Super Safi’s Stats & Strategy Special: Springfield Heights 2 – Becoming a multi-billionaire!

Salutations Senors, Senoras, Senoritas, Statisticians & Strategists,

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Hi, I’m Super Safi and you may remember me from such stats and strategy posts as KEM Farming and the advanced losing-to-win Superheroes battle strategy.

What better way to spend your time than talking math. So from time-to-time, I’ll come to you with a post that delves into the wonderful world of numbers, stats, and/or strategies.

Today we look at becoming a multi-billionaire in Springfield Heights:

As anyone who knows me will attest, I do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, nationality, religion, etc. However, anyone who has seen my comments about Springfield Heights knows that I love my billionaire Real Estate Value neighbours and I am a bit of an REV elitist. In fact, 82 of my 84 neighbours are billionaires. So today I’m going to talk about the best way to max out to 2 billion in real estate value after you’ve fully upgraded all 63 freemium buildings (and make you the rarest type of Addicts – Springfield Heights Multi-Billionaire Addicts).

As frequent comment contributor rudolphovanwijk  put it, “2B or not 2B, that’s the question”. Others among you may wonder, why go to 2 billion REV? Main reason is to get a jump on any potential future wave 3 of Springfield Heights and additional prizes that may be added to our games. Second reason is because we all have a little Lisa Simpson in us that is itching to be the best and atop the leaderboard (even though technically I’m sixth because my user name starts with S):

So how do you get to 2 billion? Really the only way to get up to 2 billion REV, after you’ve leveled up all 63 buildings as discussed in Part 1 of this post, (short of just sending Cookie Kwan on her 8 hour task millions of times) is by purchasing tons of Heights decor. So today we’ll look at what are the best decors to purchase.

Now note, obviously grinding away at furniture every 30 seconds on end and purchasing countless Jet Skis will get you there quickly. However, for the sake of this post, I’ll assume you are a typical q4h tapper that will send characters on task every 4 hours four times a day. For example, a q4h tapper who sends everyone to one task at 8am, noon, 4pm, and 8pm.



Characters that can earn Furniture include:

So if you were to log in every 4 hours four times a day and send the above characters on their aforementioned tasks, you would earn 1,820 Furniture in a week (3,556 Furniture with all premium characters).

All Furniture requiring items generate a variable REV for every Furniture invested. The table below list the items in order of best investment to worst investment.

Jet Ski

300k  200 1.5k REV/Furniture
Fancy Gold Tree

300k 200 1.5k REV/Furniture
Small Gold Plant

150k 100 1.5k REV/Furniture
Springfield Heights Gate

75k 50 1.5k REV/Furniture
Gold Palm Tree

200k 15 1.333k REV/Furniture
Fancy Wall

3k 15 200 REV/Furniture
Small Plant

1k 5 200 REV/Furniture
Fancy Bush

4.5k 25 180 REV/Furniture
Palm Tree 1

4.5k 25 180 REV/Furniture
Palm Tree 2

4.5k 25 180 REV/Furniture
Fancy Lampost

5k 30 166 REV/Furniture
Fancy Fence

1.5k 10 150 REV/Furniture

The best return of income comes from Jet Skis, Fancy Gold Trees, Small Gold Plant, and Springfield Heights Gate. With the Furniture you earn in a week, you can increase your REV by 2.73 million (5.33 million with all premium characters).



Characters that can earn Lattes include:

So if you were to log in every 4 hours four times a day and send the above characters on their aforementioned tasks, you would earn 1,400 Lattes in a week (2,296 Lattes with all premium characters).

All Latte requiring items generate 3k REV for every Latte invested.

Polo Field

600k 200 3k REV/Latte
Modern Awning

150k 50 3k REV/Latte
Fancy Gate

60k 20 3k REV/Latte
Money Tree

45k 15 3k REV/Latte
Classic Garden

30k 10 3k REV/Latte

With the Lattes you earn in a week, you can increase your REV by 4.20 million (6.89 million with all premium characters).


Smart Devices

Characters that can earn Smart Devices include:

So if you were to log in every 4 hours four times a day and send the above characters on their aforementioned tasks, taking into account that you’d first have to wait for Furniture and Lattes to harvest in order to craft Smart Devices, you would earn 600 Smart Devices in a week (1,128 Smart Devices with all premium characters).

The only Smart Device requiring item generates 4.5k REV for every Smart Device invested.

Classy Fountain

22.5k 5 4.5k REV/Smart Device

With the Smart Devices you earn in a week, you can increase your REV by 2.70 million (5.08 million with all premium characters).


