Magical Mystery Box

Before we start a quick note.  I know Gil arrived in Springfield this morning, with an INSANELY priced Gimmick.  And I know we also got a new item in the stores, premium wise.  I should have both of those covered in the next day or so (I will break down ALL of the details on the Dragon Gil is offering), but right now I want to focus on the returning stuff that’s leaving our games soon. Since I know many of you have been asking for it.  There’s nothing new that’s absolutely pressing that you need to purchase immediately,  So please, just be patient. Thanks! 

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Fall has arrived and there’s a haze over our Springfield’s, that can only mean one thing….it’s Halloween in our pocket-sized towns! This year EA’s thrown a little magic into the mix, with an Angelica Button theme invading our towns.  With this magical event hitting Springfield it’s only natural that we’d come across a magical case full of mystery and wonder (or just a bunch of returning digital content)…

This is a premium box full of your chance to get those limited-time premium character/building/decorations with a Magical/Halloween flair to them.  By now we should all be familiar with how Mystery Boxes work, so let’s jump to the breakdown of what’s inside…

First, going to note…this is one of TWO Mystery Boxes we will see in Springfield for this event.  This one will be around for the whole event, but another should be making an appearance closer to Halloween…

This Mystery Box is a great way to get items you may have missed out on from Previous Events at a low price…

And…if you already have everything in the box you won’t see the box in your store. 

So for 65 donuts you can have your shot at a variety of  Magical (really just Dark/Halloween) Themed premium characters, skins, decorations and buildings from the past,  65 Donuts is less than the initial value for each item (although some were original prizes, so those were free.)….

Magical Mystery Box Leaves Games November 14th…

Here’s what you can win…

Hellementary School– Was Originally 90 Donuts,  Should I Buy

Tenta-Corp HQ– Was originally a prize (Halloween 2015), Original post, Tenta-Corp HQ

Bob’s Victorian House- Was Originally 100 Donuts, ,Should I Buy

Drive-In Theater (and Space Mutant)– Was Originally 150 Donuts ,Should I Buy

Gate to Nowhere– Was Originally Free, prize, Here’s the original post on the Gate to Nowhere

Battle Dome– Was Originally 150 Donuts, Should I Buy

Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop (and Ghost Maude)– Was Originally free back in 2013, but it’s since been back a few times usually costs 150 Donuts ,Should I Buy

Mad Doctor’s Castle- Was Originally free (Halloween 2016), Here’s the more detailed post on the Mad Doctor’s Castle

Zombie Sandwich– Was Originally 150 Donuts, Should I Buy (this is the one that turns the characters to Zombies that some of you are noticing when you visit neighbors)

Mutant Rabbit– Was Originally 75 Donuts, Should I Buy

House on Scary Hill- Was Originally 90 donuts, Should I Buy

Scary Dock (and Blinky Monster)- Was Originally a Gil Deal for 170 donuts, Should I Buy

King Homer’s Skyscraper- Was Originally free (Halloween 2013), but it’s been back since for donuts.  Was previously 250 donuts (2014, and no I’m not kidding), More detailed post

Now, while I know you can’t pick and choose which items you want from the box, I included the Should I Buy posts from the past so y’all can see how much they originally cost & what specifically each building/character does.

65 Donuts is a bargain for most of these items…except for items that were originally free, as getting it for free is the best deal…but still 65 donuts is a fair price for most of the items at least.  So my thoughts are, if you have something in there you want…give it a try.  You’ll likely get something worth it.

And that’s it my friends!  The details on the Magical Mystery Box….

What are your thoughts on the Mystery Box? Have you tried it yet? What have you won so far? What do you hope to get? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

92 responses to “Magical Mystery Box

  1. I tried it and I got King Homers Skyscraper but I don’t see why everyone else wants it

  2. I don’t seem to have the magical mystery box. I’d like to get the zombie sandwich but already have the other items available. Anybody else have the same problem and been able to resolve it? I appreciate any advice. Thanks.

