Halloween Is Live! (Updated and Complete)

Update 8:50p ET: Looks like this is fixed now…at least the not being able to progress.  New update downloads and you’ll get Wizard Lisa and Bart, and that will allow you to complete the beast task…

I’m now working on updating this post, since I can now move through. So keep checking back, I’ll be updating more info below…

Update: So apparently I’ve missed a few bugs…I can also tell you EA sent out a patch to Android (or something), as I just got a massive in-game download.  BUT now I have the crazy zoomed out bug that was going around for other devices (I have a Galazy S8).  So not quite sure what’s going on….

Some are reporting problems with iOS as well.  It’s not loading.  However, i currently have no issues on iOS.

So yes, apparently the bug is still there…for both iOS AND Android.  It gets stuck here:

And you can’t progress.  For those who don’t already know, yes it’s widespread. And yes they’re working on a patch.

Also there’s a glitch with the Magic Scratch R…don’t buy it right now.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Halloween is currently LIVE on Android, iOS and Kindle!  I’m on my way out the door to pick up the Tiny Addict, but i’ll update this post more when I get home.

For now know that Lisa needs to be free for a 6s task.  You’ll then need to place the Chamers Market (free) and complete 6s tasks for Springfielders and Homer. Then ANOTHER 6s task for Homer, and another for Lisa.  You’ll then have to build the Magic Academy (also free) and complete ANOTHER 6s task for Homer. And then you’ll FINALLY launch the event….

I’ll be back with way more once I get home and situated.  For now, have fun guys! More info below the fold…

Alright…it’s late.  Playoff baseball is on.  So let’s break this down quickly…

More detailed individual posts will be coming soon….

Yes, this is 3 acts.  Act 1 ends/Act 2 starts October 17th.  

Event ends November 14…standard 6 weeks.

First up the freebie buildings…

Each Building Will Unlock for you via the Main Questline.  So just keep playing the questline and they’ll unlock…

Charmer’s Market- 10×10, As you progress through the questline crafting will unlock.  Charmer’s Market is the hub for crafting

Magic Academy– 7×11, when tapped it’ll take you to the prize track hub

Karneymon’s Alley– 4×4 (Comes with Karneymon).  First Beast you’ll unlock

 Magic Tower– 2×2, this will act as the “clear all” for the goblins.  Resets every 4hrs, tap on it and you’ll clear all Goblins in Springfield. (again, unlocks with the questline)

Act 1 Currency 


Act 1 Prizes

Lewd’s Bar– 400

Free Land– 1.200 

Royal My Pod– 2,500 

Fairy Fields– 4,200 

500 Goblin Gold– 5,900 

Music Automation– 7,600 

Unicorn WIzard– 10,200 

Free Costumes…

After today’s secondary download you’ll now unlock instantly…

Wizard Lisa

Wizard Bart

Magic Milhouse

You’ll need these costumes to fight beasts.


Crafting currency is Goblin Gold

Also known as Goblin boogers….

You can earn the “gold” by tapping Goblins, daily challenges, etc.

Crafting is unlocked via the MAIN questline…Angelica Button and the Mystical Beasts Pt. 6

I’m not going to breakdown all of the craftables here, i will do (as usual) a crafting rundown post.  Most of the items are returning, and several you cannot get again if you already have 1 in Springfield.

And once again, you’ll need to level up to unlock more craftables.


These are the tappables in Springfield tap them and they drop 2  and 2 

They spawn at a rate of 1/10 minutes. Max of 40 in Springfield.  There is no bank on these.

Neighbor Actions

Neighbor Actions unlock with Angelica Button and the Mystical Beasts Pt.7.

From what I see you can only tap Goblins/Trolls in neighbor’s towns and that’s it.  They’ll drop 1  and 1

Fighting Beasts

This gets a bit more complicated than I’d like to get into for the rundown post.  We will have a FULL detailed post up on this soon.

But it’s similar to the previous battles, but a little more thought to it.  You have to clear the “mana” at the top…and each character clears so much mana.

Safi’s already working on some analysis for this, so you know it’ll be detailed and full of stats. 🙂

Items in the Store..

New stuff…

Wiggops’s Station- 65 Donuts

Magic Academy Library (with Angelica Button)- 150 Donuts

Fantastical Beastarium- 75 Donuts


Jack-o-Lantern- $135

Dead Tree- $270

Spooky Tree- $325

Pumpkin Patch- $450

Wizard Martin- 75 Donuts, 25 Donut Rebate, NET 50 Donuts

Treestache’s Grove- 60 Donuts, comes with a bonus questline to earn currency

The Castle of Equalia- 175 Donuts (comes with costume for Lisa)

Burns Coffin & Count Burns- 120 Donuts (Costume for Burns)

Magical Mystery Box- 65 donuts a Try
Inside the box…
Hellemenary School
Tenta-Corp HQ
Bob’s Victorian House
Drive-In Theater (and Space Mutant)
Gate to Nowhere
Battle Dome
Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop (and Ghost Maude)
Mad Doctor’s Castle
Zombie Sandwhich
Mutant Rabbit
House on Scary Hill
Scary Dock (and Blinky Monster)
King Homer’s Skyscraper

Ok guys, that’s all the info for tonight!  We’ll be back with Turbo Tappin’, Calendar, Beast info and much much more!

What are your thoughts on the Halloween Event? Excited about the Magical theme?  Are you a P0tt-head? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


641 responses to “Halloween Is Live! (Updated and Complete)

  1. Is anyone else having an issue where Wizard Martin doesn’t show up at all? When I battle/enchant the beasts it only shows Lisa, Bart, and Milhouse but never Martin?


  2. It is the same “game” we get for every update! I cant believe that out of all of the Halloween characters I have all of them and they have no tasks. Same with buildings!


  3. This Halloween update just feels lame and boring to me. Wish the old Halloween building still gave even currency like they use to if the kids do nothing after the enchant why not have trick or treat task to earn event currency ?


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