Yoga Mats

Characters that can earn Yoga Mats include:

So if you were to log in every 4 hours four times a day and send the above characters on their aforementioned tasks, you would earn 980 Yoga Mats in a week (1,876 Yoga Mats with all premium characters).

All Yoga Mat requiring items generate 3k REV for every Yoga Mat invested.

Modern Art Statue

36k 12 3k REV/Yoga Mat
Modern Solar Panel

30k 10 3k REV/Yoga Mat
Fancy Tree

15k 5 3k REV/Yoga Mat

With the Yoga Mats you earn in a week, you can increase your REV by 2.94 million (5.63 million with all premium characters).



Characters that can earn Pharmaceuticals include:

So if you were to log in every 4 hours four times a day and send the above characters on their aforementioned tasks, taking into account that you’d first have to wait for Lattes and Yoga Mats to harvest in order to craft Pharmaceuticals, you would earn 600 Pharmaceuticals in a week (1,128 Pharmaceuticals with all premium characters).

All Pharmaceutical requiring items generate 4.5k REV for every Pharmaceutical invested.


67.5k 15 4.5k REV/Pharmaceutical
Ornate Pier Bench

45k 10 4.5k REV/Pharmaceutical

22.5k 5 4.5k REV/Pharmaceutical
Ornate Pier Post

9k 2 4.5k REV/Pharmaceutical
Ornate Pier Railing

4.5k 1 4.5k REV/Pharmaceutical

With the Pharmaceuticals you earn in a week, you can increase your REV by 2.70 million (5.08 million with all premium characters).


Hollywood Awards

Characters that can earn Hollywood Awards include:

So if you were to log in every 4 hours four times a day and send the above characters on their aforementioned tasks, taking into account that you’d first have to wait for Furniture, Lattes, and Yoga Mats to harvest in order to craft Smart Devices and Pharmaceuticals in order to then craft Hollywood Awards, you would earn 306 Pharmaceuticals in a week (558 Pharmaceuticals with all premium characters).

Most Hollywood Award requiring items generate 7.5k REV for every Hollywood Award invested, except the Clay Tennis Court, that has double the return on investment.

Clay Tennis Court

150k 10 15k REV/Hollywood Award
Luxury Yacht

187.5k 25 7.5k REV/Hollywood Award
Lamborgotti Fasterossa

75k 10 7.5k REV/Hollywood Award
Gold Mailbox

37.5k 5 7.5k REV/Hollywood Award
Solid Gold Fence

15k 2 7.5k REV/Hollywood Award
Solid Gold Brick Wall

7.5k 1 7.5k REV/Hollywood Award

The best return of income comes from Clay Tennis Courts. With the Hollywood Awards you earn in a week, you can increase your REV by 4.59 million (8.37 million with all premium characters).



Characters that can earn Ads include:

So if you were to log in every 4 hours four times a day and send the above characters on their aforementioned tasks, taking into account that you’d first have to wait for Furniture and Yoga Mats to harvest in order to craft Ads, you would earn 560 Ads in a week (1,036 Ads with all premium characters).

All Ad requiring items generate 6k REV for every Ad invested.

Exotic Pond

120k 20 6k REV/Ad
Elegant Grill

60k 10 6k REV/Ad

With the Ads you earn in a week, you can increase your REV by 3.36 million (6.22 million with all premium characters).


One factor to keep in mind is that you can’t add the total shown above for all 7 currencies, as earning 4.59 million from Hollywood Awards limits you from earning the full potential of other currencies. However, you can add the sums of Furniture, Lattes, and Yoga Mats, as these three currencies are harvested and can be run concomitantly among themselves and independently of any other currency that depends on these three in order to be crafted.

Another factor is that you can also earn Springfield Heights currency from Daily Challenges (can go over the cap with Daily Challenges ), converting cash to currency at the Googolplex (can go over the cap with Googolplex ), tapping Big Claw for Pharmaceuticals (can go over cap with Big Claw), playing the Insanity Cauldron, playing the PolyVac, or playing the Surveillance Post for Smart Devices (can go over the cap with Surveillance Post).


Well there you have it. The best decors to craft in order to quickly get to 2 billion REV.

I currently have over 1,000 Money Trees, 600 Classy Fountains, 500 Fancy Gold Trees, 400 Fancy Trees, 400 Ornate Pier Railings, 50 Clay Tennis Courts, 50 Jet Skis, 30 Polo Fields, and 20 Helicopters in my limitless Inventory.

