Gil’s Latest Gimmick: Details & Should You Buy Burns Dragon?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like Gil’s back in Springfield.  He returned to Springfield yesterday, naturally with another offer for us.  What’s the latest gimmick he’s peddling? It’s only natural that he’d be pushing an overpriced fire breathing dragon on us!

So let’s breakdown the details of this latest offer and determine if you should spend your donuts on this fiery NPC Combo….

So when you first get into Springfield you’ll see Gil waving his arms around..doing his best impression of Touchdown Jesus…just begging you to tap on him…

If you tap on him you’ll see…

Gil: Hey, folks! Have I got a nifty deal that’s a real steal! I’ll swap ya a pile of gold for something you hold!
Lisa: You’re trading gold for donuts? Gil, you’ve made terrible business decisions in the past but this is the worst.
Gil: Oh, ol’ Gil has his reasons.  If I flip this pile of gold over, that’d keep an ancient dragon from burning me and all that I own to a crisp.
Lisa: A dragon? If dragons are part of any deal, you really should mention them up front.

At which point you’ll see the latest gimmick…

If you refuse…

Gil: That dragon won’t leave me alone! Ol’ Gil don’t need ol’ flames chasing him right now.  That’s not the kind of companionship I want!

Remember, if you refuse the deal you should be able to get it again via your Store menu…

This Offer Ends October 16th, 2017…

If you accept

Gil: Yes! No more dragon draggin’ ol’ Gil down. I mean gold! Did I say dragon? I meant gold.

If you accept you’ll instantly get the pile of gold.

Once you place the gold you’ll see the character unlock message popup for the dragon:

And he is part of the THOH XXVIII Beasts Character Collection…

So now what I assume most of you are here for…Should You Buy this Dragon Combo?  Let’s break down the details…

Building/Decoration: Burns Dragon Gold
  Burns Dragon (NPC)
Donut Cost: 199 Donuts (this one stings)
Earns: Gold (and decorations) earn nothing.  Burns Dragon earns event currency (via Capture/Enchant…and then release).  I assume once the event ends he’ll earn cash/xp when released
Gold is 4×4
Vanity +100
Other Info: Can be placed grass|pavement|dirt|beach

Offer Ends October 16th

-Helps earn event currency
-Comes with 3 additional unique decorations to Burns Dragon (you can get multiples, but they’re unique in that only Burns Dragon can get them)
-It’s a dragon

-Decorations do not earn any sort of bonus %
-NPC, meaning can only be captured/enchanted/released…no other tasks

Final Thought:
Premium or Freemium:
Before I even start, I know there are a bunch of you who already purchased this. (and odds are you used farming bonus donuts to get it) It’s a dragon.  You like dragons. I get it.  And I’m not talking to you here. I’m talking to the rest of you.  The ones who genuinely want to know if this is worth it..
DO NOT BUY THIS! It’s insanely overpriced (it’s the equivalent of $8.30 if you purchased the $99.99 pack of donuts, and over $13 if you purchased the $20 pack of donuts).  It also doesn’t do anything that Wigops could/would do in Springfield (as far as the event goes).  It doesn’t earn extra event currency. It’s decorations are basically variations of gold. For 199 donuts you’re getting a dragon form of the FREE Lewd or Kearneymon.

I dont even like dragons but I would have gotten this at 100 even 120 donuts…but 199 donuts is just a kick in the pants.

Don’t buy it. Tell Gil to take a hike.

Of course in the end it’s completely your decision, we can only tell you what we would or wouldn’t do.  And I can tell you, as a premium player, I’ve never passed on something so quickly. Just remember, they are limited-time.  So whatever you decide be sure to make your final decision before it leaves our games on the 16th.

Here’s a look at the decorations…. 

