to have some premium buildings or characters. It would also make it more fun then searching for the same thing in all your friends towns.
    I liked dropping gifts, eggs (Snake and Easter), etc for your friends. It was fun to login and see all the people who had come by to help you. Also made you feel good when you helped them.

  20. Here’s the problem with TSTO… every event used to be unique. Each one had its own flow and sequence, which was a lot of fun. Then somewhere along the way they came up with the 3-phased event and the icon on the top right, and it was cool because it was new. After that, I guess they fired most of the developers, because there has been no innovation since. So the next event used the same formula, and then the next, and the next, and the next…

    Now these events are completely predictable. And what’s the fun in playing a completely predictable event?

    Make each event unique again. Get rid of the 3-phased approach and the “item maker”. Sell those items for money if you want (game money, not donuts). Give us different challenges and tasks.

    Plus, I have about 154 characters, and only 16 of them could play the music event. Premium characters usually serve just one purpose. Let us make better use of our characters.

    There’s a lot more, but a revamp on how the events flow will be enough to bring some oxygen into the game…

  21. As an AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego) those are cool to have…

    1. Definitely shorter events as people stated.
    2. Ability to download old events to play the ones we mussed or relive the ones we enjoyed.
    3. More mini games (like Casino or digging on World event).
    4. More “hidden” Easter egg items that give items (or donuts) specific to Springfield like the Jebediah statue.
    5. Bring back craftable items in events with multiplier bonuses (make it pricey if you want).

  22. Limit to three major events per year (the six-week kind): Halloween, Christmas or Easter, and something else during the summer. Fill the rest of the “dead time” with spaced out mini-events. Six-week-long events might seem less of a drag if there were fewer of them per year.

  23. I’m going to go against the grain a bit, and suggest some “under the hood” tweaks to improve quality of life in the game:

    1) Speed up Springfield loading. Figure out how to cache more of your town layout so it doesn’t take so long to start the game.

    2) Speed up friend actions. The most tedious part is how long it takes to jump from town to town. Maybe load only a small part of the neighboring town and give an option to show the rest

    3) Give every character a 24-hour job without a dependent character (this means Gummy Joe, Gravedigger Billy, C.H.U.M., Beethoven Bart, Jay G). I want to be able to use the unemployment office to send everyone off.

    4) Also, give more options in the unemployment office. If I have one character on a 24-hour job, I can only spend donuts to rush the task before I can send everyone else off.

    5) How about making the character list in the town hall searchable? I have over 200 characters, so if I want to find what Todd Flanders is doing, it’s tedious scrolling. How about letting me type a T and jump to the T’s?

    6) An “alert when done” feature for tasks. Instead of a blanket turn on/off notifications, allow me to choose when to be notified of something.

  24. Since Krustyland isn’t used, it would be great if we could include Kustyland’s buildings in our main Springfield. I would absolutely spend donuts on KL items if it were in Springfield.

    And as it has been previously said, we should not be able to interact with the flying objects.

  25. I see a big complaint is the events are too long and the structure of the 3 acts are problematic for many. FOR me , the events are ok length. I do realize we are on borrowed time. Meaning, their is a definite number of characters/skins in the simpsons world. And unless EA goes rogue and develops it’s own non-canon characters we have a certain time left. I don’t know whether it will be a year or 5 years, but some point it’s going to end. So doing more events at a higher frequency would shorten that time. Also their is the fact that it would require more work on E.A .s end to push and create a higher volume of events, if the goal is to have minimalistic “down ” time. In addition , I don’t mind the 3 acts it makes order . And allows them to categorize the materials in a event. Making an event less tedious by “changing gears. ”
    However, what loses me is the choice of crafting. First, it’s about the craftable items, I can’t stand recycled petty items that I already have 100 of. And the structure of unlocking and spending all the currency to unlock, breaks my tapping heart. Specially when. It’s for an item I don’t care about , but have to unlock 5 of those items to get to something at a “higher level.” That loses my interest more than anything.
    Also, I understand not allowing an item to be fully rotated cuts the design and programming in half.
    I would and have been calling for a night mode or night event for a LONG time . Halloween would be extra creepy for this. Also develop an event based on old Hollywood cinema. Or a dog catching event. That’s all I got. Lol

  26. @IndianaUnderwood

    Agreeing with most people here, EA needs to give krustyland love. I know it doesn’t help your contest but yeah, krustyland could be great again!

  27. if ea is too lazy to do any new buildings and rides in krustyland.. Simply unlock all my items for use in krustyland.. I have plenty of items I could use there.

  28. In general, I would like the ability to hide skins. Or at least be able to organize them in my preference for use. Homer has way too many skins.
    For events, I like that things seem more attainable than in the days of Easter baskets and Christmas wheels, but I’d love like a little variety. These events are too repetitive and too long. Something making Krusty land more useful would be nice.

    • Agreed about the skins. I find it annoying to have skins “turned” off at the recycling yard or when characters perform other quests. Bonus payout almost becomes a chore when having to turn skins back on

  29. I also have some ideas for new events: something in Krustyland (an event or mini event), a “night event” (an event where Springfield would be at night), an event where we could “travel” (like we do to Krustyland) to some other place during the event.

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