So now, like me, you have hundreds upon hundreds, maybe even thousand + of decoration items. What do you do with them? You can use them to spruce up your Springfield (see a picture of my Heights below using a big chunk of my 1,000+ Money Trees to make a maze towrds Mr. Burns Money Mountain) or you can just store them in your limitless inventory.



Have you reached the maximum two billion REV yet? Do you have tons of decorations? How many of your neighbours are multi-billionaires? What prizes would you like added to the Heights REV Prize Track? What decorations would you like to be able to purchase with Heights currency? What stats or strategy related topic would you liked discussed? Share your thoughts. You know we love hearing from you.

96 responses to “Super Safi’s Stats & Strategy Special: Springfield Heights 2 – Becoming a multi-billionaire!

  1. 2B or not 2B!
    I am 2B now.
    Thanks Safi for your tips to get there 🙏🙏🙏😁

  2. Thank you for this wonderful list, Safi. It is very handy. Now my question is, well, I’m looking at maximizing my XP earnings, is it possible to list XP earned for each SH items ‘purchases’? (I.e. At my current multipliers rate & collider on, I earn over 5,000XP for each jet ski & over 10,000XP for polo field). Thank you again. 🙂

  3. So my plan is in motion. So far I’m only sending characters to generate the basics: furniture, lattes, and yoga mats. I use the Googleplex theater to generate statues. And I use the mini games to generate a small number of smart devices. It doesn’t seem worth it to spend the time and resources on the other things. Maybe Safi’s number crunching would prove me wrong. So far I’m up to 1.35 billion and still going strong.

  4. Hi Safi

    On reading your post I noticed that your currency is ovet 1,000 for each of them….is this because you hit $2 billion? Mine only goes to 300. I would be most grateful if you could explain


    • No, my cap is also 300 for each currency. What I would do is get to 299, and then send every character possible to get as far above 299 for free as possible. Next, I always play the Spy Game every 4 hours and tap Bigclaw three times daily, which continues to earn me Smart Devices and Pharmaceuticals respectively (I’m over 1,100 or 1,200 of those two currencies as a reult). Lastly, I opted to invest my in-game cash at the Googolplex to get even more of the Lattes, Yoga Mats, Hollywood Awards, and Ads. Initially I invested enough money to get them all up to 666. Then I invested even more money to go up to 1,001 of each. I’ll stop there for now. The reason I did it was to get a jump for whenever they release more land and more items for Springfield Heights.

  5. If I become a multi-billionarie, I will be able to expand Springfield Heights?
    Im not able to buy more land anymore, and I need more space in there to put all my buildings.

  6. Is there a part 3 to this?

    I think it’s important to mention how long it takes to place your decorations. For example, I try to find the items that I can place multiple of in a row without having to open the store for every item. That way I can quickly deplete my resources under the maximum capacity, and keep grinding.

  7. Safi ehy i can’t send fat tony ?

    • *why

      • You have to unlock him as mentioned in this post here using 30 null and 20 null.

        • Hi Safi. Is there some requirement to be able to unlock these characters with 8h tasks? Unless I missed it, the article you mentioned does not say. Because the game doesn’t give me the option to unlock them.
          Thanks for all the info.

          • Thanks for the update. That is quite odd you don’t have the option to unlock it. Generally you should see Fat Tony listed and the option to unlock him What is your REV? And do you have options to unlock the other 8 hour characters?

        • my REV is 58,893,500. I don’t have the option to unlock any of the 8h character.

          • Ah! Your REV is probably too low to unlock those character’s 8 hour tasks. As you progress through the initial grind, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock those 8 hour characters. For now, focus on this part 1 post to level up the buildings. As you level them up, your REV will increase which will help you unlock all the basic (<21 minute) characters and then give you the opportunity to unlock the advanced (8 hour) characters.

        • Yeah. I suspected as much. I still need to raise my REV to unlock the last 2 characters for the Theater and still need to unlock the Agency. Your post didn’t mention a required REV minimum to unlock them, so I thought I’d ask. Thanks for your response and I’ll keep grinding for now. 🙂

        • I’m very new to the game. Only came in during Homerpalooza act 2. I’m only lvl113 and at lvl47 in the quest line (The Cost of Living).
          Doing these events and having all the expansions at once, really slowed my progression. I’ll just keep playing. Your strategy guides will be very helpful. They are exactly the way I like to play. Grinding the numbers like the math geek I am.
          Keep up the good work.

        • FYI The 8 hour jobs unlocked as soon as I unlocked the Marketing Agency. Thought you’d like to know.

