THOH XXVIII 101: Beast Enchanters

Welcome wonderful Wizards, Witches (with & without worts), Warlocks, Wiccans, & Werewolves!

(Today’s post is sponsored by the letter “W”)

Hope you’re ready to trick or treat because the THOH XXVIII Halloween Event has arrived in Springfield! And boy do I have some TRICKS to help TREAT you to a big jump in the Event! One key aspect introduced in the Halloween Event is Beast Enchanters.

NOTE: While this post included info/speculation about Act 2 and Act 3, we’ll focus on Act 1 and have separate posts for Act 2 and Act 3….


Beast Enchanter:

So in this event, similar to a few events in the past (TapBall, Superheroes, Homerpalooza come to mind), you’ll be tasked with sending characters on a secondary task.  In this case it’s Beast Enchanter.

From the Event Hub or in the top right of your screen, click on the Beast Tamer icon  to send characters to Beast Enchanter.


Beast Enchanter Beasts:

Beast Enchanters are conducted against various beasts in each Act. In Act 1, Beast Enchanters are conducted against Kearneymom, Wiggops, Lewd, and Treestache.

Up to 4 characters can capture, enchant each beast and you receive 50 event currency (Wands    in Act 1) per character you send.


Beast Enchanter Characters:

Various characters can Beast Enchant (battle against a beast) to earn more event currency and to capture the beasts.

In Act 1, characters that can enchant include:

  • Wizard Lisa
  • Wizard Bart
  • Magic Act Milhouse
  • Wizard Martin
  • Angelica Button
  • Unicorn Wizard

NOTE: Act 2 and Act 3 characters will be discussed in the Act 2 and Act 3 continuations of this post.

Initially, all beasts have the status of “wild”. You have to continuously send your characters to capture the beasts. Once the beasts have been captured and have the status “captured”, you have to continuously send your characters to enchant the beasts. Once the beasts have been enchanted and have the status “enchanted”, you’ll have the opportunity to release them.

NOTE: Another post will discuss what happens once you release the beasts.

Mana Essence:

Mana is the life essence of the beasts. They have two types of mana. Wild beasts have dark mana while captured beasts have light mana.

The more frequently you send characters to capture wild beasts, the sooner their status changes to captured. Each wild beast starts with 15 dark mana . When characters are sent to capture a beast, they inflict either 0.5 dark mana (), 1 dark mana (), or 1.5 dark mana ( ) damage. Once the wild beast loses all 15 dark mana, they are fully captured.

Likewise, the more frequently you send characters to enchant captured beasts, the sooner their status changes to enchanted. Each enchanted beast starts with 0 light mana . When characters are sent to enchant a captured beast, they instill either 0.5 light mana (), 1 light mana (), or 1.5 light mana ( ) towards the beast. Once the beast fills all 15 light mana, they are fully enchanted.

Each character deals a fixed amount of damage: (NOTE: Act 2 and Act 3 characters have been removed and will be shown in the subsequent posts!)

Damage Characters
0.5 Mana  Wizard Lisa, Wizard Bart, Magic Act Milhouse, Unicorn Wizard
1 Mana  Wizard Martin, Angelica Button
1.5 Mana  No one in Act 1

As shown above, Act 1 freemium characters deal or instill 0.5 dark or light mana. Act 1 premium characters deal or instill 1 full dark or light mana.


And that’s it my friends. A quick intro into capturing and enchanting beasts in preparation for releasing them….

What are your thoughts on Beast Enchanter? Have you captured any beasts yet? Have you enchanted any beasts yet? Looking forward to the post on releasing beasts? Have any tips or tricks you can share for Act 1 only? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


179 responses to “THOH XXVIII 101: Beast Enchanters

  1. How do I open other doors to allow multiple characters to enchant a monster at the same time?


  2. I just purchased threestaches grove and now I can’t see my event-o-meter. The fairy dust icon on the bottom doesn’t work anymore and I can’t see how far along I am on my buildables. I also cannot capture/enchant treestache…. is this something that others have experienced? How can I resolve this glitch so I can continue the THOH 2017 event? Help!?


