County Fair Mini Event is Live! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well, the major event (Homerpalooza) is over, but that doesn’t prevent EA making us get up before the crack of dawn (at least here in the US)…so much for sleep.  But, who can sleep anyway?  The County Fair has arrived in our pocket-sized Springfields!

Mini Event Ends September 26th…

Remember, this mini event is an automatic in-game update.   HOWEVER, yesterday an app store update hit to remove Homerpalooza. You MUST download the App Store update, to remove Homerpalooza, before you’ll see the new county fair content. 

But it is still super early in the morning here…so I’ll fill in this post when I’m a bit more awake later this morning.  But for now…Homer and Flanders get things started with a 6s task each.  Once completed that will trigger the mini event track.

Tasks for the mini event are 3hrs long and you’ll need to collect ribbons to earn the prizes (as well as other tasks).

This event is premium heavy, so be prepared to spend those donuts.

Mary Spuckler and Amber Dempsey are available for 150 donuts each.

I’ll be back, once the sun has actually come up, to fill in more details and info….

In the meantime share your thoughts about the new update in the comments below…

And now for more details…finally.  I’ve played through the whole mini event, got it all worked out.  So here’s the deal…

Same situation as always, work through questlines, collect an item to unlock the mini prize track.  Nice and simple (I’ll have a questline post up in a little while)…

Here are the prizes and the order in which you unlock them…

Prizes are unlocked via the Pride and Pageantry questline…

Fair Pavilion- 150 

Little Miss Springfield Lisa Costume- 350 

County Fair Sign and World’s Biggest Ribbon- 350  (Not going to lie…PERFECT opportunity for them to add the World’s Largest Toilet and they blew it…)

Little Miss Springfield Lisa Protest Animation- 350 

Cheddarbarrel Farm- 350

Once you’ve completed the prize track and built the farm you’ll unlock the ability to make Corn Fields, Wheat Fields and Plowed Fields (they’ll work like Squidport tiles (and other items) pay money to create them and then wait for them to be ready)…

Now onto the stuff in the store…and there’s A LOT of premium content in the store tied to this event….

New Stuff…

Springfield Opry House w/ Mary Spuckler- 150 Donuts, Mary earns Ribbons. Opry House earns $200, 22xp/8hrs

Ye Olde Off-Ramp Inn w/ Amber Dempsey- 150 Donuts, Amber earns Ribbons. Inn earns $135, 15xp/4hrs. (Side note…another one of Safi’s Bracket Battle Buildings makes it into the game…)

Turn Your Head and Coif- 60 donuts. Earns $135,15xp/4hrs

The Paralyzer- 50 Donuts. Earns 2.25% Bonus on all cash and XP

Cheddarbarrel Combine- 45 Donuts. Earns 2% bonus on all cash and XP


Sleep-Eazy Mote and Miss Springfield- 225 Donuts, 50 Donut Rebate, NET 175 Donuts

Hootenanny Barn and Luke Stetson- 100 Donuts, Earns Ribbons (6/4hrs)

Tuxedo Krusty- 60 Donuts

Brandine- 100 Donuts

Bare Chested Willie- 60 Donuts, Costume for Willie

Old Simpson Farm House- 40 Donuts, Earns $800, 90xp/48hrs

Springfield Farmers Market- 70 Donuts, Earns $105, 11xp/3hrs

Sneed’s Feed and Seed- 90 Donuts, Earns 135, 15xp/4hrs

Willie’s Tractor- 35 Donuts, Earns .75% bonus on all cash and XP

And that’s it my friends!  The details for the early morning release of the County Fair Mini Event!

Personally, I’m a fan of this one.  I think it’s the perfect event for this time of the year, think of all the cool corn mazes you can make before Halloween starts! I know some of you are grumbling that you “wanted a break”…guys THIS IS YOUR BREAK.  These mini events are quick and easy to do.  They last 2 weeks and should take you less than 1 to finish.  So just because there’s new content in the game, doesn’t mean you can’t slow down or take a break from the game.  So, relax.  Take it slow and enjoy the content.  You don’t have to speed through it, you can take your time.  Login once or twice a day.  Design your Springfields.  Enjoy the downtime.

What are your thoughts on the County Fair mini event?  Like the prizes?  How about the premium content?  Which items will you be grabbing?  Passing on? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!



136 responses to “County Fair Mini Event is Live! (Updated and Complete)

  1. I have the Hootnanny barn and it is still giving out ribbons. Is there a reason because I don’t think I can use them. Maybe it’s a glitch.

  2. Is it just me or does tuxedo Krusty no longer have the 12 and 24 hour tasks….

    • Yes, and I’m REALLY annoyed about losing the 12-hour task, since my only other premium Krusty skin (Stonecutters) doesn’t have one either. 😡

      • If you place the Stonecutter Table, Krusty (aka #36) will “Sing the Stonecutter Song” as a 12-hr task.

        • I don’t have the Stonecutters table. Plus, I thought you had to have all of the table characters to use it, no? I don’t have a lot of the Stonecutters skins either (or the little alien guy)….I started playing after the original Stonecutters event (my first event was CoC) and, when they brought back the Stonecutters stuff more recently, I couldn’t afford to get everything. But, if they ever bring that stuff back again, I’ll definitely be getting every last bit of it that I can, now that I’m donut rich.

    • Tuxedo Krusty is back to having both his usual 12- and 24-hour jobs.

  3. Hi I’m new to the game (level 8 not even 24 hours in) and I can’t find this event. I dont have any pending updates. Is it because my level is too low?

    • Yup, that’s likely it. You’ll need to continue playing and process to unlock it.

    • Don’t get discouraged. You probably won’t get to participate in this mini event. But come Halloween, you might be far enough along. And most certainly by Christmas you’ll be there. And having fun.

      Or, drop a couple of hundred dollars buy tons and tons of donuts and SPEED your way there.

  4. Well doggie .
    A good time for a hoedown and cowgirls in boots .
    Just hog-tie me and call me baby moo cow .
    Another event and still nothing for Carl and Lenny .
    It’ll be a hot time in a cold city with all the picking and grinning .
    With sipping moonshine under the moonlight .
    Time to go the revenuers are knocking at the door I guess you can come in if you got a warrant .

    🎬🎥🔫🐒 . See ya bye . 👽

  5. Will the hootenanny barn earn currency after the event has ended and ribbons are no longer available?

  6. What do the field / corn / whatever grows there squares give? Do they have a multiplier bonus?

  7. Loving this event! Relaxing,great content regardless of doughnuts spent! I’ve been able to do some redesigning in my three towns,while playing. I actually look forward to checking in every three hours and now that homerpalozza is done all my stages are busy entertaining the crowds lol ! Cheers!🚜🚜🚜

  8. FYI – Ribbons do not roll over. I sent two more characters than I needed to finish the first round – including Lisa, who I need to complete about seven outstanding questlines – and found myself starting the next round with 0.

    I really liked the way they were sending characters to different buildings for the Weird Al tracks, and I think they did that the last time, too. Hope they go back to that in the future!

    • I remember this happened on another event…caught myself just before I tapped on them all. Was able to pull just one out and was only over by 10…otherwise would have lost 70 ribbons. Good reminder, thanks.

    • Send the amount you need wait a bit send the rest then remember to collect at the right time.

    • Happens every time with the mini events. If everyone goes to the same building, the only way around is to stagger the start time. That only works if you collect exactly 3h later, though. Way to much work for the low goals… 🙂

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