Halloween IS Coming…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just letting you all know…Halloween has hit the files.  So check your app stores, it’s coming! (it’s not here yet..but soon.  For sure today)

I have to leave work in about 20 minutes to get the Tiny Addict, so consider this space your place to talk about it if it hits before I get home to update y’all.

Oh and let’s just say, I can confirm it’s going to be…Magical. (Sam, don’t pass out) 

48 responses to “Halloween IS Coming…

  1. I think the last patch fix corrected things for me (Android user) 👍

    This year’s Halloween concept is 👍
    But EA’s execution of it is 👎

    Why no atmosphere this year? (no spookie music, water effects, etc)
    Why does it feel like EA just phoned it in compared to prior years? 👎

    After what happened here in Las Vegas? I was looking forward to this year’s Halloween Event …. and so far it’s just meh compared to prior years 👎

    Back to Kem Farming (’til EA does something that elevates this year’s Event above meh)

    now to start the event then come back and read this post! 😂

  3. Same Lisa glitch for Apple

  4. 5:03 it’s in

  5. 5 pm central time and not yet in for Apple

  6. I have a feeling because Android was out first all the bugs are not out and that is why everyone else hasn’t been released yet. Let’s all hope a patch comes through soon.

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