Item: Elephant Statue
Size: 2×2
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100

Item: Treasure Chest
Size: 2×2
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100

Item: Burns Dragon Statue
Size: 2×2
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100

And here’s a look at his animations when you’re capturing/enchanting him:


And finally here’s a look at the questline…

The Very Well-Off Dragon Pt. 1
Auto start

Capture Burns Dragon- x15 (Clear Dark Mana)
Make Homer Ask Who to Call- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

The Very Well-Off Dragon Pt. 2
Auto start

Enchant Burns Dragon- x15 (Fill Light Mana)
Make Smithers Count Gold- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

The Very Well-Off Dragon Pt. 3
Auto start

Summon Burns Dragon- 4hrs, Earns Event Currency
Make Criminals Take More Gold- x3. 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp Freemium and $260, 70xp Premium

And that’s it my friends…everything you need to know about Gil’s latest Gimmick for the Burns Dragon.

What are your thoughts on Gil’s latest Gimmick?  Will you be picking up the Fiery combo?  Have you already? What will you do with all that gold?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

And finally, because I know a lot of you like to know these things…

205 responses to “Gil’s Latest Gimmick: Details & Should You Buy Burns Dragon?

  1. An Update was released. Did they add a bonus percentage to the burns dragon? I won’t buy him unless they do add that.

  2. blackgypsyrose13

    I had to get it, I am a huge dragon fanatic and every time I see anything dragon or to do about dragons I have a uncontrollable compulsion to buy it!

  3. Real question. WHy do people KEM farm?
    they have the ugliest towns and are not creative. They could enjoy the game more if they had to try harder and actually design a town as intended.
    I play fermium and i think i have the best town (visually) out of all my neighbors. QUIT FARMING AND PLAY THE GAME

    • I farm. would you like to compare towns?

      • my town is decent, and i farm occasionally – but tapebelt’s town is friggin MAJESTIC.

      • Tapebelt, I sent you a friend request (Milkslingers). I’m sure you are maxed out, but if any of your current friends stop playing, I would love to see your town. I can’t imagine how many hours I’ve spent decorating and arranging mine, even as a fellow farmer. It is always inspiring to see the work done by others. Thanks!

        • MydadlookslikeFlanders

          You have an awesome town and are one of my favorite neighborinos to visit Milkslingers. I have Zim in my username in the game. I tap in your town daily and have been inspired many times by your designs and all the cool stuff you have 🙂 Peace

      • Your one of my neighbors and I know your town looks great (as does mine 😎).

    • Wtf? People have fun in different ways, no need to poop on their picnic.

    • You can KEM farm and still have a nice town and play the game. Most farmers put their farms on the outskirts of their town so it doesn’t mess with their design. Sounds like you’re talking about plonkers, not farmers

    • I have very beautiful Springfield and use a very remote part of it to do some serious KEM farming. I play TSTO with great joy.
      If you don’t like (or even hate) KEM farming then DON’T!!!!!!

    • I understand what you mean, some of my neighbours KEMfarm, buy everything there is in the store, put it in their town in chaos, no design and sometimes not even roads. What’s the fun in that? Just the idea of owning everything you can buy? Maybe that is their fun, and not the designing of a town….
      Of course others have wonderful towns.

    • Really? You want to pick that fight? Please don NOT criticize anyone for the way they play the game. That’s a cardinal sin on this forum.

      • This has always been an issue in videogames since contra and the konami code: a player does not like when another player cheats and achieves the same woth less the effort. Personally, i had never been fan of “law of less effort”. In fact, if i had invented the wheel, it would had been pyramidal to make it harder. And i did play game dev tycoon pirated just because it was harder than the retail version.
        If people want to KEM farm and less people like to town building, then hide or remove farmers and keep your friend circle just to town builders. No need to call names and throw a tantrum just because one player decided to unlock “koolest stuff” and you grinded your fingers with the ridicoulus fatality sequences.

      • That’s not a silly remark. It is even very sensible!

    • Fully designed town and I farm 🙂 Not everyone spends time organizing.

    • Being a KEM farmer doesn’t mean you have to have a disorganized town… My farm barely takes any space and is way out of the way.