  8. Just out of curiosity, do your calculations take into consideration that you need to spend soneheights currency to earn some heights currency ( for example, phone, pills, ads, and trophies all require you to spend other currencies to send characters on tasks)? It is also good to note that you can earn currency in other ways (tapping ugly turkey, playing certain mini games, and at the one theater.

    • Yes, my calculations took into account the time and cost of the currency you first have to harvest (Furniture, Lattes, Yoga Mats) in order to earn currency that can be crafted (Smart Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Hollywood Awards, Ads).

      The table from Part 1 even shows you the gross amount of currency required to level up the buildings as well as the net amount that includes the currency that’s first harvested.

      As for the theater, Big Claw, and games, I mention them at the end of the post but don’t take them into account for the calculation, as they are variable from person to person.

  9. Thank you for this! I need something else to do during this event. I’m at 1.1B. Look out 2B, I’m on my way!

  10. If you place separate building parts that come with buildings that are fully upgraded such as balconies and side building pieces does that award real estate points

  11. It won’t let me store the clay tennis courts. Are there other items that can’t be stored, before I start buying?

    • Sorry, it let me store a few of them but not all…

    • Hi Jen, you should be able to store all clay tennis courts. I find that if you try to store the item before the revenue has had a chance to register, then a pop-up will appear indicating “sorry, not allowed to store this item” or something similar. When this happens, I just select the check mark and wait for the revenue to register, then try to store it again and it then allows it. This is true not only with the clay tennis courts but also the polo field and I assume any of the Springfield Heights items that you purchase.

  12. Appreciate the effort with your post. Although once I hit 1 billion I’m out, if there were prizes maybe I’d be tempted!

  13. Looks like my SH needs a forest of fancy gold trees!

  14. As I mentioned on the other post, a glitch reset the SH buildings I stored to level 1. That allowed me to upgrade them again, earning all the REV a second time. Without that, and the 4X rewards, I probably wouldn’t have bothered with reaching 2 billion. But now that I have, EA should definitely add a prize for that. 😁

  15. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    It also appears that the best use of Googleplex is Hollywood Awards.
    The cost is the same as Ads, but Awards yield a larger payout.

    Not certain about Pharmaceuticals, but their payout is considerably smaller – so again I would suspect Hollywood is a better value.

    And Chairs, coffe and Mats are first level items, so why bother purchasing when you can craft them so easily.

  16. I started to increase my SH Revenue but when I placed decorations and tried to store them I got the error message that my storage was full. I don’t want clutter in my town but I do want to max out SH.

  17. Oh. Such a pointless space they wasted adding that. That and my Krustyland.

  18. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Thank you, Safi.
    I think that I shall continue simply sending 9 characters on 8 hour tasks. When I arise, mid day, before bed.
    Every 8 hours
    That’s 120 units for Latte and Mats and 240 for furniture.
    And every 200 Latte I exchange for 600 REV (ball field)
    And every 200 Furniture I exchange for 300 REV (gold potted plant)
    And every ~200 Mats I exchange for ~300 REV (a bunch of Potted trees)

    Takes more time to craft, place and store than simply sending characters to work.

  19. Carmen (gameid5000)

    I think the SH $2B mark is there to truly show which players are complete addicts!

    I have mixed feelings about excessive multiples of items when they don’t provide some benefit to my game play. I am personally guilty of adding jet bikes, t-trees, I & S billboards and Channel 6 vans to bump up my conform-o-meter % (plus the craftable wailing walls from a few year:s ago). But after that, with the exception of trees, which are a natural decoration for a town, rarely do I purchase more than handful of an item. No point in them rotting in inventory and less so in having them out inflating my item count.

    So, if I hit $2B in SH, it will be based on new content that moves development forward without new clutter.

    As it is, I think my next objective for my KEM farming enterprise will be to get my up my bonus to a point I can store the mess of SH buildings and free up the space for design purposes.

  20. I send Princess and Fat Tony and build a 10 by 10 square of small gold plants. It is a grind but not terribly labor intensive. Maybe every month it goes up 150,000,000.


  21. I could care less about heights. Just something that wastes time in my opinion. Unless the game decides to introduce more perks for creating revenue in heights I’m only going to use that side of the mountain for real estate to throw away the endless junk introduced in these 3 stage grinding nightmares that the writers call events! Sorry Safi, we definitely have a difference of opinion on this topic

  22. You know the Halloween event sucks when the posts are not about the Halloween event.

    • You know the Halloween event has no stats or strategy to it when the posts are not about the Halloween event.

      • Tracy-1ltwoody920

        What is REALLY scary is that this Addicts site not only installs “Outer Limits” tracking cookies to all who venture in….

