THOH XXVIII 101: Beast Enchanters Act 3

Welcome wonderful Wizards, Witches (with & without worts), Warlocks, Wiccans, & Werewolves!

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Hope you’re ready to trick or treat because the THOH XXVIII Halloween Event has arrived in Springfield! And boy do I have some TRICKS to help TREAT you to a big jump in the Event! One key aspect introduced in the Halloween Event is Beast Enchanters.


Beast Enchanter:

So in this event, similar to a few events in the past (TapBall, Superheroes, Homerpalooza come to mind), you’ll be tasked with sending characters on a secondary task.  In this case it’s Beast Enchanter.

From the Event Hub or in the top right of your screen, click on the Beast Tamer icon  to send characters to Beast Enchanter.


Beast Enchanter Beasts:

Beast Enchanters are conducted against various beasts in each Act. In Act 3, Beast Enchanters are conducted against Kearneymom, Wiggops, Lewd, Treestache, Burns Dragon, Crawl, Bully-Vern, and Barfy.

Up to 4 characters can capture or enchant each beast and you receive 50 event currency (Toad Princes   in Act 2) per character you send.


Beast Enchanter Characters:

Various characters can Beast Enchant (battle against a beast) to earn more event currency and to capture the beasts.

In Act 3, characters that can enchant include:

  • Wizard Lisa
  • Wizard Bart
  • Magic Act Milhouse
  • GreyStash
  • Wizard Martin
  • Angelica Button
  • Unicorn Wizard
  • The Great Raymondo
  • Sorcerer Frink

Initially, all beasts have the status of “wild”. You have to continuously send your characters to capture the beasts. Once the beasts have been captured and have the status “captured”, you have to continuously send your characters to enchant the beasts. Once the beasts have been enchanted and have the status “enchanted”, you’ll have the opportunity to release them.

NOTE: Another post will discuss what happens once you release the beasts, but basically it’s similar to what was mentioned in Act 1 here.


Mana Essence:

Mana is the life essence of the beasts. They have two types of mana. Wild beasts have dark mana while captured beasts have light mana.

The more frequently you send characters to capture wild beasts, the sooner their status changes to captured. Each wild beast starts with 15 dark mana . When characters are sent to capture a beast, they inflict either 0.5 dark mana () or 1 dark mana () damage. Once the wild beast loses all 15 dark mana, they are fully captured.

Likewise, the more frequently you send characters to enchant captured beasts, the sooner their status changes to enchanted. Each enchanted beast starts with 0 light mana . When characters are sent to enchant a captured beast, they instill either 0.5 light mana () or 1 light mana () towards the beast. Once the beast fills all 15 light mana, they are fully enchanted.

Each character deals a fixed amount of damage:

Damage Characters
0.5 Mana  Wizard Lisa, Wizard Bart, Magic Act Milhouse, Unicorn Wizard, GreyStash
1 Mana  Wizard Martin, Angelica Button, the Great Raymondo, Sorcerer Frink

As shown above, Act 3 freemium characters deal or instill 0.5 dark or light mana. Act 3 premium characters deal or instill 1 full dark or light mana.


And that’s it my friends. A quick intro into capturing and enchanting beasts in preparation for releasing them….

What are your thoughts on Beast Enchanter? Have you captured any beasts yet? Have you enchanted any beasts yet? Looking forward to the post on releasing beasts? Have any tips or tricks you can share? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

17 responses to “THOH XXVIII 101: Beast Enchanters Act 3

  1. Seems Barfy light mana has reset on my although I’m at 5/7 for enchanting and 14/15 on the task to enchant him. Anyone else have this problem?

  2. Enchanting all of my Freemium Beasts was easy (that’s 5 earning 100 Event Currency every 4 Hours now, unless Battling Lord Montymort) ….