    • You must have lazy neighbors. Some of my neighbors have fabulously designed towns, despite also KEM farmers. The two are not mutually exclusive. And, even if it were, there is no one “right” way to pay this game.

      • I’d like to retract my use of the word “lazy.” What I should have said is that you must have neighbors who have chosen not to design their towns nicely.

  4. Just got an update on android and the Gil deal is gone. Hmmm…

  5. I am starting to get irritated and annoyed with this Kem farming Donuts especially when I don’t get the concept with how to achieve in getting many donuts. Trust me I have read the post several times I still don’t get it. Can someone please create a video tutorial for those of us who are visual learners? Please!

    • Enter “how to kem farm” in YouTube – I just did a quick search and there are a few videos there.

    • For this to work you must begin with only 1 kwik e mart in your town(because Apu) and none in your storage inventory(sell em).

      Step 1: Activate XP collider for as long as you can afford, i do 10 days for 25 donuts
      Step 2: Build 25 Kwik E Marts
      Step 3: After 4 hours collect XP from Kwik e Marts and immediately sell them back.
      Step 4: Repeat

      If you want more explanation than that, youre gonna have to google it.

      • Or instead of Google, you can view this post on KEM farming and it’s comments. I would first schedule 25 KEMs to build and then activate the XP collider right before you tap on them to give yourself 4 extra hours of XP collider time that might come in handy.

        • I wouldn’t want to disagree with Safi, but I keep my collider going all the time (you can recharge up to 40 days). Once (or more times) made the mistake of collecting before noticing collider wasn’t on. Plus you get XP on all characters and buildings. In my main game (2700%) that is earning me 2 to 3 rounds with the donuts.

          • Oh, no disagreement here. I keep my collider going non-stop too. I just recharged last week and have 37 days left on my collider right now. I usually spend 100 donuts for 40 days, anytime I notice I drop below 10 days left on the collider. My collider hasn’t been off except for when I was on vacation April 6th to 16th and prior to that when I was in Scandanavia from December 26th to January 6th. No point keeping it on if you are on vacation.

        • Your article is the top search result when I put in “kem farming tsto”! 🖒 Good going!

        • Question …. I did 50 KEM but only receive 11 Donuts. And the Donuts came from me leveling up. Did I do something wrong? I also saw on other posting increaseing my %. What is that and how do i do it

          • What I’d recommend is keep farming fewer KEM every 4 hours (I’d say 24 KEM to start with). You should get about 5 donuts every 4 hours. Do this for a week or two and then come back and ask us about increasing XP. Rat Trap/Bloodmobile farming is like a sprint. KEM farming is like a marathon. KEM farming takes time. I’ve been doing it for over a year and still continue to raise my XP %. It’s not something I’d recommend confusing you with in the first week of KEM farming. Post a comment on the Addicts Open Thread next weekend letting us know how farming 24 KEM is going and how may donuts you earned and ask us about XP % at that time. That will be the most beneficial in my opinion.

    • The post from Safi is self explanatory. Take 4 or more pieces of free land and place the KEMs. Feed the XP Collider with donuts and after 4 hours you “harvest” the KEMs and SELL all of them. Don’t store them otherwise you will pay the maximum prize of 14,400. Each time you start another round of KEMfarming, the first one should cost you 220.

    • I learned by doing. Just build a block of 20-40 kwik e marts with your xp collider running and make an observation of how many donuts it brings you. If your experience is anything like mine, you’ll want to keep at it.

      • I earn 11 Donuts with 50 KEM farming. Does that sound right?

        • Well it depends on your bonus percentage. I earn 24 donuts with 48 KEM farmed. But more importantly for me, I don’t lose any money farming 48 KEM. During the 4 hours my 48 KEMs were being built, my characters and building earned enough money to offset the cost of those KEM. How much money did you have when you started purchasing 50 KEMs? And how much money do you have now? If you lost a significant amount of money, you won’t be able to maintain a 50 KEM farm. You might be better off only farming half of that, do 25 KEM farms every 4 hours, earn half the donuts, but not lose any money. As you improve your bonus percentage and get more characters and buildings for income, you can start increasing the amount of KEMs you farm.