  3. After hearing what others were getting I decided to go for it. As a freemium it was a risk. I got a stupid haunted house decoration. So I was like ok I’m jus gonna use the last of my donuts on another cuz I figured I’d have to get something good (at least with a character). I got the stupid battle dome decoration. What a waste of all my donuts.

  4. Ok, so I purchased sqeeky voice teen and got myself the 120 donuts and then got 2 mystery boxes and the first one had the zombie sandwich, and the second one had space mutant and drive in movie, these where the 2 I most wanted out if all of the prizes, and I just had to tell somebody as my wife isn’t an addict.

  5. I am so happy with getting the Zombie Sandwich. Some characters are just fantastic in their zombie versions.

  6. I got Mutant Rabbit. But it says I need the Museum of Natural History to do his four hour task. I know (because of SIB) that it had cost 100 donuts so I checked the premium section of the store with no luck. Was this limited time?

  7. I did some math today before my first approach.
    My favorites are the 3 character/building combos. Standard price today is *sigh* 150D. So with 2 tries = 130D it is still a bargain. The mutant rabbit looks interesting for me, 75D original price, 1 try for this saves 10D.
    I can see 11 items. 4 interesting items. 7 tries for 3 combos plus 1 rabbit.

    My good old pal Excel has a function for this:
    HYPERGEOM.DIST(items;7;4;11;FALSE) where “items” is 4, 3, 2 or *sigh again* 1: the number of items I want to know the probability for.

    In my case there is a chance of 10.6% for getting all 4 interesting items in 7 boxes. Adding the odds for only 3 items (42.4%) it is 53% for at least 3 interesting items. 91.2% for at least 2 and 99.7% for at least one item.

    Regarding the 7 uninteresting items as losses this calculation puts me down 🙁
    Thank grog there are some useful goodies one won’t regard as a TOTAL loss 😉
    And we talk about chances: maybe I’m lucky? Maude, Blinky, Alien & Rabbit: I’m coming! 👻

    • Update: 1st TentacorpHQ: meh, meh, the meh-est! Off to my junk-farm area, earns money at least… Everything from now on is better!
      2nd: Drive-in and Space Mutant! Awesome!

      Now I’m encouraged to save donuts for some more 😀

      • Got all 3 building/character combo first 3 tries. Considering it as luck, wishing to get the king homer next then I’ll be done with the mystery box.

  8. Hi-dilly-ho Addictorinos,

    I’ve run into a (potential) glitch. I purchased a mystery box, won the Gypsy Fortune Teller (w/ Ghost Maude) (yay!), and she’s nowhere to be found. She’s not in the inventory under characters, buildings, decorations…

    The donuts were definitely deducted, and when I look at the possible prizes for the mystery box now, that item is not listed (suggesting that I own it).

    I’m thinking my game might be glitching because just as I made the purchase, I received a text message (pops down from the top of the screen), which I swiped away. When I returned to the game screen, all the dialog boxes (e.g., “place/store” or whatever pops up when you get an item through the mystery box) were cleared. :-/

    Any thoughts?

    • Same thing happened to me, Prof. Scuffy! When you go to your inventory, just look at the main section–don’t open up any of the “subsections.” You may have to scroll all the way to the end to find it. Caveat, I swear I did that on my tablet (and looked in ALL the subsections as well). Nothing. I did a hard close and reopened the game. Nothing. I was just getting ready to do an uninstall/reinstall, but I asked here, and a couple of people said “Just look in the main section.” Again, I just feel sure that I had already done that, but I figured, maybe I did it wrong. I didn’t have my tablet with me at the time, so I looked on my phone, and voila! There she was. Not sure whether it was time, the change in device, or whether I was just too blind to see her the first two times, but again, there she was. If none of this works for you, contact EA. They will refund your donuts. Good luck!

    • Resolved. It strangely appeared (after restarting my device) as a DECORATION that I had to “use” (which unlocked Maude), and then the building appeared in the predictable folder.

