THOH XXVIII Act 2 is Live! (Magical Halloween)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Gooooood mooooorning Tappers!  Welcome to the wee early morning hours, who’s ready to cast a spell on Act 2?  Brush up those wand waving skills, Act 2 is upon us my friends!

Remember…this is an automatic change in your game.  Nothing to download, it should just start up in your game..

Lisa gets things going and you’ll then have a 4hr task for Ralph.

Act 2 Runs until October 31st (Halloween)

Just what does Act 2 have in store for us?  Let’s take a look…

New Prize Currency for Act 2 

Fairy Dust

So the ability to earn Wands is now gone.  Your counter prize track for Act 2 has reset to zero because you have zero Fairy Dust.  So forget about those Wands…time to learn to fly with the Fairy Dust!

You’ll earn Fairy Dust very similar to how you earned Wands during Act 1….

-Clearing the troll tappables (earn 2 /tap)
– Clearing trolls in your Neighbor’s towns (earns 2/tap)
-Capturing/Enchanting/Release Beasts
-Daily Challenges

You’ll also earn Fairy Dust from the questline…don’t ignore the questline.  You earn a ton of Event currency from it, it’s important for your prize track total..

New Details About Troll (Tappables) in Act 2

While Trolls still only earn 2 prize track currency/tap, the now drop MORE crafting currency per tap.

For Act 2 you’ll earn 4  per tap in your town and 2  per tap in a neighbor’s town.

While I know this isn’t a huge deal for many of you, since the crafting track is mostly comprised of items from Halloweens past, there are some players out there excited about the craftables.  So this should help (and yes, they should increase for Act 3 as well)

Act 2 Personal Prizes

Crawl’s Bar and Crawl- 900 

Free Land Token- 2,800 

Suffoclock of Sandy Doom- 5,600 

Giant Crystal Ball- 9,400 

500 Goblin Gold- 13,200 

 Ye Old Magick Shoppe- 17,000

GreyStash- 22,700

Act 1 Prizes…

If you didn’t collect them all… you can still access them by tapping on the “ACT  1” tab in the Personal Prizes area. As you can no longer collect items for them, your only option now is to pay donuts to outright buy each one left at the point you left off at. (Just like every other event recently.)


Crafting remains, as it was during Act 1, for Act 2.

Goblin Gold Crafting Currency is earned via the prize track, tappables & Squeaky Voice Peasant (if you purchased him)

New Items in the Store..

Great Raymondo and his House- 145 Donuts

And before you ask…

Here’s a list of posts we’re working on that should be up soon…

-Act 2 Calendar
-Act 2 walkthrough
-SIB for New Content
-And more!

So be patient, the info you need will be up soon. 🙂

And that my friends concludes the quick rundown of Act 2!

Remember this is just a quick rundown…as we have time to play through the Act ourselves we’ll break everything down in more detail.  If you need help with the basics check out the Halloween Event Page in the meantime.

Thoughts on Act 2?  Just like you pictured it?  Excited about these prizes?  How’d you do with your Act 2 prizes?  Will you be buying any of the new premium items? Sound off in the comments below.  You know we love hearing from you!

103 responses to “THOH XXVIII Act 2 is Live! (Magical Halloween)

  1. Is there no storyline for greystash? I have him but he doesn’t do anything??????

  2. The game says I earned greystash but I only got bully Vern. Any glitches you know about?

  3. Bully-Vern is now active. You should still be releasing the other monsters from act 1. Good luck, everyone.

  4. Without donuts, I only have crawl to enchant in act II. Now that he’s enchanted, what do I do? Just sit around and release him once in a while? The options are very limited. Are there things my wizards could do to help raise fairy dust/goblin snot? It doesn’t really make sense….

    • No, nothing for the characters to do until Bully-vern is released on the 24th. You’ll receive 100 fairy dusts every time you Release a beast.