    • OMG….”I don’t like it because I don’t understand it.”

      • I am very simple! If you dont like my post do not reply. And don’t sit there behind your computer or your phone and mocking me
        …. for the rest of the players thank you so much for your postings I’m definitely going to try this right now!

    • Here’s a simplified explanation of Kwik-E-Mart farming…

      The basic premise is that you buy a bunch of Kwik-E-Marts and then, after four hours, when they’re done building and you tap on their check marks (Kaboom!), you earn a bunch of XP. Earning XP helps you to level up. Every time you level up, you earn donuts. (If you’re under level 939, you earn one donut for each level-up. Once you reach level 939, you get a set of bonut boxes, instead, meaning you can earn three donuts instead.) Then you sell the Kwik-E-Marts back to recoup 25% of what you initially spent to buy them, and start the process over again.

      There are three key additional pieces of info you need to have…

      First, how much XP you earn is dependent on your bonus multiplier (and your “hidden” XP bonus multiplier you get from buying and placing Springfield Heights buildings). The higher your multiplier, the more successful your farming will be at earning donuts. So, you may want to plow some of your farmed donuts into buying items that increase your multiplier.

      Second, you’ll want to invest in running the collider. If you’re going to Kwik-E-Mart farm several times a day, every day, spend the 25 donuts to get the 10-day charge. This multiplies all XP earnings by 5.

      Third, the reason to farm Kwik-E-Marts, in particular, is because, if you farm the right number of them, you can do it without depleting your cash reserves. (The “right number” is however many you can buy with the amount of cash you earn each day from collecting on tasks and buildings and such.)

      If you don’t feel like doing all of this, you have a good stockpile of cash, and you don’t mind a lower return, you can farm rat trap trucks or bloodmobiles instead. To do that, you just buy them, place them, and sell them back right away (since there’s no build time). If you go that route, then you probably only want to buy one day’s worth of collider use.

      Does that help?

  6. Has it been determined beyond a shadow of a doubt that these beast npc’s will have jobs or some way of earning cash & xp after the event? Sorry if its been answered somewhere else. So many comments.

  7. Definitely a must buy for a donuts farmer ! Classic episode and also reminds me of Smaug the dragon from the Hobbit!

  8. It might have had a fighting chance if it had a task that flew around over Springfield and came with a cool Lair. But an NPC? For 200 sprinkles?!? Meh.

  9. I read the post and I agree with everything Alissa said- and then I bought it anyway. I know I’m going to get in trouble for saying this. Oh well. I know Alissa wasn’t talking to us KEM Farmers. As I said….I read her post. This “deal” was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too expensive. Even I almost didn’t get it despite having oodles of doughnuts to play with. But I think I see what EA is doing now with these deals. These deals are aimed at the KEM farmer. It’s like a wink and a nod to the KEM farming strategy. They know that we will throw our doughnuts away on almost anything offered now. But you know what? I’m OK with it. It’s my choice to make.

    • Yes, but is it driving those who spend actual money on this game away? Remember, the game won’t exist if it’s not making money. The more ridiculously priced some of these items get the less I want to spend on the game…

      • I understand the feelings expressed here. If EA would like to close the loop hole, then so be it. Until then…………………

      • I agree. It’s a bad cycle because if more and more people KEM farm, prices go up, and it is impossible to be a completist with real money unless you are rich. Just so much stuff being thrown at us. I would like a dragon, but am taking a risk that there will be one later. I am passing on this “deal.”

    • KEM farming is a topic unto itself. It is clearly an un-patchable glitch in their original programming, that would create more problems than it would solve if they fixed it. So you are safe.

