THOH XVIII – Act II Calendar

I have to admit… I was a bit like Charlie Brown this morning as I opened my game up, knowing that a new act was starting.  Like Charlie at Halloween…I was hoping for a full-size premium chocolate bar, and instead, appear to have received another rock.  One click…and BOOM…we are back to grinding.

I’m not really sure what to tell you, except that this act seems to be as easy as the last act, if you “want it all.”  But, like last act, we are left with the same “meh” and redundant craftables…along with some pretty uninspired “Main Prize Track” prizes.

But then…just as I was typing that last paragraph…I got a message from Alissa, that EA had changed the numbers again…upped them to make them a bit harder. This was AFTER I had spent 2 hours doing the math, and making the new calendars. Yes…EA is currently on my Sh*t list. Not a fan.

I’m not against the Potter-esque event….I’m just still waiting for the magic.

But…here are the numbers…all a couple of hundred higher than the originals that were in the files…just because EA apparently wants to prove “who is in charge” and is being Richard-ish…even though we have established that this update is anything but Hallow-Richardy in its execution.
As always….click the graphics to make them larger.

And again…for the “data only bunch.”

I’ll let you all decide if this is harder or EAsier than the last act. As I finished Act I with days to spare, I am going to guess that this will be fairly easy as well. But, again…when you look at the prizes…grinding starts to feel like grinding, until you get to Greystash. So…grind away. Oh, and…Feel the magic. 

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  1. PennsylvaniaTapper

    It was mentioned earlier about a monorail donuts non glitch glitch! Can someone elaborate on that? Something about free donuts every tuesday, and I want em! You guys have been so much help already. Thanks.

    • Previously, the Monorail would reset every Tuesday and you could only complete it once per week to earn 5 donuts per week. Now it automatically resets once you complete it, so you can earn 5 donuts many times a week.

  2. I’ve been logging in 3x per day on average the last couple weeks and still a day behind according to the calendar. Thanks a lot grinchy EA buggers! I’m not going to bother wasting donuts on the character either. Not worth it in my opinion. I’m actually thinking it’s about time to tap out from playing this game that used to be so rather fun. Really a bummer!

    • Maybe you need to log in 4 times per day. It takes less than 5 minutes to do the event tasks. I have no premium characters or items in my game D and I received Greystach yesterday.

      • Life and work to keep a roof overhead and food on the table are more important than a game that has become increasingly lazy with what they do but also increasingly more demanding of what they expect from the end user. They act like we aren’t the ones paying their salaries, or just don’t care that they keep shoveling the same manure with a different skin onto our plates. The game was so much better when all the events had different aspects to each other. When was the last time they didn’t feed us some 6 week “event” that was broken up into 3 – 2 week “acts” that did little more than make us grind to finish them, and in return give us tons of useless clutter to “decorate” our towns? Do I even need to get into how stingy they’ve gotten about the neighbor actions? Those yahoos need a complete overhaul in their decision making room, and they either don’t realize it or they don’t care!

        • So going from 15 minutes to 20 minutes is going to take food off your table? If so, you shouldn’t be playing the game. If you get up in the middle of the night, maybe should could take 5 minutes then.

          In truth, if the game upsets you either don’t play or just accept what you can get. Before KEM farming I could get maybe one or two premium items a year. Since you don’t want to be put time in the game, just consider those as premium items for those willing to put the time in and accept the free stuff you can get.

          • Uhm… for the record. There is no “right way” to play the game. Those who farm are cool…those who choose not to are also cool. It isn’t an either or thing. Time is valuable…how you spend it us up to you.

  3. I don’t know where to ask these questionns, please forgive me that I ask them here:
    1) Is it possible to use the monorail to our advantage in this event? I think I heard about a possibility to use it for bonuts, but don’t know how.
    2) I would really love to have the possibility to buy the Britannia Casino that was part of a Vegas themed event. I was unable to get it then and would love to have an opportunity to buy it. Is there some kind of shop where I can buy it?

    Many thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,
    Nerd alert

    • 1) Previously you could only complete the Monorail tasks for 5 donuts once per week. For the past month, they have eliminated that. So if you keep sending your characters off to the Monorail, you can continuously receive an influx of those 5 donuts each time you turn in 25,000 blue prints.
      2) Unfortunately the Britannia Casino is not available all the time. You’ll have to wait and hope it returns for sale or in a Mystery Box.

  4. Greystash_I_am_your_father

    I’m not the last prize, hopefully on Friday I will get Greystash.

    Good luck on you others 😙😝😋

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