Super Safi’s Stats & Strategy Special: Go Kart Track

Salutations Senors, Senoras, Senoritas, Statisticians & Strategists,

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Hi, I’m Super Safi and you may remember me from such stats and strategy posts as KEM Farming and the advanced losing-to-win Superheroes battle strategy.

What better way to spend your time than talking math. So from time-to-time, I’ll come to you with a post that delves into the wonderful world of numbers, stats, and/or strategies.


Today we look at the Go Kart Track.

Go Kart Track Odds Table

Odds Payout  XP % Chance
2-1 $15,000 100XP 66.01%
9-1 $50,000 150XP 20%
19-1 $100,000 250XP 10%
49-1 $250,000 500XP 4%
Consolation Prize $0 50XP


So what is your best bet? Let’s take a look at what happens over 1,000 spins (roughly a years worth of tapping for the hardcore Addict who’ll play the downs almost the maximum three times per day).



66.01% of the time, you spend $5,000 and get $15,000 and 100XP.

33.99% of the time, you spend $5,000 and get just 50XP

$ Formula = 660.1 x (-5,000 + 15,000) + 339.9 x (-5,000) = $4,901,500

XP Formula = 660.1 x (100) + 339.9 x (50) = 83,005XP

So after 1,000 bets at 2-1 odds, you would walk away with $4,001,500 in-game cash and 80,005XP.



20% of the time, you spend $5,000 and get $50,000 and 150XP.

80% of the time, you spend $5,000 and get just 50XP

$ Formula = 200 x (-5,000 + 50,000) + 800 x (-5,000) = $5,000,000

XP Formula = 200 x (150) + 800 x (50) = 70,000XP

So after 1,000 bets at 9-1 odds, you would walk away with $5,000,000 in-game cash and 70,000XP.



10% of the time, you spend $5,000 and get $100,000 and 250XP.

90% of the time, you spend $5,000 and get just 50XP

$ Formula = 100 x (-5,000 + 100,000) + 900 x (-5,000) = $5,000,000

XP Formula = 100 x (250) + 900 x (50) = 70,000XP

So after 1,000 bets at 19-1 odds, you would walk away with $5,000,000 in-game cash and 70,000XP.



4% of the time, you spend $5,000 and get $250,000 and 500XP.

96% of the time, you spend $5,000 and get just 50XP

$ Formula = 40 x (-5,000 + 250,000) + 960 x (-5,000) = $5,000,000

XP Formula = 40 x (500) + 960 x (50) = 68,000XP

So after 1,000 bets at 49-1 odds, you would walk away with $5,000,000 in-game cash and 68,000XP.




Go Kart Track Net Table after 1,000 bets

Odds Net Cash  Net XP % Chance
2-1 $4,901,500 83,005XP 60.01%
9-1 $5,000,000 70,000XP 20%
19-1 $5,000,000 70,000XP 10%
49-1 $5,000,000 68,000XP 4%

So if you’re into in-game cash, your best bet is to stick to 9-1 or 19-1. But if you prefer XP, your best bet is to stick to 2-1.


How do you bet at the Karts? Will you change your betting ways after this post? Would you prefer in-game cash via 9-1 or 19-1 or XP via 2-1? What stats or strategy related topic would you liked discussed? Share your thoughts. You know we love hearing from you.


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69 responses to “Super Safi’s Stats & Strategy Special: Go Kart Track

  1. The nose knows is live.

  2. Insanity Cauldron usable every 8 hours occasionally gives you a bonus item for playing with Homer. I’ve got a few Light-up Elder God from it that have 1% bonus money+XP to all jobs and improves Consumerism rating which is nice. Sometimes you get other things like Hieroglyph Wall, Cane Field, Pumpkin Patch but they don’t have a bonus.

  3. I didn’t play this as I thought in betting, the house always win

    • Usually, but this is a game. They want to give you more things to tap and reward you for doing it so you will spend more time in the game. It’s not in their best interest to trick you.

  4. Real quick…off topic…..sorry….Where is the character collections icon? I don’t go there much and always forget how to find it! Thanx in advance🎃👻🎃

    • Open the store. In the bottom left off your screen (not the store window) you should see a Homer statue icon. Tap on that to access the character groups.

  5. I just always bet on the Red car! And in Downs I choose Dogbiscuit (?) not sure if that is his name in english – every time I play it. This way I win some loose some, but never really thought much about the odds. Wonder how the way I do it yields much less than playing the odds – or the same? 🙂

    • I go for Blue Racer and Drool Brittania all the time 🙂 I don’t really care about the result, I don’t have problem earning $, the extra XP is not that important to me either. I just like to have “my” dog and “my” car to bet on 🙂

      • Likewise. With the exact same car and dog. As cool as the extra cash/xp might be, I’ve been playing it this way for so long that those two definitely have a ‘mine’ feeling.

  6. Is this correct? You say 2-1 odds means 66% chance to win. I think that is incorrect because 2-1 is a total of 3 and you win 1 of the 3 = 33%
    So the expected payout is 1/3 of 15.000 = 5000

    And if the odds are 9-1, I would say it means I win 10% of the time. Because 9-1 is a total of 10, and I win 1 out of 10.
    The expected payout is 1/10 x 50.000 = 5.000

    That way the expected payout in cash is the same for all bets.

    Sorry if my math is confusing, but I don’t understand your explanation. I’m not sure if I’m right either, can someone else help me figure out what is correct?

  7. Hi Safi ❤

    Bit off topic I know but is there a full list of all the playable characters in tsto? How many is there now?

    It looks like the addicts list is a bit out of date and I thought you might know with your stats knowledge and all 🙂

    Thank you!