      I look at KEM Farming like Farm Subsidies in our current culture. They are here to stay…but do little for the betterment of the world. They reward a very few, at the expense of the rest.

      By driving up (or manipulating) prices…this sort of practice just isn’t good for the overall game…and ironically, cheapens the gaming experience. But…that said…like most of the crappy stuff in the world…I know it won’t change.

      • I don’t think farming in a glitch. But it does take time, just like SH or crafting. EA is targeting those with money to spend, that is why you visit neighbors. You see something special and then buy it. Farmers make it more likely you will see items. I think that is why EA removed the weekly limit on the monorail, the need to generate more premium buys for the non farmers.

      • I feel like a pariah every time I bring up the subject, and it’s starting to feel a little too personal. I (and MANY other players) play the game in a perfectly legitimate way. I don’t feel that my modest farm is a blight on my town. I take great pride in the appearance of my town-just like everyone else. I’ve spent $35 on this game. A modest amount to be sure. But I refuse to stop farming and spend more money to appease some sort of moral judgement. I don’t cheat. If EA were to close the loop hole, then I would stop farming. It’s really quite simple.

        I respect the way in which anyone else would like to play the game (except for the cheaters), and I would hope that people would respect the way I play the game too.

        That’s my 2 cents.

        Go Huskies.

      • 4kidsandacatdog

        I would just like to point out that we more modest KEM farmers usually do spend a bit of money on the game. If donut earning is gradual, as I do it, then there will be desirable limited time items that show up for which one simply will not have the donuts on hand, and then a necessary donut purchase will be made. There are also specialty items like the magical scratcher which are too tempting to be ignored. Not every farmer is playing entirely for free.

      • The problem with your analogy is that anyone can easily farm in this game. In the real world, though, not everyone can own a farm and get farm subsidies. The only reason not to farm in the game is because you don’t want to…there’s no barrier to access.

    • I went another direction and focused on increasing my XP percent to over 1000%. Mystery Boxes helped a lot…now I buy Rat Trap Trucks by the dozen, sell them immediately and make donuts off the XP. Three sets of trucks now nets me 100 donuts. Soooo…farming KEMs doesn’t have to be permanent…if you focus on boosting XP, the rest will follow.

      • Rat truck as instant, but cost more per donut than a 24 KEM farm. IF you have lots of cash, it doesn’t matter. But for those starting out, KEM farm is the least expensive way to go. Of course the lesser amount of KEMs farmed at a time, the cheaper it becomes. But I wouldn’t go under 12.

        • True enough…when you’re starting out, farming is the best option. When you get a little ahead, not so much.

    • 4kidsandacatdog

      I’m not a KEM farmer earning scads of donuts. I don’t have a massive bonus %, but I’m happy with the donuts I do get every 4 hours. I don’t want a bonus % in the 10,000s or 100,000s. I want to spend my donuts on the things that I like, not buying masses of items that I don’t care about just because they will increase my bonus.

      None of that is written as a slight to anyone who has done all of this. If you’re one of those, I actually find that impressive. I just couldn’t be bothered myself.

      Now, all of that having been said, I think there are probably a lot of the more casual KEM farmers like myself. It seems like EA is of the opinion that everyone is reaping loads of donuts (not the case) because I’ve had the overall impression that a lot more of the desirable items in this game recently are being offered for donuts, and less is available for IGC or as prizes to be won. But even worse, the stuff that IS being offered as premium just isn’t as tempting as it used to be, and getting more expensive in the bargain. Like this dragon. Someone else made the comment that it should have come with a cool lair, or cool tasks, or bonus %, or SOMETHING…for 199 donuts? Heck yeah, it should have!

      I really hope EA opts to remedy this trend, but I think they will only alter course if people refuse to buy the crud that they’re selling. Even if you have donuts to burn, don’t spend it on subpar, overpriced garbage like this.