    I’m not wasting Donuts on Premium Beasts (that’s a magical nope from me!). Having observed my Neighboreenos, I’m ahead of 90% without even trying (about to earn Prize 5 – 500 Goblin Gold), so that tells me:

    Event is too difficult (tap every 4 hours is a nope)
    Most are giving up (no Treehouse of Horror is a nope)

    Can you feel the NOPE EA?

  3. So Barfy, Lewd, and Crawl all drop the same prizes. What a huge letdown and how lazy of EA to not come up with individual prizes for each character.

  4. After seeing this third act, this event should have gone like this:
    Act 1 Kids learn spells. Kids develop different spell attributes.
    Act 2 Kids capture beasts using spells. Certain kids work better against certain beasts because of spell attributes.
    Act 3 Kids attack Montymort with captured beasts.

    Add in cool-down periods for spells and beast attacks and this event could have been fun. They brought so much visual content to the table but did almost nothing with it.

  5. I wish I had bought the Burns dragon. I have to keep reminding myself how expensive he was… but somehow that doesn’t help. I wants it (said in Gollum voice).

    • I definitely won’t buy this expensive thing. No, no, never at all.

      And eventually a little gold pile happened in my beastiary…

      I think this offer will come back – either ‘last minute’ after this event or later, maybe with rebate.

      • This depends wether you are a freemium, premium or farmium player. Farmiums tend to be more cavalier on buying premium items. Freemiums will have a Dutch approach on spending donuts.

  6. This has been one of the easiest events I’ve played. I usually finish with almost a week to spare. The only problems I have with this event is;
    1. I miss the spookiness of Halloween. The murky water, fog, and green tint.
    2. I am now up to 26 lounge chairs, 17 crushed cop cars, and about a hundred more things I have no use for.
    So yeah so far I’ll be done well before the event ends. The person saying there is no time to complete the tasks I believe is confused because I usually spend like 5 minutes tapping and sending them back out. That’s the one thing we’ve all complained about is that the game is too easy.

  7. It appears the beast earn less fighting Montymort than being released. No need to over send them.

    • Sending my premium monsters only (they earn more, so they get the job done with half the trips)…the rest get released as usual.

  8. TallSpiderCandy

    I think it would be nice if it took less time, maybe 2 hours instead of 4, but hey, I’ve been through not so fun events before and not quit over it lol. Still hopeful Christmas will be better! I was expecting more from this one but I don’t think it’s terrible, just a lot of wasted opportunities in my opinion. I started playing a few years ago after my Husband had me helping him tap snakes; he no longer plays at all but I’m a die hard fan til the end : )


    These games are the worst. I don’t have time to play all day and with spending real money you can’t get enough game points to get the prizes. Totally unhappy with this entire set up. I have been playing since 2013. It seems to just keep getting worse every time. If they do another Bull$)-(!t CHRISTMAS game like they did last year. I’m going to stop playing.

    • uh what? This has been the easiest event so far. Login for literally 2 minutes every 4 hours and you’re done. I bought a few things with my free doughnuts, but I’ve finished the first two weeks with 7 days left on the clock. I might expect new players to fall behind, but not someone from 2013.

    • Its weird that you say that if you have played that long.
      This event is on of the least intensive events yet. Log in click tower, set enchanters if still needed if not just release monsters and log out. I can do it in less than a minute.
      I do it when i wake up, at lunch break and evning. Time spent 3 minutes.

    • You should try KEM farming🍩. Safi 🙇knows how

    • If you’ve really been playing since 2013 (and even if you haven’t) your comment makes no sense…this event has been the easiest of the major events so far! I’ve been tapping only three times a day many days and have finished the first two acts at least a week early! Now, granted, I do have the premium characters, but, without them, I still think I wouldn’t have had any problems finishing the prize track by the end of the act. If you don’t have time to play for five minutes 3-4 times a day, then either just accept that you’re not going to get everything or maybe just find a different game. It’s not reasonable to expect to get everything with no effort in a game like this!

  10. If funny that can send the Burns Monster after Montymort 😀

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