Friday Filler – The Value of Our Most Precious Currency and Giving Back

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

There is nothing like an insanely busy fall season to bring home just how important our most precious TSTO currency really is.

This term was coined in some sense by Frink, although I can’t remember exactly when and where in the game dialogue. It had to do with time/space and how important time is to everyone in the game…and the game of life. And it stuck with me. Life currency…what a concept!

Certainly, nobody knows the expense of this valuable commodity like our Founder and Leader, Alissa, as the stats of reaching 100 MILLION hits, and being involved with moderating almost a half million comments would attest. The old saying, “that’s an hour of my life I won’t get back” never rang truer than than the hours, and hours and hours that she spends keeping this place alive for the rest of us, every single week. Yes…we all do “a part.” But, it is really a “one woman show” with a handful of bit players.

That said…she has always referred to TSTOAddicts as “her baby,” and judging by the amazing Mom she is in real life with her daughter, Riley, you can only imagine how dearly she protects and manages the moment-by-moment goings on that happen here.

Can it go on forever?
I guess you’ll have to ask Alissa and her husband just how many more months, and perhaps years, that this “baby” can continue to thrive.

This blog/community is an amazing place, that far exceeds that of a simple respite for ardent TSTO players.  Yes…there are other places to get information…but none, that offers the amount of content, the nurturing patience, and over-all good-natured support that is offered here.  She gives, and gives and gives…and the rest of us benefit.

There are other folks who have been part of this.  But one in particular, who continues to be “missed,” has not earned the right. Period.  I am writing this of my own accord…and will likely suffer some backlash for it…but, please…for the sake of all that makes this place great…stop “wishing” that a certain long-eared past contributor returns.  Really. Just stop. Not gonna happen.

Of all of the moderators here, I am clearly the most “unworthy” of Alissa’s good grace. I came back to the fold a repentant and humble old guy, when in fact I had reached my own “limit of giving” with “the other blog.”  She didn’t need to allow me back in…at all. But, she did. But, as someone who was here in the beginning (a month into it anyway), and has seen all of the back room craziness perpetrated by the long-eared one, I can assure you that every effort was made to help, cajole, and otherwise support her. To no avail.

So. Stop. No more mentions.

We won’t be explaining the details. You simply have to know that it has now been waaaaaaay more than a year…and enough is enough is enough.

Is there any way to measure time as a commodity? Only when you realize that there isn’t enough of it. There is never enough of it.  We waste countless hours on “our ‘lil game,” but we do so willingly. However, there is nothing that will make the equation of “time-vs-reward” get slanted faster than not appreciating someone who clearly gives of herself more than any of you could imagine.

This world is a mess. But, what keeps it going, in some basic strain of sanity, are those who make a commitment, and carry through with that commitment, selflessly…in spite of all of the hurdles, needless whining, and those who would try to validate their own lives by knocking down others with dishonesty.

In my entire life (almost 64 years), I rarely come across a person like Alissa. They are few and far between…and the world is simply a better place for them.

If you can’t abide by this simple request…move on.

Time…the most valuable currency in our lives…is something we need to stop taking for granted. So stop.

Now…have a great weekend…and don’t spend it inside grinding for clutter. You are better than that! 

Congrats on 100 Million my friend. I am so very blessed to be part of your success…and to know the dedication and commitment to this community that you give each and every day. Put a lock on the basement. Rabbit stew is out of season.


47 responses to “Friday Filler – The Value of Our Most Precious Currency and Giving Back

  1. Very interesting …. I have been a tapper since the game started in 2012 if i am not mistaking but i was never aware of drama behind the game. Which i do not care and others isn’t care either. We should just be grateful we have a blog to get information about the game regarding who is putting the information. Thank you bloggers and Alissa.


  2. This website has been such an amazing resource for years and will continue to be amazing til the end!

    As far as contributors go, sometimes people bail out without explanation , this wouldnt be the first nor the last blog for this to occur. The ones who remain stay because they ultimately care more, end of the story.


  3. Thank you for saying this. I was so relieved when the new banners didn’t include Bunny any longer. I thought that would be the end of the questions and comments. But on and on and on they go. I will not disparage a person that I don’t know. I will say that this is a nicer and happier board this past year. Enough is enough.
    I belong to a board for my college. There was a very popular poster that stopped contributing (possibly banned) 10 years ago. People still ask about him. It gets old. Let Bunny and Heung go. Please.


    • Well, we all have to submit an email address to post. So maybe a pointed email to every poster is in order. This has gone on long enough. Though at some point, saying you still don’t know the situation becomes willful ignorance. There is a search feature…..


      • Email everyone? Have you seen the stats?? LOL! Look…as I have stated, it was my hope that this would finally make it clear that this is a “No Waskly Wabbit Zone.” I get that people what to know. But, as you said…there is plenty out there already about the situation, if you search. But, more important…there is loads that is simply known to those who have been involved, or suffered in the fallout.

        No more. Done. G’Bye…


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