  3. For days iv been trying to figure out how to release kearnymon, he seems to be in a perpetual 4 hour frozen captured state. In the beast list it says I can release him to unlock other decorations so I press GO and he’s there, all stuck in a 4 hour loop that never counts down


  4. I seem to have run out of enchanter jobs yet I’m still being told I’m at 4/8. Without having to purchase treestache, what am I supposed to do to continue?


  5. I have two questions: is it better to buy Treestache and have a 4th beast or have Martin’s skin, I am a freemium player. I have enchanted 2 beasts already and I don’t think I will have the time to enchant the 3rd beast before Act 2, is it possible to do so later, if so I’d buy Martin’s skin. Please help Thnkx


    • You can continue to capture and enchant in Act 2 and 3. Tough call between Wizard Martin and Treestache. I prefer Wizard Martin and he will help Capture and Enchant all the beasts faster. But I also like having lots of Beasts to Capture and Enchant.


  6. Do particular characters work with the specific beasts as i send 3 and only 1 registers that they’ve worked. Thank you


    • No, that is quite odd. You should be able to capture or enchant 1 mana each for Angelica Button and Wizard Martin, and 0.5 mana each for Wizard Lisa, Wizard Bart, and Wizard Unicorn.

      So if you’re sending Wizard Lisa, Wizard Bart, and Wizard Unicorn to capture any beast and they have 6.5 mana, they should have 1.5 mana captured and be at 5 mana after the 4 hours, regardless of the beast.


  7. Why does it show wizard Martin but not allow me to use him?


  8. Should I buy Treestash? Anyone know what decorations he unlocks?


  9. If you also think unicorn wizard should do 1.5 instead of 0.5 like this comment.


  10. While visiting a neighbor I grew quite jealous. I have zombie envy. Would you please tell us how to turn our Springfielders into zombies. Thank you for your amazing blog. Happy Halloween🎃

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I just bought treestache and wanted to fight him but it seems he vanished from the beast List? Do i have to finish his questline First?


  12. so boring


  13. Anamaria Šitum

    Can someone help me?
    I unlocked all the doors and I own Martin, but he won’t show up with all the magic characters. What should I do?


  14. Slow going but fun should be finished enchanting kearniemon, hope more character to fight beasts to speed things up a bit in act 2, I have wizard martin which helps

    Liked by 1 person

  15. I have 4 beasts. Should I capture all of them before I enchant any of them? Is there a particular order?


    • Capture & Enchant Kearnymon first – this finishes the Act 1 Questline & allows you to begin accumulating extra Wands towards Bonuts while you work on the Prize Track.

      Best strategy after that seems to be to Capture then Enchant each Beast one by one; this is because once you C&E a Beast, it can be “released” to earn Wands on its own while the Wizards move on to the next Beast, and so increase Wands earned towards the Questline & Bonuts. hth!

      Liked by 3 people

  16. Lots of great comments, very informative. Does anyone know if Witch Marge will be available in this event, I missed out on her the last time around. Been growing actual corn and I understand that she has ability to speed up crops.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Seriously, how do you open the other doors to capture Kearneymon? I’ve been sending the 1 kid to fight him for days and it’s taking forever.

    Liked by 2 people

  18. How do u open the other 3 doors?


  19. Thanks guys, didn’t get that all the doors are actually open. Kept sending just one kid every time until today.

    Liked by 2 people

    • How dud you do it? I cannot send more than 1 kid at a time?


      • Make sure you hit the blue Select button for all of the kids you want to send before you hit the Capture button. Once one kid is busy capturing a beast, you cannot add more kids. Similar to the stages, where once you started playing on a stage you couldn’t add more partway through the 4 hours.


  20. Is it best to send Bart and Lisa to capture beasts or to finish their quest line first?


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