  9. I was happy when I looked inside this mystery box because, unlike the last couple, I didn’t already have most of the stuff, so there was lots of stuff for me to buy (and a few I really wanted). I struck good with my first attempt and got Maude, but I’ll probably end up continuing to buy boxes until I have all of the things I want. The hard part has been keeping myself from just buying it all at once and then being bored later on. So I’m trying to spread out my purchases…think it’s time to pull the trigger on another one tonight! 🙂

  10. I don’t have zombie sandwhich but it isn’t in my mystery box any ideas

    • Check your inventory, the main section not any categories. If you are absolutely sure you don’t have it, you will have to contact EA.

  11. spared <250 donuts to buy Barney already, but the astronaut Barney bundle didn't appeaed for me… and this Mystery Box came, with King Homer in it! and i managed to get it for the 3rd try, after "House on Scary Hill" and "Bob’s Victorian House".
    Still would like to win ghost wife for Flanders, but idk, my chance. is 1:5 . Or should i get the WiggamTroll? Or wait for the bullys' troll version? They may be also available only for donuts

  12. I passed when King Homer’s Skyscraper returned for 250 donuts…we think the Burns Dragon at 199 is ridiculous!

    But I really wanted that one…and had three other items in the box: Bob’s House, the battle dome, and the House on Scary Hill.

    260 donuts later, I got it. Oh well, back to farming…😂

  13. Bought magical mystery boxes till I finally got King Homer’s skyscraper… And I actually used donuts I bought with real money too >o< I know it's totally not worth it but I have been wanting it for so long lol

  14. I don’t have the mystery box for some reason…?

  15. Well, I started with just two, but then I decided I wanted most of the things so I bought a couple more, and now my mystery box is empty. Oops! 🤣

  16. 65 Donuts is a deal …. but there are only 2 Items of interest to me (the rest are meh). I will wait for other mystery bin items to show up as we get closer to Halloween (I’m not playing 65 Donut roulette)

  17. MydadlookslikeFlanders

    I got Bob’s House. Meh

  18. I have 78 donuts and I can’t decide if I should get wizard Martin or the box which should I choose

  19. Love the zombie dumpster(or zombie sandwich). I use it as a shortcut to send my b!tches on a quick task while I wait for something to finish in the recycling depot. I have the dumpster outside of Krusty Murder…erm…Krusty Burger…

    • I bought this when it was first offered, but I guess I didn’t read the SIB post thoroughly enough to know that you could turn people into zombies! Must. Pay. More. Attention. To. Alissa.

  20. Zombie sandwhich was originally 100 donuts, you have it listed as previously 150 😊😊

    Was trying for the blinky monster, got bobs Victorian house instead 🙄🙄

  21. I’m glad this box will be around for awhile. I really want Maude and the drive in. So far I got Zombie Sandwich, house on scary Hill, Scary Dock, Hellementary, and King Homer. I’m down to 130 donuts and don’t wanna miss out on anything new and awesome.

  22. So I’ve been playing for WAY too long so I have almost all the items that are in the mystery box except for 3 or 4 of them but I do not see the option to drop my hard earned donuts to chance getting something new. Looked in every section of the store. Am I missing something or just plain dumb?

  23. I KEM farmed religiously for 2 months to save and splurge during tbe Halloween event. I like the Harry Potter themed items but for the most part so far I am good w the free items for this event.

    I found myself more excited to have a chance to get some stuff I missed when I took an 18 month break from the game. Got all I wanted first tries (how often does that happen?). I got the drive in, the swamp monster, He’ll school, and Zombie sandwich. I tried for He’ll house but got Victorian house, which is nice

  24. I am happy i get the pond monster on my firat try. Most of the item i received years ago as free or by completing events. Next i will to get the zombie trash.

  25. I decided to throw 65 precious doughnuts into the wind for one of the mystery prizes. Ideally, I was hoping for Maude, or even the Drive-in Theatre… heck, I would have even been happy with the Zombie Dumpster. I got King Homer’s Skyscraper… saying I was underwhelmed would be an understatement. Sure, it’s from a classic THOH episode (just watched it on TV), but I’m always hoping I get a new character or skin. But I guess that’s the luck if the draw!

  26. Wanted one of the characters, cause I missed out on a lot of them. So I did and got blinky monster, is he worth it?

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