  10. Bought it & just as you described , via KEM farmed donuts & even at that it was a tough call however his animations are pretty cool , spitting fires as the kids try to capture him They should have attached a bonus to his initial gld pile but if I wasn’t farming , no way I’d buy . Having said that something needs to be done for long time players with loads of content leading to lagging texture issues etc & the more events the more you’re loading into thr game . EA needs to beef up their servers or something

  11. I never buy Gil offers just because they are always overpriced. I just wait patiently because usually overpriced items return in the mystery box or as a rebate. I like how the 🐉 looks but not for that price. Hell, maybe EA can create a 🐉 event in honor of “Training my Dragon” into the Simpson character!

  12. Thanks for the poll (and post) – I do like those!

  13. Are they THAT out of ideas?

  14. 😀 Gee, Alissa… by any chance, do you think this dragon might be just a wee bit overpriced? LOL!

    (That said… I might just be buying it; I haven’t decided yet. And yes… it’ll definitely be with farmed bonuts. 😉 )

  15. I’m a donut farmer, so no stressing. I’m going to make a dragon island with a couple of forest caves, some bones, and a bunch of treasure and gold piles. Good fun!

    • I farm Rat Trap Trucks…instant gratification😁.

    • Stop it – you’re making me rethink my decision not to get the dragon with your great ideas!

      Having you for a neighbor is a constant reminder of how inadequate I am as a town designer. 🙁 😉

      (Still not sure I’m gonna get that dragon, because I’m still feeling like I don’t want to encourage EA to make unreasonable offers like that, but we’ll see…)

      • Sandra, you are a true TSTO addict for even considering it…I love it. 😂😂😂😂😂(hysterical laughing)…you really think anything we buy or don’t buy will affect the ridiculous prices of Gil’s Deals? They are by nature way over priced and not even worth considering…which is why I had to buy it (seems perfectly logical to me). Seriously, tho, the absurdity is what makes it fun…kinda like buying a big purple whale with wings😈😊. (I wonder if they’ll let us buy more than one?) 😆😆😆

  16. 199 donuts for an NPC and decorations that have no bonus value. Hard, hard pass.

    We’ve had some pretty insanely priced Gil deals in the past, but I feel this is the worst…even if you like dragons.

  17. If the dragon won’t fly, the Loqqy don’t buy! For $199 it better do more than spit fire…

  18. Always read Alissa’s post **first.**

  19. I 💜 Dragons
    I’d have taken a Dragon as a Craftable – or Event Prize
    I’m not wasting Sprinkles on a Gil Deal 😅

  20. Absolutely a no-buy for me.
    Dragon looks cool and as Charles already said a farmium player would buy this.
    My bonus is too low, my farm too small and i still lack basic premium characters like Luanne. Lucky I am the vault this week is meh (2 buildings, 2 bonus-decos with 15D/1% bonus netto – but I do NOT want a stiletto sculpture, maybe the whirlpool?) so I try the mystery box today 😀

    I bought Jay G with was an expensive, overpriced Gil deal before.
    Praiseland also came back.
    I can wait 😉

    • Sooo…. I’m a farmium
      spent more than 1400 in this event

      and I will spent more MoOooOooOre %

      \o/ I can’t stoooop

      But … you’re talking about Charles
      ☑ the Neighboreeno that comments for KEM farming?

      Charles the Math ?


      4lvinos from 🇧🇷

    • Never. Say. Never. (again)
      I’ve read the discussion above on about KEM farming.
      Bonus 464.4%+153%, 46 KEM, 50D/4x4h, 60D 5x4h.
      Town properly designed.
      Now I am at the edge of the slope where the growth of my farm gets faster and faster. Raising bonus percentage (20D for mystery box every day) gives enough money for an additional KEM which gives you more donuts (1KEM = 0.21D at this time).

      Nevertheless there’s the vault and there are the cool never-returnig-limited-time items. So I spend ~20 € a month for them. This for the farming=cheating faction.

      I discussed the topic with my RL friend (he’s got the dragon).
      I spent my budget for the next month, bought the dragon, 2 more magical mystery boxes (Maude! :-)).