  8. I always bet the 2:1 – I like to win! 🙂

  9. Safi, thanks to your two post about the bets I now tend to 19-1 chances for both. That reduces the amount of time needed for the actions – so thanks 🙂

  10. So, how does $59 per XP point (the result of the 2-1 option) compare to the $-per-Xp for other options in the game?

  11. Dumb question: When was the Go Kart Track offered? I started playing in January of this year and never once did I have an option to buy the GKT either with cash, donuts or by some other means. A post like this makes me just that much more annoyed with EA and the games they are playing.

  12. Hey Safi. Assuming you’re from the GTA since you were wearing a Jays cap during last addicts live. ( Jays are playing great..However too little to late) Lets put your skills to real use and hit up Casino Rama? LOL

    • Was just there a few weeks ago. I prefer 1) Caesar’s Windsor, 2) Fallsview Casino, and 3) Casino Niagara. Though partially because I find more activities to do in those casinos or surrounding areas.

      At Caesar’s Windsor, I’ve been to the comedy shows of Russell Peters, Kevin Hart, Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Howie Mandel, Amy Schumer, Jim Gaffigan, Dave Chapelle, Trevor Noah, Craig Ferguson, Steve Harvey, Wanda Sykes, Tim Allen, David Spade, George Lopez, amongst others. But the downside unlike the two casinos 90 minutes away in Niagara Falls or Rama 90 minutes away in Orillia, Windsor is 3.5hrs away.

    • Nice I go the opposite direction. I’ve caught a few of those acts a JFL in Montreal the last few years.. Last one was Judd Apatow in July.

  13. Hi Safi!
    I’m really glad with these statistics posts. Thumbs up! 👍 But I’m curious and wonder if I can make the following assumptions: if 1,000 bets will give 5M in cash, can I assume 100 bets mean 500,000$ or 10 bets mean 50,000$?
    Forgive me if there is any misunderstanding. Greetings!

    • Yes, that is a reasonable extrapolation (or technically I guess an interpolation). If 1,000 bets will earn you $5,000,000 on average; you can infer that 100 bets would be half a million, 10 bets $50,000, and 1 bet $5,000.

  14. I play both twice a day, for the max on each. I win on both roughly once every week, week and a half. Had a good week last week and won the go karts twice, and the race track once. Yeah!

  15. Safi, thanks as always, love your analysis!

  16. Maybe this has been answered and I missed it sorry if it’s been answered before but the claw machine the exuvation site and eliminator worth playing I have never gotten any thing for bonus from any of them thanks

    • I have posts coming on each of them in the coming weeks, but long story short:
      Claw machine – Yes if you don’t have Sir Love-A-Lot, Not really if you have him
      Excavation site – Yes
      Eliminator – Yes, I just got another nuke yesterday from the Eliminator

      • I thought the July 19th update during the Superheroes Return event removed Sir Love-A-Lot’s unique status. Is this not the case?

        As for the Excavation site and Eliminator they are definitely worth it.

    • The excavation site didn’t cost anything to play and can yield a decent amount of cash and XP (plus, you can sell the washers and dryers back for cash).

  17. Talon8770 // rick m.

    There is a slight difference in pay outs, and as a gambling person I would always go for the 2-1 and take the better odds. In the past I’ve always gone for the max bets on the dog track and only won once in 4 years ( that’s a lot of cash to lose and a few jackpots couldn’t made up for that ) but with 60% chance to win you got a better chance for multiple wins. Best to go slow and build a bank than get greedy and chance it all.

  18. How do you get the go cart track?

  19. Do the posted odds actually reflect the actual probabilities in the code? Is there any way to find out?

  20. I play the Go Karts the way I play the Springfield Downs. I always pick the same horse. 😉

    When I was still new to TSTO and needed money, I was cautious, playing Springfield Downs, always picking the first “best odds” option. Sometime later, when money no longer mattered, I found myself always picking “Raised by Wolves”. The wolf is one of my favorite animals (I like the whole pack mentality and hunting skills thing), so this reference carried over to my choice in greyhound. I don’t have any clue what my win/loss ratio is or how much money I’ve won/lost over the years. For a long time I read the dialogue, but as it is repetitive, I no longer bother.

    Go Karts are about the same, though when they arrived, money was no longer an issue, so I immediately picked one and stuck with it. In this case, I went with the pink helmet because it reminded me of the hot Pink Power Ranger (Amy Jo Johnson) the from ages ago.

    Both are boring though, and I rarely play either anymore. But when I do, I pick Raised by Wolves and Pink Helmet, regardless of their position in the odds list.

    • Ah, Amy Jo Johnson, the pink ranger. I watched Flashpoint because she was in it (though the show was worth the watch on it’s plot merit alone).

  21. I always bet on 💗because there isn’t a purple or orange one. At Christmas I bet on❤️ to be festive. Needless to say I have lost the majority of the time😂😂😂…..💜X

  22. More great info. Looks like I’ve been betting wrong, time to fix that. 🙂

  23. Well, I found that the go cart is quite predictable in its payments and I had quite a few big jackpots! It follows a pattern. Very few times have I had a zero. Observe and take notes. I wish the KM scratchies were that predictable too. Have great day. Thank you, merci, gracias, gracie Mr Safi

  24. 9-1 is best. It seems to hit more like 25-33% of the time but that could just be my perception.

  25. I always bet on blue 🙂

  26. Pink cart everytime, and Not A Chance everytime.

  27. Where did I put my gocart track???

  28. There is not really a great difference to the payout so it depends whether your need is for XP or cash.
    For me it doesn’t matter so I stick to my decision to always bet on the red cart because I have a red car!

  29. i remember i hit the 4% twice before they nerfed it …. helped me with a few things

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