        “We are in control of the Horizontal. We are in control of the Vertical”
        “What evil lurks in the heart of men? The Safi knows, for he sees all and hears all” (cover your webcam in your device, just to be safe!)

        Too bad April 1st doesn’t abut Halloween 👻. Nor people often can’t tell when I’m joking (nor when I’m dead serious)

  23. You’ve not mentioned Premium items, on purpose I expect, but wondered if you knew the REV for upgrades on a Beach hideaway ??

  24. Sorry to be leaving this here, but got a random query. Has anyone else ever experienced their game suddenly coming up with a bunch of old dialog from a couple of years ago and then having the game stuck with previous events?
    It’s like the game has rolled back a couple of years, but new content is still present. I’ve noticed that things like the tap radius resetting and selecting characters from the top left icon no longer working.

    Tried uninstalling, but no joy.

    • I had a very similar problem a couple of months ago. I contacted EA Help reporting it at their site and they replied it was happening to other players too, and they were working hard to find a way to fix it. A few days later I received an email from a specialist at EA Help offering to do a rollback to try to fix it. I accepted and it worked, all my problems were fixed, but I don’t know if it works for everyone. A rollback returns your Springfield to a date before the problem started, so you lose anything you gained after that date. I took screenshots of things I would lose just in case, and made a list. The specialist at EA was really nice throughout the process and made it really easy for me. He replaced everything I had lost just as soon as I sent my list. I don’t know if I was really lucky but that is my only experience with EA help. I hope they can fix your problems too. Good luck!

      • I almost gave up with this and uninstalled the game last night, but let’s see if they can fix the issue.


  25. I have about 6 multi-billionaire neighbors. Happy to accept more.
    When I was grinding my way to 2billion, I bought all the characters that had eight hour tasks. I didn’t bother using the 30s task characters as it was too intensive.

    • I actually got to 2 billlion long before the 8 hour tasks came along, before the beach hideaways, and without any premium decor items.

      • Ouch. That had to be painful

        • I didn’t mind it. In fact, I enjoyed it. I was “racing” against my neighbours (though they might not have been aware that we were racing. And it really made the games the Blue Jays were losing less miserable.

  26. great post, the drone scan game gets you 2 smart devices every for hours

  27. Even 3 times a day – if your “day” is 16 hours long 😉

    • Well I assumed 4 times based on 12 hours: 8am, noon, 4pm, and 8pm.

      • But “long -term SH characters” work on 8 hrs shifts.It’s kinda mismanagement to collect 30 s or 2 min jobs after 4 hours. Those “short-term” characters could earn much more collecting ingame cash or working on Rail Yard.

        • I agree. I used to just grind away while watching Blue Jays games and collects hundreds in a 3 hour 9 inning game. These numbers are for those who don’t have that patience or time.

          • Now and I agree. Personally, I’m sending out first those characters who contribute to the current event. Then I care about the Rail Yard. Now – after reading your post about 2B 😉 – I choose long-term SH Characters and put them to their jobs. The rest goes to work for the period I expect to leave the game.

            Because now I’m 1,71 B, I expect to reach 2B in about 3 months. Am I right?

            • Totally doable. The easiest method is if you’re watching a sports game like baseball or soccer/football that doesn’t require 100% of your attention (not a non-stop action sport like NHL hockey) or something that is not so intense, you can just grind for Furniture, Lattes, and Yoga Mats with all your non-event and non-Monorail characters. I went from 1.7 billion to 2 billion over the stretch of 6 Jays games (2 of which went into extra innings) in June 2016 to the 19 inning marathon on Canada Day 2016.

  28. Isn’t it better to send only 8 hrs-task-characters twice a day?

    • If you’re not grinding with the short (<21min task ones) characters, yeah they don't really add much value. They were just added for the sake of completion.

      • BTW – Is my inventory really limitless? So I should not be affraid of overloading my pocket Springfield?

        • Someone just posted earlier today they got a message that their inventory is full. That is the first I’ve ever heard of that. Just on the last episode of Addicts Live, Wookiee was talking about how Inventory is limitless. I personally trust the Wookster’s opinion over one comment. Perhaps that one person has a glitch or error in their game. If many more people reported it, than I would be swayed the other way.

        • There is a limit for each item at 4+ billion 😁

  29. I used SH to put Burns’ mansion on a hill, give Stonecutters a secret hilltop hideout, a little Brazil action, and the main bulk, as my casino town on the beach front.

  30. Thanks for quoting me 👍👍👍👍👍

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