  5. MydadlookslikeFlanders

    I am looking forward to Snake Smithers (hilarious), Barney Troll and Bully-Vern the most 🙂

  6. When does Bully-Vern come up? I’ve already captured Crawl and now enchanting him. I’ll be finished with him soon

  7. I’ve been playing this game since 2014 and this is by far the most boring event I’ve ever seen… login every 4 hours, I have 4 characters who can ‘enchant’ and 4 monsters to enchant; each monster has 15 mana and loses 0.5 each time, so it takes 30 turns (or 120 hours) to clear them. Then rinse and repeat. Meanwhile I’m not making enough to craft anything, but it doesn’t matter, because most of the items are rehashed from old Halloween events and I have them already. The only thing that looked nice was the Burns dragon, but they killed it with the 200 donuts price tag.
    I do hope they read the feedback we posted here a few weeks ago, because if the Christmas event is anything like this one, I don’t see why I would keep buying donuts or even playing this game anymore…

  8. I’m enjoying the prizes so far. I like how my magic area is coming together. My one regret so far is not buying the Burns dragon. It won’t return in Act 3 because it was a Gil deal. It was just too expensive. But now I wouldn’t mind a Smaug-like gold pile. Even if it does return next year, would we be able to unlock the extra prizes? Will these beasts/trolls only earn the extra items during the event? I assume we’ll only be able to capture and enchant during the event.

  9. Hope I get Greystash his bear is epic! 😜

  10. OMG the advertisement …. It does not let me read the post …. My window keep moving back to the advertising ad!

  11. Anyone know the odds or the magical scratch off tix. Thinking about getting one.

  12. squeaky teen had a task for currency. With this new week, did anyone else add to the event drop; any other kids?

  13. With greystache being free i decided to mount a little KEM farm to get some springles so i can buy Angelica. I had the donuts but those tempty “increase tree hugging rating” + “1% bonus increase” 10 donut combos mesmerized my reserve… i got 5 of those and put 4 of them in mr burns mansion, the last one in elementary school next to willy

  14. I already have half the prizes from previous years and why can’t I use wizard marge?!!

  15. Is anyone else stuck in the game and can not earn “fairy dust” or enchant because there is no one to Enchant?? I can’t even earn Fairy Dust to open the first prize to get a character to enchant to earn Fairy Dust! And I’ve had a Daily Task stuck there for 5 days now because I can’t complete it with no one to enchant. I’ve played this game for years and this is the first time I’ve been stuck unless I make a purchase.. Lame.

  16. I guess I’m in the minority. I’m a long time player and I’m enjoying the prizes. I’m not particularly a HP fan but these prizes and the craftables are as good as any to me. I’m enjoying the easy pace. I’m concerned all the whining WILL make EA change how they are doing things – it was much worse in the part when I couldn’t get all the prizes. I actually REALLY enjoy the game now. JUST SAYIN! Thank you EA and addicts for all the hard work. Makes it fun for (most of) us! Allows ME to be lazy and sit back and enjoy.

    • *PAST not PART

    • Well…OK then! Glad you are enjoying it. You seem to be in the minority, but at least your clan has a huge smile on their faces! I could learn something from you. Smile more…be grateful…play the game!

      • Thank you…but I also like Krustyland so what do I know? 😀

        • I’m with you, slinky3333. I’m having a good time with this update, and I’m glad there’s a good mix of older stuff for newer players and newer stuff for older players. And I love my Krustyland. Now if only people spent less time complaining and more time learning to code and applying for jobs at EA since they clearly know how to make the game the most exciting thing ever. 🙂

        • Hi Slinky and Beepem,
          I agree with both of you. I like the event too- I think they have made it fair so that everyone has a chance of winning all the craft able items.

          (I do understand that players who complete the event early should be rewarded somehow- perhaps EA could offer a unique item as a prize for them but allow everyone to be rewarded all the basic craft-able items even if they don’t earn the event currency in time)

          Oh. also I like Krustyland too 🙂

  17. most boring event ever!!!!!

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