      I could NT wait. I’m an addict! 👻

  21. theoriginalsteve

    absolutely spot on! 🙂
    WAY too expensive for an NPC with a few piles of gold, unless you’re a really big dragon fan I guess… Certainly can’t justify 199d on this. Would probably have stretched for 100, maybe 120d, but that is absurd.

    I wonder if EA are testing how much we are willing to spend on event items? Are we likely to see the pay-for-donuts and get a character free for every event, and one hyper-priced event item/character from now on, and is this the way it’ll ramp up?

    Aside from these oddities, I’m still enjoying this event though, and I love all the bits I’ve unlocked, crafted and bought so far – but there is certainly a cut-off to what I’m willing to spend on, it seems!

    • I agree! i remember when character and building combos were 100 even 120 for a rare exclusive character. The more the player are willing to buy items at a expensive price and longer the price stay around. But if the game rating drop EA will have to drop free and prices like crazy because they are pushing all time playera out the door. I am in limbo about the game now since i am a free player and work hard for my sprinkles.

  22. thank you for doing this breakdown tsto 🙂
    my thoughts are some kind of different.
    i think that because of that very dragon for 199 the other two buyable “NPC” are at 65D. If you take them together and calculate with the dragon you receive a price at abot 110 D for each and that would be suitable for all of these characters.
    so if you like 2 more or less lame figures, take that 65D ones.
    If you want them all and some really prem looking one, you have to take the dragon and finance the rest.
    If you have a look in your neightbourhood im sure you will find burnsi a lot…;)
    thank you for your work. I really appreciate it!

    • You make a good argument and would also make a great attorney! 😆
      I do like dragons… now watch me run out and buy this since I was just looking for an excuse. I bought Treestache and wish I had saved those donuts for this instead and I know better than to buy the first offer.

  23. I am a total sucker for npcs ❤🐲

  24. I don’t know what to do. It’s overpriced, I don’t want to encourage that. But the gold dragon doing a dab decoration reminds me of the ridiculous move my tweenager made for the best part of a year (he now tells me how uncool it is), and that would make me smile every time I saw it in Springfield

    • That backstory is the only reason I’d personally spend the donuts. Those memories, that “it just makes you smile” nostalgia/emotion/reaction, is why we sometimes splurge. In your case, I probably would.

  25. MydadlookslikeFlanders

    The price Burns my biscuits. If I was farming better I would get him

    • Carmen (gameid5000)

      I am farming and I have no interest in buying this. It doesn’t benefit the long term game in any way, which is what I look for in my purchases.

  26. I do like dragons. I’ve been debating whether I like dragons quite that much. I also don’t need more gold…
    On the other hand, that gold would clearly have a home.

    I’m on the fence. Half the price, instant buy. As is, though, still sitting in my store.

  27. Great break down, Alissa. I also love the point that another addict made: even if you have the donuts, spending them on this offer serves to legitimize EA’s ridiculousness and embolden them to continue offering terrible deals.

    Of course, anyone can spend their donuts the way they want, but it would be nice if the purchases were limited enough to make EA realize they cannot offer so little content for such an exorbitant price. Shame on EA for exploiting people’s enjoyment of dragons to sell them something not even close in value to the price they charge.

  28. The Chevy Nova didn’t sell in Mexico as a result of Nova meaning, No Go, in Spanish. I submit that The term Gil Deal is an extemporaneous reference to the Nova. Great car but never caught on for marketing reasons, lol. A big pass

  29. This is one reason I have 2 Springfields. In one I can buy anything I find appealing or unique with farmed donuts, and the other for sane game-play. I have to complete the Beasts group and I couldn’t pass up a real, walking, fire-breathing dragon like Burns Dragon (Smaug). 199 donuts is way too much for what you get, but I got it anyway. No regrets. At least I have another monster to enchant while waiting for the next act. Muahaha

  30. A mean Mr. Burns? How could I refuse!

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